Two Gallants Release “The Throes” on Digipak.

Digipack edition coming in August on Alive Naturalsound records
Remixed, remastered, with bonus track and Quicktime video
“It sounds a bit more natural, more to the way we were sounding at
the time.” – Adam & Tyson. Continue reading “Two Gallants Release “The Throes” on Digipak.”

Drag City Incorporated Creates Language of Stone Label

DRAG CITY INCORPORATED is pleased to announce the launch of the Language Of Stone label, helmed by Greg and Jessica Weeks (Espers, Woodwose, et al). The label is based in Philadelphia with manufacturing and distribution handled by DragCity. Continue reading “Drag City Incorporated Creates Language of Stone Label”

Cheap Sex Interview with Mike Virus

Cheap Sex Interview with Mike Virus
[Conducted by JMcQ, 05 August 2006]

What does the band’s name, “Cheap Sex”, mean? Why was it chosen?

Mike – The name Cheap Sex doesn’t have any meaning behind it. We were looking for a name that had some humor that would grab attention on a flyer. I mentioned the name ‘Cheap Sex’ and we just decided to go with it. Continue reading “Cheap Sex Interview with Mike Virus”

Chthonic Covered by NPR, Sign Deal With Dunlop

At the Mountain View, Calif. stop of the Ozzfest tour last month, National Public Radio affiliate KQED-FM interviewed the Taiwanese band ChthoniC, the first-ever Asian extreme metal act to take part in hard rock’s longest-running annual tour. The interview, which first aired on KQED’s nationally syndicated weekly “Pacific Time” program on Aug. 2, can be streamed on the station’s website. Continue reading “Chthonic Covered by NPR, Sign Deal With Dunlop”

King of Swords

Did you ever want to get some swords, self defense tools, or other fun little toys but did not have a Waterbeds & Stuff store around? I stumbled upon King of Swords a few nights ago, and found literally hundreds of dollars of stuff that I actually wanted. Essentially, what King of Swords is is one of those stores at the county fair, albeit expanded a hundredfold. If you want a sword, they’ve got hundreds of different type. Continue reading “King of Swords”

Joemca – Jum+Ka

Joemca – Jum+Ka / 2006 One Stone / 5 Tracks / /

Joemca is someone that I was not familiar with before picking up this EP. The very Depeche Mode style to the vocals during the first track “Strangers” make it seem like Joemca is influenced tremendously by the New Romantic style. Unlike a number of the acts from that era, there seems to be a high amount of emotion present during the entirety of this EP. Even though the instrumentation is largely created by non-human things (like a synthesizer), the emotion of the vocals is mirrored perfectly in the resulting arrangements. “Strangers” may not be a track that will make it onto the rock radio charts, but it does perfectly in introducing fans to the allure of Joemca. What is more exciting about “Strangers” is the fact that there is variation present in the track that makes the first part qualitatively different than the second, despite both of the tracks having a high amount of commonality. Continue reading “Joemca – Jum+Ka”

Elizabeth Book Review

Elizabeth / 2007 Hachette Book Group / 678M / 5:00 / /

Elizabeth was written by J. Randy Taraborrelli. Taraborrelli may best be known for all of eir other biographies, which include those about Diana Ross, Carol Burnett, Michael Jackson, Cher, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, and the work about the females linked to the Kennedy clan, ‘Jackie, Ethel, and Joan’. This book is about Elizabeth Taylor, and goes in a chronological order rather than trying to link the later years of eir life with earlier events at the onset. This natural progression makes reading this nearly seven hundred page book much easier. The inclusion of a large photo section during the middle of the book provides illustration for some of the individuals and events that occurred in Taylor’s life. Continue reading “Elizabeth Book Review”

Drug Rug Tour, Release Album in October

The “The band Drug Rug out of Cambridge, Massachusetts with a self-titled album
coming in September on Black and Greene kind of sound like a dirty, shredded baja sweater, so
we congratulate them on their self-awareness and funky jams and we present you with this song
called “Day I Die.”
Continue reading “Drug Rug Tour, Release Album in October”

The Horrifics – Now Fear This

The Horrifics – Now Fear This / 2006 1031 / 17 Tracks / / /

I must admit that I did not expect a hard type of punk music looking at the band. One member of the band has hair like Wayne Static and yet another looks like ey would be perfect in Union Underground. However, what The Horrifics sound like is nothing like how they look. “Uzumaki” is the first full track on “Now Fear This”, and it links together the TKO streetpunk sound with the more Irish-punk of the Dropkick Murphys and hints of early Pennywise. “That Which Looks” is where this Pennywise influence starts, and this mid-nineties California sound allows for The Horrifics to go and create another song that individuals can easily sing along with. This track also shows that The Horrifics can go and use other punk styles; the band has their fair share of Misfits influence present during this track, even when one considers the California architecture that the track is built on. Continue reading “The Horrifics – Now Fear This”