The Buddhist Monks – My Spirit Flies To You

The Buddhist Monks – My Spirit Flies To You / 2006 Decca / 14 Tracks / / /

The Buddhist Monks are to 2006 what the Gregorian Monks were to the early nineties. There is some sort of acceptance by the pop and adult contemporary stations to what normally would be a style of music reserved only for the most devout of followers. The music that is present on “My Spirit Flies To You” is not genuine prayer music, however; the tracks here use arrangements and vocal styles that are not in accordance with Buddhist rituals. The may be the reason why The Buddhist Monks have achieved success outside of their own circle of adherents. Continue reading “The Buddhist Monks – My Spirit Flies To You”

Ligion – External Affairs

Ligion – External Affairs / 2007 Maple Jam / 11 Tracks / / /

The vocal style that starts off “On The Way” does not mesh completely with the more dance-y rock of Ligion. This is because there seems to be a more emotional and natural sound to the vocals, while the instrumental arrangement on this track seems to be more sequenced than anything. Ligion get their stuff together to the degree that the chorus to the track is as catchy as they come, but the band’s opening weakness is fairly major. “Lost My Car” is the next track, and it starts off with a punk meets rock approach that opens up into an energetic type of emo rock. Continue reading “Ligion – External Affairs”

Sachal Vasandani – Eyes Wide Open

Sachal Vasandani – Eyes Wide Open / 2007 Mack Avenue / 12 Tracks / / /

“Naked As We Came” is the first track on “Eyes Wide Open”, and Vasandani comes forth with a very classic style of singing. If anything, I would have to link eir singing style to an early Dean Martin or Bing Crosby. There is enough of a current focus to keep individuals interested; there is more than a passing glance at the Dave Matthews Band, even as Vasandani’s instrumentation moves in a more classical jazz format. What results with “Eyes Wide Open” is something that is very easy listening, with a light enough instrumentation to allow all the nuances of Vasandani’s vocals to shine. “Please Mr. Ogilvy” is the second track, and brings Vasandani more into the modern era than anything. Continue reading “Sachal Vasandani – Eyes Wide Open”

Lzy – 1996-2006

Lzy – 1996-2006 / 2006 MVD / 120 Min / / /

Where most of the DVDs released by Metal Mind and MVD have been foreign acts that played in Poland, Lzy is a Polish band. As one can guess, Lzy is a rock band, and this DVD captures a number of live performances over the course of their career. It seems like the vast majority of footage that is on this DVD comes from the post-2002 period, where there are only two tracks from before that period. This makes sense, as the band probably did not start their rise up the charts until a few years after they first started out. Continue reading “Lzy – 1996-2006”

Headbanger’s Ball and Sounds of the Underground Work Together

This Saturday July 7th @ 10 PM EST; MTV 2 Headbangers Ball Celebrates The Launch Of Hot Topic Presents – Third Annual Sounds Of The Underground Tour! This weeks episode of “The Ball” features your favorite 2007 SOTU bands videos airing, tune in or miss out! Continue reading “Headbanger’s Ball and Sounds of the Underground Work Together”

Blurt #3

Blurt #3 / $1 / 64M /

Lew is one of the most interesting zinesters that I have a chance to read every few months. This time, the stories of Lew going to concerts, selling copies of eir zines, and having out with friends are blocked off with a number of different sketches.  This is a good thing, as the stories that Lew tells are quite a few pages and are done in a small font. The style of Lew’s writing is descriptive in a way that is reminiscent of a Steinbeck, even if the subject material is about the writings on bathroom walls at college or not knowing how to drive a stick shift. The sketches in this issue are nothing more than noodles on sheets of paper for the most part, but they either illustrate the story or tell a story of their own. The layout behind the stories are interesting, and give eyes something else to focus on instead of making the entirety of the zine conform to the whiteness of the paper. This issue is a few years old, so make sure to go to Lew’s website and pick up both #4 and #5. However, there is nothing dated in this issue, so make it a point to pick up this issue as well. Tell Lew what you think too; I know it shouldn’t have to be said, but individuals that do zine get pitifully low correspondence. Any letter may be the difference between releasing a new issue or closing up shop.

Rating: 7.2/10

Optimum Wound (Roadrunner) Albums Re-Released

Metal Mind Productions presents re-release of classic material from Roadrunner Records’ archives – two albums from Optimum Wound Profile, one of the most fascinating industrial/hardcore projects that emerged in the 90’s. Formed in 1991 in Ipswich, UK, the sextet proposed a powerful combination of metal, crust punk, hardcore and sampling technologies, sealed tightly in a cage of pure condensed madness. Coming out during the industrial spree, when groups such as Nine Inch Nails and Ministry cleared the way for countless new acts to follow, Optimum Wound Profile proved that there is something more to say in aggressive, electronic music. Continue reading “Optimum Wound (Roadrunner) Albums Re-Released”

The Loved Ones Announce New Additions To Their Band

Today in their blog, Fat Wreck Chords band The Loved Ones announce their new members. The blog is available at . The text of the blog reads:

Dave Walsh and Chris Gonzalez are officially LOVED ONES… Continue reading “The Loved Ones Announce New Additions To Their Band”

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – II

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – II / 2007 Ferret / 11 Tracks / / /

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster is a band that blends together Corrosion of Conformity (“Deliverance”-era) with Marilyn Manson, and puts it in a way that listeners in the current period can love. “Memories of the Grove” is the first track on “II”, and it shows the band as being very comfortable in their surroundings. Even though the band is one of the harder acts out there, they have one of the best production values. Continue reading “Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – II”

The Academy Is… Tours



Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen recording group The Academy Is… has unveiled details of their eagerly anticipated fall tour. The coast-to-coast headline trek dubbed the “Sleeping With Giants” Tour will take off September 5th in Milwaukee, with dates running non-stop through a Chicago hometown finale on November 24th (full itinerary below).  The pre-sale will begin thru the bands fan club via Myspace ( on July 10th with the general on sale date following on July 13th.  Joining The Academy Is… on the trip will be special guests The Rocket Summer, Sherwood, and the band’s longtime friends, Armor For Sleep. Continue reading “The Academy Is… Tours”