Bad Religion – New Maps of Hell

Bad Religion – New Maps of Hell / 2007 Epitaph / 16 Tracks / / /

Anyone that actually knows me knows that Bad Religion is one of my favorite bands of all time. I thought that they had a trying time in the Atlantic days, but that they came back to true form with “The Process of Belief” and “The Empire Strikes First”. With Joe Barresi at the helm (Tool, Queens of the Stone Age), how will the band sound? Well, Bad Religion sounds a lot like they always have, but the band seems to have included some Weezer into their overall sound. Now, I did not like what Todd Rungren did to the band for their “New America” album. Continue reading “Bad Religion – New Maps of Hell”

Cashis – The County Hound EP

Cashis – The County Hound EP / 2007 Shady / 8 Tracks / / /

Cashis is the latest project put forth by Eminem and eir Shady Records. Eminem’s touch has not been the strongest with the last few releases on the label, with Obie Trice being the most notable failure up to that point. “That Nigga A Gangster” is the first full track on the disc, and it has a strong flow. The fuzzy backdrop for Cashis to flow on works well as well, and the second set of vocals give a nice contrast to the track. Overall, Cashis starts this EP in a strong way. Continue reading “Cashis – The County Hound EP”

Musings on Buddhism and Islam by Danica.

Sometimes I begin to wonder what have I done with my life. I mean I’ve done some cool stuff, been to a lot of awesome places, and had a few drinks with some friends…but I sometimes wonder is there more to life than getting drunk.

I know that with most 18 year olds that spirituality isn’t a main concern for them… but I’ve been though too much to not think that there’s something besides like what we can see…..I honestly wonder about religions like Islam I mean like look at Muslims they are so dedicated to their faith that they will commit suicide for it… what Christian would do that? Continue reading “Musings on Buddhism and Islam by Danica.”

Steve Lieberman Interview

This is an interview that James McQuiston conducted with Steve Lieberman. Lieberman, the “Gangsta Rabbi”, released eir “Melancholia Falling” a few months back. Check out eir website at .

When and why did you first get into creating music?

In 1968 I wrote something for clarinet and trumpet and played bass in some successful local rock bands til 1978.. the ‘modern age’ started in 1981 when i put the theory i had developed as a boy to the test. If you take a bass and distort it to the max and play double stops with fifth intervals you can be a solo artist without knowing the guitar. to this day i can’t play the guitar at all. Continue reading “Steve Lieberman Interview”

Galahad – Live In Poland

Galahad – Live In Poland / 2006 MVD / 200 Minutes / /

Galahad has been around for over a quarter century, and for some reason, I’ve completely missed their contributions to the larger music scene. Apparently, I’m about the only one, as there are literally tens of thousands of websites chronicling their work over the past few decades. The band comes down in the progressive rock side of things, and they also seem to bring a high amount of value to their fans. This DVD, “Live in Poland”, has over 200 minutes (well over three hours) of footage for individuals to chew on. Continue reading “Galahad – Live In Poland”