Sonny Hunter – Times in Life

Sonny Hunter has released an amazing new Christian rock song called “Times in Life”. It’s a hard rock song that has a message. The song kinda reminds one of the hard Christian rock released in the late 90’s, similar sounding to Creed’s early album “My Own Prison” but with a modern twist.  The song is well composed, the instrumentation and vocals line up nicely to make a well rounded recording. Sonny’s music is bright and fun, I think that Sonny Hunter will be most successful with the music festival scene and with older adults.



Sonny Hunter – Times in Life /

/ 2017

Avantist – Tidalwave

Avantist has released a new amazing single called “Tidalwave”, the song is a bassy pop song with a touch of electro.  Avantist’ vocals remind one of a young Anthony Kiedis or Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. This song is a lot of fun, the production is tight and the instrumentation really increases the vocalist abilities. I think that fans of The White Stripes or Franz Ferdinand would enjoy the sounds of  Avantist due to the deep friff and hard hitting voals. Also, you should really check out the video for “Tidalwave”, it’s incredibly funny!

Tidalwave by Avantist / / 2017

Will Jay – Leading Man

Will Jay’s new single “leading Man’ is great new pop song for the summer. It’s an up beat and fun single, the lyrics are playful but ask the question “why can’t he get a change”. The beat is produced masterfully, it easy going pop song that enhances Will’s lyrics. The arrangement make sure that each part of the song is equally presented.  I think that fans of Ed Shreean or Micheal Buble would enjoy Will Jay’s music. The video is alls really cute, it has a real fun sunny vibe, be sure to check it out!

Will Jay – Leading Man / / 2017

The SLVR Tongues – S-Class

The SLVR Tongues  new single “S-Class” has been one of the best songs I’ve came across this year. The vocalists are accompanied but a unique mixture of Country and Electric music, honestly they are almost like a Country version of the Chainsmokers. The song is produced well, the music is funk and fun and the arrangement is fantastic, nothing over powers each other.  It’s really refreshing to hear that Country music is expanding it’s wings and branching out. I would bet that the SLVR tongues really have the talent to branch out into popular music.

The SLVR Tongues / S-Class / 2017 /

theSHIFT – Consecrate

theSHIFT’s new single Consecrate is new indie rock single that is sure to thrill fans of the genre both new and old. The vocals are melodic and the beat is soft and soothing. The production is soft with light stings and drums the compliment the vocals very well. I also thin that the arrangement is great with no overlaps in the song allowing both the vocals an instrumentation to shine through equally.  I really think that fans of groups like REM or Radiohead would enjoy the SHIFT’s music. I truly look forward to hearing more from this group in future releases.



theSHIFT – Concsecrate / / 2017

Kevin Tiah – Bring Back 2005

Kevin Tiah’s newest song “Bring Back 2005” is fun and bouncy pop punk song reminiscing on the days of the mid 2000’s. The song is an obvious homages to Boeling for Soup’s famous hit “1985”, but also takes on the sounds of similar bands like Yellow Card and The Ataris. The song has a unique yet familiar composition intentionally reminding one of the late 200’s pop punk scene, the production is great with each part highlighting each other. I really enjoyed this song and look forward to hearing more from    Kevin Tiah’s future releases.

Kevin Tiah – Bring Back 2005 / / 2017

Force M.D.S – Don’t Rush

Force M.D.S  new single “Don’t Rush” is a sexy R&B song that is for sure going to be a hit in the clubs around the US and abroad! Force M.D.S have a very sensual sounds similar to artist like Bryan Mc Knight or R. Kelly. The  vocals are soft yet deep really making the song into a stirring single. The composition is great and the beat production is on point with that classic R&B funk. I think Force M.D.S would do well with the adult R&B crowd because of the maturity of their sound.


Force M.D.S – Don’t Rush / / 2017

Mista Roe- Bees and Birds

Mista Roe’s new single “Birds and Bees” is a sensual R&B hit for the summer. Mista Roe has a distinct but sexy voice that makes the listener want to dance. The beat is slow yet moving with low bass and light sytnh it accompanies the vocals well. Mista Roe’s production is balanced no part of the song seems to overlap or lag. I really think that fans of Trey Songz or Bryson Tiller would enjoy Mista Roe. This song is definitely great for the club or to set a sexy mood in the bedroom.


Mista Roe- Bees and Birds /

Rich Lowe – Boogey Man

Rich Lowe’s new single “Boogey Man” is amazing! The song is a fresh breath of R&B mixed with juicy pop beats to make an all around fun song. The production is sleek and really makes the song stand out. It makes you want to get up and dance! Lowe’s music is similar to that of artist like Jason Derulo or Chris Brown, but he still keeps his own unique sound. I also want to mention the video for “Boogey Man” is really cute and funny! It pays homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thiller”, it’s totally worth checking out!

Rich Lowe – Boogey Man /

Water – One Night

Water’s new single “One Night” is sure to become a trap hit for the summer. Water’s vocals and a sick beat make this song amazing, his voice is deep and bassy and are complimented well by the upbeat sounds of the instrumentation. I think this song is reminiscent of early Atlanta trap but it still has new sound. The song is arranged with no parts overlapping or fighting for attention and the production is smooth allowing the song to flow naturally a clearly. I really think that fans of artists like Gorilla Zoe or Migos would enjoy Water’s sound.



Water – One Night / / Self Released / 2017