ASICS Cross Back Bra Review

Working out as a woman provides some negatives (namely breasts) that impact working out. A good workout bra is essential, and ASICS has created just that. The straps are made of a solid material that keeps everything stationary, while the fabric is light enough to not increase one’s body heat. The bra comes in a black/white or a white format, which allows for a wide array of workout outfits to be used. The inclusion of the chest band to the Cross Back Bra has to be the best inclusion, as it works in tandem with the straps to make worrying about placement no major issue.

The double-layered cups increase the durability of the bra, while the straps on the Cross Back Bra are able to be adjusted considerably. Taken together, the Cross Back Bra is perhaps the best workout bra that we have had the chance to cover for NeuFutur. The quality, price, and comfortability of the product make it incredibly easy to bestow that honor. A wide array of sizes ensures that anyone that is concerned about their workout can benefit from the Cross Back Bra.

At $40, there is no reason that one should not purchase a Cross Back Bra from ASICS. The durability of the product is unmatched, while the material allows for sweat to be wicked away while still being conformable. Check out the websites linked above for their full lines, sale items, and the latest in news about the company – I believe that they will be providing more information about new shoe efforts and more in February.

Rating: 8.7/10

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Vapir NO2 (Vaporizer)

I love herbal therapy and have been huge fan of combustion for years. Sometimes nothing can compare to a tightly rolled Dutch Master. I’ve tried many brands of vaporizers several times, but had not been sold on vaporization until I tried the Vapir NO2. When I use combustion methods such as pipes and cigars I enjoy the thick billowy smoke. Most times vaporizers cannot provide the full experience of combustion but the NO2 really showed me otherwise. The vapor (or Vapir ) is perfect, moist and soothing yet you still feel like you are “smoking”. The device can be used for a variety of herbs, our favorites being catnip and lavender. The booklet included stated that you should use the device around 375 to 385 degrees but I found it may work better for some herbs at around 390 degrees.

Another benefit is that the mouthpiece has a screen built in (that can be changed) this helps keep your herbs in the receptacle rather than on your teeth and mouth. I can totally back this little invention. It’s easy to use and load making it an essential to those who practice aromatherapy.

Check out Vapir’s site for current sales involving the NO2 – as of today (late July, 2011), they provide purchasers with free shipping and a 4 piece aluminum grinder. The bundle in which the Vapir NO2 comes provides buyers with everything that they could need – there is a tube and filter system to ensure a clean vaporization session for all, while the wire cleaning brush will keep things fresh and immaculate for years to come. At the price (well under $200), it should be seen as the best value out of the current generation of vaporizers.

Rating: 9.5/10

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I want MOORE Dolemite!

Dolemite is a blaxploitation film from 1975 starring Cleveland, Ohio born actor Rudy Ray Moore. Dolemite is crime fighting, butt kicking, all around pimp. In the beginning of the movie you see our hero being released from incarceration. He was set up by his greatest competitor Willie Greene played by D’Urville Martin. Continue reading “I want MOORE Dolemite!”

Species Nutrition Isolyze (Whey Protein Isolate)

When first receiving Species Nutrition Isolyze Whey Protein, I had never tried a whey isolate. Basically this is the stuff for serious nutritionally conscious persons; it has the highest concentration of protein available for the lowest amount of carbs and calories. Continue reading “Species Nutrition Isolyze (Whey Protein Isolate)”

K-OTIC: Hardcore Psychoactive Performance Igniter (Pre-Workout)

It takes a lot to get me to want to work out some mornings. While I can usually get out to the gym and turn in a pretty solid workout, there needs to be that little added bit to really allow me to turn in intense workouts. All American EFX understands this, and has created a pre-workout supplement called K-OTIC. K-OTIC is a perfect storm of punch and low-price; the drink’s 32 serving bottle can be picked up for well under $30 at a number of online retailers. Continue reading “K-OTIC: Hardcore Psychoactive Performance Igniter (Pre-Workout)”

RZO Relaxation Beverage

I’ve had lots of formulations of Kava Kava, and I must say RZO is the way to go for a light refreshing version of Kava Kava. The makers of RZO have accomplished what many may see as impossible; they have made the herb easier to digest. Many traditional forms of Kava Kava have a very powerful and distinct flavor (Think “dirty ginger”), with RZO it tasted just like a very sugary orange soda. Other formulations also have a numbing effect in your mouth, while RZO still has a light numbing effect it is a lot more tolerable. Continue reading “RZO Relaxation Beverage”

Hennessy Privilege: Mexico 2010 Edition (Cognac)

The bicentennial of Mexican independence occurs on September 16th, 2010. The fine folks over at Moet Hennessy have created a limited edition run of their storied Privilege line in support of this, hand-numbering and providing imbibers with information about the cognac’s long history in Mexico. We were lucky enough to receive a bottle of Hennessy Privilege for review. Continue reading “Hennessy Privilege: Mexico 2010 Edition (Cognac)”

Hennessy Black (Cognac)

Cognac recently has caught the eye of a new generation, the sophistication of the image of a cognac drinker ; the taste of the drink itself are the largest contributing factors. Hennessy Black brings something new to the table, a smooth dark Cognac with hint of oak and cinnamon puts a sexy dark twist on a classic drink. Continue reading “Hennessy Black (Cognac)”

The Mob: From Hollywood To Vegas (DVD Set)

There is a lot of information on this DVD set. Mill Creek has put together fully three-fourths of a day of footage about the mob. The DVD set ties together two previous releases in Hollywood Vs The Mob and Vegas: The City The Mob Made, which were each originally 2 DVD sets. The price point at which this 4-DVD set is placed ensures that a love for all things mob-related will be fostered if this is given as a birthday or holiday gift, while it will represent a great addition to the libraries of anyone that already fancies themselves a fan of the time period and of the players involved.
Continue reading “The Mob: From Hollywood To Vegas (DVD Set)”

Bonetown (PC)

The minute I heard about Bonetown I knew wanted to try it, this game allows you to use drugs and alcohol. It also lets you have sex with the girl of your dreams… when your balls get big enough. The game is fun and very addictive. At first I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the game, the interface is sort of confusing at first. After reading the directions a second time I got the hang of it. You start out as a crack head, which I thought was funny, because the game glorifies drug use but makes a crack head the lowest character rank. Continue reading “Bonetown (PC)”