Penn & Teller B.S.! – The Complete Sixth Season

After six seasons, you know where you stand with the often polarizing duo of Penn & Teller and their sacred cow tipping Showtime series Bull Shit! For those easily offended and potentially horrified for the group’s crass, profanity-laced, straight-to-the-point documentaries… well change the channel. For those with an open mind however, the series is entertainingly addictive and season six, now on DVD, is no different. Continue reading “Penn & Teller B.S.! – The Complete Sixth Season”

Pet Pals: New Leash On Life (PC)

If you want a full art copy of the game, go to your local game shop and pick up a copy, or you can go to the website linked above and download the game. Where the game will work out quite well for those in the young set that are entertaining the idea of becoming a veterinarian, those older individuals that are playing the title will have their interest piqued by the different medical procedures that are commonplace in the game play of Pet Pals. What will undoubtedly be the biggest selling point of the game are the countless different animals that one can provide care to. Continue reading “Pet Pals: New Leash On Life (PC)”

Three Olives Cherry (70 Proof)

Three Olives has been one of the most elusive spirits for NeuFutur to track down and request; I know breaking the fourth wall is sort of verboten, but I find it interesting to see the inner workings of different industry (and by extension, I feel that our readers do as well). Thus, much as our contact with Victory Records was seen as a “victory”, our contact with Proximo Spirits provided much joy. Continue reading “Three Olives Cherry (70 Proof)” and Linkin Park Want to Give You a Fender Squier

Multi-Platinum Alternative rock band Linkin Park have just released their much-anticipated track for Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. The single “New Divide” will serve as the official theme song for the movie which is slated for silver screen release on June 24th. NeuFutur Magazine is providing readers with a contest to win a custom Fender Squier guitar – sign up at for a chance. The contest ends July 5th, so hurry! Continue reading “ and Linkin Park Want to Give You a Fender Squier”

Urinal Gum #6

We here at NeuFutur have had this issue of Urinal Gum floating around the office for a damn long time, and we have to first apologize to the editors of UG . This issue is from around July of 2008, so there are a few dated things here. This means that there is a fake letter written o then-senator Hillary Rodham Clinton about being the front-runner of the Democratic party, while “Every Count Votes” is a somewhat disturbing bit of review coverage for the HBO film Recount. While the poem “State of the Union” manages to rhyme nicely, it seems to drag on for a tad too long, while a second goofy letter, written this time to Representative Peter DeFazio (Oregon) about allowing GLBT people into space will elicit a few chuckles.

“A Field Trip to the Oregon Country Fair” is a very hit or miss piece, discussing “Jack Turklesson”’s experience using LSD at an alternative dimension’s county fair. The strongest piece in this issue of Urinal Gum would have to be “Dear In Headlights”, an advise article that tells listeners exactly what they wish to hear. The issue finishes up with a listing detailing what readers should do since the world is ending, and it is truly a microcosm of the issues that are present in this issue. While there are funny bits and pieces placed throughout, it just seems as if the writers here are missing more often than hitting with their jokes. Keep an eye out for reviews of future issues and pick up #6 if you see it around.

Rating: 6.5/10

Urinal Gum #6 / $2 / 48S /

Pill Hill Radio – S/T (CD)

“Halfway” is the first track that listeners will get the chance to hear on this self-titled release, and they will immediately be buffeted with an interesting bit of country rock that is not happy with staying within the boundaries of that genre. There are nods, both subtle and obvious, to alternative rock and pop, making this introduction into something that will ensure that listeners will stick around for a good portion of this release. “Bridgette” flips the script, taking on a more straightforward rock approach. The vocals are what listeners will focus in on here, with Pill Hill Radio taking on both the Spin Doctors and Oasis here. Continue reading “Pill Hill Radio – S/T (CD)”

Catman Cohen – How I Want To Dream (CD)

NeuFutur has been lucky enough to review a number of titles of Cohen’s discography, and we were presented with a copy of eir latest, “How I Want To Dream”. The disc starts out with the titular track, which melds absolutely sick guitar lines with a slower set of vocals. The track, despite only taking up about three minutes of the total time on the disc, sets the stage well for the rest of the album. “There Was A Boy” continues Cohen’s work, and it provides a more intricate introduction oto Cohen’s work than had been present during the disc’s first salvo. Continue reading “Catman Cohen – How I Want To Dream (CD)”

Steve Lieberman – Diaspora (CD)

This album is based around a theme, being “A Folk-Punk History of the Hebrew Nation”. The tracks on this CD go throughout the entirety of Jewish history, bouncing through the distinct segment of the group’s history. The disc starts out with “Exiled To The Diaspora”, a driven type of track that will have the drums firmly implanted in listeners’ ears by the end of the track. “Diaspora” moves on to “Ab’ram” for the second track, making for a more deliberate approach. Continue reading “Steve Lieberman – Diaspora (CD)”

Great White – Rising (CD)

It would be easy to write off Great White as just another way past its prime hair metal band trying desperately to relive the 80’s. But Great White, like Tesla and a handful of others who got caught up in the atrocious metal scene 20 years ago, had actual talent and some great songs to back up their bluster. Continue reading “Great White – Rising (CD)”

Wedlock – Black Sundress (Single)

“Black Sundress” is the latest single by Wedlock, and long-time readers of NeuFutur will remember our review of Wedlock’s last single “Reverend Charisma” – . This track showcases significant evolution by Wedlock, giving listeners a different facet of the band. Continue reading “Wedlock – Black Sundress (Single)”