Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump (Lansinoh)

Lansinoh offers their Smartpump, a double breast pump that utilizes Bluetooth to monitors exactly how much breast milk that a mother is producing, along with additional information about the mother’s vitals. The Lansinoh Baby app (available for Android and Apple phones) is easy to use and install. The connection process between the Smartpump and one’s phone is similarly easy.

There are other modes and methods that one can utilize their Smartpump with to further increase the volume of each pump. The Lansinoh twin breast pump would be a perfect sort of purchase for a baby shower or for any sort of mother or mother-to-be that wishes to have the highest amount of breast-milk possible for their child. Based on our experiences, the first few months of a child’s life are relatively easier in terms of the amount of milk that baby requires than when one’s son or daughter gets to the 6+ month stage. As one’s milk supply tends to plateau, having the average milk expressed per pump at its highest level is essential to ensure that a child gets to the one-plus year mark. Continue reading “Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump (Lansinoh)”

Dr. Dabber’s Budder Cutter

Dr. Dabber’s Budder Cutter is a tool that should be utilized by anyone that wishes to make the dosing of concentrates constant. The device (retailing at around $50) is a tool that allows for one to choose the head that best doles out, cuts, or otherwise interacts with the concentrate, no matter the viscosity. The tool heats up to the optimum temperature quickly without becoming too hot for the product. The ability to turn the Budder Cutter on, dole out enough for one serving and to transfer it over to another device is perhaps the strongest function of the device. What used to be a tremendously laborious ordeal with metal dental-type tools is an easy dosing and anointing experience after one utilizes the Budder Cutter.  Continue reading “Dr. Dabber’s Budder Cutter”

Roam Ropes Wireless Headphones

Steven Lamar was one of the individuals on the ground floor when the Beats By Dre headphones were changing the world, and he has lent his influence to a new product, the Roam Ropes Wireless Headphones. We are pleased to report that the Roam Ropes are well worth their $199 list price. The economics of the earbuds are considerable meaning that there is a great fit in an individual’s ears without losing anything in the way of audio quality. Continue reading “Roam Ropes Wireless Headphones”

KoalaSafe Internet Router a must-have

One of the key issues that happens when we are in an increasingly interconnected world is that it seems like any sort of device has the ability to jump online. It does not matter whether it is a tablet, laptop or phone, it is a hop, skip, & a jump to get connect. When a parent wants to go and ensure that a child does their chores, has to go out to the park, or any do sort of activity, the KoalaSafe Internet Router ($99.99) is a must have purchase. The configuration process of the device is incredibly simple even for those individuals that may not be to up to date on current technologies. It is versatile meaning that one will be able to key in the precise amount of time and level of access they wish their progeny or those under their care to have.KoalaSafe Internet Router

The KoalaSafe Internet Router is durable; while still made of plastic it has a small enough form that it can drop from a computer or other mounting and not be any worse for wear. When compared to monthly software costs and other devices that are available to regulate internet usage, the KoalaSafe Internet Router is a heck of a deal. Parents will be able to purchase their own repetidor wifi router for around $100 from the company’s website and from online retailers. Specific time limits can be established, apps (YikYak, Kik) can be blocked, and the program’s software provides parents with the data that they need regarding their childrens’ internet usage.

The router makes the internet a secure and safe experience for children online while still allowing parents the ability to go and otherwise find out what is best for that in terms of the amount of time online and access.

Rating: 9.0/10

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iRig BlueTurn (IK Multimedia)

The iRig BlueTurn is a bluetooth page-turner which at a passing glance is a deceptively simple device. However, the product has a tremendous amount of utility for musicians. At first glance, the iRig BlueTurn looks to be a very simple sort of product as there are buttons for up and down that are available. When one thinks about how the device can be used, they will come up with a good amount of possibilities. Continue reading “iRig BlueTurn (IK Multimedia)”

German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor Headphones

There are quite literally hundreds of different headphones that are on the market. When one goes and limits this list to just audiophile brands and offerings one will still have to wade through page after page of listings for all the different products that are currently on the market. The price range for these headphones ranges from anywhere around $100 all the way out to well over $1,000.German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor Headphones

It’s hard to tell exactly what sort of benefits the highest end headphones have over those at more approachable price point but we’re pleased to say that the GMP headphones are able to successfully combine value with functionality. For those people that wish to have faithful reproduction of musical or voice recordings the GMP headphones are top of the line. Continue reading “German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor Headphones”

The E201U, a Value-laden USB Condenser Microphone

In the era when anyone can create a podcast about any subject no matter how esoteric or narrow it might be, having s set up that provides clarity and crispness to their vocals is absolutely essential. So many podcasts that we have subscribed to at NeuFutur to are sunk by the fact that they use an iPhone or other cheap recording device for their show. For the most clear and precise vocals, what they need is the E201U, a USB condenser microphone by Superlux.E201U / Superlux / USB Instrument Condenser Microphone Continue reading “The E201U, a Value-laden USB Condenser Microphone”

Siberia X300 Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox

The Siberia X300 Pro Gaming Headset for XBox is one of the best values for one’s money with a tremendous amount of functionality, a rugged build design, and the availability to go and use them for a wide variety of different functions. These headphones blend together a compelling aesthetic with a set of materials used that will stand up to even the most intense usage. The amount of highs and lows at these headphones will faithfully reproduce is astonishing, meaning that one can use these for reading instructions, sitting back and zoning out to your favorite music, or any sort of activity in between. Continue reading “Siberia X300 Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox”

Jackery Giant+ Dual USB Portable Battery

The Jackery Giant+ Dual USB Portable Battery is a fairly substantial weight (10.4 ounces) but can still fit in a book bag, a purse, or any sort of carrying device. There are a large number of different USB plugs that provide individuals with a 2.1 amp charge. This means that one can have a number of their electronic devices connected at one time with all being charged. When a single device is on the battery the charge that provided is quick and substantial, bringing an Android phone back to fighting commission in a short time. Continue reading “Jackery Giant+ Dual USB Portable Battery”

The LaCie Mirror hard drive shines like a diamond

We received a one terabyte LaCie Mirror hard drive (9000574) for review the last year and are pleased to report that the installation process and the whole step by step process for making the hard drive live is incredibly easy. The simple fact is that the installation of a hard drive can be a little difficult especially to those individuals that our first time homebrew creators. Even those that have had the chance to go and build computers in the past might have a problem bringing a new hard drive on line in the fashion that one wants.LaCie Mirror

In fact I still have a solid state (SSD) drive from Kingston that has been kicking around the NeuFutur offices that I have never been able to impress into normal, everyday service. Continue reading “The LaCie Mirror hard drive shines like a diamond”