S’Muttonator (Double Bock)

S’Muttonator is the first offering from the Heritage Beers line from Smuttynose; this new program will bring back some of the classic beers that the brewery has crafted in the earlier days. S’Muttonator is a double bock pegged at the 9.2% ABV mark, which is hidden masterfully in the brew. The beer pours with a brown to dark brown coloration and a good amount of off-white / beige head. The initial sip deftly blends together the sweet with a hot snap; afterwards, hints of brown sugar, toffee, and toasted malts can all be discerned.

The specific constellation of flavors that one will pick up at any specific sip of S’Muttonator is up to chance; there is a dense array of notes that ebb and flow. There is a bit more of the brown sugar element and wheat that becomes evident as the beer is allowed to reach to room temperature. Before one completes the bottle, dates, honey, and cloves can be picked out. It is this complexity that will be appreciated over the course of a 4-pack, with S’Muttonator have complexity to keep one as eager to drain the last bottle as they were when they opened up the first.

For more information about the entirety of the efforts that Smuttynose provides visit their website;  their social networking service profiles (Facebook and Twitter) are great repositories for new product availability and events that are related to their brewery. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve covered a number of Smuttynose brews. Check out our coverage of The Stallion,  Smistletoe,  Smoked Peach Short Weisse,  Imperial StoutHayseedRhye IPAParadoXReally Old Dog,DurtyKindest FindOktoberfest,  Bouncy House and Cherry Short Weisse.

Rating 8.8/10

S’muttonator (Double Bock) / Smuttynose Brewing / 9.2% ABV / smuttynose.com / www.facebook.com/Smuttynose  / twitter.com/smuttynosebeer /


Live Long by Maintaining These Healthy Lifestyle Habits

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Top 12 Healthy Eating Habits for Lazy College Students

Healthy eating is a “sick subject” for every student. Firstly, because any student has no time to cook, and secondly, financial difficulties. Therefore, as a rule, students save both time and money and eat semi-finished products. It is a common notion that the student is always hungry. And it is not surprising because students have to spend a lot of energy on studying processes, moreover, students get constantly nervous. Useful habits can simplify your academic life, for example, if you know what products contribute to brain activity.  Read this article, and you’ll find out about healthy eating habits for college students.

  1. Water

Water is one of the vital nutrients in our diet and plays many important roles in our bodies. If you don’t consume enough liquid, you risk being dehydrated. Thus, you need to get used to drinking water all the time. Take it with you, buy it somewhere, drink from the drinking fountain. Don’t ignore the importance of water. To drink water regularly is not a challenging restriction. Due to that habit, you can avoid many health concerns.

  1. Serving size

Looking into the student’s hungry eyes, one might think that he is ready to eat an elephant. Experts advise eating from small plates, as person’s brain gives a signal of satiety when the plate is completely empty. The same principle works with liquid. We drink 74% more from wide and low glasses than from high and narrow ones.

  1. Lunch-box

You should get used to carrying food. It’s critical to eat regularly .It is quite simple to carry a lunchbox with you filled with tasty food. Thus, stock up on useful products. Fruits, nuts, muesli and canned soups should become an integral part of your college diet.

  1. Vegetables and fruits

Of course, everyone understands that we can’t be healthy without vegetables and fruits. Half of your diet should consist of fresh fruit and vegetables. These products contain the greatest amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Another thing you should think of is that each color of a vegetable or fruit provides different types of beneficial nutrients.

  1. Hungry eyes
    Being a student, it is hard to eat healthy food because the student goes to the supermarket when he is hungry, as usual. Don’t do this! Without doubts, you will take a bunch of harmful and terribly high-calorie products. Thus, do not visit a store, if you are hungry.
  2. “Night snacks.”

Students usually go to bed late, because of the significant amount of homework. In order to stay awake at this late hour, many students decide to eat some snacks. However, such snacking is fraught with its consequences. But it is not necessary if there are healthy meals for college students in a snack-bar. If you want to stay awake without harm to your health, then drink tea. You can add honey. If you still want to have a snack at night, then eat fruit or nuts.

  1. Healthy foods

The best way to get used to eating healthy food is to buy only healthy foods. If your refrigerator is filled with not very useful products, then you will prepare dishes that will harm your health and figure. Your college diet must contain vegetables, fruits, wholegrain bread and pasta, lean meat, yogurt, eggs, and cereals.

  1. Required breakfast

Start the day with breakfast, even if you don’t want it. Your body will be grateful. Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. It triggers a metabolism that converts the eaten food into energy. Breakfast is not a problem even for a lazy student. Let it be, porridge or cottage cheese, boiled egg, cheese, oatmeal. All these dishes do not require much effort.

  1. Delicious

Scientists have proved that it is impossible to exclude favorite foods from the diet. Get used to making your diet so that each meal will give you a gastronomic pleasure and at the same time stay useful. But ensure that these products match even healthy college meals.

10. For dessert

Usually, a healthy diet is associated with the rejection of the sweet. As a result, we remain without dessert, which is not usual for us. However, we can replace the usual sweets with many tasty and useful products. Replace ordinary harmful sweets with healthy ones. For example, dried fruits, honey, nuts, dark chocolate, muesli, bananas.

  1. Food for brain

Even if you are a lazy student, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the needs of your body. For a better brainwork, it is vital to eat fish and seafood three or four times a week. Also, add to your diet carrots, it will help the eyes to cope with heavy eyestrain. And you won’t believe it, but apples are very useful, hence eat one apple a day, and it will keep the doctor away.

  1. The process of eating

Try to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, without being distracted by conversations and watching something, thoroughly and slowly chewing food. Never swallow dinner in 5 minutes, because of this your stomach won’t accumulate energy.

Now you know how to eat healthy in college effortlessly. Learn to distinguish hunger and boredom. Many people overeat not because they are hungry, but when they are bored or concerned about something. Instead of exhausting yourself all the time by studying, essayvikings will cope with your homework so that you can rest a little, eat something healthy and delicious.

Thus, eat vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat, fish, nuts and be healthy!



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