Chris Staudt – You Make Me Smile

Chris Staudt’s You Make Me Smile (from his album Life in the Eye) has a 80’s pop electronica sound, bearing a passing resemblance to artists like Paul Simon. The production sounds vintage but the song itself has a fresh feel. I think I would hear this on TV or maybe on a commercial; the track has considerable replay value.

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KoalaSafe Internet Router a must-have

One of the key issues that happens when we are in an increasingly interconnected world is that it seems like any sort of device has the ability to jump online. It does not matter whether it is a tablet, laptop or phone, it is a hop, skip, & a jump to get connect. When a parent wants to go and ensure that a child does their chores, has to go out to the park, or any do sort of activity, the KoalaSafe Internet Router ($99.99) is a must have purchase. The configuration process of the device is incredibly simple even for those individuals that may not be to up to date on current technologies. It is versatile meaning that one will be able to key in the precise amount of time and level of access they wish their progeny or those under their care to have.KoalaSafe Internet Router

The KoalaSafe Internet Router is durable; while still made of plastic it has a small enough form that it can drop from a computer or other mounting and not be any worse for wear. When compared to monthly software costs and other devices that are available to regulate internet usage, the KoalaSafe Internet Router is a heck of a deal. Parents will be able to purchase their own router for around $100 from the company’s website and from online retailers. Specific time limits can be established, apps (YikYak, Kik) can be blocked, and the program’s software provides parents with the data that they need regarding their childrens’ internet usage.

The router makes the internet a secure and safe experience for children online while still allowing parents the ability to go and otherwise find out what is best for that in terms of the amount of time online and access.

Rating: 9.0/10

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Charlie’s Chalk Dust, a high bar for e-juices

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a premium E-Juice company based out of Costa Mesa, California. We had the pleasure of receiving the full line of their E-Juice and the hype is real! Charlie’s first caught our eye because it’s a collaboration of creators from both California and Ohio. The goal at Charlie’s is to keep it simple yet they produce some of the most complex (and delicious!!) flavors we’ve had. Every product comes in a black and white bottle, they have a very iconic look. The powder coated paint looks clean and unmistakable, so you know it’s Charlie’s Chalk Dust on the first glance. Continue reading “Charlie’s Chalk Dust, a high bar for e-juices”

Levana Keera Digital Baby Video Monitor

The peace of mind that parents can get when they can be assured of always having an eye on their children is substantial. As a result, the demand for baby monitors are high and a result, there are a number of different products that are on store shelves. As one can imagine, there is a considerable variation that exists between these different products. The Levana Keera is one of the best baby monitors that we have the chance to review, owing to the good picture quality, ease of use, and the number of options that are available for parents. Continue reading “Levana Keera Digital Baby Video Monitor”

Sesame Street: Play All Day With Elmo DVD Review

OK Go have lent their inimitable musical style and unmatched charisma in their “Three Primary Colors”, while the musical side of the DVD continues with Taye Diggs and Elmo’s duet (“Let’s Go Driving”). Ziggy Marley spins things off into a reggae / pop style with his version of Simon Says. Matching current musicians with a more child-friendly subject material increases the replay value of the Play All Day With Elmo DVD, as the harmonies and overall talent of these performers can be enjoyed by child and parent alike. Continue reading “Sesame Street: Play All Day With Elmo DVD Review”

R. City – “What Dreams Are Made Of”

Platinum-selling duo R. City released their highly anticipated major label debut album WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF on Kemosabe Records/RCA Records Friday October 9th, 2015.  The album features their already Platinum, Billboard Pop chart-topping hit “Locked Away” featuring Adam Levine as well as guest appearances by Akon, Tarrus Riley and Chloe Angelides.  Continue reading “R. City – “What Dreams Are Made Of””

3DZyre Convenience Stroller (Summer Infant)

The 3DZyre Convenience Stroller by Summer Infant is a solid everyday use stroller that provides parents with a great deal of personalization without being needlessly complex or difficult to operate. Continue reading “3DZyre Convenience Stroller (Summer Infant)”

Kait Dunton Releases trioKAIT 7/31

trioKAIT is a piano trio for a random-access generation. On their self-titled debut, (available on July 31), the funky and eclectic Los Angeles-based trio – pianist Kait Dunton, electric bassist Cooper Appelt, and drummer Jake Reed – shuffles wide-ranging influences and Dunton’s unconventional compositions into a refreshingly modern take on instrumental music that is as uncategorizable as it is infectious. Continue reading “Kait Dunton Releases trioKAIT 7/31”

Tiffany Cruikshank, Wellness Expert, Launches Exclusive Fashion Line with Liquido

International yoga and wellness expert, Tiffany Cruikshank has joined forces with global fashion brand Liquido to create an exclusive line of stylish and socially conscious fitness wear. Continue reading “Tiffany Cruikshank, Wellness Expert, Launches Exclusive Fashion Line with Liquido”

zPizza – 5060 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214

We were lucky enough to stop by a zPizza location in Columbus, Ohio and ordered the company’s Casablanca pizza. The offering contains mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and ricotta cheese alongside roasted garlic sauce and an additional amount of Parmesan. The restaurant was clean and the wait staff was extremely friendly. We put in our order and were pleasantly surprised to receive it no more than 10 or 15 minutes after finding a table. The pizza was piping hot and the ingredients were at the peak of their prime. This meant that the artichoke hearts had a little snap to them without being floppy or overly greasy while the mushrooms seemed more fresh than they are at a variety of pizza places. There was more than enough pizza for a couple and it was able to be refreshed by throwing it in the oven for a few minutes. Continue reading “zPizza – 5060 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214”