Leaving America Part One

Wednesday, July 27th 2007. I was sitting in the middle of the darkness on top of the hood of a Chevrolet Lumina parked in a park somewhere in Ohio. I lay my head back and put it on the back of the car and lit myself a Black-n-Mild cigar. I puffed the hard, sweet smoke deep into my lungs and puff it out slowly; the thick grey smoke carefully blends with the dark night, the white, full moon being the only source of light in that secluded spot. With every drag and puff I do, my memories travel. As slow as the smoke that streamed out of my mouth. Continue reading “Leaving America Part One”

Pop Evil Contest

Pop Evil is releasing a new single called “100 in a 55” next Tuesday, Nov. 4th on Election Day. We will have a link to a streaming version of that song on that day.

That is why NeuFutur Magazine and the Luthier Society are working together to make a kick-ass Pop Evil contest. We are sending out five sets of t-shirts, autographed posters and CD’s from the band. Enter today and you could be one of those lucky winners! One entry per person, all ages welcome. Continue reading “Pop Evil Contest”

Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (CD)

Everyone has their musical fantasies, those songs you listen to during the nastiest of sexy-times. Well I think that’s what Sergeant had in mind when they recorded their 2006 album Midnight to Midnight. I’ve heard some pretty wacky songs over my short years but this is some straight tie you up beat you and burn you shit. Total SNM debauchery, but all in all the tunes aren’t that bad. Continue reading “Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (CD)”

Citizenship or Permanent Residency?

You happen to graduate from a school in the United States, and you have everything that you can only dream of. But sooner or later you’ll know that you have to leave that dream behind just in case something happens with your immigration matters. The only way to stay there is to get a citizenship or apply for a permanent residency. What are the benefits of each, and what are the downsides? Continue reading “Citizenship or Permanent Residency?”

Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP / The Octopus Project/Black Moth Super Rainbow – The House of Apples and Eyeballs

Five psychedelic songs, twenty-five minutes and a whole lot to think about afterwards. Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP gives all you could ever ask for with five really weird songs that do all kinds of weird things. I was taken aback by the sheer nuttyness of this album but it does have it’s crazy vibe down to a valid science offering some pretty good tunes…for the most part. Plus, it comes with a really weird poster of a dog riding a horse who looks like a human! Continue reading “Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP / The Octopus Project/Black Moth Super Rainbow – The House of Apples and Eyeballs”

Planeside – Under the circumstances it’s not such a bad idea… (CD)

Planeside – Under the circumstances it’s not such a bad idea… is an engrossing album. It offers six songs clocking in just under twenty minutes. Daniella the first track a pop-punk diddy about a girl, just the way it should be upbeat and a play off the pain reminds me of the summer of 97′ ya know when me and some guys started a band tried real hard? Continue reading “Planeside – Under the circumstances it’s not such a bad idea… (CD)”

Dead Heart Bloom – Fall In (CD)

Back in my high school days I fell victim to The Arcade Fire hysteria that was sweeping the underground. For those of you who don’t remember this you came to late or too early to really appreciate what was so great and new about them. I feel that the EP I hold in my hands by Dead Heart Bloom entitled Fall In is just as good if not better then the first time I heard Neighborhood. Continue reading “Dead Heart Bloom – Fall In (CD)”

Rev Theory Guitar and Tickets Giveaway Contest

Rev Theory is hitting the road as part of the Jägermeister Music tour with Hinder and Trapt! To celebrate the tour Rev Theory and neufutur.com want to hook up one person in every city with a pair of tickets to the show. To sweeten the pot Epiphone will hook up one grand prize winner with a Prophecy Les Paul Custom guitar! Continue reading “Rev Theory Guitar and Tickets Giveaway Contest”

Iron Man Ultimate 2-Disc Edition (Blu-Ray)

Whenever individuals may think that the superhero genre is losing steam, a company steps their game up and comes out with a film that is visually appealing, written well, and sets up the prospect for a sequel perfectly. In 2008, there were two films to do just that: The Dark Knight and Iron Man. The behemoth that is Iron Man has enjoyed a number of releases in different formats, but for anyone’s money, the edition that they should strive to purchase is the ultimate 2-Blu Ray disc version. The amount of additional features, coupled with the sharpness in video and audio that is present, far outstrip the experience that viewers will have vis-à-vis any other edition. Continue reading “Iron Man Ultimate 2-Disc Edition (Blu-Ray)”

Dancer vs. Politician – A City Half-Lost

I’ve come to terms with the fact that 19 member bands aren’t all into wearing drug-rugs dropping acid and talking about how great The Dead were. It’s been a hard realization but bands like Dancer vs. Politician make it possible and enjoyable to listen to at the same time. That being said their 2008 release A City Half-Lost, publicized by Team Clermont is a little off the wall, I take that back. Continue reading “Dancer vs. Politician – A City Half-Lost”