Ipecac’s Northern State Address The Masses

We are Northern State. We are pleased to announce that our new album “Can I Keep This Pen?” will be released on Ipecac Recordings this August ’07.

We’ve been friends for a very long time. Our names are Spero, Hesta Prynn and Sprout. We grew up together in deep suburban Long Island and found ourselves living in NYC after college. We have always shared a love of music, and we especially loved hanging out and listening to hip hop off of Hesta Prynn’s computer (this was before ipods even). Continue reading “Ipecac’s Northern State Address The Masses”

Young Stunna – The Best of Me

Young Stunna – The Best of Me / 2007 RJM / 19 Tracks / http://www.rjmrecords.com /

There are a number of independent rappers that are trying to ply their trade in the current perio.d So many of them suck that it means finding a halfway decent rapper is a shore in and of itself. Many times, there are a few strong tracks on a disc and about ten times the amount of chaff present. This could be through having too many tracks, having individuals guest on a track that should never get near a mic, and having lackadaisical backing beats that do nothing for the flow of the rapper. Continue reading “Young Stunna – The Best of Me”

Fast Computers – Heart Geometry

Fast Computers – Heart Geometry / 2007 Self / 11 Tracks / http://www.thefastcomputers.com /

The synth lines that start out “Sweden Hasn’t Changed, You Have” will undoubtedly remind individuals of The Psychedelic Furs. The fact that the book has pictures from a library further gives individuals an eighties type of feel. The band shifts things up enough that it does not last; a song like “How Many Times” brings Fast Computers into a very plain type of indie rock that has all of the trappings of a nineties track but is couched heavily in the “That Thing You Do” sound of the sixties. Hints of Blur become evident during this track, and while it does not have the distinct electronic sound to the track that the beginning of the disc did, it allows the band to craft a cohesive sound to “Heart Geometry”. Continue reading “Fast Computers – Heart Geometry”

Chin Up Chin Up To Play Lollapalooza

Summer Music Festivals! Gotta love them! Especially when windy city avant-pop combo Chin Up Chin Up are performing. That is right, Chin Up Chin Up will be performing at this years Lollapalooza on Friday Aug 3, 2007 @ 1PM CT on the Citistage. The tracks off the bands 2006 critically acclaimed release “This Harness CanÂ’t Ride Anything” are a joyful mix of shifting dynamics, stuttering riffs, and buoyant arrangements all held together by front man Jeremy BolenÂ’s scratched up discourse. Show up early as the bands performance is not to be missed. Continue reading “Chin Up Chin Up To Play Lollapalooza”

Chris Letcher – Frieze

Chris Letcher – Frieze / 2007 2Feet / 15 Tracks / http://www.sheergroup.com / http://www.2feetmusic.com /

The opening to “Frieze” starts off slowly with what sounds like a movie quote opening up “Deep Frieze”. However, it is the poppy style of indie rock that Letcher plays that immediately saves this album. There are more than passing comparisons to individuals like Matthew Sweet on “Deep Frieze”, and while the Avalanches meets Kid Koala-like scratching present during the track is an interesting addition, listeners can easily understand the indie tradition that Letcher is coming from. The thing that establishes Letcher as someone to pay attention to has to be the arrangements that end “Deep Frieze”. These arrangements speed up, slow down, and generally add delightful chaos to an already guilty pleasure. By the end of “Deep Frieze”, Letcher is in a good position. Continue reading “Chris Letcher – Frieze”

Buildings Breeding – S/T

Buildings Breeding – S/T / 2007 Mushpot / 12 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/buildingsbredding / http://www.mushpotrecords.com /

Buildings Breeding play a dreamy type of indie cum pop rock music that will bring individuals back to the shoegazer genre present in the early to middle nineties. The use of clapping during the opening track “Stacking Up Reasons” further closes the sound in on the band, to make it seem as if the band is sitting in a living or dorm room with their fans. The slightly gritty vocals of Chris on the album have a number of influences that present themselves clearly during the songs on this self-titled album, but have enough of Larsen’s soul present to establish Buildings Breeding as a bold new band. Continue reading “Buildings Breeding – S/T”

MapleStory iTrading Card Game Release Date Set

Renton, WA. – July 31, 2007 – Wizards of the Coast, Inc. (NYSE: HAS) today announced a partnership with Nexon America Inc. to launch the MapleStory iTrading Card Game (iTCG) in the US and Canada in November. The iTCG is a real-world Trading Card Game with codes redeemable for exclusive virtual-world game content – an interactive extension to MapleStory, Nexon’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), which is enormously popular with more than 67 million worldwide registered accounts. Continue reading “MapleStory iTrading Card Game Release Date Set”

AJ Rosales – Ultramarine

AJ Rosales – Ultramarine / 2007 Novelty / 13 Tracks / http://www.ajrosales.com /

AJ Rosales has a little bit of a Chris Cornell sound to eir voice during the opening of “Ultramarine”, the track “Alone Again”. The instrumentation may be bouncy and jangly, but there is nothing too terribly new provided by Rosales here. The California Dreams-like guitar line that shifts in and out of solos during “Alone Again” is nice but ultimately is dated. While there may not be anything special during this introductory track, Rosales does come forth confidently. This will help during the wind-swept, blues-ridden “Nominate”. The guitars again do not go into any arrangements that break themselves off from what has already been done before. That is the most major problem that Rosales confronts on eir “Ultramarine”. Any of a number of tracks could conceivably make it onto rock radio, country radio, or whatever Rosales feels that eir music would be best, but there is nothing here to distinguish Rosales from hundreds of other artists doing about the same style of music. Continue reading “AJ Rosales – Ultramarine”