Skyriders (CD)

As someone that was born a number of years after Skyriders was released, I had to do a little bit in the way of research before I could pop in the score. The film itself is well over the top, using a well-trodden plot device (the lead character’s family is kidnapped by baddies) and resolving the conflict by nothing less than hanggliding to save the day. It seems to me that the film itself have a location – the mountain – and Jack DeWitt (the writer) was told to flesh out any premise that would use it. Despite the odd quality of the movie’s plot, Lalo Schifrin was able to create a memorable score for Skyriders that would stick with anyone lucky enough to listen in. This year, Lalo Schifrin’s own label (Aleph Records) has issued this soundtrack and has provided the opportunity for an entirely new generation of fans to pick up this release. Continue reading “Skyriders (CD)”

Fire and Ice (Book)

Over the course of the last twenty-five years, author J.A. Jance has provided a tremendous amount of work in fleshing out the characters of J.P. Beaumont and Sheriff Joanna Brady. Fire and Ice is perhaps Jance’s best work to date, as the story that Jance tells showcases two distinct sub-plots hat come together in a way that will keep readers focused in throughout the entirety of the 350-plus pages. The book itself starts up with J. P. Beaumont examining a number of different, related murders that are very gruesome – the women are dispatched by gasoline after being wrapped up. Continue reading “Fire and Ice (Book)”

Dewar’s 18 (80 Proof)

We here at NeuFutur have had the chance to try a few types of scotch in the time since we first began the alcohol section; Dewar’s 18 is the first that we have decided to cover. The presentation is what will immediately strike potential purchasers, as the spirit itself comes in a lavish box; after this box is opened, the rich amber color of the spirit comes out. After opening the bottle, vanilla and butterscotch are present, most as hints rather than as overbearing, omnipresent types of smells. The initial sip of the Dewar’s 18 yields a robust flavor that sticks with one long after the session has finished up; while a nice burn is present, any alcoholic bite seems to be seriously moderated. While the Dewar’s 18 may stick with individuals, this does not mean that there is any untoward heaviness present. Rather, the touch that the 18 puts on is light and long-lasting. Continue reading “Dewar’s 18 (80 Proof)”

Dragonball: Evolution (Blu-Ray)

Dragonball Z was one of the biggest anime shows to cross over to the American markets in the nineties, and it is frankly surprising that they took so long to make a film adaptation of it. For example, it only took the span of a few years to make movies based on two popular video games – Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, while only a few extra years passed between the time that Super Mario Brothers was brought to the NES and when it hit silver screens. Continue reading “Dragonball: Evolution (Blu-Ray)”

Space Bust-A-Move (Nintendo DS)

Bust-A-Move is one of those games that practically everyone has had some experience with. It was really a casual game before everyone got into casual games, and this latest iteration in the series has ensured that a completely new generation of fans will be able to enjoy the addicting game play. This title, for the DS, immediately will hit players with vibrant colors and fun-looking character design. Continue reading “Space Bust-A-Move (Nintendo DS)”

Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse: Season One (DVD Set)

Dollhouse is likely the one show that simultaneously has tons of buzz surrounding it and ratings that deserve to be higher. The titular entity employs individuals termed “Actives” for the term of five years. These individuals have their personalities wiped and are pimped out to different clients; the actions taken by the Dollhouse and their Actives are shrouded in mystery, operating in secret in a seemingly-current society. Continue reading “Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse: Season One (DVD Set)”

Jagermeister (70 Proof)

Being in a college setting for a number of years, it is not surprising that I am somewhat familiar with Jagermeister. The amount of inroads that it has made in the last decade or so into the collective consciousness of the average American adult is astonishing, considering no other of its kin (herbal-based liqueurs or even similar-tasting spirits) have sales numbers that even come close to Jagermeister. If you have not had the opportunity to have Jagermeister, I would have to say to bone up in terms of learning what the liqueur tastes like and even how its viscosity compares to that of other, more common spirits. After purchase, ensure that the bottle of Jagermeister that you have selected is cold, and take a whiff of the cap – better to be cautious rather than to go in full-bore and regret buying the bottle. Continue reading “Jagermeister (70 Proof)” and Sick Puppies Want To Give You a Samsung Memoir!

In celebration of their new release, Tri-Polar, Sick Puppies and are giving you a chance to win a 32” Flat Screen TV and 8.0 megapixel camera phone, brought to you by Samsung Mobileâ„¢, Rock Prophecies and Virgin Records! Continue reading “ and Sick Puppies Want To Give You a Samsung Memoir!”

Sick Puppies – Tri-Polar (CD)

Though not exactly prolific, Australia’s Sick Puppies know how to pace themselves. Though the band has been around since 1997, Tri-Polar marks only their second full length. With a dozen songs, the band makes the most out of the time they are given in the studio. Reminiscent of mid-to-late 90’s alternative rock – mixing everything from metal to pop rock – the band sounds like a blend of Silverchair and Stone Temple Pilots, with a slight nod to the Smashing Pumpkins. Continue reading “Sick Puppies – Tri-Polar (CD)”

Alert the Press – We’re Gonna Have A Parade! (CD)

“One For Katie” is the first track on “We’re Gonna Have A Parade!”. Immediately, what comes forth is a band that is confident and technically skilled; the act’s overall sound here touches upon The Ataris, MxPx, and even NoFX. Pop-punk, rock, and even mid-nineties emo are all here, and “We’re Gonna Have A Parade!” has just started. With each subsequent track, Alert the Press adds something new to their toolbox. Continue reading “Alert the Press – We’re Gonna Have A Parade! (CD)”