Champion Ground (Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout)

Champion Ground is a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout, brewed with coffee, by Athens, Ohio’s Jackie O’s. Light amount of coffee flavor. The lacing on the glass is light tan to very moderate brown. The overall nose of Champion Ground has a good amount of coffee that is mingled with brown sugar and toasted malt elements. Perhaps most surprising about Champion Ground is how little of a head the stout pours with; this is one dark and gnarly brew. The time spent in bourbon barrels does Champion Ground well, as the bite imbued by the barrels moderates some of the sweeter elements that present themselves in stouts.  Continue reading “Champion Ground (Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout)”

Embracing New Technology Could Finally Put the Music Industry Back on Track

Regardless of how you feel about the internet now being more of an active part of our daily lives than ever before, there’s no doubt that it has brought upon things we wouldn’t imagine. This immense melting pot of trends, unprecedented real-time interaction and accessibility of information has meant that many things have changed – but also that there’s more inspiration and opportunity than ever before. Continue reading “Embracing New Technology Could Finally Put the Music Industry Back on Track”

Switchback Ale (Switchback Brewing)

The titular effort from Burlington Vermont’s Switchback pours with a hazy dark yellow/orange coloration. There is a fair amount of offwhite head that sticks around for a while. A little bit of malt on the initial nose of the beer. Toasted malts, grains, and a smaller amount of bitterness come up next. As one continues along with Switchback, the beer shifts to allow for more in the way of sweeter elements to enter. There is a more thirst-quenching side to Switchback, making it an eminently drinkable beer when paired alongside pizza, burgers, or even more assertive (German, Italian) cuisine. Continue reading “Switchback Ale (Switchback Brewing)”

Fire To The Stars “Wholesale Slaughter”

Fire To The Stars’ “Wholesale Slaughter” is a trancy piece of indie-rock that takes listeners on a journey. Careful instrumentation and haunting vocals unite to make an engrossing effort. The 4:30 of the single provides ample opportunity for Fire To The Stars to show off powerful guitar chops and a musical tautness that resounds loudly after the track ceases. There is a very natural ebbing and flowing to Wholesale Slaughter that is corralled into a powerful, all-in sort of sound as the band gets ever closer to the concluding strains of the release.

Fire To The Stars “Wholesale Slaughter” / /

Anana Kaye – “Carolina”

Anana Kaye’s Carolina is a crossover track that touches upon the work of performers like Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow. The soft-spoken vocals of Kaye have a perfect counterpoint in emotive guitars and on-point drumming. The multiple layers of Carolina mean that fans will continue to find new twists and turns even a few listens in. Continue reading “Anana Kaye – “Carolina””