Season Finale September 15th: Helio & JellyNYC Present GZA & Jamie Lidell

GZA To Perform LIQUID SWORDS First Time Ever In New York at McCarren Pool;
Electronica wild Soul Man Jamie Lidell Joins The Party!
Benefit Show For Open Space Alliance (Tickets are $ 19) Continue reading “Season Finale September 15th: Helio & JellyNYC Present GZA & Jamie Lidell”

T.V. Casualty

T.V. Casualty / $? / :10 / 12M /
T.V Casualty is a zine that I receive for the explicit purpose to review. The issue is about breaking away from the dominance of the T.V. in the molding of individuals’ lives. This zine may be short, but the hand-written text on each page will ensure that individuals have a few solid minutes of engagement. One minor issue that comes forth with the early part of the magazine is Karl’s “fancy” writing, which is incredibly hard to decipher at points. When ey takes a minute or two to write the text, it is easy to read. However, this is not the case when ey does the “punk” writing style. However, there are some good points to this zine that will keep individuals interested. Specifically, these include the rant about hero worship, as well as the types of things that one can do instead of watching TV (which include skateboarding, drinking, being arrested, and reading). The blend of drawings and text keeps the zine light enough to finish in one reading, while increasing the re-readability of the issue. This issue is a little short, but one has no reason to believe that subsequent issues won’t be longer. I know that I will be on the lookout for future issues of “T.V. Casualty”. Hit up editor Karl with an email and I’m sure that ey will be able to file off a copy of this zine for a buck or so. T.V. Casualty shows that there are still things to be said, and that an individual that has read zines for about a decade can still be caught for a loop.
Rating: 7.0/10

MOTU – Going Back To Memphis

MOTU – Going Back To Memphis / 2007 Self / 11 Tracks / /

“So Lonely” starts out “Going Back To Memphis”, and it shows MOTU as an act that is tremendously influenced by blues. The male vocals during “So Lonely” have a Randy Newman-like approach to them, and the inclusion of the second, female vocals on the track give the track further expansion. The instrumentation of the track may meander, but the inclusion of both vocals do a great job of reining the instrumentation in. “52 West 8th Avenue” shows more focus in regards to the instrumentation, opening up with a guitar line that is focused, but allowed to wander at key points. Continue reading “MOTU – Going Back To Memphis”

Vader Releases “And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw” on MMP/MVD

As announced yesterday, Vader will release their third DVD in October. The DVD entitled “And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw” will feature the footage from the band’s fantastic concert at Stodola Club in February 2007, which was the final stop of the tour promoting their latest album “Impressions in Blood”. The show was filmed with 7 cameras so you can expect a truly amazing recording with great lights and dynamic shots – over 80 min. of brutal, fast, uncompromising death metal!! As a special surprise for the fans, the concert featured also a guest appearance of Orion: a member of two other great Polish metal acts: Vesania & Behemoth. Continue reading “Vader Releases “And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw” on MMP/MVD”

Michael Hensley – Fire Behind Me

Michael Hensley – Fire Behind Me / 2007 Self / 12 Tracks / /

“This Machine” is the first track on “Fire Behind Me”, and it shows Hensley as a purveyor of dance music. Specifically, the track is supported by hints of Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, and Depeche Mode. Besides being influenced by these earlier dance acts, Hensley’s music on “Fire Behind Me”  is imbued with a current and fresh re-interpretation of what it means to be a dance artist. “Walk In” brings the focus to the vocals on the track, but keeps the overall dance framework. The instrumentation on the track is much more tied to the earlier style of dance music, so much so that it feels like some of Peter Gabriel’s work off of “So”. Continue reading “Michael Hensley – Fire Behind Me”

Duckdown Records Releases Debut From Special Teamz

Duck Down Records announces the eagerly-anticipated debut, Stereotypez, from Special Teamz. While the Duck Down name, its history and artists are widely renowned and branded throughout the Hip-Hop landscape, the label is branching out to begin to distribute and promote artists from those outside the typical Boot Camp Clik artist structure and this change signifies a major transition in the label, as it becomes a home to develop and market artists of all flavors. The first such project of this transition will be Special Teamz (EDO. G’s collective group, which also consists of Slaine, Jaysaun, and DJ Jayceeoh) debut Stereotypez; which will be released on 9-25-07. Continue reading “Duckdown Records Releases Debut From Special Teamz”

David Bowie – Serious Moonlight

David Bowie – Serious Moonlight / 2006 Virgin / 166 Minutes / / / Reviewed 23 April 2006

This may just be the period of David Bowie’s career where the least amount of individuals can say that they are familiar with the act. This is beyond the time of Ziggy Stardust but before the era in which Marilyn Manson and The Wallflowers made “Golden Years” and “Heroes” make into hits (both tracks are present here in their original form). Aside from those tracks, the number of big hits on the DVD is few; “China Girl”, “Young Americans”, “Space Oddity” and “Fame” are perhaps the next biggest song to hit listeners during “Serious Moonlight”. Continue reading “David Bowie – Serious Moonlight”

MMP Re-releases Dispatched’s “Motherwar”

Metal Mind Productions presents re-release of the album “Motherwar” by Dispatched. This Swedish outfit is one of the most intriguing bands on the melodic death metal scene. Their thrilling debut “Motherwar” received an enormous number of positive reviews, proving to be a truly outstanding example of powerful, melodic and destructive music. Now, with this exclusive reissue, death metal fanatics can once again experience this extraordinary nine-track material, comparable to the best albums of Children of Bodom or In Flames. Continue reading “MMP Re-releases Dispatched’s “Motherwar””

Introducing the Magical and Mighty Electro Dance Band, Zigmat. Their self–titled Debut Out on 9.20 – “With a sound that balances melody, a strong delivery and a stylish stage presence, New York-based Zigmat has developed a solid following and continues to spark interest way beyond the confines of the Lower East Side’s rock circuit.” – Oscar León Bernal Continue reading “Introducing the Magical and Mighty Electro Dance Band, Zigmat. Their self–titled Debut Out on 9.20”

Annihilator – Ten Years in Hell

Annihilator – Ten Years in Hell / 2006 SPV / / / Reviewed 23 February 2006

Being a fan of eighties metal but being damned by my relatively young age (born in 1983), I seemed to have missed Annihilator completely when they were first out. This documentary/live video/mish-mash DVD seems to be a great introduction to the band. By providing different clips from each of the bands first ten years, individuals can get a context in which Annihilator worked and why exactly they are masters of their own domain. Starting out with the video for “Alison Hell”, Continue reading “Annihilator – Ten Years in Hell”