S.J. Armstrong “Some Restful Day”

S.J. Armstrong’s “Some Restful Day” is a piece of dreamy atmospheric indie rock that will stick with listeners long after the single ceases to play. There is a very deliberate approach that is taken during the song that gradually builds to something intense. Wholly engrossing from the onset, it is not a surprise that the track’s four-plus minute run time goes by quickly. Coming forth with a new tack on a well-trod style is always a hard thing to do, but Armstrong is able to make an indelible imprint upon indie with this single. While one could easily leave the song on and do chores, we’d recommend strapping on a pair of earphones and really engaging yourself with this song.

S.J. Armstrong “Some Restful Day” /

Les Stroud “Big Yellow Taxi”

Les Stroud’s cover of “Big Yellow Taxi” is punctuated with a soulful blend of harmonica and country-tinged guitar work. The passion and charisma laid down by Stroud here is unparalleled. A crystal-clear production ensures that each constituent element is able to shine alone or in tandem with the rest of the contributing elements on Big Yellow Taxi. The brooding instrumentation that plays in the backdrop stands in for the unquenchable desires of multinational corporations to destroy the world. The track may be over fifty years old at this point, but still holds tremendous relevancy in this current era. Continue reading “Les Stroud “Big Yellow Taxi””

Kyla Imani “Sitting Up In My Room”

Kyla Imani’s “Sitting Up In My Room” is a track that has roots in the powerful R&B singer style of the 1990s. The arrangement playing in the background pulls a bit from trap and EDM style, making for a fun new effort that will have listeners sitting on the edges of their seats. The presence of Jay Critch in Sitting Up In My Room keeps things vibrant while spinning the single in a bold new fashion. With the back and forth that is present on the song, Kyla Imani is able to have a song that stands up quite nicely to repeat plays. Continue reading “Kyla Imani “Sitting Up In My Room””

The Dead Daisies “Dead and Gone”

The Dead Daisies’s new single “Dead and Gone” may just be the hardest effort that we have heard from the band. The act is able to build upon the hair metal tradition with nods to Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and Motorhead. Sizzling guitar lines at points build upon AC/DC and Slash, while there is a raw passion to the vocals that would make this an easy inclusion on any hard rock radio station or Spotify playlist. With a polished production, the band is able to make Dead and Gone their best track yet. We’ll be playing this throughout the summer here at NeuFutur. Continue reading “The Dead Daisies “Dead and Gone””

Big Sam’s Funky Nation “Pokechop”

Big Sam’s Funky Nation’s “Pokechop” is a track that is dripping with the spirit of the blues, mid-1970s, drill, and hip-hop styles. This varied approach is able to cull together the styles of the last fifty years into something that will tattoo itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. With nods to DJ Jimi and a bit of Flashlight interspersed throughout Pokechop, the unique flair of the act is moored to some of the best music of the 20th century. Flawless, fun, and funky, we’re excited to hear more from Big Sam’s Funky Nation in the second half of 2018. Continue reading “Big Sam’s Funky Nation “Pokechop””

Jackie Greene “Crazy Comes Easy”

Jackie Greene’s “Crazy Comes Easy” is a soulful, easy going track that contains a fulfilling backing instrumentation. Greene’s vocals come out of the Black Crowes tradition, while the bass and guitar dynamic is utterly timeless. We’re particular fans of the 1:45-2:15 section which allows the instrumental side of things ample time to shine. The two distinct parts of Crazy Comes Easy combine to provide fans with a solid introduction to Jackie Greene while creating something that could easily slot onto alternative or rock stations. Check the video out below the break and let us know what you think of Greene’s latest track. Continue reading “Jackie Greene “Crazy Comes Easy””

4th of July Beach Party Ideas – How to Throw an All-American Birthday Bash on the Beach

The 4th of July is one of the greatest excuses to throw an all-out early summer bash. But since it’s a pretty big deal, being America’s birthday and all, you have to fully commit and make it the most amazing party since…well…the last July 4th. To get you ready, we’ve got some awesome 4th of July beach party ideas that are perfect for a party on either coast.

Happy Birthday, America

Maybe we love it because we feel all patriotic. Maybe it’s that we love the sights and sounds of fireworks exploding over our heads. Or maybe it’s because it’s the only holiday that usually falls on a weekday (and we love getting drunk on a day that we would normally be at work). Whatever the case may be, on July 4th, we always go hard.


Don’t Forget the Basics

It wouldn’t be much of a birthday celebration without awesome food, flowing drinks, and party games. So if you’re getting ready to set up your 4th of July bash on the beach, you’re in the right place. We’re breaking down the best ways to throw a party worthy of America’s 242nd birthday.


Don’t overlook the essentials, like chairs, beach towels, buckets and coolers for drinks, and tables to set up a spread of food. You can ask your guests to bring their own, but it’s always better to provide the basics…let’s be honest, no one really enjoys lugging chairs through the sand.


Set things up ahead of time so that when your guests arrive, all they have to do is take off their shoes, grab a drink, and dig their toes into the sand.


Everything Red, White, and Blue

Stay true to the Independence Day theme and keep all your décor red, white, and blue. That means everything.


Toss red or blue beach towels over some white beach chairs. Have plenty of red, white, and blue napkins, plates, cups, tablecloths, and utensils on hand. You can get away with classic silver metal beer tubs, but make them festive by adding an American flag to each.


And if you really want to go all out, you can make sure your drinks and food options are red, white, and blue too. (More on that in a bit).


The point is, the 4th of July is the peak day of the year for wearing stars and stripes or wrapping yourself in flag blankets. It’s cool to be patriotic all year long, but on the 4th, it’s an absolute must.


The Food

If you’re ambitious and want to go the Martha Stewart route, you can make lots of festive red, white, and blue foods. Now you might not be able to do it with everything, but it’s super easy to do with desserts.


With strawberries and blueberries and whip cream, you can serve mini strawberry shortcakes, vanilla ice cream cones topped with fruit, colorful berry tarts, red velvet cupcakes with blue and white icing, berry parfaits and trifles…you get the idea.


As for the main course, hot dogs and burgers are always a classic. But that won’t score you any points for originality. Since you will be on the beach, if you want to step it up a bit, serve fresh steamed lobsters that keep with the color theme.


The Booze

We could (and we probably should) write a book on all the cool, colorful, awesome cocktails that are perfect for a July 4th party. But we know all you boozehounds have your own individual preferences on what you like to drink, so we’re just going to give you two must-have suggestions here.


For craft beer drinkers, there’s one IPA that you need to have on hand – Firestone Walker Union Jack. And there’s two good reasons: 1) it’s one damn tasty beer and 2) the Union Jack name and flag on the label let us get in a few digs at our British friends (who, just for the record, have equally as much fun at our July 4th parties as we do). It’s a must.


The other thing that you need to stock is Blue Curacao. It’s key if you plan on making any festive blue drinks.


The Games

A beach party isn’t a beach party without some games. Bring a football and/or a Frisbee…have some boogie boards on hand when it’s time to hit the water…set up a game of corn hole (preferably one decorated in an American flag print).


In case anyone is feeling active after all that food and booze, set up a net for a game of beach volleyball. If you want extra points for DIY creativity, string your volleyball net with white fairy lights so you can play long after the sun goes down.


July 4th isn’t July 4th without a fireworks display, so hopefully your beach party is within distance of a nearby fireworks show. And just in case it’s not, have some sparklers on hand so you can light it up when the sun goes down.


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From That Summer (vol.1) Compilation, “If I’m Really“ by Cole

The influence of ambient music has been quite visible thus far in genres as wide ranging as hip-hop, rock n’ roll, radio pop and R&B this year, and I think I’m finally beginning to understand the reasons why. When I was listening to indie pop singer/songwriter Cole’s new single “If I’m Really” the other day, something occurred to me. Back in the mid-80s, right around the time that the roots of the shoegaze movement began to take hold and create the foundation for a legendary scene that would subsequently be born in the United Kingdom a few short years later, we were experiencing the same sort of creative downturn in pop that we are now. Stylistically things have been sounding relatively the same for a hot minute now, and Top 40 has again descended into the same sewers of monotony that eventually helped to pave the way for the British Invasion back in the 60s and the alternative music boom of the 90s. But much like those pioneering shoegazers, Cole is responding to all of the commercially savvy indulgence in mainstream music by taking things a step further into sprawling space aged territories that are as psychedelic as they are buzzing with modern electro pop influences. She’s not alone, but she is by far doing it better than anyone else is right now, and that could be what makes her such a prime example to point to when it comes to describing this very ambient year in music. Continue reading “From That Summer (vol.1) Compilation, “If I’m Really“ by Cole”

The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina – Act 3

As a musician myself, it’s been a really amazing thing to see the impact that smaller indie labels and artists acting as their own representative have had in the last 15 years. Since I first got into music, I’ve been able to see things change quite a bit, where once an A&R department and marketing agents made most of the decisions about what we were going to be listening to on the mainstream level, now the audience is taking a lot of the power back and making it a lot more feasible for up and coming artists to not only find their stage but take over the game. Lately if you’ve been on the east coast, it’s been impossible to escape the buzz surrounding New York’s The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina and their fun blend of folk psychedelic harmonies with brash distorted noise and stripped down production values. Their new album Act 3 has already garnered a wave of international support and already has fans begging for more, and they’ve only been a recording entity for a brief time. Continue reading “The Merrymaker’s Orchestrina – Act 3”

5 Benefits of Boosting Your Blood Circulation and Easy Ways to Do It

If you want to be a healthier, stronger, and overall happier person, boosting your circulation is definitely going to help. Benefits of increased blood circulation include better healing rate, glowing skin, heart health, a boost to general wellbeing, and many others. To keep your blood flow at the top you should exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and take specific kinds of supplements. Continue reading “5 Benefits of Boosting Your Blood Circulation and Easy Ways to Do It”