Tremble “Thorns”

 Tremble’s “Thorns” is amazing. This catchy track is built off a set of vocals that play nicely with Jess Glyne or Ingrid Michaelson. The atmosphere generated by the hazy synths and fuzzy drums imbues Thorns with a mid-1990s sound. There is a crispness to the vocal / music dynamic that works perfectly in 2017. The spontaneity of Thorns further pushes this track to a new plateau. Over the course of 3:36, Tremble move through a number of movements; this is an epic conducted in the shortest time frame possible. Kudos to the act; they’ve made one of our favorite tracks of the month.  Continue reading “Tremble “Thorns””

MRYGLD “Cool Kids”

MRYGLD’s “Cool Kids” is a power-pop / alt-rock song that draws upon The Killers and Franz Ferdinand. The two-part harmonies establish the band from others, while there is a tautness to the instrumentation that stands up to repeat plays. The dynamic between traditional (guitar/bass) and electronic (synth) styles makes for a track that could easily garner airplay through the end of the summer and into the fall. Each element is able to shine while contributing to a cohesive and cogent sound.  Expect to hear more from MRYGLD in the future; we’ll be blasting Cool Kids at NeuFutur HQ. Continue reading “MRYGLD “Cool Kids””

Tunabunny – PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr. (Vinyl)

With a title like that, you kind of know what you’re in for. Spread across two records, this 28-song, 75-minute opus is a pretty bold experiment for the Athens-based indie pop band just three albums into their career. Surprisingly, it pays off handsomely. Continue reading “Tunabunny – PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr. (Vinyl)”

Londale – AM/FM

Londale is able to tell a complete and engaging story with their new album AM/FM. The album begins with Hey, a rock track that soars on chugging guitars, on point drums, and charismatic vocals. Fans of Cheap Trick, Live, and Alkaline Trio will be able to appreciate what Londale has put forward. Hold Me Down is another unique track that draws upon a varied musical tradition. This means that there are nods to “Test For Echo”-era Rush, Live, and the Counting Crows as Londale takes listeners for a journey. Continue reading “Londale – AM/FM”

Eztain – Iconoclast EP

Australia’s Eztain has just released his Iconoclast EP, a release that touches upon a number of distinct electronic styles. The first track (and titular effort) on this EP is able to create a cogent narrative while being an instrumental composition. Strong syntheseizer and a shuffling beat build off of the style of artists like Daft Punk and Cassius. There is just enough spontaneity here to the momentum high until the single’s concluding notes. Chimaera has a haunting sound and challenges genre conventions. There is a shuffling sound to this effort that will get listeners out on the dance floor, as Eztain is able to create a dark / light dichotomy to ensnare fans.  Continue reading “Eztain – Iconoclast EP”

Banditos – Visonland (CD)

The past two years spent on the road have done nothing to dull the sound and ambitions of Nashville, by way of Birmingham’s Banditos. Their 2015 debut was a magnificent mix of ZZ Top and the Georgia Satellites. The follow up, “Visionland,” doubles down on those same ingredients and the result is twice as rewarding. Continue reading “Banditos – Visonland (CD)”

Sammy Brue – I Am Nice (CD)

It would be easy to simply dismiss Sammy Brue’s debut LP “I Am Nice” as little more than a novelty. It’s the work of a 15-year-old, so naturally a raised eyebrow or two can be expected. However, that kind of simplistic thinking is moot just one song into the record as you quickly learn, Brue is a fantastic singer/guitar player and an even better song writer. Continue reading “Sammy Brue – I Am Nice (CD)”

Rozwell Kid – Precious Art (CD)

Over the years, SideOneDummy has done a yeoman’s job of discovering an eclectic and brilliant collection of indie and punk musicians and bringing them to a larger audience. From Gogol Bordello and Flogging Molly to Gaslight Anthem and the Smith Street Band, the LA-based label has a helluva track record. Add West Virginia’s Rozwell Kid to the list. Continue reading “Rozwell Kid – Precious Art (CD)”

Deaf/Blind/Dumb – S/T EP

My Subconscious starts off in an ominous fashion, providing a bit of world-building before Deaf/Blind/Dumb begin their self-titled EP. Guitar fuzz, a nasty guitar / drum dynamic, and a shuffling beat will get listeners into the release; crust, a bit of thrash, and 1980s hardcore punk can all be heard here. The track picks up speed, with a few seconds of guitar before intense vocals take over. Stud Count is a full-out assault on listeners. There is no breath that listeners can take; Deaf/Blind/Dumb are able to wreak havoc and pull the brakes on the composition at about the minute mark. Starve brings the guitars and distortion back into the forefront, establishing a narrative that permeates not only this third track, but into the second half of this self-titled EP. Continue reading “Deaf/Blind/Dumb – S/T EP”

A few moments with Trae Byrnes

Can you give us a little background information about yourself?

We are Trae Byrnes, an Alternative band from the north side of Chicago. We all have are own Influences that we incorporate into our music which makes a nice blend of ear soothing yet hectic music. (Danny Eddz) Continue reading “A few moments with Trae Byrnes”