Akron/Family will be releasing their second, full length album, “Love Is Simple,” September 10.

This is their most ambitious and yet most instantly infectious release to date. The striking cover of “Love Is Simple” is a photograph by Robert Clark of a human heart stripped bare of fat and extraneous tissue, down mainly to the blood vessels that sustain it, is a specimen from the famed Mutter Museum in Philadelphia that appeared on the cover of the February 2007 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Continue reading “Akron/Family will be releasing their second, full length album, “Love Is Simple,” September 10.”

Matt Woods – Something Surreal

Matt Woods – Something Surreal / 2004 Self / 12 Tracks / http://www.mattwoodsband.com /

Most the time when I receive CDs done by a band with the name of an individual (typically the leader of the band), what I am “treated” to is something that is quiet, singer-songwriter styled, and is something that essentially rehashes the collected works of artists like Dave Matthews and John Maher. However, Matt Woods and the rest of eir band on “Something Surreal” come forth with a scintillating approach to the disc that will keep individuals stuck at the edge of their seats for the entirety of the disc. While there are some tracks on this album that do go into that same general style I mentioned, there are much harder tracks present, as well as variations that run the gamut of all the different styles in between. Continue reading “Matt Woods – Something Surreal”

Merciless Death Announces US Tour Dates


Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed debut album Evil in the Night, MERCILESS DEATH has announced dates for their upcoming US tour. MERCILESS DEATH has injected metal with a vigor that hasnÂ’t been seen since the golden age of thrash metal when then young bands like Slayer, and Exodus were birthing the sonic mayhem that would later make them legends. In addition to Evil in the Night, MERCILESS DEATH is currently featured on the HEAVY ARTILLERY compilation SPEED KILLSÂ…AGAIN. Continue reading “Merciless Death Announces US Tour Dates”

The Campbells – The Kid From Gillette, Wyoming

The Campbells – The Kid From Gillette, Wyoming / 2007 Self / 8 Tracks / http://www.campbellsrock.com /

The Campbells start out their “The Kid From Gillette, Wyoming” with a very early nineties type of alternative rock sound “My Silly Sparks” is a track that sounds as if The Campbells took equal amounts of Polaris and Soul Asylum and linked them together. There is still a little bit of fuzz coming from an earlier grunge sound, but this is moderated by the inclusion of strung-out, more hippy-like guitar work. Even though The Campbells are doing this earlier style, the act can still seem relevant and germane to current listeners. “My Silly Sparks” is able to do that through the inclusion of a vocal style that hits at points on the work of They Might Be Giants. Continue reading “The Campbells – The Kid From Gillette, Wyoming”

Total Assault News (Rammstein, Drowning Pool)

Drowning Pool:

On Tuesday, August 7th, Drowning Pool hosted a press conference to a full-house at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, CA to announce the release of Full Circle and their fall tour with The Exies.  Drowning Pool was joined by over 25 members of the Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and war veterans who validated the importance of their efforts.  The band spoke of their concern for supporting the U.S. troops upon their return from the middle-east.  The press conference was a very moving and emotional experience urging the validation of the American people to support the troops upon their return.  Check out the highlights of the press conference here (http://www.ivpnewmedia.com/10thst/dp/pc/index.html).


Rammstein are well known for their explosive live performances and amazing light and pyrotechnics. With the September 18th release of Völkerball, the band captures their one of a kind performance on DVD. Shot in Nimes, France, “Ich Will” is our first look at what is to come from the Völkerball DVD in September.

ölkerball features live performances from Les Arnes De Nimes in France, Brixton Academy in London England, Club Citta Tokyo Japan, and Olympiski Moscow Russia.  The DVD was shot while that band was on tour in 2005.  A CD with the live audio recordings are also included in the Völkerball set.

Check out the “Ich Will” here:

Windows Media (low) – http://mms.sonix.de/universal/rock/rammstein_ichwill_uni_60.wmv

Windows Media (Hi) – http://mms.sonix.de/universal/rock/rammstein_ichwill_uni_300.wmv


ll BIG – Face in the Glass

ll BIG – Face in the Glass / 2007 Self / 10 Tracks / http://www.thebandiibig.com /

The walking bass that is present during the opening track of “Face in the Glass” will undoubtedly remind listeners of the work of Charlie Daniels and The Outlaws, and the insistent quality of the vocals of II BIG will link them to country stars like Garth Brooks. The guitar solo that is present on the track is impressive. Continue reading “ll BIG – Face in the Glass”

Black Tide Kicked Off, Re-added to Ozzfest

As many of you might have heard Black Tide were recently removed from this years Ozzfest festival. The reason being, as MTVNews.com puts it:

“Black Tide, a young metal band from Miami that had been tapped to replace Circus Diablo on Ozzfest’s second stage, have now found themselves having to drop off the bill — without even playing a single note. Continue reading “Black Tide Kicked Off, Re-added to Ozzfest”

Charlie Beresford – The Room is Empty

Charlie Beresford – The Room is Empty / 2005 Self / 14 Tracks / http://www.charlieberesford.com /

The dissonant opening that Charlie Beresford places on eir “The Room Is Empty” will provide individuals with a challenge. The artistic style of this track may be lost on some, but Beresford’s dedication to making “If Only” work will endear more than a fair share of fans. “Nosfer” is a twenty second string-heavy track that gives more to the atmosphere than anything, winking quietly out of existence and allowing Beresford to move into eir “I Let You Walk With Me”. “I Let You Walk With Me” is a much more straight-forward track, sounding almost as it came from a movie soundtrack. Continue reading “Charlie Beresford – The Room is Empty”

Steve Aoki Releases Debut Mix Album This Fall

Fanatic or foe, what you cannot deny is how instrumental Steve has been in helping define the
emerging music and nightlife culture in the US today. By blurring the lines that once separated hoards
of indie kids from the urban or electro fans, and divided the VIPS from the not so VIPS, what this man
has created under the guise of a DJ/Party enthusiast is a lifestyle and media empire for youth today. Continue reading “Steve Aoki Releases Debut Mix Album This Fall”

Fjord Rowboat – Saved The Compliments for Morning

Fjord Rowboat – Saved The Compliments for Morning / 2007 Self / 10 Tracks / http://www.fjordrowboat.com /

This is Fjord Rowboat’s first full length album. After individuals listen to “Carried Away”, they will marvel at how mature the band is. “Carried Away” is a track that has the same type of instrumental coolness and disaffected vocals that have been present in countless Franz Ferdinand and Interpol tracks, but what Fjord Rowboat does to break themselves off from that crew is provide a little bit of “Tonight, Tonight” (Smashing Pumpkins)-like strings to the mix, as well as a ropy bass that is present during all parts of the track. What results is something beautiful and catchy, something that allows fans to filter in by the busload as soon as the track starts. Continue reading “Fjord Rowboat – Saved The Compliments for Morning”