Fiona De Vos “When Will I See You Again”

When Will I See You Again is a touching ballad from Fiona De Vos. With a tremendous vocal range, De Vos is able to immediately pull at listeners’ heartstrings. The presence of emotive guitar lines pushes the track a bit into the power ballad style. With multiple vocals entering into the fray after the two-minute mark, De Vos is able to separate this track from the other singer-songwriter singles that we typically receive. The track ends as emphatically as it began; Fiona De Vos has a hit on her hands that will appease any fans of Celine Dion or Bette Midler.

Fiona De Vos “When Will I See You Again” / Domain /

Willi. M Blake “Buy Any Means”

On Buy Any Means, Willi M. Blake is able to call back to the halcyon days of gangsta rap. With a screwed and chopped sound to the single’s chorus, there’s a whole hell of a lot of gravity here. Blake’s flow on Buy Any Means is sick; rapid-fire bars come forth, bolstered through sweeping synths and a booming bass line. Blake is able to keep listeners interested through the entirety of Buy Any Means by keeping the lyrical content varied. With sections that still contribute to a cohesive sound, Blake is able to come forth and tell a complete story. For fans of Kevin Gates and Killer Mike, Willi M. Blake comes out hard with his latest single.

Willi.M Blake “Buy Any Means” / Domain /

Feyer “Stuck in a Video Game”

In Stuck in a Video Game, Feyer is able to tell a story about the playing experience in a fashion similar to Atom and His Package and Owl City. With a bit of chiptune and video game-esque synth arrangements, Feyer is able to really hammer home the overall feel of sitting down and getting down and dirty with a wide array of video game genres. A clear, clean, and crisp sound greets listeners during Feyer’s track. The 2:15 mark is integral for listeners as it possesses some of the most intense and nuanced arrangements we’ve heard. If you find yourself to be a fan of nerdcore (e.g. MC Lars, MC Chris) or electronic-punk performers, play Stuck in a Video Game and enjoy.

Feyer “Stuck in a Video Game” / Domain

Gold Dig ft. Mista Roe “Situation”

On Situation, Gold Dig and Mista Roe are able to create a track that both calls back to the late oughts and the current era of rappers (e.g. Big KRIT, Kendrick Lamar). With sections to Situation that call back to The Game and Trey Songz paired alongside a more gritty, street-wise flow, there’s something for everyone on Situation. With a chorus that will tattoo itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners, it only makes sense that this cut will garner some serious playlist and radio rotation. The twinkling production of this single is thick and luxurious, both highlighting the flows while providing an overall environment upon which the two can lay their unique flows down.

Gold Dig ft. Mista Roe “Situation” / Facebook / Domain

Cayucas “Jessica WJ”

On Jessica WJ, Cayucas are able to make a catchy piece of alt-rock that calls back to the halcyon days of the mid-1980s. With tremendous charisma and taut instrumentation, Cayucas are able to immediately catch listeners’ attention. The bit of synths and Cure-styled guitar/drum dynamics imbue this single with an air of authenticity.

The track is effortlessly able to change styles while maintaining the same momentum of the song’s first minute. The two-minute mark is the clearest example of this, where Cayucas are able to pair up the vox and the synths in a glorious fashion before shifting back into a comfy groove.

Cayucas “Jessica WJ” / Domain /

T-Pain ft. O.T. Genasis “A Million Times”

On A Million Times, T-Pain is able to bring back the same laid-back flow that set him so far ahead of what other rappers were doing in the oughts. The shuffling production of the track ensures that the sound has a current and contemporary sound, while the feature by O.T. Genasis provides a bit of a boost to the single’s momentum. Refreshing and a nice change of pace from what is being offered on rap charts today, T-Pain’s A Million Times slaps. We’ll be blasting this throughout the spring. Let us know what you think.

We last covered T-Pain in February; visit our Getcha Roll On article.

T-Pain ft. O.T. Genasis “A Million Times” /
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The Gulps “The Kings House”

On The Kings House, The Gulps are able to make a high-energy track that incorporates the best in surf-punk, 1980s prog-rock (Subdivision-era RUSH, anyones), and 2000s angular rock in the vein of Franz Ferdinand and Wolfmother. With the vox, guitars, drums, and bass hitting on all cylinders, it’ll take everything one has to not get up and rage. The bit of fuzz that is draped over The Kings House ties together each segment of the band into a cohesive sound. Particular attention needs to be given to the guitar solo that leads fans out from the track. We’re excited to hear more from The Gulps in the near future. Rock done right here.

The Gulps “The Kings House” / 2019 Youth Sounds / Facebook / Instagram /

The Irrepressibles – International

The Irrepressibles are able to create a wholly engrossing electronic track in their latest single International that resounds loudly with listeners long after the song ceases to play. Bold synths and intricate compositions whip in hints of goth and synth-pop as the track continues to play.

There is considerable depth showcased during International; one should strap on their headphones to hear the depths of the backing instrumentation. This is our first time experiencing The Irrepressibles; visit the video for their new single International and let us know what you think. We’ll be playing this constantly through the spring at NeuFutur.

The Irrepressibles – International / 2019 Of Naked Design Recordings / Facebook / Twitter

Axdy – Stardom

Axdy’s Stardom begins with booming bass and a delicate set of vocals playing well off of each other. With the vocals pulling double duty in both telling a story and adding to the overall harmonies of Stardom, it’s no surprise that the finished effort is impressive. There is a bit of brooding, a bit of intensity, and a whole heap of unique sound that issues forth shortly after. With nods to drum and bass, trance, and late 1990s electronic music, Axdy has made something that any EDM fan can sink their teeth into. Hints of 1980s and 1990s dance provide a retro air that sets this effort up on a pedestal when compared to similar fare.

Axdy – Stardom / Facebook / Twitter

DIAMANTE “Haunted”

Haunted is a track that tackles a number of genres to make for some of the most hard-hitting and emotionally intense music we’ve heard. With a supersonic set of vocals reaching their highest plateau during Haunted’s chorus, DIAMANTE is able to indelibly impress herself upon the minds and hearts of anyone listening in. With hints of Linkin Park, Evanescence, and Skillet that can be picked up here, Haunted is one of those tracks that could just as easily hang on rock or college radio rotations. Cutting guitars and splashy drums add the whipped cream on this sundae.

DIAMANTE “Haunted” / Domain /