Sunday Drivers – Archetypes EP

Sunday Drivers – Archetypes EP / 2007 Permanent / 4 Tracks / /

The cold, New Romantic style of Sunday Drivers during “The Sweetest Disguise” is meshed well with a little bit of dance punk and hints of emo music. This means that the style of music that the band crafts during the opening track is new and fresh, and allows for the act to create their own sound from the onset. The band struggles towards the end of the track to keep individuals interested in the band’s output, but Sunday Drivers have enough of a head on their shoulders to cut things off before the track gets too repetitious. The slower, more morose sound presented by the band during their “Endless Summer” keeps things strong – the addition of a Bauhaus type of sound to their overall approach on the disc shows that the act will not be hemmed into a specific style. Continue reading “Sunday Drivers – Archetypes EP”

Movie Star Kiss – Sunset Junction

Movie Star Kiss – Sunset Junction / 2007 Self / 6 Tracks / /

The tidiness with which Movie Star Kiss create their introductory track on “Sunset Junction”, “Just Can’t Have It All” virtually ensure some large fan base for the band. The band does not immediately link themselves to a specific set of bands and influences, but plays rock music with hints of emo music strewn throughout. “Just Can’t Have It All” is a sunny track that has a little bit of grit present. The act may not rocket up the charts with this track, but their effort here gets individuals interested. “We’re Going Out Tonight” is more of the same, and it is during this track where the band starts to get in a little bit of a problem. Sure, there might be a “feel good” aspect to the act, but there has not been anything that distinguishes them from the vast majority of acts already out on the market. Continue reading “Movie Star Kiss – Sunset Junction”

Bring Me The Horizon Present – This Is What The Edge of Your Seat Was Made For

Bring Me The Horizon Present – This Is What The Edge of Your Seat Was Made For / 2007 Earache / 4 Tracks / /

Bring Me The Horizon Present creates some of the noise-infused hardcore music that has been put forth by a number of acts in the current period. The first track on the disc is “Re: They Have No Reflections” does not give too much new to the genre, but the band does well for themselves by including an all-in chorus with the same screamed-out vocals that are omnipresent. Furthermore, the band shows that, unlike many of the other bands that are coming out with the same style of music, they actually know how to play and arrange their instruments in a decent way. The arrangements during the opening track is diverse and showcases a number of different styles for the band, allowing them to go pretty much anywhere that they would like for the next three tracks.
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Switches – We Are Switches

Switches – We Are Switches / 2007 Interscope / 4 Tracks / /

“Lay Down The Law” is the first track on this EP, and it shows The Switches as a band that can create an angular rock sound that does not sound like the style crafted by many of the other bands in that style. This is done by incorporating a softer, more dreamy type of style – what results is something decidedly new and fresh. “Lay Down The Law” is a track that will get individuals herking and jerking on the dance floor, and the easily digestible style of Switches will bring fans from all different genres to their cause. The fact that the track ends well before the three minute mark is a further benefit for the band, as individuals that might not find themselves that big of a fan of “Lay Down The Law” will likely dig the next track, “Drama Queen”. “Drama Queen” throws together equal parts Steppenwolf, David Bowie, and the Strokes in another track that will get individuals up. Continue reading “Switches – We Are Switches”

Alana Amram & The Rough Gems – S/T

Alana Amram & The Rough Gems – S/T / 2007 Zealous / 5 Tracks / / /

“Blackest Crow” is the first track on this EP, and it showcases Amram’s work as something that can fit in well with the work of Alison Krauss or even the re-imagined folk genre of the current period (which has adherents including Akron/Family and Devendra Banhart). There seems to be a slight bit more rock influence during “Blackest Crow”, but individuals could easily hear this style of music in 1967 as they can in 2007 (or 2008, for that matter). The meandering style present during “Painted Lady” continues with the same general style of “Blackest Crow”, ensuring that Amram does not lose anything in the way of listeners. The emotion present in the vocals is interesting, because it is presented to listeners by a fairly deadpan style of delivery. Continue reading “Alana Amram & The Rough Gems – S/T”

Pawbox – S/T

Pawbox – S/T / 2007 Self / 5 Tracks / /

Pawbox does not immediately shoehorn themselves into a specific style of music. Sure, they play rock music, but it is hard to tell where exactly they get their influences during a track like ”O.O.T.N.I.F.”. There are hints of HIM, Velvet Underground, and even the Stone Temple Pilots, but these only describe a fraction of the band’s sound. The rest of Pawbox’s sound during this track is open for interpretation, and my interpretation is that the band has enough skill and ability that what comes forth is their own style. With the emotionally heavy opening to “Leave The Door Open”, it starts to seem to me that Pawbox could conceivably be the next thing. Their sound is something that could easily be accepted on rock radio rotation, but it is painfully obvious by this second track that what is coming forth from the stereo is Pawbox. Continue reading “Pawbox – S/T”

Tom Savell – You Just Gotta Love It

Tom Savell – You Just Gotta Love It / 2007 Still Fumin’ / 8 Tracks / /

“Simple Game” blends together Karl Clang and David Bowie into something that is interesting to say the least. The arrangements present during the disc are solid, but it feels like the vocals are mixed a little too loud for comfort on this track. If another producer could come through and let the drums and the rest of the instrumentation take a more focal point on the track, “You Just Gotta Love It” would start that much stronger. Regardless, individuals are treated to a solid track from the onset. “So Deep Within You” is the second track, and it shows Savell and the rest of eir band as sticking to their guns. The decidedly seventies sound presented first on “Simple Game” continues into “So Deep Within You”, which provides listeners with a more cohesive type of EP than is present in the current period. Continue reading “Tom Savell – You Just Gotta Love It”

Autonomadic – The Missionary

Autonomadic – The Missionary / 2007 Bleeding Ear / 7 Tracks / /

Apparently we had a chance to review a song from Autonomadic (“Pig Tails”) when we reviewed the “Punks and Pints” compilation a few years back. The review given then is still accurate – Autonomadic play a style of punk music that is catchy as all get out. Unlike their “Pig Tails”, it seems as if the band is purely fueled by the punk of acts like Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, rather than any alternative music. “The Missionary” is pure streetpunk, and the sub-two minute track sets the stage for the rest of the disc. “Nothing” is one of the longer tracks on “The Missionary”, and it throws in a little bit of distortion and fuzz into the mix. Continue reading “Autonomadic – The Missionary”

Eat Sugar – S/T EP

Eat Sugar – S/T EP / 2007 Self / 4 Tracks / /

The noisy, spastic type of electro rock that starts off this EP in “I’m A Carrier” virtually ensures that Eat Sugar will be what is blasted out at any indie club throughout the United States. The synthesizers, clap lines, and coke-addled speed of the track will whip anyone that is listening in into a frenzy, while the sharp sounds of the vocals punctuate the track, driving it into that much quicker of a tempo. Whatever Eat Sugar would consider themselves in a genre sense, the fact is that they have made a splash with this introductory track. “Black Eye” continues the same speed and angular sound first put forth during “I’m A Carrier”. It is the Theremin-like sound that threads itself throughout the song that distinguishes the track from the other fare on this EP. Continue reading “Eat Sugar – S/T EP”

Lek – Giant World Knowledge Bliss Control

Lek – Giant World Knowledge Bliss Control / 2007 Self / 12 Tracks / /

“Quixotic” shows a very trippy style of sixties music as the one played by Lek. What does not work for the band during this 7 minute track is the spoken lyrics that go beyond mysterious and into full blown parody by the second or third minute of the track. It behooves individuals to skip over this track and focus straight on “Demon”, which is a song that has the vocals heard first during “Quixotic” settle into a slinkier, more sensual type of approach. None of the tracks on “Giant World Knowledge Bliss Control” are short by any stretch of the imagination (a few songs act like interludes, providing individuals with a cleansing of their palette, however), but Lek more or less succeeds in keeping individuals interested throughout the entirety of these five, six, and seven-minute long tracks. Continue reading “Lek – Giant World Knowledge Bliss Control”