Skullcandy S5PXW Riff Wireless Headphones

Sometimes, we receive products that have such a buzz around them that they never actually make it to our door. The first time Skullcandy’s PR firm sent us a pair, one of our neighbors kept the box and swore up and down that they had neither seen hide nor hair of them.

Anyway, we received a second pair to check out. The battery life of the Riff wireless headphones is surprising. While the battery life depends on how loud one is replaying their music, we were able to keep them off of the charger for the better part of a day’s duty. Even when the Riff headphones were running fairly close to E, snapping them on the charger for 10 or 15 minutes provided them with more than enough juice to keep them playing through a strenuous run or workout.

Keeping everything contained in the headphones, Skullcandy makes it a snap to change songs or address phone calls through supported devices.The portability of the Riff headphones is impressive as well. Folding up to a fraction of their normal size, these headphones can easily stay in one’s bag or purse. A rugged build quality means that they will not be the worse for wear no matter what sort of regimen one places them into.

The Skullcandy Riff headphones are a solid buy for individuals that want a good amount of functionality, a fashionable look, and the versatility to ensure that one can go through a day’s actions without having to worry about their headphones holding up. Look to spend about $30-40 for the pair, a small amount when one jumps into bitcoin farming or any number of other lucrative computer-based businesses.

The Riff Wireless Headphones come in a variety of colors to match well with whatever set up one is utilizing. For an additional run down of the product’s information or the company’s line, give the Skullcandy domain a spin.

Rating: 9.0/10

Skullcandy S5PXW Riff Wireless Headphones / Product Listing / MSRP: $49.99

Envoy Pro EX

It is surprisingly exactly how hard drives have changed over the course of the last twenty years. I remember being a teenager and being absolutely shocked at the fact that hard drives were reaching the multiple gigabyte mark. Imagine my surprise when we received a solid state drive that toppled the scales at the 1 TB mark. The Envoy Pro EX is one of those hard drives, and marries together versatility with ample storage area. As a result, anyone that is looking to have a massive amount of data be ferried around with little more than a pound of weight added to their person should look into the hard drive.

The Envoy Pro EX is a smart buy for those individuals that put a bit of wear and tear on their hard drives. The IP67 rating the SSD is coded at means that it is resilient to both dust and water. The overall design of the hard drive is aesthetically pleasing as well, blending in well for anyone that is working with white, silver, or black builds. For those that are looking to have quick writing and retrieval of their data, the hard drive performs admirably. The USB 3.1 standard means lightning-fast transfers for music, movies, or work project at multiples quicker than USB 2 would provide. There’s a bit of a crossover hook with this SSD as well, as owners of both Macs and PCs will be able to make use of the product.

In this area of resource-intense crypto optimizations, it only makes sense that you will try to procure the quickest sorts of hard drives on the market. Backed up by a 3 year limited warranty from OWC, the Envoy Pro EX solid state drive should be a pick up by anyone that is looking to up their game.

Envoy Pro EX (1 TB SSD) / 980MB/s transfer / USB-C / OWC Digital /

FosPower Kids Headphones

Over the course of the last few years, we have received a number of headphones that have been designed for the children’s market. The trend for these products have been to skimp on the product as much as humanely possible, making it difficult for the product to stand up to any sort of normal usage. About a month ago, we received the FosPower Kids Headphones for review. Our daughter (4 years old) has had some serious time trying them out, and we’re pleased to report that they have been able to stand up to some serious wear and tear. The headphones are immediately something that will draw in children – our pair was pink / purple and contained a pair of independently-lighting cat ears.

What we were happiest about is the durable design of these headphones. Our daughter has had the tendency to pick atg anything soft and foam-containing, to the degree that we had to throw away a pair of wireless headphones because she had stripped them to their bare material. FosPower has reinforced the material that contains the foam padding for the headphones, and as a result, they have been able to remain in daily rotation.

The cord for these headphones is sufficiently long to make sure that one can plug them in to a tablet and be able to play games, listen to music, or watch videos without reaching the end of the cord. At $30, these headphones are cheap enough that they can be lost or broken. They have been crafted in a fashion that sheer usage should not be the reason for their downfall. The company even offers a limited lifetime warranty for these, a step above what many other audio firms grant. Check out the attached link to FosPower’s domain for additional information about their headphones. Let us know if you’ve had any opportunity in the past to check these out. We’ll update everyone in a few months with our continued impression about FosPower’s Kids Headphones.

FosPower Kids Headphones / Domain /

Stealth 600 (Turtle Beach)

The Stealth 600 headphones by Turtle Beach are a must-have for anyone that is looking for a middle-price head set that has a good build quality and a solid set of features. The design of the head set keeps one’s head comfortable with a big, thick band and comfortable ear cups. The ear cups are covered with a mesh to wick away perspiration. The positionable mic is tiny to hide away when its is not needed, but is able to accurately reproduce one’s voice even in its smaller-than-normal state.The wireless aspect of these headphones makes it easy to find a comfortable position further away from one’s Xbox One or Windows PC (either through the Xbox Wireless Adapter or through the OS). Continue reading “Stealth 600 (Turtle Beach)”

mk5 Isolator Earphones

The mk5 Isolator Earphones ($69.99) by Etymotic Research are a solid purchase for anyone that wants to dip their toe into audiophile gear without breaking the bank. These earbuds are designed in a way to firmly fit in one’s ears, decreasing the tendency for the buds to fall out the second that they are jostled or when the wearer decides to start any sort of fitness-based activity. For those that are concerned about the overall cleanliness of the mk5s, they can easily be wiped down and restored to a factory sort of immaculateness. Continue reading “mk5 Isolator Earphones”

HD3 Wireless Speakers / Audioengine

The pair of speakers that we had in service for reviewing at NeuFutur Magazine had not survived the move from Ohio, so we had to search out a pair that were at least as good as the previous pair. We were fortunate in that we were in contact with Audioengine, who provided us with a pair of the HD3 Wireless Speakers. We’ve had a month to check them out through a wide variety of tests, video games, CDs, and anything else that you can throw at them. The price point for the speakers ($399) may take one back that is used to purchasing cheap speakers on the regular, but the old adage is true here – you really do get what you pay for. Continue reading “HD3 Wireless Speakers / Audioengine”

Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones a good buy

Over the course of the last month or so, we have experienced the UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones by JBL. The overall fit of the earphones is provided through a set of sized earpads, while the over-ear bar ensures that one will not lose the headphones during a particularly intense workout.The headphones pair easily with Bluetooth and provide both playback and a microphone function for those that may be taking calls. For those with the UA Band, the Sport Wirelesses connect and share data. Those that purchase these headphones will be able to access the MapMyRun app for a year, free. The major draw of these headphones over those on the market is the ability to be updated audibly about one’s heart rate. When I use the treadmill, I have to typically change my gait to put my hands on the heart rate sensors; with the Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones I can keep the same speed and intensity from my first step until the conclusion of my workout. Continue reading “Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate headphones a good buy”

Byron BT Wireless Headphones (Beyerdynamic)

Beyerdynamic’s Byron BT Wireless Headphones are quite possibly the best sub-$100 wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed at NeuFutur. While small in size, the Byron BT Wireless Headphones provide a full sound that equally well capture gaming, news, and music beats with the greatest of ease. Continue reading “Byron BT Wireless Headphones (Beyerdynamic)”

Creative Iroar Go Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Iroar Go Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker from Creative is a perfect purchase for the summer months. It will yield tremendous sound that is surprisingly loud for the a device size of the Iroar Go. The speakers provide great highs and lows, ensuring that one can bounce through rap, rock, and even podcasts without the sound seeming distorted or otherwise “off”. This is largely done through the “Roar” button which provides an equalization effect that is a bit more customized than factory settings. The speaker can be placed in one of two distinct configurations, allowing for a wider radius or a more in-your-face sort of sound.  Continue reading “Creative Iroar Go Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker”

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse

The HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse is a perfect addition to a gamer’s rig, especially for those that like customization with their products. This customization comes in a variety of DPI settings and a six-button setup. The light weight of the Pulsefire along with its ergonomic design makes it something that blends together rapid movements with finesse. There is a fair amount of clearance for the infrared sensor, making it better able to deal with smaller amounts of detritus. The braided cord of the Pulsefire ensures that one will not need to fuss with the mouse cord each time it becomes knotted. The company’s use of Omron switches provide a solid feel for the mouse, while the skates (small flat patches on the bottom of the mouse) are sufficiently large to decrease the overall friction of the mouse on one’s mousepad. Continue reading “HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse”