The Tarantella Review (JMcQ)


The Tarantella

James’ View – Very loud emo that features a wall of noise with everyone orgasming. There are 5 members, headed by the man with almost all the indy-cred in Bloomington. I mean, the guy has the whole English schoolboy thing going on. The band has a sound like The White Stripes and Imperial Teen, but with a little bit of tuning to do before they really can sound like those bands. The five pieces that constitute the band are a singer, bassist, guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist. The keyboardist is the only truly innovative person in the band, as they are relatively synchronous with such bands as The Red Hot Valentines and the like. The prior jitters of the first half of the concert start to fade away as the show goes on, and The Tarantella starts to rock out. This band would merit a longer review, but there seriously is not much to go on. Their entire set lasted about 23 minutes, and they left like a bat out of hell after that. Hopefully these guys can tour around the area sometime soon, so I can bring all of you a better review of this band, who I believe has some talent.

Rating: 6.4/10A’s View – [The Tarantella] are a sad attempt at too much noise and chaos, but not artfully done in any sense of the term. Instead of anything creative, they have a horrid mix of noise and physicality. I appreciate the verosity of the singer, but it is relatively lame and overdone. However, their songs are cute, and very reminiscent of the Atari system and the Samba 1 on my 80’s Keyboard. While the attempt is a good effort, it only leaves me with a smirk on my face. They are a little Nirvana-esque as well, because they are angry noise producing meaningless rock which neither moves nor shakes me.

Rating: 4.0/10

Matthew West Concert (JMcQ)

Matthew West – DePauw Concert – 2001

This act is actually the singer along with two of his friends in this incarnation of the band. Each song has an independent feel to it that holds so much more in each lyrics then the casual listener can comprehend. One interesting thing about this act is the fact that non-traditional drumming styles re heavily used to give the band a truly different vibe. The guys have amazing stage presence, playfully joking with the crowd, who were his palm by the time I actually found this place, in the basement of a college hall. All acoustics were used in this act. “Somebody Else’s Lawn” which is a apparently newer song is a much lighter song about a defecating dog. This song has a more twangy feel to it. Wow. A cover, which is “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain, comes after the handing out of Free Swag. Again :”I’ll Be” has the inclusion of a bongo instead of drums, which actually are not present on the set. The instruments are powerful enough to make this act simple one to remember. This really seems to be a Christian act, which of course is not bad, for a few reasons. This includes sound relatively similar to Michael W. Smith and various allusions to God. During the latter part of the set, tracks are played that open up the sphere of comparison to the Black Crowes and various other popular rock acts. This show was played to promote their new CD: “Sellout”. Matthew West definitely has potential, with all current members of the band being under 30, and all being relatively handsome.

Cool and Phat 6/25/99 (JMcQ)

Abacus– This band is pop hardcore in the vein of what the Blitz and WAZU play. Metal with definite influences of Metallica, Pantera, Godsmack, and Sepultura. Most fake hardcore bands like this suck, but Abacus actually has more of a metal edge and is easier to listen to. The guitarist also has some really kickass solos, and the drummer is a speed demon. Fist of Gold- Creed+ New metallica sounding song, slow at beginning/fast at middle. The guitarist is the best part of the band, with some screeching solos. Definite early 80’s metal influences with this band. This band is way fucking better then Triphammer was. Shawn dos way better sound jobs then Jesse ever could. Abacus is a really fucking good band, with all parts working together to kick all ass. They could definitely get signed to a huge label like Roadrunner or Metal Blade if they wanted to. The drummer of Abacus plays at a fear factory/cannibal corpse speed. Continue reading “Cool and Phat 6/25/99 (JMcQ)”

Cool and Phat 6/4/99 (JMcQ)

Ryan Greenley– This has four people playing (Bongos/Bass/Drums/Guitar). Jesse is on Bass. All songs of this set are instrumental. This has a decent jazz-indie feel, with a Guitarist with mucho talent. The set has very amazing guitar playing, but every other member of the band is barely noticeable. The guitar playing is so good that it sounds like one big long solo. This style of music is one of the only types of instrumental music i like.

Rating 7.0/10 Continue reading “Cool and Phat 6/4/99 (JMcQ)”

Cool and Phat 5/24/99 and 5/31/99 (JMcQ)

I had lost these reviews until tonight [5/31/99], so here are two cool and phat shows that i was there to review.

The names of the 1st two bands have been lost to time, but the 3rd and 4th bands I know of.

1st band-This is decent sounding rock ,with definite influence from Ted Nugent. The bass sounds muddy, which is also the same problem with the vocals.This is a 3 piece band, Bass/Guitars/Drums, and were pretty boring. They took too long between songs, and they sounded horribly. Continue reading “Cool and Phat 5/24/99 and 5/31/99 (JMcQ)”

Big Al`s Swing Kids Concert 4/9/99 (NO)

Big Al`s Swing Kids Concert (April 9th 1999)

This concert was held in the 1st Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, and it started at 8 o clock. This was a band that started out in Columbus Ohio and were inspired by many of the greats of swing. They had an awesome guitarist who sang as well. They had recently acquired a new drummer and a new keyboardist. They caught on pretty quickly and also taught the croup some swing moved. a trumpeter who was the only woman in the group, and a Saxophonist that both song. Rounding out the group was a upright electric bassist. The three singers sang some very impressive harmony and really got the crowd going, and they can be compared to the Cherry Poppin Daddies, Squirrel Nut Zippers and the W`s. This is a great example of the influence of older 20’s swing at work.


Cool and Phat 4/9/99 (JMcQ)

Cool and Phat Concert on April 9th 1999

The night began with Dutch Uncle, a wondrous local band playing for an hour and a half, followed by a band from Kentucky, Chiaroscuro.

Dutch Uncle. – To my count, they played 15 songs and they were on for 100 minutes. Their drummer was in Florida for spring break, and Jesse jumped in on the last few songs to play drums for them. Their tracklist was pretty much the same as the last cool and phat show, but to stretch out time until Chiaroscuro came, bombed on a few improv songs. Quite a few of the songs were acoustic versions, which still had the energy of Dutch Uncle. I really dont have much to say about these guys again. Their cover of “Comfortably Numb” really was a scorcher, with Michael playing part of one of the many solos behind his back. The one noteworthy song of the night that was added to the songlist to expand time was their cover of Guns N Roses`es classic from 1987, “Paradise City”, which was still amusing since they only knew the chorus to the songs. The last 5 songs Jesse, the runner of Monster in a Box records, drummed on. And boy can he drum, with all of the rhythm coming in right.Dutch Uncle was still amazing, even with out their drummer.

Rating 8.5/10 Continue reading “Cool and Phat 4/9/99 (JMcQ)”

Cool and Phat 3/26/99 (JMcQ)

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Bands Worth Noting of The Night:

Psychobabble (2 sets)- The 2nd time ive seen these guys. They seemed better then the first time, which still isn’t saying much. The lead singer needs to stop saying “Pick it up” when he is singing, because it gets too fucking annoying. I moshed with the lead singer at a Jerkwater Jive show, and the little guy has some stamina. They also played the Fisher Catholic High School song again. The only thing that was different about their 1st set is that they covered Operation Ivy`s “Knowledge”. Too bad its been covered to death. On their second try, they got back up on stage and played the same songs that they did the first time that night. They need to learn how to play new shit. The funniest happening of the whole night was when Joe Romaine tried to help the lead singer with “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

Rating (1st Show) 5.0/10

Rating (2nd Show)4.0/10 Continue reading “Cool and Phat 3/26/99 (JMcQ)”

Cool and Phat 3/12/99 (JMcQ)

Cool and Phat Concert on March 12th 1999

Marcus Holden – This guy was sweet. Do you remember the guy from police acadamy? You know, the black guy that did all the noises? Well, if you do here is his pseudo brother. Marcus made beats for a lot of songs, and made money while at it. From what i gleaned off people, he always used to do that stuff in study hall. He was on stage because the first band did not show up

Rating 6.0/10 Continue reading “Cool and Phat 3/12/99 (JMcQ)”

Cool and Phat 3/5/99

Cool and Phat Concert on March 5th 1999

This place is going to be the next Gilman St., I swear. A free concert every friday night, and a band can sign up at a moments notice. The concert runs from 7 till 11 o’clock on Friday Nights, and it seriously brings a breath of fresh air into the boring city of Lancaster. The shop is located on 314 N. Columbus Street. This page will review the concert on March 5, 1999. The concert that night consisted of 8 bands that i hadnt heard until that night. In order the bands that played were Unconformed (Crappy Tool-Like Metal), Curbside Soul (Soul), Transparent Orange (College Rock), Last Tears (Punk Rock), The Crankers (Punk), Groove (Jazz Metal), Betty + Brother (Spoken Word), and Psychobabble (Catholic Punk). Continue reading “Cool and Phat 3/5/99”