Steve Lieberman Interview

This is an interview that James McQuiston conducted with Steve Lieberman. Lieberman, the “Gangsta Rabbi”, released eir “Melancholia Falling” a few months back. Check out eir website at .

When and why did you first get into creating music?

In 1968 I wrote something for clarinet and trumpet and played bass in some successful local rock bands til 1978.. the ‘modern age’ started in 1981 when i put the theory i had developed as a boy to the test. If you take a bass and distort it to the max and play double stops with fifth intervals you can be a solo artist without knowing the guitar. to this day i can’t play the guitar at all. Continue reading “Steve Lieberman Interview”

Galahad – Live In Poland

Galahad – Live In Poland / 2006 MVD / 200 Minutes / /

Galahad has been around for over a quarter century, and for some reason, I’ve completely missed their contributions to the larger music scene. Apparently, I’m about the only one, as there are literally tens of thousands of websites chronicling their work over the past few decades. The band comes down in the progressive rock side of things, and they also seem to bring a high amount of value to their fans. This DVD, “Live in Poland”, has over 200 minutes (well over three hours) of footage for individuals to chew on. Continue reading “Galahad – Live In Poland”

OST: 300 Soundtrack

OST: 300 / 2007 WB / 25 Tracks / /

Pretty much everyone has seen 300 at this point. It is the story of the valiant Spartan army against the evil Persians; what individuals may not be immediately familiar with is the work of Tyler Bates. Bates, who composed the score to this movie, is best known for creating the soundtrack to movies like Dawn of the Dead and The Devil’s Rejects. The subject matter is a little different, but Bates comes up with a score that fits the movie and the current period well. Continue reading “OST: 300 Soundtrack”

Videohippos – Unbeast The Leash

Videohippos – Unbeast The Leash / 2007 Monitor / 12 Tracks / / /

The electro-indie rock of Videohippos reminds me of a coked-out reinterpretation of Neil Young’s Trans album. There is an earthy, natural progression to the track even as the synthesizer and electronic fuzz seem to paint a picture opposed to that. “Tooth Sub” is the first track on the disc, and the band’s only fault at the onset of this disc has to be a little too much reliance on the same arrangements that were present throughout the entirety of the disc. However, the band flips the script for “The List”. The overall structure of the track is the same, but there is a little bit of a depressed and downtrodden sound to this track. Continue reading “Videohippos – Unbeast The Leash”

Amber Pacific – Truth In Sincerity

Amber Pacific – Truth In Sincerity / 2007 Hopeless / 12 Tracks / / /

For a few years back when I first started the magazine, The Red Hot Valentines were the band that could do no wrong. Through four or five releases, everything they did was golden. They broke p a few years back, but it did not take me too terribly long to find another band to take their spot. This band is Amber Pacific, and “Truth In Sincerity” marks their second album. “Rule #76” is a short introductory track, but the band immediately starts kicking ass again with their “Summer (In B)”. The same fast, almost punk-infused emo rock of Amber Pacific is as clear and as vibrant as on any other tracks. The sizzling guitar tracks link themselves well with the catchy vocals and splashy drums. Continue reading “Amber Pacific – Truth In Sincerity”

Baby Boy Da Prince – Across The Water

Baby Boy Da Prince – Across The Water / 2007 Republic / 18 Tracks / /

Baby Boy Da Prince is one of the few artists that I actually knew about before I received the disc. “The Way I Live” (featuring the up and coming Lil Boosie) has been played on all the local radio stations on high rotation, and “Naw Meen” is another track that has been making waves. However, the biggest question is whether Baby Boy Da Prince is able to string together a cohesive album or if the rest of the album. The one thing that immediately becomes clear to listeners of “Across The Water” is that Baby Boy Da Prince throws too much extra chaff on the disc. Continue reading “Baby Boy Da Prince – Across The Water”