K-Syran – Dizzy

We covered Dizzy a few months back, and were pleased to hear that K-Syran released a full-length album. Temptation is a pop-dance track that keeps the energy high even as there is some serious emotional content presented in the track. Hudson River is our choice for favorite track on Dizzy. The gradual increase in tempo will keep listeners on the edges of their seat, as the synths pick up into something wholly engrossing. Continue reading “K-Syran – Dizzy”

Hedera – Helix CD Review

Hedera has just released a new release, Helix. The first track on this EP, Missing Yesterday, begins with a hint of Stone Temple Pilots-esque guitars, alongside arrangements that build off of the work of MUSE and Franz Ferdinand. A charismatic set of vocals stand out boldly on top of the track, while the tautness of the arrangement during this introductory single indicates that this band has their stuff together. The bass that is presented on Rainy Days is emotive and acts as a secondary narrative element. The rising and falling of Hedera’s instrumentation during this second track will keep listeners firmly on the edges of their seats. There is a bit of spontaneity present to this composition that means that no two segments are the same; the eclectic sound of the single keeps fans interested throughout its nearly five-minute run time. Continue reading “Hedera – Helix CD Review”

Almost Everywhere – Survival

Almost Everywhere’s Survival starts out in a very sedate and soft fashion before moving into a hard-hitting EDM that pushes the vocal and instrumental sides to an entirely higher plateau. The atmospheric vocals pull double duty in that they both contribute a narrative as well as build upon the harmonies that are established. The arrangements tie together a number of distinct dance styles and approach. This means that alongside the overall EDM / style, there are nods to trance, house, and even a bit of emo and world music. Eclectic and without any easy comparison, what Survival succeeds on is Almost Everywhere’s raw ability.  The clap track and piano that bridges the gap between the quiet to the more electronic, “loud” side of Survival is one of those little touches that one may miss if they are only passively listening to the single. However, it truly is the lynch pin for the single, an absolutely vital inclusion that makes the track work.

This could be a needlessly muddled track, but the impression that one gets as they continue to listen to the song is that each and every note and approach is there for a distinct reason. It is this “Everything has its place” sound that makes this into such a fulfilling work. One could listen to Survival numerous times and continue to hear new twists and turns; one has to wonder precisely how Almost Everywhere is going to build upon this effort. The one thing that we do know is that we will eagerly listen to anything that is to follow.

Rating: 8.7/10

Almost Everywhere – Survival / 2017 Self Released / 4:07 / https://soundcloud.com/almost-everywhere / http://www.almosteverywhere.com/

Willy and the Planks – S/T

Keep your Hands off her is the first track on the new self-titled release by Willy and the Planks. This is a powerful blues-rock track that takes up hints of soul and funk. Fans of the style from the 1960s and 1970s will hear newer hints here, as there is a subtle nod to performers like Chris Cornell and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

The Dark Side of Me calls back to the guitar work of performers like Jimi Hendrix and the psychedelic rock of The Doors. Sizzling guitar work, ropy bass lines, and splashy drums unite to make for a track that will stick with listeners long after the last note ceases. You got me Cryin’ is another richly emotive track that tells as much with its instrumentation as it does with the sultry, impassioned vocals. The back and forth between these two elements is a trend that continues along with Lonely Town, Lonely Street.

I Feel Good, Little girl is a track that touches upon a wide swath of artists from as far back as Ray Charles to Stevie Ray Vaughan; the more free-form sound of the bass, guitars, and drums has a fun style to it that is reminiscent of modern jazz.

See that my grave is kept clean is the final statement on this release, and it ties together all the different styles and approaches that Willy and the Plarks showcased previously. Furthermore, it is an integral track for fans to understand where the act may go on follow up recordings. Simply a must-listen, Willy and the Planks’ self-titled release hits hard from the first note to the last.

Top Tracks: Keep your Hands off her, See that my grave is kept clean

Rating: 8.5/10

Willy and the Planks – S/T Album Review / 2017 Self Released / 7 Tracks / http://www.willyandtheplanks.com/https://www.facebook.com/willyandtheplanks/


Terry Ohms – Ghost

We can’t stop listening to Terry Ohms new single “Ghost”, it’s a super catchy song with a lot of heart. The song is memorable with interesting and intriguing lyrics and a fun rhythm.  His sound is similar to artists like Jackson Browne or The Rolling Stones but Ohms finds a way to make it his own with a soulful chorus and harmonic melodies. I think this artist would be appreciated by fans old and young as it has classic rock sound mixed with somewhat indie rock instrumentation.  We will definitely have our eyes (and ears) out for Terry’s next release.

Terry Ohms/ Self released/ 2017/ https://www.facebook.com/terryohmsandthem/

David Cobo “No One”

David Cobo has relased a new single called “No One”, the song has really great potential. His style is similar to early Eminem or D12, he has a great way to convey his feelings yet still keeps a “masculine” tone to his sound. The beat is powerful and matches quite well with his flow, but it doesn’t overpower the vocals. The lyrics are heartfelt and seem to describe the struggle that David has gone through to make it in this life. I would recommend this track to anyone that is into classic sounding hip hop but that’s not to say his sound isn’t uniquely his own.

David Cobo/ Self released/ 2017/ https://soundcloud.com/davidcobo 

Saint Pierre – Acid

Saint Pierre hailing the Brox has truly caught out eye here at NeuFutur with his new single “Acid”.  Saint Pierre’s sounds are like a mixture between Migo’s and Tyga, the song has a heavy trap beat and his flow is similar to classic “triplet” rap flow style. Acid is quite catchy with booming bass and the vocals are relatable to the Atlanta style, personally I think he’s found a way to blend both Southern hip-hop with the dirty sounds of New York.  I think fans of current hip-hop would enjoy Saint Pierre’s music because it has the potential to rap along with or just vibe out in the club.


Saint Pierre/ 2017/ https://twitter.com/berri_life

Help ATMIG’s Kickstarter

ATMIG has just went over their goal amount for their Kickstarter, but additional funding will ensure that this will be a release for the ages. The set of rewards that the band offers for their backers is considerable, a donation at the $35 mark will net a fan a signed copy of the vinyl or a T-shirt / digital download. For those that are yuge fans of vinyl, the next tier – $50 – means that you could get an early number vinyl or a ball cap / vinyl combo.  Continue reading “Help ATMIG’s Kickstarter”

The Rolling Stones – From The Vault: Sticky Fingers Live

Eagle Rock and The Rolling Stones continue their incredible From The Vault series with this 2015 Hollywood, CA set devoted almost exclusively to the “Sticky Fingers” record. Continue reading “The Rolling Stones – From The Vault: Sticky Fingers Live”

Pablo Embon – What Comes Into Play

What Comes Into Play is the latest album by Pablo Embon. Over the course of 13 tracks, Embon is able to provide considerable depth and variety to his listeners. The album begins with Baby Steps, a track that hits upon a number of trends and sounds that will be heard throughout the release. Continue reading “Pablo Embon – What Comes Into Play”