Cool and Phat 3/5/99

Cool and Phat Concert on March 5th 1999

This place is going to be the next Gilman St., I swear. A free concert every friday night, and a band can sign up at a moments notice. The concert runs from 7 till 11 o’clock on Friday Nights, and it seriously brings a breath of fresh air into the boring city of Lancaster. The shop is located on 314 N. Columbus Street. This page will review the concert on March 5, 1999. The concert that night consisted of 8 bands that i hadnt heard until that night. In order the bands that played were Unconformed (Crappy Tool-Like Metal), Curbside Soul (Soul), Transparent Orange (College Rock), Last Tears (Punk Rock), The Crankers (Punk), Groove (Jazz Metal), Betty + Brother (Spoken Word), and Psychobabble (Catholic Punk). Continue reading “Cool and Phat 3/5/99”