Inside Artzine #11

Inside Artzine #11 / 4 Euros / :45 /  40L / /

 As one can gain from the title of this zine, there is a lot to do with Inside Artzine. The focal point fo this issue has to be the lush pieces of art that are reprinted here in full color. In fact, what the pieces in this issue leave a little to be desired, the works that provide the structure to this issue will make for many viewings or even some great miniature pictures. The great thing about Artzine is that even from the beginning, the art is attributed. There is no looking around the page to try to find a signature or tag, one just needs to run back to the beginning of the issue and look at the table of contents. Another, lesser-seen bit of art has to be the page layout that is present. While there is vibrant art like that put forth by Naoto Hattori, the inclusion of art with a simplistic page design makes for something that is much more interesting than a poem would normally be. The poetry drags on a little bit when it is present, but the poetic nature of a story like “And thus the light may sparkle” provides for a fun, albeit short, read. The art comes forth with a number of different styles; whiole there seems to be a few pieces that come forth with a very seventies, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers type of look, there is collage art (Playing With Dolls) and more sci-fi meets fantasy type styles of art (Michael Hutter). The 40 long-sized pages of this issue ensure that readers will be able to focus in for a long period of time, and the art breaks things up nicely.

Rating: 5.5/10

Clare & The Reasons End The Summer On A High Note

Clare & The Reasons “The Movie” (Frog Stand Records- Late September). “The Movie” is lush & sinfully beautiful, featuring the likes of Van Dyke Parks (“Love Can Be A Crime”), Sufjan Stevens (“Nothing/Nowhere”) and Gregoire Maret (“Rodi”). Clare & The Reasons’ music harkens back to the romance of a forgone era, through the eyes of a contemporary indie-chanteuse with a pop sensibility. Continue reading “Clare & The Reasons End The Summer On A High Note”

Dear Peppers and Pollywogs

Dear Peppers and Pollywogs : What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids’ Parties / 2007 Self / 132M / /

As individuals could guess, this book is a guide for parents. This book is set up to allow individuals to quickly come up with an answer to their party quandaries, whether it be the parent wondering what is age-appropriate or how much individuals should spend on birthday presents. The writing style is simplistic and has a number of ideas put forth in a list form, so that individuals can rapidly evaluate how each idea fits in their own unique situation. Continue reading “Dear Peppers and Pollywogs”

Five O ’Clock Heroes Come to the Rescue & Release Debut Album

Transatlantic Brit-Rock saviors certainly hold a deep routed and unconditional place in most
New Yorkers and Londoners heart. Having carved their way amongst the masses from the indie
rock explosion back in the early “Noughties” – they ventured on the road, the old school way,
without funds and equipped with an array of amazing new songs, top notch live performances
and a presence hip and dark enough to attract the hearts and eyes of any rock n’roll dude and doll. Continue reading “Five O ’Clock Heroes Come to the Rescue & Release Debut Album”

Fuzzy Lunch Box #11

Fuzzy Lunch Box #11 / $2 + 2 Stamps / 40M / /

I had ran out of issues of magazines to review for NeuFutur, so I made an impassioned plea to all of the Myspace zine groups in order to have some zinesters send me review copies of their zines. Laura and Deborah, the twins that run this zine, were nice enough to send over a copy of their newest issue. Continue reading “Fuzzy Lunch Box #11”

Ben Weasel and his Iron String Quartet – These Ones Are Bitter

Ben Weasel and his Iron String Quartet – These Ones Are Bitter/ 2007 Mendota Recording Co./ 14 Tracks / / /

After five years hiatus Ben Weasel former front man of legendary pop-punk bands Screeching Weasel and The Riverdales is back and has made damn sure that the wait was worth it with These Ones Are Bitter. Taking everything that only a master of the pop and punk craft could do Weasel gives us fourteen tracks of sugary-sweet mania starting us off with a little rush, “Let Freedom Ring,” a new anthem for all of us who have as he says “took it on the chin…” and came back to realize now that the monkey is off our backs it’s time to party! Continue reading “Ben Weasel and his Iron String Quartet – These Ones Are Bitter”

Sammy Hagar and the Wabo’s – Livin’ It Up!

Sammy Hagar and the Wabo’s – Livin’ It Up! / 2007 Image / 112 Minutes / /

Sammy Hagar has been rocking for well over thirty years. Along the way, ey has created a high-end line of Tequila and has fronted acts like Van Halen and Montrose. This is admittedly the downside of eir career, and it would not be surprising for Hagar to start removing eirself from the public eye. However, there are some things that would preclude eir going to the glue factory, especially after releasing eir latest DVD, “Livin’ It Up!”. This DVD covers Hagar and eir band during a stop on their 2006 tour, specifically at their St. Louis stop. Continue reading “Sammy Hagar and the Wabo’s – Livin’ It Up!”

Spokane – Little Hours

Spokane – Little Hours / 2007 JagJaguwar / 10 Tracks /

Spokane offers listeners a melodic and sad album with their newest release Little Hours. It starts out with “Singing” which does a good job of giving the listener a taste of what they will hear throughout the entire album and has some neat nature noises which is a bonus to what is coming. “Minor Careers” doesn’t differ too much in tempo still giving you that feeling of despair that usually coincides with bad moments in life. Continue reading “Spokane – Little Hours”

Attica! Attica! and The New Dress Tour, Release New Albums

Attica! Attica! and The New Dress are touring together in support of upcoming full-lengths on Red Leader Records. Both records will be available from the label in August but you can get your copies directly from the bands at shows right now. Continue reading “Attica! Attica! and The New Dress Tour, Release New Albums”