Spin.com’s “Band of the Day” For 08/06 is The Lonely H

These Seattle throwback rockers booted out their first album, Kickin’ Upstairs, in 2006. Taut live shows swirled with swank three-part vocal harmonies and earned the band a ‘don’t miss this’ reputation in the region. This year, Mark Fredson (vocals), Eric Whitman (guitar), Johnny Whitman (bass), Ben Eyestone (drums), and Colin Field (guitar) all graduated from high school in June before sprouting forth the guitar-laden full-length Hair, out now via the Control Group. Continue reading “Spin.com’s “Band of the Day” For 08/06 is The Lonely H”

Two Gallants Release “The Throes” on Digipak.

Digipack edition coming in August on Alive Naturalsound records
Remixed, remastered, with bonus track and Quicktime video
“It sounds a bit more natural, more to the way we were sounding at
the time.” – Adam & Tyson. www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8SbsUa4sqA Continue reading “Two Gallants Release “The Throes” on Digipak.”