OST: Kyle XY

OST: Kyle XY / 2007 ABC Family / 14 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/kylexy

I know that a lot of individuals are really into Kyle XY. I never got to watch the show because it didn’t seem like something that would be too terribly interesting to me, and I didn’t even have cable until last month. Regardless, the disc has a who’s who of solid indie rock, alternative rock, and emo bands. Earlimart, OAR, Mates of State, Sherwood, and Kate Voegele all represent individuals and groups that have garnered some serious media attention, the presence of these individuals only will help relative newcomers like Mariana’s Trench, Sean Hayes, In-Flight Safety, and April Matson. Continue reading “OST: Kyle XY”

Sic Osyrus releases his highly anticipated mixtape album ‘Sic-O-Nomics’

Inasirkl Music Group’s Sic Osyrus releases his highly anticipated mixtape album ‘Sic-O-Nomics’ Hosted by Remy Ma’s DJ, Bedtyme357. ‘Sic-O-Nomics’ is an expression of real life struggle painted through words that cannot be denied. The release includes production by Drawzilla, Shuko and DJ Static. Continue reading “Sic Osyrus releases his highly anticipated mixtape album ‘Sic-O-Nomics’”

Divasonic – Changing Wind

Divasonic – Changing Wind / 2007 Digital Bliss / 12 Tracks / http://www.divasonic.com /

The brand of wide-open, electronic pop music that Lynda Arnold puts down on “Changing Wind” will remind individuals of individuals like Enya and Bjork. There is a panoply of styles and sounds that are present on the disc’s opening track, “I Feel High”. This means that funk, rock, and tribal sounds all unite to create something catchy but walking to the beat of a decidedly different drummer. This same general sound continues for “Summertime”, but Lynda adds in more electronic influence to this track. This means that hints of the Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, and Josh Wink first show their influence during this track. “Summertime” shows Arnold’s ability to construct a narrative without anything in the way of vocals. The multiple instrumental layers present during this track give listeners something that all can enjoy. By the end of “Summertime”, individuals will be hooked. Continue reading “Divasonic – Changing Wind”

Radio Moscow Release New Single Digitally

Ames, Iowa psychedelic blues rock trio Radio Moscow is heading back out on the road in support of their self-titled debut release on Alive-Naturalsound Records, produced and engineered by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. The band’s 18-date trek will take them from the midwest, to the east coast and down south. Continue reading “Radio Moscow Release New Single Digitally”

Elvis – ’68 Comeback Special Edition

Elvis – ’68 Comeback Special Edition / 2006 RCA / 94 Minutes / http://www.elvis.com / http://www.rca.com /

Not being born until fifteen years after this television special was aired, it becomes kind of hard for me to gauge the impact that “’68 Comeback” had on the fans of Elvis, and more importantly, all individuals that were able to watch it during its original airing. There are quite a few extras that individuals can view on this DVD. For those fans that need everything to be the same as it was back in 1968, the original version of the DVD is free to watch. Continue reading “Elvis – ’68 Comeback Special Edition”

Every Time I Die Debuts ‘We’rewolf’, Released “The Big Dirty”

In preparation for the upcoming September 4 release of their brand-new album, “The Big Dirty”, Every Time I Die will be premiering the video for “We’rewolf” exclusively on MySpace on August 30. Check out the video here: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=16817910. Continue reading “Every Time I Die Debuts ‘We’rewolf’, Released “The Big Dirty””

Lacquer – Rebuilt

Lacquer – Rebuilt / 2007 Self / http://www.lacquerbadlands.com /

“Ripper” is a track that will bring listeners back to the Motley Crue-like rock of the eighties. Lacquer is a little more complex than that comparison would seem, as there are hints of Ramones-like pop punk and even a little bit of a Replacements/Husker Du sound during this track. The musical progression during “Ripper” is something that individuals will feel comfortable with, and this only bolsters the replay value of this disc. “Kicksville” continues this classic rock sound, but brings Lacquer new influences. During this track, hints of Dokken and 38 Special are present. Continue reading “Lacquer – Rebuilt”

The Indian Playboy: Anatomy of a Porn Film

The Indian Playboy: Anatomy of a Porn Film / 2007 EcstasyVision / http://www.theindianplayboy.com /

Pretty much everybody watches porn, but few individuals know exactly how porn is made or what all the production of a film entails. Enter Richard Menon, the self-dubbed “Indian Playboy”, who moved from a career in finances to create porn. Since then, ey has made Ecstasyvision Inc, a company that seems to be gaining popularity with each day. The film is bundled with a book that details any questions that individuals may have above the porn industry. This documentary is spread out over sixty-five minutes, a time that may seem short when compared to most feature films. Continue reading “The Indian Playboy: Anatomy of a Porn Film”

Tum Tum – Eat or Get Ate

Tum Tum – Eat or Get Ate / 2007 Universal / 18 Tracks / http://www.universalrepublic.com / http://www.ttownmusic.net /

One has to wonder why that a rapper named eirself after a character in the 3 Ninjas set of movies. This is the debut album by Tum Tum, and tracks here feature talents like Mannie Fresh, Trae, Jim Jones, and some up and coming rappers (Double T, Lil Ronnie, Don Dada, and Reyez). The first track is the title track, and it provides individuals with a confident and strong flow, even if there is not much in the way of a chorus hook to speak of. Continue reading “Tum Tum – Eat or Get Ate”