Devildriver’s “The Last Kind Words” Debuts at #48 on Billboard

DevilDriver and Roadrunner Records are proud to announce that first week sales for “The Last Kind Words,” topped 14,000 in the US, which helped the record debut at #48 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart!! DevilDriver is currently on Ozzfest in support of their brutal new record. Continue reading “Devildriver’s “The Last Kind Words” Debuts at #48 on Billboard”

The Spoken X – Wild Child

The Spoken X – Wild Child / 2007 Metro / 13 Tracks / /

The title track to “Wild Child” just exudes cool. From the spoken narrative that starts out the track (think the opening to “Shaft”) and the ropy, cop-drama bass line present, and an individual would have a good idea of what The Spoken X are trying to do with this album. Instead of just sticking with that one sound for the entirety of the track, an electronic influence pushes its’ way a number of times. The vocals provide the thread that is weaved through the entirety of “Wild Child”, and the band does well in linking earlier and more current styles into a cohesive and current track. Continue reading “The Spoken X – Wild Child”

Hellyeah Gains Spot As Featured Band on Madden 08

HELLYEAH’s Vinnie Paul, Chad Gray, Tom Maxwell and Greg Tribbett are one of the featured bands on EA’s Madden NFL 08, going on sale nationwide August 14, 2007.


“You Wouldn’t Know,” the first top-5 single (and accompanying video) from HELLYEAH’s self-titled CD is included on Madden NFL 08. The CD has been called, “One of the best metal discs…of 2007” and received rave reviews from around the world. Continue reading “Hellyeah Gains Spot As Featured Band on Madden 08”

Testament on Sirius’s Hard Files

This week Hard Attack welcomes the almighty thrash legends Testament for a very special extended version of Hard Files. Join host Jose Mangin and original Testament members Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, Alex Skolnick, and Greg Christian for an audio gathering to discuss the band’s past, present and future. Continue reading “Testament on Sirius’s Hard Files”

Thrice announces the release of The Alchemy Index: Vols. I & II

In Stores October 16th

Orange, CA- August 09, 2007- Taking an unsullied approach to the writing, recording and production of their upcoming release, the decision to find a new record label was evident and expected for Orange County’s critically lauded, Thrice. Continue reading “Thrice announces the release of The Alchemy Index: Vols. I & II”

Alaria Taylor – Bread or Water

Alaria Taylor – Bread or Water / 2007 Self / 5 Tracks /

Alaria Taylor is perhaps the most decorated musician that you have never heard. Among these accolades are winning the VH-1 Song of the Year Contest and the Billboard Magazine World Song Contest. The five tracks that are on “Bread or Water” show the reason why Taylor has received all of these accolades. While the guitars start off strongly during “Nobody Else Like You”, it is the Heart-like vocals of Taylor that come to dominance during the track. The high energy of the arrangements during this song lay the foundation for a compelling and intense EP. Aside from the vocals, the linkages present between the different instruments are something to admire; the guitars, bass, and drums link together to provide the perfect pallet for Taylor’s vocals to shine on. Continue reading “Alaria Taylor – Bread or Water”

Forever In Terror Tour Canada in Support of “Restless”

Streetsboro, OH’s FOREVER IN TERROR have announced some Canadian tour
dates with Dear Black Diary in support of their recently released debut
album “Restless in the Tides”, which was recently released on Metal
Blade and includes a guest appearance by Mark Hunter of Chimaira. Continue reading “Forever In Terror Tour Canada in Support of “Restless””

The Refills Interview

Bassist Dex from The Refills was nice enough to sit down with JMcQ for InterStitial and this site. What lead to the formation of The Refills? How exactly did your former band, The Stines, break up?

Well I always wanted to get a punk band started but its hard to find people that are good and that are dedicated. It started with me and T-bird jamming all the time and looking for a drummer and after months of looking we recruited Eric to play drums and we started The Refills. After a few months of playing T-bird quit and we got Shayne to play guitar for us. Playing for The Stines was a different experience.I guess I just didnt like the style of music that we were playing,and I didnt really want to play drums anymore. Practices started slowing down and we eventually just stopped. Continue reading “The Refills Interview”

Brown Shoe – Vanity

Brown Shoe – Vanity / 2007 Self / 13 Tracks /

It is a hell of time trying to find a band when you’ve screwed up their name. For the longest time, I thought the band’s name was “Brown Shoes” instead of “Brown Shoe”. After I got that problem worked out, I was able to hear the powerful indie rock of the band. Brown Shoe reminds me a lot of Desert City Soundtrack in the same emotional intensity is present in the instrumentation of both bands. The vocals have a little bit of a Neil Young sound to them, so there is that blending of new and old that will get butts in seats. The production is the final piece of the puzzle, and it allows the band’s higher registers to have a little bit of fuzz without completely oppressing the band’s sound. Continue reading “Brown Shoe – Vanity”