Jaylon Ashaun – Settle

Jaylon Ashaun’s latest single “Settle” is absolutely amazing! The song has a sound that blends R&B with an interesting electronic beat, the song is kind of reminiscent of late 90’s electronic music but it has a sound of it own. The song is well composed the instrumentation compliments Jaylon’s voice and lyrics perfectly. This song would be great for the club, it’s edgy and a little dark, perfect for dancing. I think that Jaylon will fit right in with current acts such as The Weekend and Frank Ocean. I really look forward to haring more from Jalyon Ashaun.


Jaylon Ashaun – Settle / http://www.jaylonashaun.com/

Juice Yung’n – “Aayy”

Juice Yung’n’s latest single “Aayy” is a great new song for the summer. The song is catchy, Juice’s flow is consistent and interesting. The beat is really cool too, it has a electronic sound with quite a bit of bass. The song is composed and produced well, each part compliments each other to make a solid single. Juice’s lyrics and flow are memorable and by the end of the song you’ll be kept wanting more. “Aayy” definitely has the potential to become a summer trap anthem. I think fans of artists like K Camp or Migos would enjoy Juice Yung’n.


Juice Yung’n –  “AaYy” / https://www.facebook.com/Juice-YungN-1569378073353732/

Robert Kramer – “King of Hearts”

Robert Kramer’s song “King of Hearts” is a great single, it has that traditional rock sound that isn’t heard much anymore. The song while familiar sounding has totally unique lyrics and a wonderful beat, almost reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen.  The production is great, very clear and highlights Robert’s vocals while also showcasing his instrumentation. The song reminds you of groups like Foreigner or Styx. I think Robert’s would be great for the older rocker crowd. I look forward to haring more music from Robert Kramer in the future.

Robert Kramer – “King of Hearts”  / http://www.robertkramermusic.com

Son & Thief – Repair

Son & Thief’s new single “Repair” is a great example of up and coming indie rock. The song has bass heavy instrumentals and paired with falsetto vocals, making the song stand out from others in the genre. The production is good, it seems purposely distorted to add to the eclectic sounds of Son & Thief. The song flows naturally  and lets all parts shine equally, I really like the focus on the ambient sound is there. I think fans of acts like MGMT, Muse, or Explosions in the Sky would enjoy Son & Thief. I hope to hear more from them in the future.


Son & Thief / http://www.sonandthief.com/

NICK WHITE – Digifame

NICK WHITE – Digifame

NICK WHITE’s new single Digifame is a fun and playful new pop single that is sure to get you dancing. The song has a distinct electro pop sound, similar to artists like Chromeo. NICK WHITE’s vocals are smooth and complimented by the music, the production really insured that the song was clear and flowed well. I see this song being big with radio listeners around the US and abroad. The video is fun too, it is an homage to Max Headroom which was really cool! I think fans of artists like Maroon 5 would really enjoy Nick White’s modern pop sound.



NICK WHITE – Digifame / https://www.nickwhiteworld.com/

Concert Review: Explosions in the Sky, 4/26 Cleveland

It’s hard to describe the feeling that Explosions in the Sky’s music gives you, they blend indie rock, classical, even elements of metal into beautiful works of art. Their music has been known to move me to tears without a single word being said, and their performance in Cleveland on the 26th of April was just as emotional.It was my first time seeing Explosions in the Sky live and the show was so full of energy.

The sound was great and the House of Blues was a perfect venue for Explosions in the Sky. Each song was performed masterfully, I was totally blown away by the depth of their live musical talent. The show was intimate and small, the band performed a range of their songs focusing mainly on their new album “The Wilderness”. The band used wide range of instrumentation which they tweaked and distorted to their liking, hard hitting drums and soft strings kept my ears begging for more.


The night was all around amazing, the band really rocked the House of Blues here in Cleveland. One thing I can say is if you are a fan of great music and amazing vibes, check out Explosions in the Sky. I truly look forward to the next time that I can make it to one of their engagements!

Make sure to catch the remainder of Explosions in the Sky’s 2017 tour:

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The Showbox – Seattle, WA

Knitting Factory Concert House – Spokane, WA

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Pub Station – Billings, MT

Mishawaka Amphitheatre – Bellvue, CO

Waiting Room Outdoors – Omaha, NE

The District – Sioux Falls, SD

Pabst Theater – Milwaukee, WI

Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA

Explosions in the Sky / http://www.explosionsinthesky.com/

Ree Nay – Seen You Before

Here at NeuFutur we’ve recently come across artist Ree Nay. Her single “Seen You Before” is deep and beautiful. The song is dreamy and wistful, allowing the listener to hear the feeling in her song.  Ree’s melodic voice is chilling and emotional putting a heartfelt feel into her music. The production is prefect with the music not over powering her vocals, the song is incredibly well balanced. There is a unique quality to “Seen You Before” that will resound loudly with listeners long after the track ceases to play. I really think that fans of Adele or Lana del Rey would enjoy Ree’s music.


Ree Nay – Seen You Before / http://www.reenay.com.au/ / https://www.facebook.com/ReeNayfanpage / https://soundcloud.com/ree-nay / http://www.reenay.com

Explosions in the Sky tonight (4/26) at Cleveland HOB

Austin, Texas Post-Rock Quartet Explosions in the Sky will be making their Ohio stop tonight at the Cleveland House of Blues to promote their new album “The Wilderness”. The tickets are $35 and the will be alongside Narrow/Arrow. We’re really looking forward to the show the Cleveland House of Blues is small and intimate, perfect for the ambient and chilling sound of Explosions in the Sky. The weather is going to be absolutely amazing for this show, so come out an jam with us! Also, look back in about a week for our full write up of the show in the NeuFutur Magazine Concert Reviews section. Continue reading “Explosions in the Sky tonight (4/26) at Cleveland HOB”

Olga Flirty Bra, a great fit at a great price

The promise of a good fitting bra seems to be an ideal that is hard to realize. There are so many companies that are creating bras and they tend to fit so terribly. I am not even talking about what one can find at local flea markets and dollar stores, either. Even at a number of typical mall stores, the quality of bras, their sizing, and overall durability vary considerably. I did not hold out much in the way of hope to actually find a bra that would fit me when I received Olga’s Flirty Bra in the mail a few weeks ago. The thing that struck me immediately was how well-crafted the bra was. There seems to be a substantiveness to the Flirty Bra that simply is not present when one looks at other similarly priced bras. This is a product that can stand up to repeat wearing; it is sized perfectly rather than requiring me to go through band sizes and cup measurements. Continue reading “Olga Flirty Bra, a great fit at a great price”