Mother Jones – Union

Mother Jones – Union / 2006 Sun Rising / 10 Tracks / /

Mother Jones has something in common with the magazine that has the same title; liberal media love the. Specifically, they were featured as the “Jam Band Artist of the Year” for 2006, and Neil Young has actually deemed them worthy enough to be on eir website as “songs of the times”. The first track is “Lost in Emotion”, and if individuals did not have a copy of this album, they would definitely guess that the track is twenty or thirty years old. Continue reading “Mother Jones – Union”

Holly Golightly Kicks Off Fall Tour With Rock Off Cruise In NYC!

‘A glorious example of what Rock ‘n Roll should be’ – NME

‘A ten-year overnight sensation’WORD

The oh-so-lovely Miss Holly Golightly returns Stateside this fall, bringing her quick-witted soulful twang back to the
U.S. for the ninth time in her prolific career.
Continue reading “Holly Golightly Kicks Off Fall Tour With Rock Off Cruise In NYC!”

Tric #24

Tric #24 / Free / 40M / 1:00 / /

Tric has a lot of advertisements, which makes sense considering that it comes out with 5,000 copies at no charge. The advertisements are for things I’ve never heard of before, and focus slightly around businesses in the Philadelphia scene. The cover art is amazing; I would love to get a piece by the artist to put on my wall. Other art pieces are placed in this issue, but none of them have quite the same oomph as this cover art. The first piece of any real merit comes in “Weird DE”, which describes the Evergreen Nursery, a house located in Middletown, Delaware. The only weakness to this point is the fact that the text only stretches out for about a paragraph before the piece ends. Due to publishing, time, and money constraints, there are no reviews in this issue of the magazine. While it is a welcome change of pace from other zines out today, it means that the amount of prose is a little too large for all but the biggest fans of the form to be completely behind. Some of the pieces, such as “The Dying Age of Rockitude” seem to just meander with no real end in sight, while “A Death in the Family”, a comic, seems to be cut short here. Continue reading “Tric #24”

Johnossi Release Album in the US in October

On October 9th, 2007—Stockholm’s JOHNOSSI will release their self-titled debut album in the US on The Control Group (El Perro Del Mar, Figurines).

Last Summer, I was working feverishly out of +1’s Westside compound at the Grafton Hotel in Los Angeles — with complete tunnel vision only to my summoning laptop and my constantly vibrating cell-phone. I noticed two very European-looking men in fluorecent polo-style shirts and short-shorts eyeing me at a table nearby.  They approached me, interrupting a conference call, and pleaded with me to take just one listen to some band.  
They ‘just happened’ to have an iPod all cued, ready to go.  The last thing I wanted to do at that point was listen to some new band I knew nothing about… Continue reading “Johnossi Release Album in the US in October”

Slaughterhouse 3 – S/T

Slaughterhouse 3 – S/T / 2006 Abstract Logix / 11 Tracks / /

There is a lot of Primus present in Slaughterhouse 3. This is due to the fact that the band starts out the disc with a self-titled track that has the same eclectic sound as what has been crafted in the past by bands like Primus and To My Surprise. There is a little bit more funk and jazz present than in the latter’s composition, but there is more than a passing comparison to be made. What could be done to increase the allure of this album would be to add a set of vocals at specific times. Continue reading “Slaughterhouse 3 – S/T”

Horse The Band Films Video, Tours and Releases New Album

HORSE the Band recently filmed a video for the powerhouse new song “New York City” with director Roboshobo (Mastodon, The Blood Brothers, Poison The Well). The vocalist for HORSE the Band, Nathan, had this to say about the song and the video:“If ‘A Natural Death’ is about the vast scope of nature from the horror of birth to the beauty of death then ‘New York City’ is a song about the life in the middle. Continue reading “Horse The Band Films Video, Tours and Releases New Album”

Charles Mingus Sextet With Eric Dolphy – Cornell 1964

Charles Mingus Sextet With Eric Dolphy – Cornell 1964 / 2007 Blue Note / 9 Tracks / /

I am not the most well versed individual when it comes to blues and jazz music. As one can glean from the artists present in the title of this disc (Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy), this is a jazz album. The fifties and sixties were an interesting time for jazz music, as it saw the creation of new styles that challenged the norms, while the older styles still had a number of adherents. The work done by the Charles Mingus Sextet/Dolphy is more along the classical jazz side of things. “Sophisticated Lady” shows a breakdown of some of these earlier styles, as the bass that stands as a focal point to the disc bounces all across the spectrum. Without anything more in terms of structure to constrain this instrument, what results during “Sophisticated Lady” is something that is fairly open-ended. Despite the fact that this was recorded live, the confident arrangements that are present during the aforementioned “Sophisticated Lady” sound almost as clear as if individuals were sitting in the stage that day. Continue reading “Charles Mingus Sextet With Eric Dolphy – Cornell 1964”

Ipecac’s Northern State Address The Masses

We are Northern State. We are pleased to announce that our new album “Can I Keep This Pen?” will be released on Ipecac Recordings this August ’07.

We’ve been friends for a very long time. Our names are Spero, Hesta Prynn and Sprout. We grew up together in deep suburban Long Island and found ourselves living in NYC after college. We have always shared a love of music, and we especially loved hanging out and listening to hip hop off of Hesta Prynn’s computer (this was before ipods even). Continue reading “Ipecac’s Northern State Address The Masses”

Young Stunna – The Best of Me

Young Stunna – The Best of Me / 2007 RJM / 19 Tracks / /

There are a number of independent rappers that are trying to ply their trade in the current perio.d So many of them suck that it means finding a halfway decent rapper is a shore in and of itself. Many times, there are a few strong tracks on a disc and about ten times the amount of chaff present. This could be through having too many tracks, having individuals guest on a track that should never get near a mic, and having lackadaisical backing beats that do nothing for the flow of the rapper. Continue reading “Young Stunna – The Best of Me”