The Pink Spiders – Sweat It Out (CD)

I must be getting soft in my old age of nineteen. I know what you’re thinking reader, ‘nineteen? psh..’ but in “scene years” I’m as old as dirt and should have dropped out ages ago for a life of courdroy pants and synthesized goodness. Well, I just can’t but after listening to The Pink Spiders latest release sadly but truly I’m getting soft but who would feel all warm and fuzzy inside after listening to this album? Offering up thirteen tracks to pop-rock nation, Sweat It Out is an incredibly well written and played album from begginign to end. And as it says on the cover “thirteen tales of heartbreak and jubilance” couldn’t hit it on the head any better. From the very first chord they had me hooked. Continue reading “The Pink Spiders – Sweat It Out (CD)”

Cardamis Interview

(1)What acts would you say are your greatest influences, and how do they factor into your sound as a performer?

It´s hard to say, even if look in my CD collection I get confused who I like. It really depends on what phase I was going through in my life. The last couple of years I´ve been strongly influenced by the French band Air. They speak to my soul. It´s also inspiring to see artists, such as them, who are successful in this business and do not lose integrity to their art. I´m also drawn to chameleons such as Bjork, David Bowie, and Madonna. Not only because of the music they make but also because they aren´t afraid to expose their different faces; both masculine and feminine. My sound, especially for the EP project definitely mirrors this fascination. Continue reading “Cardamis Interview”

Blue Island Tribe – The 5 Hits of Ecstasy (CD)

The Blue Island Tribe link together a chunky bass line, sizzling horns, and a funky outlook in the creation of a ska rock hybrid that is established as an entirely new entity. This means that the Blue Island Tribe are trying to craft their own sounds rather than merely to gain success through the aping of successful bands’ sounds. This also means that tracks like “Ecstasy” are freaking amazing. No other act that is in the same ballpark as the Blue Island Tribe, whether it be the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, or even 311 could create a sound that is so honest, so fun, and so catchy. Each cut on “The 5 Hits of Ecstasy” is a hit, easily able to scale any college radio or rock chart. Continue reading “Blue Island Tribe – The 5 Hits of Ecstasy (CD)”

Todd Snider – Peace Queer (CD)

Todd Snider has never made a bad record. Sure some have been better than others; some take several listens before they finally click and no two records are ever really the same, but none have ever been duds – his latest, the 8-song Peace Queer, included. Snider has always been comfortable doing his own thing, even when signed to a major label for his first couple of releases, he never felt the need to write music for the masses. Continue reading “Todd Snider – Peace Queer (CD)”

Cardamis – S/T EP (CD)

“Eat Your Dinner” is the first track on this self-titled effort, and the three and a half minute run time of the track gives listeners a full range of the styles and influences that play such a major role in Cardamis’ development. “Eat Your Dinner” is a track that has a heavy debt to the dance music of the mid-nineties, all while keeping the camp of a Freddy Mercury or a Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Cardamis’ vocals here are equivalent to any powerful lead and will stay in listeners’ minds for considerably longer than the track would suggest. The ancillary instrumentation (laid down by Nicolai Ziel, Sebastian Vogel, Johannes Feige, and a number of other players), properly highlights Cardamis’ vocals, highlighting them when needed. Continue reading “Cardamis – S/T EP (CD)”

Tim Barry – Manchester (CD)

Based on the past few years, you’d think every grizzled punk rocker wants nothing more than to be a folk musician. Hot Water Music front man Chuck Ragan put his band on ice for a year or two to pick up an acoustic guitar; Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin went rootsy on his solo record last year; and former Avail singer Tim Barry has been unplugged for several records now. Continue reading “Tim Barry – Manchester (CD)”

Inniskillin 2007 Riesling Ice Wine

When we first received this wine I was very excited – I love a good Riesling and also I had never had ice wine before this. I wanted to make this moment a special one. I wanted to try it after a fine meal or with a good friend, but I was so anxious to try it I finally broke down and opened it. I had a minor difficulty opening the wine; it had a wax seal over the cork but ultimately opened just fine. When I smelled the cork, it smelled like a common Riesling. Continue reading “Inniskillin 2007 Riesling Ice Wine”

The Tossers – On a Fine Spring Evening (CD)

You can go into just about any major city today, toss a bagpipe into a crowd and hit a band playing Celtic punk rock. Over the past decade or so, it seems like everyone wants to marry The Pogues use of traditional Irish instruments and themes with the driving beat and heavy guitars of The Clash. Though not as well-known as The Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly, the Chicago-based six piece The Tossers have actually been blending traditional Celtic instruments with street punk longer than most. Continue reading “The Tossers – On a Fine Spring Evening (CD)”

Asteria – Asteria EP (CD)

It’s hard to hear the songs off of Asteria’s self-titled EP over the sound of the final nails being loudly banged into the emo/pop-punk coffin. The paint-by-numbers, overproduced, polished-all-the-jagged- edges-until-they’re-shiny-and-smooth sound from this Indiana-based five piece is so mundane that the only thing to distinguish one song from the next is the titles. Continue reading “Asteria – Asteria EP (CD)”

Sonic Bliss – Loved to Death (CD)

Sonic Bliss begins their “Loved to Death” with “Sahara”. “Sahara” is a confident rock track that has hints of Disturbed and Static-X present, even as the band crafts a unique sound that will easily clue listeners in as to the identify of Sonic Bliss. The band is able to create an iconic sound and shift it up enough through the track’s six minute run time to keep listeners firmly planted in their seats and eagerly anticipating “Loved To Death”’s second track, “Far Cry”. “Far Cry” melds the new rock sound first broached during “Sahara” with a tried and true eighties metal approach. Continue reading “Sonic Bliss – Loved to Death (CD)”