Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Blu-Ray)

Pretty much everyone that I know went to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when it first came out, so I’ll dispense with a lot of the description of the film. Paramount has made one of the strongest cases that it could for the Blu-Ray format in its release of Kingdom on Blu-Ray, giving viewers a panoply of bonus features while providing a sharper picture and audio than could conceivably be present on either the film or DVD versions. The bonus features on this addition have something for everyone: for those more in tune with their artistic side, the numerous galleries (broken into divisions where “The Adventure Begins”, “Cemetary and Jungle”, and “Akator” are present) will give viewers hours of fun. For those that like to see the transformation of 21st-century actors into 20th-century characters, featurettes go into the makeup process for the warriors, while the creation of some of the film’s most visible objects (the titular skull, for example) is shown in extreme detail. Continue reading “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Blu-Ray)”

Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (DVD)

It is so great to see that Lewis Black is allowed to shine as brightly as possible on this new Comedy Central show, which different comedians against own another, debating the merits and follies of specific groups (Youtube, PETA), ultimately deciding which of these groups possesses the title quality. The eight episodes that were present during the show’s first run (comprising those that aired between March and April of 2008) are captured during this DVD. Marijuana, porn, Tila Tequila, Las Vegas, and more are covered by a slate of comedians, both known (Patton Oswalt, Greg Giraldo) and unknown (Andy Kindler, Andrea Savage). Continue reading “Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (DVD)”

Iron Man Ultimate 2-Disc Edition (Blu-Ray)

Whenever individuals may think that the superhero genre is losing steam, a company steps their game up and comes out with a film that is visually appealing, written well, and sets up the prospect for a sequel perfectly. In 2008, there were two films to do just that: The Dark Knight and Iron Man. The behemoth that is Iron Man has enjoyed a number of releases in different formats, but for anyone’s money, the edition that they should strive to purchase is the ultimate 2-Blu Ray disc version. The amount of additional features, coupled with the sharpness in video and audio that is present, far outstrip the experience that viewers will have vis-à-vis any other edition. Continue reading “Iron Man Ultimate 2-Disc Edition (Blu-Ray)”

Grease (Rockin’ Rydell Edition) (DVD)

The Rockin’ Rydell edition of Grease is not merely a re-covering of the original film in a cute little cover, but has a number of changes that will ensure that anyone familiar with the film will be pleasantly surprised. Despite the fact that the film is thirty years old, the picture is at the clearest level that it has ever been, showing a crispness that far outstrips any other film from this period. While it will only be an issue for videophiles and individuals that really (really) have to get their experience true to the original format, Paramount has brought back the original aspect ratio (2:35 to 1) rather than conforming to current aspect ratios. Continue reading “Grease (Rockin’ Rydell Edition) (DVD)”

Spy Fox in Dry Cereal (Wii)

Spy Fox In Dry Cereal is the first chapter of the Spy Fox trilogy, which saw releases later on of subsequent chapters (“Some Assembly Required” and “Operation Ozone”). This first chapter has been released for the Nintendo Wii by Majesco, and the game itself has been given enough in the way of spit and polish to really make full use of the unique control system of the Wii. Majesco has made every type of motion and movement important, ensuring that Spy Fox’s 100 levels will get players involved in countless other ways. The price-point at which the game is set (less than $20) ensures that even in this recession, any interested individual can purchase one. Continue reading “Spy Fox in Dry Cereal (Wii)”

Clean Slate 2007 Riesling

Throughout all of my youth and legal alcohol-drinking age, I had not found a single type of wine I liked until New Year rolled around last year. I had purchased a bottle of champagne (Korbel) and liked it, and moved into Verdi soon after. However, I still had my doubts about a more traditional type of wine, until Clean Slate’s 2007 Riesling came across the desk. The smooth mouth feel of the wine belies a sharper nose, but don’t get me wrong: the wine still has enough power to wash away any remnants of a fancy dinner. Continue reading “Clean Slate 2007 Riesling”