Pragnya Wakhlu “Burning Fire”

On “Burning Fire”, Pragnya Wakhlu is able to marry together a traditional sound with a more current and contemporary approach. The richness of the arrangement speaks to anyone listening in, no matter their familiarity with what Wakhlu is saying. There is a powerful harmony that is crafted here; multiple voices add considerable gravity and reverence to the two-minute mark of the single. Repetition is also used to a good degree, with specific themes and sounds adding further gravitas to the song. The track is recorded well, draws upon past and present, and is a great introduction to Wakhlu and her music. 

Pragnya Wakhlu “Burning Fire” /

P. Chace “NBA (Nothing But A$$)”

We’ve dug the Florida rap scene since 2 Live Crew was cutting their first works in the 1980s. P. Chace keeps the name of Florida rap pristine with his new single “NBA (Nothing But A$$)”. The single features a flow from the inimitable Trina, but P. Chace’s got that indescribable sort of quality that sets NBA off from other current rap tracks. Trina comes in, hits hard, and adds further dankness to an already gritty effort. Adopting a bit of the polish of state-mate T. Pain for the chorus, P. Chace is able to make a well-balanced single. 

P. Chace “NBA (Nothing But A$$)” /

Kolade Olamide Ayodeji – Trap in the Night

Kolade Olamide Ayodeji’s Trap in the Night is an infectious effort that will immediately tattoo its melodies and strong female vocals into the minds and hearts of listeners. The backing beat ties together electronic, pop, and R&B styles into something that draws upon the last twenty years of music while being wholly unique. A brief instrumental part at the 2:30 part is precisely what Ayodeji needs to build the momentum back up. The climax of Trap in the Night at the 3:15-ish mark ends the single as strongly as it began. We hope to hear more from Ayodeji in the future. Continue reading “Kolade Olamide Ayodeji – Trap in the Night”

Colette Kavanagh “Once In A Lifetime”

Colette Kavanagh’s “Once In A Lifetime” is a song that builds into a completely engaging, dramatic effort. The dynamic between the guitar and vocals builds upon The Carpenters and Carole King. Hints of Nicole Britt and Sheryl Crow can be discerned here, but Colette brings enough of herself to Once In A Lifetime that fans will be devouring every word. The instrumentation swells into something engrossing at the 2:45 mark; Kavanagh is able to create another hit that is deep and alluring while being something that can be appreciated by a wide swath of music fans. 

Colette Kavanagh “Once In A Lifetime”  /  /



Twista – Baddest (featuring Cap1)


Baddest is a track that showcases Twista’s immense skill. Where fans will undoubtedly remember the rapid-fire flow that marked Twista’s first few recordings, Baddest is a track that works through the back and forth of the distinct styles of both performers. This slow/fast sound of the single is a great way to keep fans firmly on the edges of their seats. Zaytoven’s production here allows these disparate elements to work perfectly together all while creating a track that would hang equally well on straight rap or modern top 40 stations. Twista’s got a banger for the summer.

Twista – Baddest (featuring Cap1) / 2017 /

Xavier White – Sudden Change

Xavier White’s Sudden Change ties together R&B and EDM to make a track perfect for the sunny summer months. The dichotomy between the music and White’s vocals is fantastic, with hints of Diplo and Avicii infused into the backing beat. Continue reading “Xavier White – Sudden Change”

Cold Roses “Staying Alive Ain’t Easy”

Cold Roses’ “Staying Alive Ain’t Easy” is a touching, compelling sort of rock that ties together influences as wide-ranging as Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls, and Matchbox 20. The emotive sound of the vocals is matched well by the taut instrumentation. Punchy drums, emphatic pianos, and a completeness are given by the bass during this single. The quick tempo of the track will bounce around listeners’ minds long after the single ceases to play. The inclusion of the horns towards the last minute of Staying Alive Ain’t Easy is the cherry on the top of this sundae. Check out the Cold Roses domain for more information about the band.

Cold Roses “Staying Alive Ain’t Easy” /

Shaheed and DJ Supreme “Glorious Day”

Shaheed and DJ Supreme’s “Glorious Day” a rap track that looks back to the sunny days of 1990s California Rap, using soul samples to create a sweeping sound. The taut flow of Shaheed is high-energy while thoughtful in terms of subject matter, interacting with the picture-perfect beat that plays in the back. The single is something that will be blaring out of windows through the summer, while having enough in variety to keep fans digging the track for months after that. Glorious Day is one of the best rap tracks we’ve heard so far this year.

Shaheed and DJ Supreme “Glorious Day” / 2017 Self Released /

Jase Harley – Between the Lines feat. Chris Lee

Jase Harley creates a catchy effort in Between the Lines. The inclusion of . Chris Lee to the track adds further variety to an already deep sort of R&B groove, which blends together electronic, trap, and drill styles. The harmonies that are achieved during Between the Lines adds in the same fashion to the overall spirit of the effort. Continue reading “Jase Harley – Between the Lines feat. Chris Lee”