C. SHIROCK “Confess Your Love”

C. SHIROCK’s “Confess Your Love” is a bouncy track that simultaneously calls back to the synth-pop of the 1980s and the modern EDM genre. Inspiring synth lines and dreamy vocals unite to have listeners hang on every word. C.SHIROCK’s vocals are cast in the mold of U2 and Coldplay, making Confess Your Love an easy inclusion on any pop radio rotation. The track’s mid-point, which slows down things and brings in a chorus, allows for a brief breather as C. SHIROCK sets up for the booming, energetic second half of Confess Your Love. A fun track. Continue reading “C. SHIROCK “Confess Your Love””

Anastasia Elliot “The Boy Who Cried Love”

Anastasia Elliot’s “The Boy Who Cried Love” is a touching effort that seamlessly unites passionate female vocals with an emotive piano line. With classical music and darkwave / goth genres representing touchstones for Anastasia on her latest effort, there will be something for everyone on The Boy Who Cried Love. The track’s increasing tempo makes for a more tense environment, upon which Elliot’s vocals are highlighted all the more brightly. We love the range that Anastasia reaches on this single; one can hear her adding further complexity to the instrumentation even as she establishes a narrative. Continue reading “Anastasia Elliot “The Boy Who Cried Love””

Jonny Dee “The Man Who Fell From The Sky”

Jonny Dee’s “The Man Who Fell From The Sky” is a funk-laid track that employs a chill flow. The taut lyrical content of Jonny Dee makes its own sort of harmony, adding to the thick bass line, vocal samples and emphatic drum beats already present. There’s a thickness to this backing beat that ensures one will be able to find new twists and turns even a few plays in. The Man Who Fell From The Sky is something completely unique, an effort that feels destined for cult status even years after its release. Some of the best rap we’ve heard this year. Continue reading “Jonny Dee “The Man Who Fell From The Sky””

The Chris Ruben Band – Stomach Coil

The Chris Ruben Band’s Stomach Coil is an effort that blends together 1980s and 1990s rock with a more musically complex, progressive meets jam-band approach. The band utilizes an approach which ensures that all parts (bass, guitar, drums, and the aforementioned vocals) are able to shine. What results then with Stomach Coil is a track that fans will need to strap a pair of headphones on for; there are so many hidden and hard-to-find elements that will have one continually finding something new even 10 or 15 plays in. The sizzling guitar work that takes over at the 2:25 mark is world-class, providing a boost to the momentum of Stomach Coil as the band begins to wind things to a close. Continue reading “The Chris Ruben Band – Stomach Coil”

John Gaar “Roll Like That”

John Gaar’s “Roll Like That” is an intensely soulful sound that draws upon the 1950s and 1960s doo-wop, blues, and 1970s funk. All together, what listeners will experience when they hear Roll Like That is a tremendously capable set of vocals and world-class musicians. The band works like a cohesive element – sure, there are times where the guitars and horns are allowed to step out in front – but the wall of sound that comes issuing out on Roll Like That is immense. We’re particularly fond of the back and forth between the instrumentation and Gaar’s vocals on this single. With smart repetition of the chorus, John ensures that listeners will be singing it long after the track ceases playing. Continue reading “John Gaar “Roll Like That””

Sin7 “Erased”

Sin7’s “Erased” is a heavy, hard-hitting rock track that whips in bits of Slipknot and Godsmack into a guitar and supersonic-vocal led assault. Sin7’s production of Erased ensures that a slinky bass line, screams, on-point drums, and sizzling guitar work is able to shine alone or as an integral part of this cohesive effort. Never allowing listeners to take a breath, Sin7 makes a song that could easily slot onto hard rock rotation, whether on terrestrial radio or on Spotify. With increased energy in the cut’s last ten seconds, Sin7 ensure that the song is indelibly imprinted in the minds of anyone listening in. Continue reading “Sin7 “Erased””

MariBased1 ft. MrBenjamin “DOE BOI”

MariBased1’s “DOE BOI” is an effort that calls back to the days of gangster rap. This means that there is a deep, nearly horrorcore approach taken to the song’s backing beat. The gritty lyrical flow of MariBased1 and MrBenjamin further adds realism to this single. As the track cuts off at the 2:30 mark, we’re left as listeners wanting more. Make it a point to check out what MariBased1 is doing on his Facebook to get a chance to hear some of the most honest takes on a long-neglected rap style. DOE BOI’s video is below, but the richness of the lyrical content is such that fans will be able to envision each line as the pair spit it. Continue reading “MariBased1 ft. MrBenjamin “DOE BOI””

David Haerle “Glendale”

David Haerle’s “Glendale” immediately draws listeners in with a sunny, mid-2000s alternative sound that builds upon the tradition of Everclear and Smash Mouth. The instrumentation on Glendale is something special, adding a further narrative element to the mix. Listeners can enjoy the track purely through its vocal side, through the collection of instruments that establish the backing element, and a cohesive entity. As Haerle’s single continues to play, fans will hear this instrumentation grow and evolve. With nuances incorporated into the track throughout its whole run time, fans’ interest in Glendale will stay strong until the final few notes. Check out the video below the jump. Continue reading “David Haerle “Glendale””

Joey Danger “Surrender”

“Surrender”, the latest effort from Joey Danger, is a futuristic track that ties in late-1990s Fear Factory, Linkin Park, and Stabbing Westward into a dark, brooding effort. The raw passion present in the track will keep listeners interest high; a bit of Weeknd-styled R&B is the cherry on the top of the sundae here. Echo and distortion transform the track into something special, blurring the separation between organic and electronic. A stunning video accompanies this song, coming close to what I’d imagine the Cyberpunk 2077 aesthetic will look like. Invigorating and expansive, Joey Danger’s Surrender is a track that has considerable replay value. Continue reading “Joey Danger “Surrender””

Trina “I Just Wanna” (ft. City Girls and Arie)

Trina’s new track “I Just Wanna” features City Girls and Arie. The effort is able to showcase the intense flow of Trina while having a varied backing beat. Whether bass-heavy beats, a clap trap, or something light and airy, I Just Wanna’s beat is something that will bury itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. Adding in other females to the mix changes up the overall vibe of the track, keeping the momentum high from the first line until the last utterance. Another hit from Trina. Continue reading “Trina “I Just Wanna” (ft. City Girls and Arie)”