What I’ve learnt from starting my own business

By many alternative thinkers starting your own business is associated with capitalism, ambition, materialism and “success”. This certainly has a lot to do with it but there is much more to it than that. I can confirm as I have been through on my own start-up journey for over a year now.

I can assure you that it was a challenge and that your self-esteem, your ideas and values, your courage, persistence and mental and emotional stability will be tested.

Looking back these were the biggest tests I faced at the start of my business;

  • People don’t like your idea or think it’s unrealistic. Disapproval is hard for the ego and as the entrepreneur you need to be strong and keep going.
  • There are so many things to do and not enough money and time to do them. We have these same challenges in everyday life with a normal job, but in the case of a normal job you can much easier say “that’s not my problem” or “I work from 9 to 5” or “that’s the risk my boss is taking, I’m not responsible from that if it goes wrong”.
  • It’s your own money that’s invested and it might never come back. This tests your relationship with money, believe me…it makes you reflect.
  • Plan A proves to be wrong, so does plan B…do you have the creativity and persistence to come up with plan C?
  • There are always new things you need to do that you never did. Do you believe you can do it? If there’s always work to do, can you take time off for yourself to relax, enjoy and be conscious of what is?
  • There’s not much chance to hide in case things don’t go well. It’s you who is in charge and will have to deal with all consequences… even if you can come up with an excuse why it’s not your fault. So? What do you do about it? It really learns you to accept responsibility.

It all comes down to emotional and spiritual maturity. I think many entrepreneurs have learned a lot on a personal level while starting their own business. But at least as many have let these intense learning go by.

I believe I’m growing a lot with it, but there’s still plenty I can improve. I like the challenge, although regularly I have a down moment and think of easier things to do. Thank God that I don’t let these moments keep me down and I go after it again.

What I’ve learnt as a start-up business owner

Don’t forget to breathe and take it all in

It’s important that, while you’re following the standard advice, you remember to enjoy life while you’re living it.

Don’t Enjoy Life

Life, especially the personal finance aspects of your life, is all about balance. Don’t spend more than you earn, but don’t starve yourself of life’s pleasures. You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy life but you don’t have to starve yourself of all fun in order to save more for your business. While all your business goals are important, it’s also important that you enjoy life now so that you don’t burn yourself out.

It doesn’t have to involve abandoning all sense of financial control and suddenly applying for payday loans. I have an employee who is extremely diligent about saving money during the week. He brings in his lunches, skips out on happy hours after work, and otherwise lives a pretty austere and frugal lifestyle. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, whenever he goes on vacations with his girlfriends, he’d goes all out, even resorting to emergency payday loans should his expenses over-run. Now you don’t need me to tell you how expensive those are! Also, as you probably know, anytime you visit a vacation destination, there will be ample opportunities for you to spend a LOT of money.

If you ask him, he’d tell you that he was saving his money during the week so that he could go crazy on vacations without worrying about how much he spent. If you ask me, I think his pendulum was just swinging the other way from austere to lavish. I never judge how other people spend their money, that’s their own business, but a small part of me wondered if his “average spend” would be lower if he just enjoyed life a little more on a daily basis (you can go out with friends without spending a lot).

Let’s be honest, you don’t need me to tell you to enjoy life, right?

Fittingly, as you work those long hours at the office or the shop or while you’re hitting the books at the library, remember also to spend time with your loved ones doing the things that make you happy. Be sure that you’re working to live, rather than living to work. Success and more pay are great, but there’s more to life than money and those things are free.

Budgeting is one of the cornerstones of a solid business plan because it’s essentially the planning, tracking, and managing of your short-term finances. When it comes to budgeting, there are many ways to do it but the purpose is the same – knowing how much you are spending on what.

Failing to Budget

Failing to budget can be one of the most damaging things you can do to your personal finances. Without a clear picture of how much you’re spending and on what, you’re basically wandering the forest at night without a flashlight. You might know that you want to buy a house in five years, but without an accurate figure of how much you’re spending or saving, you really have no idea whether that goal is even feasible. If it is feasible, you have no idea how much you should be saving towards that goal. A budget gives you that accurate snapshot and it’s one of the reasons why an income statement, which lists expenses, is a crucial financial statement for a company.

You can’t improve what you aren’t tracking. You should always be trying to lower your expenses while maintaining the same standard of living. If you frequently shop at a particular store, it’s smart to try to find coupons so you get the same for less. If you like a particular food or drink, it pays to test out cheaper alternatives to see if you can tell the difference. Where you save in one area, you can then splurge in another. With a budget, you can tell where you stand the greatest chance of improvement. You may discover patterns you didn’t know beforehand.

You will automatically improve just by tracking. When I started my business, I had a budget where I tracked every expense to the penny. By virtue of doing that, my actions were affected by even recording the expense. I knew of times when I packed a lunch because my dining out expenses were nearing artificial milestones like £50 that month or £100. There was one time I thought about buying a new pair of jeans but stopped myself because I hadn’t spent money on clothes that month. Since I was nearing the end of the month, I figured I’d buy it next month (I never did until much later).

Budgets help you make informed decisions. With a budget and an accurate picture of your spending, you can make an informed decision. If you know you have slack in the budget, you can enjoy yourself more knowing that you’re safe. Friends planning a vacation next month? You can happily agree to go without guilt or concern if you know your budget can handle it. How long will it take for you to build up your emergency fund? With a budget, you now know.

After a few months of budgeting, it’s okay to slack off and not track as diligently. Once you have an accurate picture, you simply need to adjust it to changes in your life. But every once and a while, track expenses for a week or two just to see that there haven’t been any big changes.

Capitalism doesn’t necessarily equate to success. You just have to look around your nearest High Street to notice the changing business fronts. Some people are definitely better at it than others. Failing to budget, and also just as importantly to enjoy yourself, are my two cornerstones to running a fulfilling and successful business.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Chances at 2020 Oscars

While a mainstay in the “Best Original Screenplay” category, Quentin Tarantino has yet to win an Oscar for “Best Director” or “Best Picture” in his career. Could this year finally be his chance? Oddsmakers seem to think so in early predictions.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is currently the favorite to win the big Oscar at the 2020 award ceremony. And while a lot of the Oscar bait is typically released later in the year, this begs the question: Could this finally be his year?

The much proclaimed “love letter to Hollywood” certainly has its charm along with heaping amounts of technical skill. This is Tarantino’s most mature film, with a much more casual flow of dialogue littered throughout. Not everything is as grandiose or blatant with many scenes coming off as a bit trivial or even monotonous at times. But Tarantino always has a plan and even when the dialogue slows or comes to a stop (during many moments of Brad Pitt simply driving through the Hollywood Hills) we’re still enamored by the sheer wonder of the landscape. Tarantino plays with sunlight and the California nature to really bring out the beauty  of the time and place. This is a film which will make you smirk and you won’t even know why. It’s something of a feel-good hangout movie for the first few hours. Think “Dazed and Confused” but with a Tarantino twist.

The acting is superb with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio acting as co-leads. You love them on screen together but never feel weary when they go on their own individual adventures. They both shine and their friendship is truly the glue which drives the plot. Will they get Oscar nods? Hard to say, as roles that are driven by comedy typically don’t get much love from the Academy. But they both bust out the acting chops without the over-the-top dramatic scene. They are not pushing for an Oscar in their roles and with that sense of freedom the performances pop off the screen.

All in all, the movie will satisfy and delight the Tarantino fans of the world. The typical snappy dialogue, pop-culture references and wicked violent acts are apparent but with a more laid-back, hands off approach. Odds are, it will be pushed out of the spotlight as the big name Oscar-bait movies come out in winter but don’t let that stop you from seeing a great film in the Quentin Tarantino filmography. If you walk out with a smile on your face does a Best Picture Oscar really matter?

The Best Tactics to Write a Descriptive Essay for College

Before writing an essay, it is crucial that you know what type of essay it is and the purpose it seeks to serve. This will help you know and understand what to incorporate in your article and how to make it as interesting and fascinating as possible. A descriptive essay ought to build a vivid picture of your topic in the mind of the audience. Some students confuse a descriptive essay with a narrative essay. A narrative essay reveals or discloses the significance of something through a personal story whereas a descriptive essay divulges the gist or importance of a subject through sensory observation. It employs the language power and human senses to bring life into a subject.

To ensure you do a great job when writing your descriptive essay, you need to make the audience believe that they have met you, visited a certain place, or held a particular object. Additionally, they need to have a deep appreciation and feel an emotional connection to the significance of your subject. As a student, you know that writing an essay is a lot of work. Not only do you need to dedicate all your time, effort, and focus to produce a good paper but also meet the essay writing quality standards. But, you do not need to worry about anything. You can seek professional writing help from custom essay writing services. They can provide you with descriptive essay examples you can use to improve your writing skills. Also, below are some tips you can use to learn how to start an essay about yourself.

Choose a topic and create a statement

A descriptive essay focuses on a person, location, event, or item. When writing your article, it is vital that you communicate your idea about that topic in your description of it. So, before you begin writing your essay, select a topic you can write about. There are numerous descriptive essay topics you can pick from. Brainstorm your ideas and select a particular one. After choosing a topic, create your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the single ideal which will be prominent throughout your article. It sets out the purpose of your paper as well as regulating how you convey information in the article.

If you have time, you can try to earn money

Article writing, as you know requires a lot of time to produce a perfect essay. And, if you have good paper writing skills, you can use this opportunity to earn some money. Many students do not know how to go about their academic writing tasks. Hence, you can take this chance and help them out and earn some money. If you have time, visit the website of professional and reliable writing firms such as essaywritingservice.ca and let them help you get some writing tasks to work on.

Write a strong introduction

The first step to learning how to start off an essay is by writing a strong introduction. The introduction of your essay is the first descriptive paragraph of your paper. It ought to position the scene and introduce the audience to the subject. Use a list of sensual details to describe your subject. Have a strong introduction which captures the attention of the audience. Then, conclude it with your thesis statement. The audience needs to develop an interest in reading the rest of your paper and they can only do so if your paper has a catchy opening.

Manage your time effectively

When handing out academic writing tasks, professors and academic instructors often give a deadline. Some assignments have short deadlines whereas others have long ones. When working on our writing task, you need to ensure that you manage your time in an effective manner. Do not devote a lot of time conducting research, brainstorming ideas, or writing the paper. You need to ensure that you partition your time so that each stage or step of the writing process gets to have enough time. Also, before working on your descriptive essay assignment, ensure that you have enough time to work on it. Do not postpone it until last minute so that you start rushing. This will hinder you from writing the perfect essay as your focus will be on completing the assignment so that you do not endure the consequences of late submissions. So, ensure you have enough time to work on your descriptive essay assignment. If you have too many assignments to work on, pay for essay writing help and let the professional writers from writing services help you out.

Describe the topic with vivid adjectives

The topic of your descriptive essay ought to bring out some emotions in the audience. They need to be able to relate with you as you try to communicate something. Describing the topic of your essay with vivid adjectives can help express emotions. Also, you need to be as precise as you can. Do not go for broad adjectives as they will make your essay less interesting. Instead, select adjectives which will paint a vivid image in the mind of the readers. Additionally, you can use adjectives which connect to their senses

Use metaphors and similes

Metaphors are phrases you use to compare one object or item to another. Incorporating them in your article will help show the audience what you think about the topic instead of telling them how you feel. Also, you can incorporate similes in your essay. The readers will find it easy to connect with your essay through these metaphors and similes. Additionally, they will help make your paper more interesting.

Write the conclusion and review your essay

The final stages of the descriptive writing process are writing the conclusion and reviewing the paper. While writing your conclusion, ensure you provide the readers with a brief summary of your essay. Additionally, remember to restate your thesis statement and the key points. After you are through with writing the conclusion, rest a bit then start reviewing your essay. There are some mistakes you will come across. Ensure you correct all of them. Also, check if your essay has a smooth and systematic flow and that it has a logical essay structure.

In conclusion, writing a descriptive essay is similar to writing any other type of essay. You need to identify what type of essay it is and the purpose it seeks to serve. A descriptive essay strives to convey the significance of a subject to the readers through sensory observations. When writing your descriptive essay, you need to ensure that the audience can connect to it with ease and that your paper expresses emotions. Above are some tips you can use to learn how to begin an essay.

How to Write a Winning Scholarship for College

You have spent countless hours finding the ideal scholarship for you. You have searched the World Wide Web. You have spoken to your counselors and have contacted private scholarship organizations. You have a list of awards that show your talents and skills. Now, it is time for you to win the money.

To win the money, you have to fill out various applications, and you must write a scholarship essay. Like your college essay, your scholarship essay determines your chances of getting that scholarship.

This post highlights the steps you need to follow to ensure that your essay stands out from the rest.  Read on to discover how to write a scholarship essay that will get you that much-desired scholarship.

1. Re-adjust and Recycle Your Scholarship Essays

Do not waste hours, days, or weeks writing a different essay for each scholarship competition you enter. There is a vast array of scholarships out there, and essay prompts often overlap. With some re-adjusting, one scholarship essay can work for different essays with similar topics. So, re-use as much you can.

Combining essay topics will not only save you time, but it will result in a better essay. Whether you are writing essay scholarships about:

  • Why you deserve a scholarship
  • An essay about yourself, or
  • A creative writing scholarship,

All you need to do is write a stellar college essay and recycle it when writing different scholarship essays with prompts that overlap.

2. Manage Your Writing Time

“My Essay is not due for another five weeks, why should I start writing it now?” If this sounds like a thought that has crossed your mind, you are in great trouble. Do not be a last-minute kind of person. Start the writing process early because when you procrastinate, you may end up producing a substandard essay.

If you do not have the time to sit down and compose a scholarship essay, do not fret. You can seek help from a LinkedIn profile writing service. Doing so will give you the chance to work with a professional writer who is adept in writing scholarship essays. Your writer will write you an essay that highlights your skills and demonstrates how you will be an asset to the university.

To manage your writing time, you can use the below essay writing timeline:

  • Week One – Brainstorm
  • Week Two – Outline and Write
  • Week Three – Proofread and Edit

3. Follow the Essay Instructions

If you are wondering how to begin an essay, you must begin by reading and understanding the instructions. You may write an essay scholarship that is equivalent to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. But, if you did not follow the essay instructions, you are not getting that scholarship. The format matters a lot.

Here is what we recommend – do not read the instructions once – read them twice or three times. Write them down on a notepad and highlight important parts of the instruction.

Not winning a scholarship because your scholarship letter did not follow instructions is a bummer. Read and follow instructions to avoid this.

If the format is not specified, you can use the standard scholarship essay format which is:

  • Times New Roman,
  • One-Inch Margins,
  • Double-Space,
  • 12-Point Font, and
  •  Write two to three pages.

4. You Can Always Get Help from Professionals

If you are not well-versed when it comes to writing scholarship essays, you can seek help from professionals. All you have to say is “WriteMyEssayForMe,” and you will get help from a pro writer.

A professional scholarship essay writer is not a freelancer who is handling this type of task for the first time.  Professional scholarship essay writers write successful scholarships throughout the year, so they know what they are doing. 

Moreover, professional writers consider the essay instructions for each topic. They then write a relevant essay that exhibits your personality and meets the requirements. In this way, they boost your chances of getting that scholarship.

5. Stay Focused on the Scholarship Essay Topic

Judges are assessing thousands of scholarships essays. They do not have the time to read side notes about your pet tortoise Duncan (unless Duncan will help illustrate your main point).

If the prompt asks you to talk about yourself, do that. Scholarship essays are a reflection of the person behind the pen. You want your reader to feel your passion through your words. If you go off-topic and start writing about irrelevant things, you will lose the interest of your teacher.

Do not treat your essay as a sales pitch. You must be genuine about what you say, and this will only happen when you stay on topic.

6. Answer the Underlying Question

If you do not know how to start off an essay, you need to start by answering the underlying question. Has someone ever asked you a question but you felt like behind that question there was an underlying question? Your dad may ask you something like, “How long have you known your friend Tom? Tell me about him?” But, what he was asking was, “How long have you known your tattoo laden, bike riding, hair dyed friend, and do you think you should be spending time with him?”

In like manner, essay questions serve as a platform for you to answer the underlying question. Reading the question and then answering the underlying question. For example, a scholarship organization may ask “Why is psychology your ideal field of study?” But the underlying question is “Why is psychology your ideal field of study, and why should we give you this scholarship?” 

7. Check Your Essay for Spelling Mistakes

Have you ever typed a word into your phone and your phone auto-corrected it into something you did not mean to say? This is the same with your computer. Do not rely on the built-in spell check to fish out spelling errors in your essay. Use Grammarly to correct your spelling mistakes. 

You can ask someone else to help you edit your essay. At times, you may be too invested in your writing and fail to realize that you have made grammatical errors. Having a fresh pair of eyes go through your essay will help you catch all the errors that can take away from an otherwise perfect essay.

8. Avoid Redundant Conclusions

Do not reiterate your thesis and call it a conclusion. This is a dull way to end your essay. Instead, keep your conclusion interesting and leave a positive impression on your reader. Your conclusion should explain why your essay matters.

Do not introduce new ideas in your conclusion. Your reader will not appreciate this. Use your conclusion to restate your thesis, sum up your main point, and leave a final positive impression on your reader.

If you do not know how to conclude your essay, you can learn. You can take a look at scholarship essay examples and see how other students went about composing their essays.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you now know how to write a winning scholarship essay for college. These tips will help you write essays that can impress even the strictest judges. You can put them into practice by entering a scholarship contest. Good luck!

Travel to India and Play Free Backgammon for a Full Experience

India has always been a place of interest and intrigue for many people from all over the world. It’s exotic, majestic, interesting, attractive, inviting and beautiful, and yet it’s mysterious and secretive as no one can really know what to expect if they’ve never been there before. 

That’s probably the reason why they feel drawn to traveling to India, as the promise of a full experience is simply too hard to ignore. 

Well, if you ever gave it a thought or two to travel to India, let us prepare you for what to expect, what to do to prepare yourself and have an absolutely splendid time there.

Why is India a popular travel location?

There are so many answers to this simple question that it would take too much time to include them all, so we’ll stick to the essentials here. India is a popular travel and tourist location for many reasons, such as:

  • It’s very cheap – India offers the best price competitiveness in the world, and it’s possible to rent luxurious accommodations at the most reasonable and affordable prices
  • India is affordable to move around – you can easily travel across the entire country by train for more than affordable prices.
  • Food is cost-efficient too – India offers some of the most affordable food in the world, and this country is known for its delicious, high-quality dishes that will make your senses explode.
  • The cuisine in India is unlike anywhere in the world – be prepared to be blown away by a huge offer of most diverse regional dishes
  • There’s Taj Mahal – India hides the most famous and breathtakingly beautiful building in the world, Taj Mahal.
  • Delhi will steal your heart – this pulsating mega-polis offers so many wonders that you’ll never expect to see here, so brace yourself
  • The wildlife – If there’s something that India is known for, it’s the incredible, mind-blowing and stunningly diverse wildlife. Most people come here for this alone.
  • Indian art – India was a bastion of creativity throughout history, so if you’re into art, you’ll love India.

There are many more good reasons to visit India, but these few are already quite enough.

How does Backgammon fit in?

Believe it or not, India isn’t only about traveling, wildlife and everything mentioned, it’s also about playing Backgammon. In fact, India has one of the largest Backgammon communities in the world, and people from every part of the world love to play this number one free online game. 

If you’re into online gambling, feeling the sudden rush of excitement and feeling adventurous to take on challengers from different corners of our beautiful planet, playing Backgammon in India is probably the most adventurous and exciting thing to do. When in India, pay a visit to come2play.com for free backgammon online.

Are there any special events?

India is also a place where people come for rich wellness programs. Traveling should be all about the experience, and nothing screams experience better than the most amazing and exotic wellness vacations. To find the most exciting and suitable wellness experience in India, you can pay a visit to Zing Events. 

You can find the best festivals, retreats, weekend activities and more. Zing Events is your guide that will lead you while traveling India, so pay a visit to their website, Zing Events, for wellness vacations in this part of the world.

What do I need to do when I land?

Now, the most important thing to do before you come to India is buying a prepaid Indian SIM card online. The best thing about this purchase is that you can pick it up at the airport once you land. 

No waiting in line, no bureaucracy, just plain executives so that you can leave all your worries behind and travel carefree. Enjoy unlimited local calls, gigabytes of data, unlimited incoming international calls, cheap tariffs and more with Sim Raj, the most reliable Indian sim card in the country.

Is the food any good?

India is a country with the most delicious food in the world. First of all, Indian cuisine is one of the most interesting and diverse cuisines you can taste. While there’s no official, typical Indian dish, their food is really something else. 

The biggest favorites are tandoori butter naan, malai kofta, rogan josh, and chicken tikka masala but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just go with the flow and try everything you can get your hands on.

An amazing oriental experience!

All in all, India is everything but a typical travel location. It’s a slice of paradise on earth with turquoise waters, golden sand, swaying palms, friendly people, most amazing natural landscapes, wildlife and everything else that nature, untouched by human hand, has to offer. 

By the way, if you fancy a cup of tea while playing your Backgammon online, it’s good to know that India has the best selection of teas on the planet.

Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Your skin needs the best in order to reveal its best. That means healthy eating habits, lots of water, and the use of quality skincare products. You might add the check mark to all of these items and still make a few mistakes you are not even aware of. 

Skincare-related blunders are not uncommon and taking a wrong step now and then might not cause health problems yet repetitive mistakes might do so. Here are several things you should avoid when it comes to taking care of your skin. 

Using inappropriate skincare

Hasn’t it happened to you to go to a beauty care store and pick a product just because it looked nice and its effects sounded great although not necessarily appropriate for your skin type? This is one of the greatest mistakes as far as taking care of your skin is regarded. 

If you don’t know your skin type, it is best to see your dermatologist to find out more about that as well as about the skincare products that are best suited for your needs. Dry skin requires extra moisture. Get products that were formulated with dry skin in mind and apply them to oily skin and you can imagine the outcome. 

Just like when you go fishing and you need the right gear and accessories like some of the ones found here, it’s the same when it comes to your skincare collection. You need the right products for satisfying results. Therefore, stick to your dermatologist’s recommendation even if it is tempting to try the many products available these days. 

Cleansing too often or using too much product

Many of us tend to think that cleansing more reduces the likelihood of having acne yet that can only make things worse actually. By cleansing too often, the top layer of oil that is found on the skin may be damaged, which can further cause the release of more oil. More oil might lead to blackheads and clogged pores. 

Another common mistake when it comes to skincare routines is the application of too much product. Again, we tend to think that when applying more product, we enjoy better hydration but that’s not the case. For example, face creams and hand lotions should be applied in pea-sized amounts. Whatever is extra is actually a waste of money. 

Wearing makeup when sleeping

It happened at least once to all those wearing makeup. There must have been a party night that depleted your energy and thus made you go to bed straight away when you got home. It might not be dangerous if it happens only once in a blue moon but sleeping with makeup on regularly might lead to serious eye health problems. 

What makes makeup a no-no when sleeping is the fact that it can easily get inside your eyes and from there to eyelid dermatitis or conjunctivitis is just a small step. The thinnest skin in the body is found in the eyelid area, which means that it can easily get inflamed. If you’re simply too tired to do that, you might want to use a wipe to remove the makeup. 

Applying skincare products just right before bed

Yes, there are several skincare rules before you go to bed and, besides removing the makeup, cleansing and hydrating your skin, you must also pay attention to when you do that. Taking these steps right before you go to bed is not recommended since the skin won’t have enough time to absorb the product properly and thus it may end up on your pillow. 

This means that your skin won’t get the hydration it needs and you will also waste much of the product you’ve used. 

Best Mobile Trading Apps in 2019

For the past decade, connoisseurs in the art of trading have increasingly favored using their smartphone gadgets for all their projects.

Indeed, as trading enthusiasts transition from desktops to mobile while conducting business, online negotiators have doubled their energies to ameliorate these applications for improved user experience.

These apps are now a primary source of transaction activities in the realm of trading globally.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a crucial compilation of the top essential trading apps in 2019

Metatrader 4

The MT4 mobile trading app is the world’s most popular trading application. Thanks to its freeware version, the app is used by veterans and newbies alike to minimize risks and maximize profits while trading.

Since the realm of trading is quite unpredictable, this app allows users to customize numerous configurations to suit their current trading portfolio and strategies.

Moreover, the Metatrader 4 Mobile Trading App enables users create a suitable venture technique to execute profitable trades in the future.

TD Ameritrade

This app falls right there with some of the biggest trading programs in the world.

One of the main advantages of utilizing this program is that you can transition between a myriad of app versions created by the company to suit your needs.

However, the key app comes endowed with an essential sharing feature.

This means that you can easily save a screenshot of trading strategies you’ve executed, and share it with your friends on social media accounts.

Additionally, the program is powered by the thinkorswim, which gives you the opportunity to stream plenty of information on your mobile phone.

 You can also strategize and execute complex trading options that you’re looking to undertake.

Last but not least, the program enables a trader to obtain notices in real-time using Apple Gear.


The strongest selling point to this app is its complex feature for proficient trading analysis.

The company’s smartphone app has been rebranded as Power*E TRADE on the Apple and Android OS.

The trading toolkit that comes with this program includes a performance assessment feature that assists you in determining the outcome of your portfolio depending on the transition of a given stock, as well as a certain trading option.

Hence, one is able to create complex option strategies while the app automatically sends updates to your smartphone.

Lastly, both E*TRADE and Power E*TRADE provide you with the option to seamlessly view videos on Bloomberg.


The transition from desktop to mobile has been quite smooth for Fidelity because all its examination contributions are now accessible via mobile platforms.

The company has evenly gone the extra mile to comprehensively integrate desktop to mobile without any shortcomings.

In fact, you’ll discover that vital features like Recognia and Trefis stock are now accessible on your smartphone.

Fidelity’s primary selling feature for its mobile app is that it focuses on price improvement when the app is running.

Which means that any transaction surpassing 500 shares, will enable you to save a greater amount per trade in relation to the commission that you’re paying.

The fidelity app also gives one a healthy stream of news feeds that are tailored to the individual’s watchlists, the status of their portfolio, dividends, as well as earnings.

Merrill Edge

Owned by BOA (Bank of America), the Merill Edge app allows one to link both their brokerage and banking activities.

Additionally, there are plenty of planning implements you can utilize from the main website while at the comfort of your mobile device.

The company has also partnered with Morningstar to provide you with the opportunity to invest in trading education ranging from simple to complex trading.

Depending on your preferences, you have a long list of trading apps to choose from.

Don’t forget to factor in features such like your portfolio, trading history, and your future plans when it comes to your final selection.

 In fact, it’s always wise to a do a little homework and figure out what trading app suits your best!

Why Winx Is Rated the World’s Best Racehorse

Every once in a while a racehorse comes along that not only captures the imagination of race going Australians, but people from all around the world.

Champion mare Winx is one such horse.

At the end of the 2018 spring racing calendar, Winx was headed for retirement in rural territory west of Sydney. However, at the start of 2019 trainer of the champion horse, Chris Waller, after discussions with the owners and jockey Hugh Bowman, announced that Winx would race again during the autumn season and would be assessed on a race by race basis as to whether she’ll continue.

Even at 7 years old the mare is still sprightly and full of life and definitely still a force to be reckoned with. Age doesn’t seem to have affected this thoroughbred as yet. While most racehorses are enjoying a more placid lifestyle by age 7, there’s a very good chance Winx could still be dominating the racing calendar in the weeks and months to come.

This is one reason why she is such a rare and undisputed champion racehorse, and here’s another reason why she deserves the status she’s been given all around the planet as the world’s best racehorse.

Purchased as a yearling at the 2013 Magic Millions on the Gold Coast, Winx started her illustrious racing career in April of 2015. She won her very first race and has gone on to win every single race she’s ran ever since. Winx is undefeated on the Australian racing circuit, which is a very rare feat indeed.

To date Winx has won 29 races from 29 starts, which includes winning the coveted Cox Plate 4 times in succession.

Winx has never contested the Melbourne Cup, nor is she likely to be one of the Melbourne Cup 2019 horses. The mare has never run a race over 2400m before and is unproven on the 3200m race length of the Cup. Winx is a middle distance specialist and not a stayer. Another key reason why she’s never been included in the field for the race that stops a nation is her reputation.

The Melbourne Cup is a handicap race, and the amount of extra weight Winx would have been allocated had she competed, likely would have rendered her less competitive. The world’s best racehorse has been trumped by her own awesome reputation.

Having won a record 22 Group 1 races and amassed more than $20 million in prize money, Winx really has nothing left to prove anyway. Competing in and winning the Melbourne Cup really has no impact on this racehorse’s legendary status. The Cup is just one great race out of many, and Winx has won many of the others that really count.

Another key reason Winx is such a wonderful horse is a less publicised one. Those that are closest to her always remark on what a good natured horse she is and a pleasure to be around. After all the training, races, adoration and victories, this is one champion that has her feet planted firmly on the ground. She’s a humble horse who enjoys a bit of alone time after a race, but really loves the company of people.

Dubbed the “Usain Bolt” of horse racing, crowds are once again set to flock to the race tracks this coming autumn just to catch of glimpse of the mighty mare in full flight. Even though she’s getting on in years, Winx is unlikely to disappoint fans in any race her owners, trainer and jockey see fit for her to compete in.

Although it’s not likely that we’ll see Winx running a Melbourne Cup race ever, many people, including her jockey Hugh Bowman, have no doubt she would have won the race had she competed, even despite the fact that she would have been carrying an extreme amount of extra weight in the handicap event.

Still, there are some major autumn races coming up that Winx will likely race in, so the many fans of this magnificent and rare horse will still get to enjoy a day at the track with her for at least a few more months to come before she finally gets the well-deserved rest she has so truly earned.

Student exchanges as an excellent way to combine studying and traveling

Student exchange is a great opportunity to successfully combine travel and study, experience life in another country, learn the culture and traditions of other nations, make new acquaintances and, of course, gain new knowledge. The main goal of such exchanges is the development of international contacts, the knowledge of cultural and spiritual values ​​of different countries.

What are the benefits of student exchanges, and why is it preferable to study abroad regularly? Enrolling in a foreign university is real enough if you consider two things. First, you need a good knowledge of the language of the country in which the future student wants to study. Secondly, it should be remembered that education for foreigners in higher educational institutions of any country, regardless of the university’s form of ownership, is possible only on a paid basis. In the second case, all the points described above are saved. Naturally, this form of study in foreign educational institutions is suitable for those students who are not experiencing financial difficulties. For those who cannot afford such expenses and still want to get an education abroad, the student exchange program is the most appropriate option. Let’s discuss all the benefits and challenges that student exchange programs offer, with leading Pro-Papers experts.

The basis of the program is that the student is sent to a foreign country, where he/she gets acquainted with the traditions, culture, and learns the language. Such programs include living in a foreign family. Those who are going to leave under the international exchange program may face many situations, the way out of which is not very obvious. Moreover, it is necessary to live with a strange family and country, without knowing the language.

To begin with, participation in the exchange program can be done in several ways: take part in the exchange program of the university which you study in, if one exists; you can use similar programs of foreign universities, information about which is posted on their websites; win an exchange program as a grant or as a result of participation in a competition.

Special attention should be paid to the content of a suitable program, the terms of training and the list of free services that are included in the package. Try to find a program that will be completely free for the student. By the way, experts warn students that in case of an independent exchange selection, you should check the available information and should not trust private announcements posted on the Internet.

As noted above, learning in the student exchange program has many advantages. However, it is worth saying a few words about the difficulties that await those who wish to study abroad. It can be said that they rather refer to the problems of moral adaptation to the conditions of the new life.

If you communicate with those who have been abroad on such programs, they, as a rule, will be unanimous in their statements. First of all, the guys note the presence of such a feeling as nostalgia. Impressions of novelty and initial enthusiasm pass with time, and the process of study begins. It requires exertion of strength in order to adequately demonstrate yourself in a new team.

However, certain difficulties arise with what is usually characterized as a language barrier. Indeed, even with a good command of the language, it is impossible to know any national peculiarities or expressions that are difficult to understand and convey to a representative of another country. Here not only language plays a role, but also national traditions. The difficulty in such programs is the length of stay. This is especially true of those who went to study in order to complete their education. It should be remembered that the status of graduate can be obtained only after completing a full year course. Otherwise, we can assume that you had a pleasant time and just got acquainted with the country. Modern exchange programs involve studying in universities in the UK, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and China. Many companies also offer internships in their chosen specialty.

There are some general tips to help you deal with difficulties. To participate in the student exchange program, you must complete the questionnaire. It is very important not to make mistakes in writing an e-mail address. The family, ready to take the student, will contact you via e-mail. You can ask them to tell about the family, their characteristics, as well as the reasons why the family participates in the program. In a new country, you often have to talk about yourself and the country which you came from. Considering that language skills will not be at the same level in order to make a story quickly, it is advisable to prepare it in advance, before departure.

When filling out the questionnaire, you should not embellish your abilities and knowledge, indicate incorrect information. Of course, the embellished questionnaire may cause more responses from families, but in the end everything will become apparent. The true information is very important to them.

Thus, studying abroad by exchange programs opens up good prospects for students and gives a number of advantages. You will be able to get a high-quality education and an international diploma, recognized by experts, to travel and develop your horizons at the same time.

Snus and sports performance

Snus is an orally consumed form of tobacco which is smokeless and contains more nicotine per portion than a single cigarette. It is typically placed between the gum and upper lip at the front of the mouth. Traditionally produced in Sweden among other Scandinavian countries, snus has become much-hyped in the sports world, with an increase in its use over the past decade by several well-known athletes. This is mainly due to anecdotal evidence which suggests that nicotine increases performance capability, particularly if the athlete is/was a smoker. Here we look at the recent hype to find out why snus has become a favourite for some athletes. 

Snus in Football 
Perhaps one of the most highly publicised cases of snus use in sports is in British football. Noted footballers such as Ashley Cole, Charlie Adam, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Jamaal Lascelles, Victor Lindelof and Jamie Vardy have all admitted to taking snus, often in the form of a nicotine pouch to be placed under the player’s lip. Despite the Football Association’s (FA) attempt to restrict and reduce its use (snus is on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s watch list despite not being banned), snus remains a popular form of nicotine intake due to its quick and long-lasting effect. In fact, some players don’t just resort to using snus as a means of relaxation, but they take it on the pitch during a game. 

Most stimulants are banned and restricted for athletes, with the exception of nicotine. Along with caffeine, nicotine (of which snus is made of) is one of the most widely taken psychoactive substances on the planet. Although nicotine isn’t primarily associated with performance enhancement, it has been understood to improve alertness and coordination which in turn improves cognition and motor skills. This is mostly because nicotine intake increases the user’s heart rate and blood pressure. Studies have shown that snus — along with other forms of nicotine use — is used by individuals with a nicotine addiction to feel “normal”. This in turn may improve levels of sports performance by maintaining an “allostatic state” (achieving stability). Although research into the effects of snus in sports are mostly inconclusive, there have been several studies into snus’ effects on cardiovascular response. Some noted no difference; some noted a difference. 

So why do sportspeople take snus? In general, smokeless tobacco was introduced by Scandinavian players into the UK football scene, where they are used both to relax whilst satisfying a nicotine craving. For snus and other associated products, visit SnusDirect to get more information about the product as well as the possibility to purchase it yourself. They also provide worldwide shipping.