ATH-WS55 (Headphones)

Having a pair of ATH-WS55 headphones is like having a receiver and a sound system all in one. This is due to the extreme care that Audio Technica has taken in creating a balanced effort in this product. While the bass comes through with an assertive thump, the sheer amount of frequencies that can be reproduced ensures that listeners get the entire picture. The slider allows a proper fit, no matter how one’s head may be shaped, while the earpads seal perfectly around a listener’s ears. What results when one listens to the ATH-WS55 headphones is something that is completely immersive while keeping the ambient noise of the rest of the room quiet.

We were able to try out a number of different musical genres during our time with the ATH-WS55 headphones, and found a faithful reproduction of the original music no matter what track we had playing. This even included bass-heavy rap tracks alongside shred-worthy metal and rock songs. The only drawback that we could even begin to make in our review of the ATH-WS55 headphones would be that the plugin could stand to be a few inches longer. However, a seat close to a receiver or computer will ensure that this does not present itself to be any sort of problem.

At a price point that is a hair under $100, there is no reason that individuals should not purchase a set of the ATH-WS55 headphones. I believe that this will be the perfect gift for any audiophile that is in the market for headphones, or for individuals that are just looking to avoid the loss of fidelity between their machine and their ears.

Rating: 9.6/10

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Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour (Personal GPS)

Anyone that knows me knows that I have absolutely no sense of direction. I believe that I can continue having no sense of direction just as long as I have the Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour. This personal GPS is cheaply priced (around $100-125) and provides buyers with a way out of any geographical trouble that they may be in.

The BackTrack D-Tour allows individuals to program in five different points (perhaps where a car or campsite is) and will direct back to each using a digital compass. The different paths that are taken are contained with a log, which can then be uploaded as a sort of bragging tool to social media or email (check the included guide for a full listing of the different functions that the D-Tour has). The BackTrack D-Tour works off of 3 AAA batteries with a considerable life extracted from them; there will be little chance that the GPS goes dead when you need it.

There are a number of different functions that have also been included with the BackTrack D-Tour; there is a clock, thermometer, and even an altimeter that is contained within. This is not the most technologically advanced product that is on the market, but Bushnell has not meant it to be. Rather, the BackTrack D-Tour is for those that just wish to get back to a location in the most simple way possible. The GPS can stay in your car while the BackTrack D-Tour will undoubtedly find a home in your camping bag. This should be purchased by anyone that likes to camp, walks or jogs, or just wishes to see where they end up going on a regular basis. It is a fascinating tool that is fairly cheap, while having some seriously useful tools to it.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 (Headphones)

The versatility of the ATH-ANC23 phones is considerable. The design of the headphones is such that it is perfect for those that are working out, either on their cardio or their weight days. However, the noise cancelling aspect of the headphones increases their versatility. When this option is switched on, a listener is lost in their own world. The volume needed to bleed through the headphones is nothing less than shouting – someone simply talking to an individual with the ATH-ANC23 headphones on will not be able to make any progress. This feature is further benefited through the inclusion of smartly-designed Comply Foam Tips, which seal off the ear canal and decrease the volume level of the outside world.

Simply put, I believe that the Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 headphones are the best that I have ever used. The way in which the bud is formed ensures that the headphones do not slip, while the reproduction of a wide variety of media (CD, iPod, television) is crisp and is incredibly sharp. The durability of the ATH-ANC23s ensures that the cost that one puts out for them (at around $100) is sufficiently moderated.

The different extras that are provided with the ATH-ANC23 headphones are numerous, but I feel that the airline adapters are an absolutely perfect addition – they are what will make long trips bearable. In regard to additional costs, the amount of juice that the headphones take up is low – just get a pair of rechargeable AAA batteries and replace them whenever the noise cancelling ceases to work. When it comes to working out, walking around, or trying to drown out the world around you, there is no reason that individuals should not seek out their own pair of the ATH-ANC23 headphones; there is simply no comparison that can be made.

Rating: 9.3/10

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Bang Olufsen Earset 3i (Headphones / Headset)

I come from a period in which headphones had to be large to be good in quality. We received the new headphones from Bang Olufsen, the Earset 3i, for review a few days ago and I was a little skeptical. However, these headphones have a tremendous amount of functionality and should be seen as must-buy for anyone that is in the market for a new pair.

There are a number of reasons why the Earset 3i headphones are head and shoulders above similar products on the market. The Earset 3i contain a microphone that produces stunningly clear tone and does not fuzz or otherwise drop out. The audio presented through the headphones is perfect no matter what an individual does with it – this means that music sounds clearer, ventrilo can be heard better, and individuals can even conduct important business calls.

What was most surprising about the Earset 3i had to be how well the product was crafted. While it always feels as if I am about ready to destroy headphones, there is a sturdiness to the Earset 3i that ensures that they can take a beating and continue to work.

Where there is a tendency for good headphones to shut off an individual from the outside world, there is a much more functional sense to the Earset 3i. This means that one can easily tune out any distractions that may be present, but that it is fairly easy to get the attention of anyone that may have them on. Whether one is using the Earset 3i for gaming, working out, or as a hands-free headset, the product does wonderfully. With such versatility, there is a place in your house for the Earset 3i, no matter what you may do with them.

Rating: 9.7/10

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Razer Lachesis (PC Mouse)

After a few weeks on our test box, we were finally ready to give a review to the 5600 DPI version of the Razer Lachesis. The first thing to consider is that there is virtually no learning curve associated with this mouse. Just plug the mouse in, download the drivers, and the mouse is good to go. When moving from a stock mouse (or even a cheaper gaming mouse), one will immediately see and feel a sensitivity that is unparalleled. While this does not equate into having to move the mouse any more than normal, the specificity that one has when using the 5600 DPI Razer Lachesis is fantastic. Continue reading “Razer Lachesis (PC Mouse)”

Pro|Click Mobile Mouse

Pro|Click Mobile / 2008 Razer / /

This is the first time that we’ve actually received computer peripherals for review in NeuFutur. Sure, we’ve received CDs, DVDs, video games, and the like in the past, but Razer (through Rogers and Cowan) was gracious enough to provide us with a review copy of the mouse. A first glance at the mouse shows that Razer actually cares about the left-handed user base when it comes to mouse design; the mouse has an ambidextrous design, instead of being skewed to the side like so many other mice. The colors themselves are a nice change from the ordinary, as well; where there are a lot of white, grey, and black mice cluttering up the shelves. Continue reading “Pro|Click Mobile Mouse”