PWR BTTM – Big Beautiful Day

PWR BTTM has done it again with their latest single “Big Beautiful Day”. The Punk duo has brought classic 80’s pop-punk sounding melodies and deep bass riffs together to make a fresh yet familiar sound. The vocals are hard hitting and memorable, they are blended well with the music making a seamless connection. Continue reading “PWR BTTM – Big Beautiful Day”

Moved To Duarte by Les Bohem

Los Angeles based Folk singer Les Bohem recently released his latest recording, Moved To Duarte, it’s quite immersive with 21 tracks. Each track provides a look into Les’ soul as he sings, this album is a lyrical confessional. My personal favorite from the recording is “When We Used To Get High”. Les’ voice is melodic and persistent; the lyrics are full of meaning and soul. When Les sings it’s reminiscent of early Dylan or Leon Russell. The music is simplistic and calm allowing the vocals to shine through the most. Another song I enjoyed off the recording is “Fancy Footwork”, the sound is similar to artists like John Denver or Elliot Smith. This song is happier but still has melancholy sound. Again Bohem shows us his feelings through the infection and mood that his lyrics and voice provide. Continue reading “Moved To Duarte by Les Bohem”

3 Tips for Fixing Eyesight

The eye is the window to the world, every day out eyes process thousands of images and project them to the brain. Some people have perfect vision, but others may need glasses or even surgery to help them see. That’s why it is incredibly important to take care of your eyes the best that you can. Here’s a few tips to help you keep your eyes in tip top shape. Continue reading “3 Tips for Fixing Eyesight”

Purchasing a Hybrid Bike

Biking is a great way to burn fat and build muscle tone. I’m an exercise physiologist and many of the clients I’ve seen struggle to do cardio exercises because they don’t have the endurance to run. That’s when I recommend biking. Bikes provide cardiovascular benefits at every level of fitness and at any age. They are also are less bulky and much more inexpensive than other workout equipment like weight benches or an elliptical. Continue reading “Purchasing a Hybrid Bike”

“Out For Blood” – Panic in Eden

Panic In Eden are an up and coming rock band from Los Angeles, they just released their new album “In The Company Of Vultures”, along with the single “Out For Blood”. Panic In Eden has hard hitting rock sound with deep bass lines and heavy guitar riffs, it reminds you of industry favorites such as Queens of The Stone Age with a grunge rock splash. Continue reading ““Out For Blood” – Panic in Eden”

“Shipwrecked” – The Tigerlillies

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, The Tigerlillies have released an amazingly catchy single called “Shipwrecked”. The song has a loud rebellious punk instrumentation, mixed with sweet pop melodies creating an instant hit. The vocals remind me of indie rockers like The Flaming Lips or The Black Keys. The production is smooth and simple, allowing each component of the band to show their ability. I can see this song being big with the summer music festival crowds as well as being played on the radio. The melodies that the band create will leave a lasting impression on the listener and have you singing “Shipwrecked” all day.

“Shipwrecked” – The Tigerlillies /

Eli Raybon – “Unsymmetrical”

At only 19 years old, Eli Raybon has released a catchy single called “Unsymmetrical”. Raybon’s style blends together pop melodies with hard rock riffs; the sound of the single is modern with an 80’s pop twist. His vocals a reminiscent of indie-rock favorites like the Strokes or Franz Ferdinand. Continue reading “Eli Raybon – “Unsymmetrical””

Jose Otero – I Told You

Jose Otero’s 2016 song “I Told You” is a R&B/Soul hit, it reminds you slightly of other hit artists like John Legend or Robin Thicke. The production is clear and the vocals are hauntingly catchy. This song will have you asking for more of Jose’s voice which his music perfectly complements. Continue reading “Jose Otero – I Told You”