Ginny Luke & Taylor Graves “Take You On A Trip”

Take You On A Trip is the ultimate slow-burn single. Starting with a beautiful blend of vocals and a snap / percussive-heavy backing beat, the cut is able to gradually gain momentum and sweep fans on a truly beautiful voyage. The paired vox of Luke and Graves pushes each to an entirely higher plateau; the chiaroscuro of pop and R&B makes for a sultry, sensual effort that reverberates with one long after the song completes. With each performer able to add their own inimitable harmonies to the finished product, Take You On A Trip ends up being one of the freshest songs that we have heard so far this summer.

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Vitasun “Our Hearts”

Our Hearts, the current single from Vitasun takes an impressive approach to things. With hints of U2 and The Cure playing in the background, Our Hearts links together hints of new wave and electronic to make an effort that will get fans out on the dance floor while considering some of the headier sides of things. Including a sizzling horn line during the track’s final half-minute is precisely what is needed to put an emphatic ending to a poignant and fun track. By drawing on these earlier traditions and imprinting his own unique touch to the finished product, Vitasun has made a tremendous splash with Our Hearts.

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Kodiak “Alone”

Kodiak is able to call back to the emo-rock of the early 2000s with their new single, Alone. Whipping in hints of hair metal (e.g. Enuff Z’Nuff, Winger) into the mix is something we’ve not heard before, but it turns Alone into one hell of an effort. Taut instrumentation builds a wall of sound that allows the supersonic vocals to shine brightly. There’s a ton of interactions here between the individual instruments that will continue to make themselves known as one continues to listen to the cut. We’re excited to hear more from Kodiak in the near future; check out their video for Alone below.

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Paul Kloschinsky ‘Gamble on our Dreams’

During Gamble on our Dreams, Paul Kloschinsky is able to make a country and western infused rock track that will keep listeners eagerly focused on what Paul has to say. There is little more to this composition than Paul’s voice and guitar, but the space that Gamble on our Dreams takes up is considerably greater. As the song moves to a quicker tempo, Kloschinsky is able to call back to the 1960s and 1970s. We’re particularly in love with the walking bass and bouncy tempo achieved at the three-minute mark. The track will stand up to repeat plays as fans find new twists and turns with each subsequent spin.

Paul Kloschinsky ‘Gamble on our Dreams’ / Domain /


On A/B Vision, THESE PEOPLE are able to make a dreamy track that builds upon the tradition of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie and the dreamy progressive rock of Donovan and early Genesis. Beautiful instrumentation continues to yield new twists and turns for listeners long after the song ceases to play. With vocals that touch upon Wayne Coyne and a more space-focused Perry Ferrell, THESE PEOPLE make a truly epic sound to their latest cut. The band is able to pack a tremendous amount of material into a sub-three minute effort. With just a bit of fuzz to unite the numerous genres and styles that the band broaches here, A/B Vision ends up being a tremendously coherent effort.

THESE PEOPLE – A / B Vision / Domain /

Jade Gotti “Nik Nac”

Jade Gotti is able to bring listeners to her side thorough the lyrics of her new song, Nik Nac. The track is short and sweet but is able to bury itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners; with there being so much in the way of lying and cheating in modern married (and dating) life, what Jade Gotti shines a light onto is something that likely most fans will be able to understand. The video for Nik Nac is able to add a further layer of complexity to this endemic problem with a close and cozy feeling, contributed by the unique approach to videography used here.

Jade Gotti “Nik Nac” / Instagram /

The Peculiar People “On Purpose”

On On Purpose, The Peculiar People come forth with some tremendous beats and spat-out lyrics forged in the fires of Kanye and Meek Mill. The rapid-fire word play on this single puts traditional gospel music on its head while cutting up some hard hitting lyrical content. The Peculiar People use a bit of screwed and chopped sound to separate the two distinct sections of On Purpose. With a crystal clear production, each beat and line works masterfully in establishing a cogent narrative. Throwing in a further vocal complexity during its final 15 seconds, On Purpose is one of the most impressive songs we’ve heard this year.

The Peculiar People “On Purpose” / Domain /

88 Lo ft. 88 Goldie “Nothins Changed”

Nothins Changed is a hard-hitting rap track that blends together a robust flow with an in-your-frace backing beat. The bit of thoughtful pre-chorus bars that issue forth during Nothings Changed allow for switching out between the distinct vocal approaches of 88 Lo and 88 Goldie. This single is able to refresh the rap approach of the late-ought while calling forward to performers like Migos and Young Thug. It’s this desire to stay reverent to those who preceded him while making their own approach that separates 88 Lo from the rest of those currently trying their hand at rap. Let us know what you think about the video below.

88 Lo ft. 88 Goldie “Nothins Changed” / Instagram /

Baker Grace “Sad Summer”

On Sad Summer, Baker Grace effortlessly blends together modern pop music with the electro-pop of the mid-1980s. With nods to Gloria Estefan and Madonna, Baker Grace is able to bring to bear all the sultriness and coy sounds of her inimitable take on modern music. Mixing together a bit of Lily Allen and La Roux with Halsey , Baker Grace is able to transform Sad Summer into something that deserves to be blared throughout dorm rooms and houses through the ending of the titular season. We hope to hear more from Baker Grace in the months and years to come.

Baker Grace “Sad Summer” / Domain /

Chloe Tang “Take Care”

On Take Care, Chloe Tang is able to make a pop track that ties together mid-oughts R&B with modern EDM. These stylistic flourishes allow the track to shine brightly when compared to other tracks. The soft, silky sound of Tang’s vocals are able to bridge the gap between the sweeping synthesizers and the booming beat that issues forth. A stylistic shift at the 2:20 mark provides a brief breathing space until Tang is able to take the track to its logical conclusion. Take Care is a powerful anthem that will bury itself deep into listeners’ minds.

We checked out Tang’s Hype back in May.

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