Cairo Liberation Front – ‘Basha’

Cairo Liberation Front create a wholly unique sound that is able to distinguish itself from the mass of contemporary music due to whipping in hints of electronic and industrial from the late 1990s and a bit of the stark sound of acts like Little Big and Lords of Acid. Linking together sultry vocals the mold of Garbage with the haunting instrumental sounds of Downward Spiral-era Nine Inch Nails, Cairo Liberation Front make for a track that will get listeners out on the dance floor. Simultaneously, the arrangements will stick with fans long after they play; this is a heady brew that is presented on Basha.

Cairo Liberation Front – ‘Basha’ / Bandcamp /

Bblasian “Upper Hand”

Upper Hand is a robust effort from Bblasian that refreshes the R&B approach of performers like Trey Songz and TK N Cash. Upper Hand shines because Bblasian is able to weave a cogent story along with bolstering the bouncy back drop that blends trap-esque drums with haunting synths and guitar samples. Louisville hasn’t had much of popular talent outside of Flame and RA Scion so Upper Hand is a desparately-need shot in the arm for the city. We’re excited to hear more from Bblasian in the months and years to come; let us know what you think about his latest single Upper Hand (video’s below).

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The Inoculated Canaries “Donna”

Donna has The Inoculated Canaries calling back to the pop and ska-punk of the late 1990s. With nods to acts as widespread as The Dead Milkmen, The New Radicals and Blur, the band is able to firmly ground their current music in a rich and storied musical tradition. The bit of a bouncy bass / drum dynamic that plays at the bottom of Donna will capture listeners’ attentions, as does the wistful vocals that play at the top of the effort. The Inoculated Canaries are able to come forth with a tremendously cohesive sound, one that gradually grows more insistent as the single continues to play.

We last covered The Inoculated Canaries back in May.

The Inoculated Canaries “Donna” Domain / Facebook 

Michelle Johnson “I’m All In”

I’m All In, the newest single from Michelle Johnson, hits all the high notes. With an approach that touches upon traditional Broadway, R&B, and 1980s pop, Johnson is able to refresh older styles and imprint her own unique approach on this effort. With hints of guitar added into the mix, Johnson’s output here brings in additional fans. Timeless in its approach, I’m All In is good music done right. When one hears the sheer vocal range Johnson hits on her latest effort, they will be impressed. The dynamic between Michelle’s voice, the piano, and the drums / guitars pushes the resulting effort into the stratosphere.

Michelle Johnson “I’m All In” / Domain /

ck outlaw “Promnesia”

Promnesia is an interesting effort that equally blends rap, R&B, and pop styles. Perhaps the most fascinating side to ck outlaw’s latest single is how the performer is able to both tell a cogent story and add considerably to the overall harmonies achieved by the synth and percussive elements here. A bit of distortion separates the vocals from the aforementioned backing beats, making for a stark song that will resound loudly with listeners. Promnesia will be many listeners’ first experience ck outlaw’s music, immediately showing them a musician that is able to dispense with traditional roles regarding vocals, lyrics, and what a pop song is able to do. We’re hoping to hear more from ck outlaw in the near future.

ck outlaw “Promnesia” / Facebook /

Bencoolen “Beautiful Escape”

On their cover of Beautiful Escape, Bencoolen is able to create a warm, alluring effort that will finesse fans with luxurious synths, horns, and a coy set of vocals. The band’s ability to rise into bright, 1980s yacht rock-inspired sounds during their Beautiful Escape is unparalleled. By the time that one finishes this effort, they will be changed. The dynamism of the band’s instrumentation, the robustness of the song’s production, and the talent possessed by each member ensures that Beautiful Escape stands tall over similar music. Let us know what you think (especially about the extended sax solo) by checking out the video below.

Bencoolen “Beautiful Escape” / Domain /

KiKi Wraye – ‘Addicted to the Beat’

KiKi Wraye is able to refresh the dance genre of the 1990s and early 2000s with her new single, Addicted to the Beat. With a high BPM and assertive synth line weaved through this effort, Wraye’s latest will indelibly tattoo its melodies onto listeners. With nods to Darude and Benny Benassi, Addicted to the Beat’s strongest suit has to be its ability to change tempo on a dime. Listeners cannot do anything but find themselves on the dance floor; the charisma of this composition bubbles through at every opportunity. Addicted to the Beat is the perfect melange of past and present, with a bold demeanor putting it head and shoulders above other EDM efforts.

KiKi Wraye – ‘Addicted to the Beat’ / Soundcloud /

Casey Ahern – Just A Dance

During Just A Dance, Casey Ahern is able to weave a cogent narrative that will be appreciated by anyone that has thought something was there with an experience that ultimately didn’t go their way. Ahern is able to take the approach of modern country performers like early Taylor Swift or Maren Morris and imbue her latest single with an approach that is uniquely hers. The softly-sang vocals on Just A Dance will remain in listeners’ brains long after the song ceases to play. While short, Just A Dance is one of those efforts that provides a tremendous introduction to the performer. Check the stream for the track below and let us know what you think.

Casey Ahern – Just A Dance / Domain /

JPRiZM – All Your Love

On All Your Love, JPRiZM is able to infuse sunny beaches and a bouncy disposition. The track is able to incorporate both EDM and 200s R&B in a fashion that is organic. The distinct sides of All Your Love are able to push the effort into an entirely higher plateau. Sweeping synths and vocals simultaneously further the narrative quality of the single while bolstering the effort’s arrangements. The presence of a bit of oughts-styled reggae (e.g. Sean Kingston, Iyaz) put the cherry on top of this sundae. Listeners will have the heavenly melodies of All Your Love bouncing around their brains for the foreseeable future.

JPRiZM – All Your Love / Domain /

Makes My Blood Dance “Sick As Our Secrets”

Sick As Our Secrets is the new single from Makes My Blood Dance, coming forth with a tremendously catchy set of lyrics. A funky bass lines, chugging guitar work, and on-point drumming unite to make this effort a perfect melange of CKY and Ratt. Sick As Our Secrets has everything needed to make it big on modern mainstream rock radio; the band is able to make an effort here that easily rivals Volbeat for sheer charisma and allure. Makes My Blood Dance shines not only because of these unparalleled vocals but because the act is able to link current approaches to a rich rock tradition laid out over the better part of 40 years. Couple the band’s lyrical content with some sick riffs and Makes My Blood Dance has one hell of a hit on their hands with Sick As Our Secrets.

We last looked into MMBD back in March.

Makes My Blood Dance “Sick As Our Secrets”