The Wires – Diligentia Quam in Suis

Carillon is the first track on The Wires’ new album Diligentia Quam in Suis. The song is soft and sedate, with The Wires weaving in soulful singing with contemplative instrumentation. The band is not afraid to allow for longer instrumental interludes on the album, a decision that provides ample gravitas to the vocals when they do enter into the fray. A Man on Wire draws upon the singer-songwriter style of the 1960s while sprinkling in hints of Phil Collins and Cat Stevens. While the song needs little more than vocals and a guitar, it is so honest that it will permanently impress itself in the minds and hearts of listeners. Continue reading “The Wires – Diligentia Quam in Suis”

J Roy Champion – Rome in a Day

6 Ways is the first track on J Roy Champion’s new EP, Rome in a Day. The track is able to build upon the framework of Kendrick Lamar and Three Six Mafia. The screwed and chopped vocals on the track provide the perfect counterpoint to the sharper backing beat. Together, the two elements combine to make for something that will get heads bopping even as a dirty, sick groove is laced through the track.

Sip Ya Cup features the flow of T Brookz; the rapid-fire flow that sits on top of a synth and booming bass line makes this into one of our early favorites on Rome in a Day. The track is able to work well as a hard-hitting rap effort and a single that’s ready for the dance floor. A bit of R&B influence on the chorus is enough to keep the momentum high until the effort’s concluding moments.  Medicine has a pair of features – T Brookz and Grymz – that keeps listeners continually on the edges of their seats. Spinning things a variety of ways over the course of the extended play, J Roy Champion ends things conclusively with Already. Already, shining through the inclusion of T Brookz, is a track that pulls double duty. The track is able to continue some of the sounds and trends of the previous songs on Rome in a Day, but it also showcases where J Roy Champion may ultimately go in any follow-ups that will come down the pipeline.

Top Tracks: Medicine, Sip Ya Cup

Rating: 8.5/10

We covered Rome in a Day’s first single,  Birthday , back in January. Visit J Roy Champion’s domain or Facebook profiles for additional information about the performer, samples of his discography, or to hit up for new opportunities.

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Spayed Koolie releases LP

If you’re one of the many country fans who has been disappointed in what you’ve heard coming out of the south in the last few years, Spayed Koolie might have made the album that you’ve been waiting for in Ashtray Change. Fitted with 11 of the most stylishly original country rock songs you’ll hear this side of the 21st century, Ashtray Change is a record that comes as a result of years of angst bubbling up just beneath the surface of the country scene. It’s independently stylized and raw as they come, but if you’ve got a taste for the blue collar sound, this is an album you need to hear. Continue reading “Spayed Koolie releases LP”

Broken Baby release self-titled LP

Pop music, as crazy as it might seem, is the really ultimate form of rebellion in times of oppression and division. Of course there is a place for almost every kind of non-violent protest, but music is itself a universal language that knows no boundaries of linguistics, government or social separation. Music integrates all of us into the singular human race that we are, and bands like Broken Baby are what keep the fire of emotional realism alive when there’s nowhere else to turn to. In their new album, Broken Baby, the duo charm listeners with their aggressive blend of punk rock brutality and neo-psychedelic heaviness and set a new tone for the alienated state of the western world. That tone is based in love, acceptance and a never ending search for justice, and in the tradition of punk’s most iconic figures Broken Baby contribute their own unique verse to the grand drama that is life in America, or better put, life under American rule. Continue reading “Broken Baby release self-titled LP”

Oberon Rose release “No Stranger” video

The fiercely cutthroat New England indie rock scene has been going through a lot of volatile changes lately, particularly near the top of its creative hierarchy. The old guard is on their way out, and in their place a new group of skilled minds are looking to fill the void with their own version of the New England sound – a version, I should mention, that is far more lustfully ambient than anything their predecessors could have ever devised. There’s so much talent to talk about, but no one has been getting the kind of buzz that rock n’ roll crew Oberon Rose has been lately. Powered by the songwriting duo of Tommy Oberon and Rebecca Rose, this three piece neo-psychedelic thunderstorm released a music video for their song “No Stranger” this month to critical acclaim, and it’s not the first time that the band has gotten everyone in and out of their scene talking about their potential. That potential is finally beginning to blossom into a ferocious beast in its own right (ironically by adding a new layer of artistry to their sound via filmmaking), and just one view to the band’s latest creative piece should be enough to get any rock fan addicted to their potently mind bending musical formula.

The melody of “No Stranger” is suspiciously wrapped in so many layers of sonic gravity that one could mistake it for a lost My Bloody Valentine outtake if played at a loud enough volume. As it stands, this is far from a shoegaze piece in narrative, but it definitely offers the same peek into the druggy world of mysticism and enigma that so many of the group’s influences tried to tap into with somewhat mixed results. “No Stranger” takes advantage of the listener’s depth of audio and manipulates it so that we’re not listening to a rock song but rather an electric orchestra of melodic feedback. Watching the video only enhances the depth of the listening experience by taking us on a visual journey more akin to an acid trip than a music video where color and sound meld into a singular entity that cannot be easily discerned from one another. Fans of pumped volume will go crazy over this song’s glorious circulation, while critics of modern rock music will have to find some other genre to attack with their ignorant assumptions.

2018 has been such a good year for independent music, and with the rise of Oberon Rose it’s thrills don’t appear to be stopping any time soon. Unlike some of the folks who think that it’s getting harder and harder for bands to produce authentic, organic indie rock in this day and age of excessive technological input, I think that the future is starting to yield more evocative results than the past did almost exclusively because of this newfound diversity in the international scene. Oberon Rose is at the apex of crossing over into YouTube-topping (and Billboard-climbing) territory and they aren’t looking to sell out their DIY ethos for any price on the planet. They give us reason to believe that indie rock is advancing into the 2020s just fine, and if you need proof you can watch the video for “No Strangers” and judge for yourself; I don’t think you’ll disagree.

“No Stranger” video:


Kim Muncie


Kellie-Anne – Not The Girl

Kellie-Anne’s Not The Girl is a strong single. The track is built off of a blend of 1980s synth-pop and modern singer-songwriter sensabilities. Kellie-Anne’s inimitable vocals impress themselves on the rich backing instrumentation. With a bit of EDM trapping interlaced in Not The Girl, Kellie-Anne has made a track that can work equally well on pop, dance, or alt rock rotation. The clap/stomp breakdown that marks the three-minute mark of Not The Girl allows things to be reset, making for a hard-hitting conclusion to the track. We’re excited to hear more from Kellie-Anne in the future. Continue reading “Kellie-Anne – Not The Girl”

Joaquin Torres – Desnudame

Joaquin Torres’ Desnudame is a powerful effort that draws upon the Latino musical tradition of performers like Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin. The raw passion and vocal ability of Torres on his latest single will cause anyone listening in to focus intently. Joaquin is able to pull double duty here in that he can both weave a rich and detailed narrative while adding twists and turns to the robust synths and booming bass and drums. Desnudame is a track that we’ll be singing along with throughout the rest of the autumn. Visit the video for the single below. Continue reading “Joaquin Torres – Desnudame”

Fifcitydreams – ‘Cashanova (We Alike)’

Cashanova (We Alike) is an effort that skillfully blends together R&B, trap, and taut rap flows into a cohesive entity that works equally well in dance clubs and on the streets. Fifcitydreams creates something in this single that has a sound that could easily slot onto playlists and radio rotation alike, but does so in a fashion that is utterly unique. The production of this single pops – listeners can hear each nuance on its own and as they contribute to a cohesive entity. Cashanova (We Alike)’s hook will bury itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. Continue reading “Fifcitydreams – ‘Cashanova (We Alike)’”

American High’s Cheye Calvo Tells a Story

We believe that every human is born with identical rights which are not granted to us by other humans.  We are born with them.  Like the right to defend ourselves if violently attacked.  The right to speak our mind and criticize anyone and anything, the right to assemble with like minded people and protest something.  The right to have our private stuff remain private from the cops unless they think we’ve committed a crime.  The right to not have violence committed against us, so long as we are not committing violence against another. Many more that we all intuitively understand to be true.

Continue reading “American High’s Cheye Calvo Tells a Story”

Jupiter in Velvet releases new LP

With a swing step furiousness that can’t help but evoke imagery of soldiers marching into battle, Jupiter in Velvet’s “Can’t Get It Right” starts walking us down an ominous path from the get-go. Jupiter himself struts with a stone cold, ominous demeanor among one heart stopping guitar riff after another in a layered sonic cataclysm that pushes us to question our own definition of melody. There’s so much rock n’ roll swagger steaming off of the amplifiers that one can easily feel suffocated by its thick, heavy basslines and cutting vocals, but it’s just a taste of what’s in store for those who listen to Beautiful New Day, Jupiter in Velvet’s latest slice of musical thunder and arguably his best yet. Continue reading “Jupiter in Velvet releases new LP”