Razer Lachesis (PC Mouse)

After a few weeks on our test box, we were finally ready to give a review to the 5600 DPI version of the Razer Lachesis. The first thing to consider is that there is virtually no learning curve associated with this mouse. Just plug the mouse in, download the drivers, and the mouse is good to go. When moving from a stock mouse (or even a cheaper gaming mouse), one will immediately see and feel a sensitivity that is unparalleled. While this does not equate into having to move the mouse any more than normal, the specificity that one has when using the 5600 DPI Razer Lachesis is fantastic. Continue reading “Razer Lachesis (PC Mouse)”

Pro|Click Mobile Mouse

Pro|Click Mobile / 2008 Razer / http://www.razerzone.com /

This is the first time that we’ve actually received computer peripherals for review in NeuFutur. Sure, we’ve received CDs, DVDs, video games, and the like in the past, but Razer (through Rogers and Cowan) was gracious enough to provide us with a review copy of the mouse. A first glance at the mouse shows that Razer actually cares about the left-handed user base when it comes to mouse design; the mouse has an ambidextrous design, instead of being skewed to the side like so many other mice. The colors themselves are a nice change from the ordinary, as well; where there are a lot of white, grey, and black mice cluttering up the shelves. Continue reading “Pro|Click Mobile Mouse”