Introducing Isolated Ave

Las Vegas is typically a place that is full of glitz and glamour, dotted with massive works and lacking perhaps a bit of the human side of things. It was surprising when we first learned about Isolated Ave, a four-piece rock act that showcases musicianship and soulful song-writing in their music. One need online listen to Monotony, the first song on their Contact EP, to understand. Brooding guitar work gradually gives way to a driving beat, deftly mixing together early emo, 1990s-alternative, and even hints of jam band rock into a musically complex and wholly unique sound. The bit of fuzz and echo that bubbles up at points during this track acts as a glue, making the resulting effort musically cogent and coherent. The number of twists and turns that Isolated Ave includes into their Hurricane makes the nearly-five minute run time go by quickly. There is a ropy bass line playing at the bottom of the track while hints of Stone Temple Pilots and mid-1990s Dave Mustaine and Billy Corgan can be discerned in the vocals.  Continue reading “Introducing Isolated Ave”

Payson Lewis – Can’t Go Back

On Can’t Go Back, Payson Lewis is able to make an emotionally intense appeal to the past. The brooding, intricate instrumentation of the single provides a perfect counter-point for Lewis’ voice. With just a tinge of distortion dripping off of Payson’s vox, the resulting effort is cohesive as all get out. Can’t Go Back has so much going on during its run time that listeners will have to play the song multiple times before hearing each and every nuance that has been inserted within. A solid fit for rock and alternative rotation, with just enough pop influence to keep listeners happy. Continue reading “Payson Lewis – Can’t Go Back”

21 Taras – Change

21 Taras begin their new album Change with Change Is Gonna Come , an introductory effort which immediately showcases the band’s technical ability. The dynamic established by the bass, guitar, and drums during the first half-minute ensures that the vocals have a tremendous bit of momentum as they enter into the equation. The driving dynamic between the vocals and guitars call back to the heavy rock of Thin Lizzy and The Cult. Continue reading “21 Taras – Change”

Leland and the Silver Wells release LP

I don’t think that culture changes just because of a single artist or any record they might release, but the buzz surrounding the eponymous new album by Leland and the Silver Wells definitely has the potential to move the needle of at least one element of the music world in a direction significantly different than anything we’ve witnessed before. Normally I’m hesitant to get on these kinds of bandwagons, but after listening to the Silver Wells’ latest record, I couldn’t help but get a little eager to see what sort of crater this album is going to make. Leland Ettinger is one of the smartest voices in pop, and this record only further cements her status as an icon of modern indie rock. Continue reading “Leland and the Silver Wells release LP”

SPiN “What’s It Gonna Take”

SPiN’s “What’s It Gonna Take” is a bouncy, hopeful rock track in the tradition of All-American Rejects or early Maroon 5. A blend of pop, rock, and even a little bit of funk ensures that SPiN’s latest is something that will bury its way deep into the minds of anyone listening in. A robust production makes it easy for the band to make a cogent statement with their latest effort. When the band moves away from the main dynamic to allow for additional interplay among the instruments, one can truly see how talented the individual members of the band is. Continue reading “SPiN “What’s It Gonna Take””

The Silver Snails “Dancing With The Stars”

The Silver Snails’s “Dancing With The Stars” is an effort that boldly crafts an entirely new style. There are nods to classic rock, pop, new wave, and indie rock during thie five-plus minute composition, but the children’s chorus and haunting lead vocals allow The Silver Snails to make a track that will stick with listeners long after the release ceases to play. With a distinct visual palette for the single’s video, The Silver Snails ensure that the track has a bit more backstory to it. Dancing With The Stars is one of our favorites this month. Continue reading “The Silver Snails “Dancing With The Stars””

SadGirl “Breakfast For 2″

SadGirl’s “Breakfast For 2″ is a dreamy track that draws from early 1960s pop. The whole experience feels drawn from a teen romance movie from the era. Sedate, touching lyrics lay leisurely on classic guitar riffs and on-point percussion. The most delicious part of this track has to be the guitar solo laid down a bit before the two-minute mark. There is a certain fresh sound to Breakfast For 2 that belies its retro track. SadGirl is able to make something special here, accomplishing everything that they need to do before the three minute mark. The video for Breakfast For 2 is below the jump.

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Death Valley Girls “Disaster (Is What We’re After)”

The Death Valley Girls have released a new track, “Disaster (Is What We’re After)”. The effort is a stripped-down, dirty sort of rock in the veins of The Runaways or early Ramones. There is a bit of industrial fuzz and ska that is interspersed here to keep things interesting. The completeness of the instrumentation is such that one will need to play Disaster multiple times before hearing each and every inclusion. Chrisma is oozing through the radio with this cut, and we’re excited to hear more from the Death Valley Girls in the months and years to come. Continue reading “Death Valley Girls “Disaster (Is What We’re After)””

Tancred “Something Else”

Tancred’s “Something Else” ties together the pop-punk of The Donnas with the fuzz and distortion of Hole during their new single, Something Else. The vocals bounce back and forth from being coy and shy and being bold and brash. Rising and falling from prim alt-rock to raw rock, Tancred is able to keep listeners’ feet tapping through every point of their new single. A brief instrumental interlude immediately precedes the final few seconds of the song, giving a momentary respite before the band concludes with a bit of Nirvana-meets-Weezer fuzz. Something Else is three perfect minutes.

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NYA – Southland EP

NYA’s Southland EP begins with Shallow. The vocal-heavy track calls back to the jazz tradition of the 1920s and 1930s, with a bass and a bit of guitars filling in the gaps for NYA. Hints of Angie Stone and Corinne Bailey Rae can be heard here. Hollywood Hills is an ambient / EDM-tinged track that adds a good amount of distortion to blur the distinction between vocals and instrumentation. The Southland EP concludes with For Your Love, a single that has a bit of a classic R&B / swing sound present. It’s NYA’s strong vocals that allow the EP to conclude in a strong of a way as it began.

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