Menace Beach – Lemon Memory

Menace Beach are back with a sophomore record that, like their 2015 debut, channels distorted ’90s alt rock and sloppy ’60s garage sounds. While their aloof coolness remain, the sounds on this outing have less pop hooks (“Darlatoid” and “Suck it Out” notwithstanding ) and move along at a faster, more raw pace than previous efforts. Continue reading “Menace Beach – Lemon Memory”

Flower Girl – Tuck In Your Tie Dye – Album Review

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Flower Girl lack the pretentiousness that sometimes comes to mind when thinking of bands from that scene. In fact, this unassuming band sounds completely sincere and opposite of any self-consciousness. They have a knack for sounding “sweet” without sounding too “twee.” The syrupy pop hooks would be accessible to elementary-school students (save for a few references to things like like marijuana), yet not so precious to be unappealing to adults. Continue reading “Flower Girl – Tuck In Your Tie Dye – Album Review”

Pavo Pavo – Young Narrator In The Breakers

The latest effort from Pavo Pavo (slated for a November 11th release) kicks off with “Ran Ran Run,” an ethereal, mood-inducing number that recalls clearer, less-awash-in-effects sounding Cocteau Twins. The track sets the stage for a record that seems to pulsate with life and feeling, channeling the changing of the seasons as the earth practically breathes. Continue reading “Pavo Pavo – Young Narrator In The Breakers”

Allen Tate – Sleepwalker

On break from doing co-lead vocal duties in the Brooklyn-based San Fermin, Allen Tate doesn’t stray far from the musical territory of that band with this solo effort Though this first go alone is less intricately orchestrated than his main band – with a focus more on the poetic lyrics than the minimalist music – Tate’s fever dream vocals are the trademark which he carries into anything he does. Continue reading “Allen Tate – Sleepwalker”