Ignatius “All The Things”

Ignatius’ “All The Things” is a touching track that draws upon the R&B approach of the Jackson Five while adding a hint of modern R&B and rap styles. Ignatius’ wordplay during this single is intricate, requiring listeners to play the single multiple times before hearing every nuance that has been placed within. The emotional intensity of All The Things will be understood well by anyone that has went through troubling times; this is an effort that has a wholly personal meaning to the performer. However, it is this earnest and honest sound that will resonate with anyone lucky enough to listen in. Continue reading “Ignatius “All The Things””

The Suburbs “When We Were Young”

The Suburbs “When We Were Young” is a perfectly-polished piece of dark synth-pop and goth stylings replete with jangly guitars and a deliberate bass line. Haunting vocals play at the top of the track; the nearly five-minute run time of When We Were Young allows the act ample time to expand upon the theme. Listeners are kept on the edges of their seat as The Suburbs continue to add more to the driving beat and vocal side; the inclusion of a secondary set of pipes to this cut add considerable depth to an already-heady effort. Check out the single below. Continue reading “The Suburbs “When We Were Young””

Tysu “Valley Girl” and “1,2,3 Time”

Tysu’s “Valley Girl” is an EDM track that has the levity of the islands while having a poppy demeanor that builds upon the vibe of performers like Sean Kingston and Jason Derulo. A synth line and snack laid down at the mid-point of the track refreshes things and ensures that listeners are ready to devour the second half of the track. Continue reading “Tysu “Valley Girl” and “1,2,3 Time””

Mr Vegas “Follah Da Leadah”

Mr Vegas’ “Follah Da Leadah” is a high energy reggae-infused track that will get listeners out on the dance floor. The backing instrumentation is hard-hitting and provides highlighting for Mr. Vegas’ vocals, while the dichotomy of darker and lighter elements make for a track that can stand up to multiple plays. The track could easily slot into radio rotation on reggae, while the second-half (Nothing Wild) is a fun and hopeful track cut in the vibe of an Akon or Nico & Vinz. Mr. Vegas is hitting on all cylinders with this pair of singles. Check out the combined video below. Continue reading “Mr Vegas “Follah Da Leadah””

Nick Lamb – Gettin’ High Off Of You / Simple Man

Nick Lamb is able to make a frontward-facing, stripped down rock track in Gettin’ High Off Of You that has a good amount of the punk of early Goo Goo Dolls, The Descendants, and the Replacements. With little more needed than a guitar, drums, and Nick’s vocals, this effort is able to make an indelible mark on anyone listening in. The sizzling guitar work that is inserted into this single builds off of the tradition of SoCal punk acts like Unwritten Law and The Vandals. At a hair over the three minute mark, this track leaves as quickly as it began; Nick Lamb has a bonefide hit on his hands with this one. Continue reading “Nick Lamb – Gettin’ High Off Of You / Simple Man”

Little Stranger – Sing It High

Little Stranger’s Sing It High is a reggae-infused track that has nods to funk and ska. With the instrumentation and vocal flow popping throughout, listeners will be locked to their seat. Listeners will be surprised at how rapid-fire LS’s flow gets during this single. Each segment of Sing It High has a different approach, but the act’s ability to make a cogent statement with this effort should not be sold short. This is an effort that could easily be slotted on alternative or college radio stations; the cross-over potential of the track is such that Little Stranger may be the new Shwayze or Sublime. Continue reading “Little Stranger – Sing It High”

We Are The West – The Golden Shore Review

Siren is the introductory track on We Are The West’s The Golden Shore, setting the stage for a fantastically immersive and deep album. The instrumentation and the raw passion of the band’s vocals unite to make something effecting from the get go. Hints of indie, 1970s singer-songwriters, and even bits of of 1960s Dylan can be discerned during he early stages of this release. The titular effort on the album ramps up the narrative side of the band well with both the intricate bass line and the dreamy vocals furthering the story. The resulting track effortlessly moves through progressive rock and Phil Collins, while layering things in a fashion that requires fans to play the song multiple times before hearing each and every thing that We Are The West has presented. Continue reading “We Are The West – The Golden Shore Review”

Sheldon Universe – “Pretty Woman”

Sheldon Universe’s “Pretty Woman” is a sexy and sultry track that has a chill R&B, funk, and EDM-infused beat. SU’s vocals during this singles are unparalleled, reaching high and low points with absolute ease. The insistent beat, building off of the work of RAM-era Daft Punk, ensures that it can easily be slotted in to many a DJ’s set. With just a hint of a Latin flare that is weaved through this single, Pretty Woman is an effort that all can find impressive. The guitar work that is slotted in at the end of the single provides a strong ending to a track that will’ve permanently imprinted itself upon listeners. Continue reading “Sheldon Universe – “Pretty Woman””

Mollys Reech – Rollin

Rollin is a brooding, deep effort that will stick around with listeners long after the effort ceases to play. The band takes the standards of performers like 311, Sublime, and Linkin Park to make something wholly unique. Rollin has intense vocals, strong instrumentation, and a sound that refreshes the hard rock style of the late 1990s and early 2000s in an alluring way. The vocals stand out but only because the instrumentation is able to ebb and flow, providing emphatic highlighting at all of the right places. We’re excited to hear more from Mollys Reech in the months and the years to come, but Rollin is a tremendous introduction to the band.  Continue reading “Mollys Reech – Rollin”

SK Quinn – Polo

Polo is the latest single by SK Quinn, an effort that immediately will draw listeners in with a sexy, sultry sound and an infectious beat. The heavier hammering of the percussive elements and the more twinkling side of the production unite to create a backdrop upon which SK Quinn’s vocals can be highlighted. Fans of Jason Derulo, early Chris Brown or Trey Songz will find something in Polo, while the cut makes a play for radio rotation with a sound that stands boldly against current R&B tracks. SK Quinn does something special Polo, ensuring that we will be playing this through the spring at NeuFutur headquarters. Check out the video for Polo below the jump. Continue reading “SK Quinn – Polo”