Passion is a supremely confident track, ensuring that AWOLNATION can come forth with a considerably different approach from their last few singles. There are hints of The Killers and the same frenetic energy crafted in the late-nineties by acts like The Offspring. The falsetto of the vocals make for a nice counterpoint to the crunchy, intense tempo achieved by the drums and guitars. Together, these elements combine to make for a hard-edges yet ultimately catchy effort that will tattoo its melodies deep into the minds and hearts of listenes. AWOLNATION are back in a strong fashion with Passion.


AWOLNATION – Passion /

DYK “The Procrastinator”

DYK creates a retro-sounding rock track with their latest single “The Procrastinator”. This single links together mid-eighties Genesis, Velvet Revolver, and Saliva into a funky, intense, and ultimately taut sound. The charismatic vocals will draw fans in while the slinkiness of the bass lines and additional synths provide a reason for fans to stay. The Procrastinator is surprisingly deep; listeners will continue to find new twists and turns each time that they play the song.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Working Out for Building Muscle Mass

Many people who are interested in building their muscle mass make the mistake of being overenthusiastic and start working out too much or doing the wrong exercises and end up being very disappointed when their efforts do not pay off or even cause injuries that put them out of action for weeks, if not months. A quick look at some of the most common mistakes that people make before and after their workouts: Continue reading “Common Mistakes to Avoid When Working Out for Building Muscle Mass”

Monique Barry – Open Road

Monique Barry’s Open Road is a powerfully-sang effort that blends together traditional vocal-heavy compositions with a hint of classical and more modern (e.g. U2, Mumford & Sons) style. This unique sound makes for an expansive and engrossing effort. Fans will need to play Open Road numerous times before hearing every twist and turn that Barry has included here. We were particularly impressed at the range that Monique reaches during this effort; each note is masterfully placed into the larger context of the single, making for something that is approachable and musically intricate. A perfect way to end the year.

Monique Barry – Open Road / 2017 Self Released /

Alexa Friedman “Meant To Be”

Alexa Friedman’s Meant to Be is a track that fills me with hope. Friedman puts her own indelible mark on the single with a voice that captures the low and high ends equally well.  The track takes a bold new direction at the three-minute mark; this shift differentiates itself from the rest of Meant To Be and ensures that when Alexa’s vocals kick back in, they are given a whole new intensity that ensures listeners will be focused in until the last notes. There are enough twists and turns here to ensure that Friedman’s latest single sounds fresh and fun even five or ten spins in, a rare feat in an era where so many songs fail to move the needle. Continue reading “Alexa Friedman “Meant To Be””

Myles Marcus “Crazy”

Myles Marcus’ “Crazy” is a touching track that builds up momentum nicely from its first note. The track is able to work equally well in the pop and EDM traditions. With a gradually increasing tempo, Crazy ensures that fans will be sitting on the edges of their seats. Marcus’ vocals are supersonic and are able to both impart a certain sort of emotional intensity while contributing well to the overall sound of the single. With a bit of Spanish guitar interspersed in the track, there is a considerably larger replay value to this effort than other singles currently garnering air play.

Myles Marcus “Crazy” /

Five Drexler “Smokers Section (Where It At)”

Five Drexler’s “Smokers Section (Where It At)” is a catchy rap track. The rapid-fire delivery of Five Drexler’s flow is highlighted by a backing beat that draws upon the mid-2000s NYC scene, Hypnotize Minds, and trap producers. 

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Shane Palko “Staring Out The Window”

Shane Palko’s Staring Out The Window is a telling piece of indie rock. Emotive guitar work, wide-reaching strings and a dreamy set of vocals join together to immediately draw in listeners. The narrative presented to fans during Staring out The Window is engrossing, matching well the richness of the instrumentation. Pegged at the four-minute mark, Palko’s latest single feels much larger – there’s a depth to this cut that few efforts can reach. Punchy drums and beautiful strings end the track as strongly as it began; we’re excited to hear more from Palko in the months and the years to come.

Shane Palko “Staring Out The Window” /

NEWS: Official Survey says 50% of all Rx users Quit after using CBDs

About half of all CBD consumers have ditched their prescription drugs, says a survey done by Florida-based Brightfield Group. In teaming with HelloMD, an online community of doctors and cannabis patients, to analyze the medical paths of 2,400 of HelloMD’s users, many truths were discovered in this study and it has gained national attention even by large news outlets, like Forbes. Continue reading “NEWS: Official Survey says 50% of all Rx users Quit after using CBDs”

8 Beach Destinations that Celebs Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s a fact that celebs love beaches just like the rest of us, but their choice of destinations is usually a bit more refined. The good news is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that we cannot travel to these places and have a great time too; it’s just a matter of knowing where to go really. On that note, here are eight beaches that usually host a number of celebrities each year, thanks to their exclusivity, scenic beauty, and associated luxuries. Continue reading “8 Beach Destinations that Celebs Can’t Get Enough Of”