Collins and Streiss – Free

Collins and Streiss’ Free is a powerful rock track that builds off of the AOR / rock sound of acts like Foreigner, Queen, and Journey. There are a number of distinct sections to Free that listeners will have to unfold on subsequent listens. With rising and falling actions, Collins and Streiss ensure that fans will be on the edges of their seats. A powerful narrative quality ties everything together with a nice bow. Additional elements (including on-point pianos and drums) unite to make Free into an effort that we could easily imagine being played on rock rotation. Continue reading “Collins and Streiss – Free”

Peter Adole – My God You Good

Peter Adole’s My God You Good is a hopeful sort of track that is built off of a bouncy instrumentation that unites electronic and vocal elements. The track will find fans in anyone that likes Akon, Omi, Nico & Vinz, or T-Pain. The faith espoused in My God You Good will firm up the beliefs of anyone that may be a bit down. Continue reading “Peter Adole – My God You Good”

Idealism – Virgo Alive

Idealism’s Virgo Alive is a funky, jazzy track that builds off of the work of the early nineties for inspiration. The sultry sound of the track is perfect for slow dancing, while the percussion and synths are able to highlight the dual vocals that go back and forth. Continue reading “Idealism – Virgo Alive”

Steve McCormick – Stars and Chandeliers

Stars and Chandeliers is the latest album from Steve McCormick. Say a Prayer for New York City, the album’s first track, does well to approximate the city. There are sizzling horns, a rapid tempo, and a tremendous amount of narrative that is inserted within this instrumental composition. Say the Word is a touching and deep effort, with McCormick’s vocals pulling double duty. More than just providing lyrical content, Steve’s softly-stated vocals add considerably to the overall instrumental arrangement of the single. Continue reading “Steve McCormick – Stars and Chandeliers”

U-N-T – Je M’enfuis

U-N-T craft a contemplative and introspective sort of rock with their new single, Je M’enfuis. The guitar work is reminiscent of 1980s rock, while there are vocals that will resound loudly with listeners long after the track ceases to play. Taken together, this polished cut is able to cover a lot of ground; listeners will be able to find something that they appreciate here. Continue reading “U-N-T – Je M’enfuis”

David Arn – Not Amused

David Arn’s latest single Not Amused refreshes the singer-songwriter and rock styles of the 1970s to a more current and contemporary sound. The guitar work builds off of the work of The Eagles and ELO, while there are hints of Neil Young and Jackson Browne that the vocals touch upon. A solid production ensures that each element for Not Amused both adds to the overall sound of the single while impressing on its own. With a bit of desert and Detroit rock interspersed throughout, David Arn’s new song Not Amused will have fans’ toes tapping well through the end of 2017. Continue reading “David Arn – Not Amused”

Billy Idol – Self-Titled; Rebel Yell; The Very Best Of

Billy Idol is the latest ‘80s musical icon to get the vinyl re-release treatment and on reexamination it’s clear that Idol deserved every accolade he earned during that musically schizophrenic decade. Continue reading “Billy Idol – Self-Titled; Rebel Yell; The Very Best Of”

Starwood – God of the Drones

It’s almost a cliché at this point; Gabriel Starwood, a man-machine hybrid with a disco ball for a head from planet Vitrus, starts a band in Philly, pulling together like-minded androids and turns out a solid debut (2012’s Transmission). But here’s where it veers off that well-trodden pseudo human band Behind the Music episode. Five years later, Starwood is back with a fantastically-creative 6-song EP, proving despite the goofy origin story, they actually have the musical chops to back it up. Continue reading “Starwood – God of the Drones”