The Republic Tigers – S/T EP

So, Chop Shop Records we need to have a talk about The Republic Tigers, their four song EP you send just…just isn’t enough to suffice me. This four song EP comes not only with the disc but I also have five pictures of the men responsible for the great sound coming out of my speakers, a nice little bonus. Buildings & Mountains, is an head bobber and ass shaker all in a five minute span, while also showing off the musical talent of the band. Sinkin’ Annie, Down, Down, Down, Down, is a bit of a calmer song sticking to one thing and going for it something I can appreciate, but don’t think that fact cripples this song it only makes it better with it’s great hook. Continue reading “The Republic Tigers – S/T EP”

The Little Ones – Morning Tide

I grabbed Morning Tide at random this morning (actually afternoon) in a drunken haze of last nights triumphs and failures and found some very relaxing poppy songs. The Little Ones are obviously trained in the art of pop-music taking licks from Pet Shop Boys and bands of that sort. With plenty of synthesizer to fill the fuzzy holes in my ears the sound kind of grows on you like a mold. Morning Tide, the title track, is definitely the stand out track of the album it gives everything The Little Ones have in one song and that’s kind of how it is. After a few more listens and a tad more sobriety there’s only one more song on the album that really has any sort of originality. Rise and Shine is a really, really catchy song and it has an instant hook and is noticeable amongst the eleven tracks The Little Ones put out. If you find yourself looking for some pop songs to sober up to on a Sunday afternoon pick up Morning Tide, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Continue reading “The Little Ones – Morning Tide”

Red Bull BC One (DS)

Throughout all of gaming, there have been a number of company-sponsored releases. Individuals may remember M.C. Kids, Yo Noid!, or Cool Spot; Red Bull BC One both comes forth as similar and extremely different from these types of games. This DS title is similar in the sense that there is promotional branding for Red Bull strewn throughout all stages and screens of the game, but it differs in that the game play and overall fun of the title is much greater than the aforementioned titles. For individuals that are not familiar with the BC One, it is a real event in which breakdancers go up against the best in their field, attempting to bring home local, regional, and international awards. To make the virtual character achieve the same success that the winners of the BC One have achieved in the past, there are a number of mini-games and other events to challenge a player’s hand-eye coordination. Continue reading “Red Bull BC One (DS)”

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (DS)

Dragon Quest is one of the most popular RPG franchises currently out on the market, and in Japan, the popularity of the series is second to that of Pokémon. It is no surprise that the fourth installment, “Chapters of the Chosen” is an impressive RPG blending together great graphics (for the DS) and a solid storyline with excellent game play. Long-time players in the RPG genre may be familiar with the game’s previous life: it originally reached American shores in 1990 as Dragon Warrior IV (for the NES). Continue reading “Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (DS)”

Game Party 2 (Wii)

The Wii is a solid console in and of itself, but it seems that a number of games on the market really do not take the Wii to its logical extensions. For my money, Game Party 2 is the first game that I have reviewed that does just that, and it provides players with a number of different games to keep them busy, whether 2 or 4 (or even 16) individuals are playing. The 11 games that are contained on Game Party (a list that includes a Quarterback Challenge, Beanbags, Trivia, and Hoop Shoot) are differentiated enough both in terms of graphics and game play that it does not feel merely as if Midway went and re-skinned the same type of game 11 different times. Perhaps the strongest part of the game would have to be the realistic physics that operate in each game. Continue reading “Game Party 2 (Wii)”

Black Suit Karma – Negative White (CD)

“In Between The Space of Things” shows that the band knows how to craft a rock track that touches upon the distinct genres and developments that have been created in the last fifteen years. Black Suit Karma comes forth on “Space of Things” with a tight set of musical arrangements that burst into fleshes of intensity that will stick with listeners for weeks and months after their first listen. This introduction is followed up by an equally strong “Omega Horse”, with the band’s deliberate progression showcasing the fact that the bands next hard rock attack is just around the bend. Where “In Between The Space of Things” played more to the Coal Chamber and Disturbed side of rock music, “Omega Horse” has a more storied, Pantera and Machine Head approach to things. Continue reading “Black Suit Karma – Negative White (CD)”

Anberlin Interview (Conducted By Jam Shawna)

Interview with Anberlin singer Stephen Christian

How are you doing?

Doing wonderful. I’m here in San Antonio, Texas on our New Surrender headlining tour.

What’s the meaning behind the new album name?

Well, New Surrender for me was more of like a motivational speech in two words as best as I could. What it is basically for me is that I think that in everyone’s life there is something that’s holding us back from achieving or being what we’re supposed to be or pursuing our dreams, or there’s something out there. Or maybe it’s something that’s holding us back and we need to surrender from it. It could be something as mundane as television or cigarettes. Or it could be something as deep as like insecurity or fear but there’s always something that’s holding us back from something that we know we need to be and so for me there’s a lot of lyrics especially on the song, “Breathe” that just talk about surrendering from the life that they had once lived and so I think that’s basically the title for New Surrender.

Continue reading “Anberlin Interview (Conducted By Jam Shawna)”

The All-American Rejects – “Gives You Hell”

As someone who has kept up with the band since the days of “Swing Swing”, the intro to this song leaves me shocked that I am hearing The All-American Rejects. The opening and bouncy beat definitely channel Smash Mouth, when upon further research I discovered this song was produced by Eric Valentine, who also produced some Smash Mouth singles. Continue reading “The All-American Rejects – “Gives You Hell””

Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway (PS3)

Hell’s Highway is the third of the Brothers in Arms series, and it saw a release on the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the PC. This time out, the Playstation 3 version of Hell’s Highway will be reviewed. Regardless of the console through which the player enters into “Hell’s Highway”, the storyline is the same. Based off a real World War II offensive (Operation Market Garden, where the Allies attempted to go up through the Nazi-occupied Holland and into Berlin), individuals will find a familiar crew in place. This means that Sergeant Matt Baker and eir cronies are more or less all present, but there have been some changes and modifications to the Brothers in Arms series between Earned in Blood and Hell’s Highway. Continue reading “Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway (PS3)”