Son Volt – The Search

Son Volt – The Search / 2007 Transmit Sound / 14 Tracks / /

I came to the music scene a little too late to hear Uncle Tupelo, but Son Volt is an act that continues some of the same styles and musical approaches that Uncle Tupelo once created. This is probably due to the fact that Jay Ferrar, the guitar / harmonica / vocalist of Son Volt, was an integral member of Uncle Tupelo. Don’t get me wrong, Son Volt has had a hell of a history in the years since the folding-up of Uncle Tupelo. “The Search” marks their fifth release, their third on Transmit Sound. Son Volt had an interesting marketing premise with this album. Continue reading “Son Volt – The Search”

Drowning Pool Continues to Request Troop Medical Treatment

Drowning Pool have been working hard to not only release their new album Full Circle, but also to have been working to draw attention to obtain medical treatment for the troops returning from battle. Recently the guys took time out of their busy schedule on the road to talk with their guitar sponsor, Gibson. Check out the full interview and download the first single off Full Circle, “Soldiers.” Continue reading “Drowning Pool Continues to Request Troop Medical Treatment”

Owen Biddle (Trolleyvox) Joins The Roots

The Trolleyvox’s new release on the Philadelphia-based Transit of Venus label is a two album set that is comprised of Your Secret Safe , a full-band electric album produced by Brian McTear (Danielson, Espers, Mazarin, A-Sides, Lilly’s, Apollo Sunshine) featuring nine new originals and a ripping version of The Who’s “Our Love Was”; and Luzerne, a gorgeous acoustic album featuring songwriter-guitar player Andrew Chalfen and lead singer Beth Filla. The two albums are being packaged together for the physical release and sold at the retail and fan-friendly price of a single disc. The albums will be sold separately for digital download. The set is released 10/2/07. Soon after recording was finished, their bassist Owen Biddle accepted an invitation from fellow Philadelphians, hip hop giants The Roots, to become a full time member. Owen continues as a full member of Trolleyvox for studio work and touring when The Roots schedule permits. Continue reading “Owen Biddle (Trolleyvox) Joins The Roots”

Philly ZineFest Documentary 2004

Philly ZineFest Documentary 2004 / 2005 Outhouse publishing / /

This is really a documentary, replete with interviews with a number of the attendants at the title event (The 2004 edition of the Philly ZineFest. However, some of the pieces are definitely weaker than the others. Starting off with BenT (Unshaven Chi), one really might wonder why such a stilted and silence-filled interview was allowed to have the opening spot. I guess, considering the next two interviews (Sid Karp (Holocaust Awareness Quarterly), Sheena Allen (Mr. Fujiyama…)) are much more interesting and come from two distinctly different foci. The mixture of new and old does provide an interesting tension in the film’s dialogue where individuals like Sid and Jim Testa have been around for thirty years and others have just recently came into the scene. In fact, the presence of this tension really breaks down the sometimes-monolithic feeling zine culture and really makes it feel that anyone who is motivated to get together a zine can just go out to Philly (or by extension, any of the other zine festivals) and have a voice equal to anyone else. Continue reading “Philly ZineFest Documentary 2004”

Great Northern Tour With Robbers on High Street

Great Northern’s sun-soaked dreamscapes will help everyone forget summer is coming to a close. The Angelenos are going back on tour this fall, joining New York-based quartet Robbers on High Street, sharing the headline slot.Great Northern meticulously brings their luscious textures to life at each show, their distinctive boy-girl harmonies permeating every melody, introduced on their debut LP, “Trading Twilight for Daylight” (Eenie Meenie Records). Continue reading “Great Northern Tour With Robbers on High Street”

Slug #225

Slug #225 / Free / 66M / /
It’s been a few reviews since I told anyone what Slug is about.. Essentially, Slug Magazine is focused on the Salt Lake City, Utah area. It is not just a regional magazine, but has a number of pieces that will keep individuals interested. The only thing that I ever can find to be a major problem in Slug is the heavy reliance on advertisements. The heavy use of these advertisements is due to the fact that there are so many issues of the zine going out, and all of the issues have to be free. Strong pieces in this issue include the band features on Bob Log III and Pink Lightnin’, along with the cover article concerning the life and times of Aesop Rock. Continue reading “Slug #225”

Jena Berlin Begins Touring in support of ‘Quo Vadimus’

JENA BERLIN will spend the next five weeks doing what they do best…which is to say that they’ll be pouring their collective hearts and souls (and maybe a little blood and sweat too) out on stage every night while traveling across the U.S.The Philadelphia natives are touring in support of their amazing sophomore full-length Quo Vadimus which was released by Jump Start Records on August 14th. Check out this e-card where you can stream the entire record. A November tour with Sleeper Horse (ex- Blackout Pact) is currently being booked as well. Continue reading “Jena Berlin Begins Touring in support of ‘Quo Vadimus’”

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – The Ultimate Alien

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – The Ultimate Alien / 2006 MVD / 120 Minutes / /

I’ve had this DVD sitting in my place for a while now, and the amount of times that I heard the name Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry has dramatically increased since then. This is a good thing, as “I Am A Madman” is some of the most interesting music to ever come out. The style of music that Perry plays is something that is truly “alien”; there is a reggae/ska background to the music, but the heavy presence of a synthesizer in this track gives an otherworldly sound to Perry’s music. Continue reading “Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – The Ultimate Alien”

Sylvie Lewis Comes Home to U.S. Shore to Tour

After spending the summer abroad, Sylvie will play select cities performing songs from her heavenly
album “Translations”. “Translations” was produced by produced by Sylvie and Richard Swift– as was her debut release “Tangos and Tantrums”. “Translations” out now on Cheap Lullaby Records. Continue reading “Sylvie Lewis Comes Home to U.S. Shore to Tour”

Marla Hansen – Wedding Day

Marla Hansen – Wedding Day / 2007 Standard / 6 Songs / /

Individuals may not be familiar with who Marla Hansen is. Essentially, ey is a member of the Sufjan Stevens band and also is a member of My Brightest Diamond. The title track has more of a Devendra Banhart sound than a Sufjan style, as Hansen comes to the plate with a very early Americana type of sound. Hints of woodsy folk music interact with a softly-spoken and meandering set of vocals during “Wedding Day”, sounding similar to if Alanis Morrisette went back to the 1890s with Marty McFly and eir Delorean. “Shuffle Your Feet” is a track that has a little bit more of a dedicated direction to it, and while it does not add anything different to the mix, Hansen approaches different sounds and styles in such a way to keep individuals interested. Continue reading “Marla Hansen – Wedding Day”