Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? (Sony PSP)

NIS America has ensured that each title that they bring over to the United States is simply stellar, and they go beyond that in the creation of mini-boxed sets for the titles that is exhaustive in the amount of information and additional features that they contain. This time around, the premium box set includes a soundtrack, a strip from the masterminds over at Penny Arcade, and a lyric sheet that splits the lyrics into the original Japanese and a translation for those that may not know the language. For individuals that may wonder where they may know the main character from, the Prinny race was created by NIS for Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and have been featured in all subsequent titles by the company. Continue reading “Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? (Sony PSP)”

Retro Game Challenge (Nintendo DS)

Finally brought over from Japan by Xseed Games, Retro Game Challenge is a hellaciously fun title for the DS that links together the model ability of the console with gameplay and stylings from the late eighties and early nineties. After players fire up the title, individuals will be transported into essentially an arcade of homage titles which to properly conquer. This means that there are titles that take on old-school racing titles like MotoRace USA (Rally King), Dragon Quest (Guadia Quest), and even Ninja Gaiden (Robot Ninja Haggler Man 3). Continue reading “Retro Game Challenge (Nintendo DS)”

Cabo Wabo (80 Proof)

Everyone knows that Cabo Wabo tequila is Sammy Hagar’s own brand. However, what individuals may not know is that the spirit is done of the best tequila out on the market, even closing in on the quality of the tequilas being released by the best Mexican tequila houses. Where most spirits have bouquets that hit potential drinkers and quickly fade away, Cabo Wabo’s bouquet is bold, brash, and every bit as masculine as the Red Rocker eirself. The agave body of the bouquet has a little bit of a yeasty smell, sticking around well after interest parties have closed back up the bottle. Continue reading “Cabo Wabo (80 Proof)”

Kaline – Makin’ Moves (CD)

It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for the music industry crying about low CDs sales, when a solid band like Kaline is churning out records on its own, while stale, paint-by-numbers groups simply ape the sound of mediocre bands that came before them and are rewarded with record label deals. Continue reading “Kaline – Makin’ Moves (CD)”

Summer Heights High (DVD)

Much like the first season of Arrested Development, HBO’s cult comedy Summer Heights High is wildly cherished by those few lucky enough to have somehow stumbled across it, meanwhile try and describe the premise to anyone unaware of the show and chances are the blank stare will remind of just how small that cult surrounding the show actually is right now. Continue reading “Summer Heights High (DVD)”

U2 / “No Line On The Horizon” Contest from

NeuFutur Magazine, , and Total Assault are giving one lucky winner the chance to score the ultimate U2 prize pack! Jam packed with a limited edition artwork proof, long sleeve shirt, disposable camera, sunglasses, badge, keyring, mug and leather notebook all branded with the U2 logo, this package is the ultimate for any fan! Continue reading “U2 / “No Line On The Horizon” Contest from”

Brett Terry – Instant History (CD)

While Brett Terry has been declared by some to be influenced by The Beatles, I feel that what he puts forth on “Instant History” is much more unique and impressive than that comparison would have individuals believe. Tracks like “Unharmed” show an individual that establishes his own sound early in the disc, and ensures that listeners will be salivating for more with each subsequent track. “On Alexander Street” will blow listeners away from the start; the intense guitar work present at the onset of the track will easily remind listeners of virtuosos like Santana or Eric Clapton in his Cream heyday. Continue reading “Brett Terry – Instant History (CD)”

Things I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me

An anthology about relationships written by guys sounds about as appealing as…well talking about relationships with guys. But thanks to a stellar list of authors – heavy on comedians like Jon Stewart, Patton Oswalt, Stephen Colbert and Will Forte – and the comedy-prone topic of getting dumped, makes the task that much more compelling. The essays are offered as lessons of sorts, far from practical, but extremely funny nonetheless. Continue reading “Things I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me”

Death Cab for Cutie – Something About Airplanes; Limited Edition Re-Release (CD)

Listening to Death Cab for Cutie’s first proper release, 1998’s Something About Airplanes, there is little indication that the band would someday be headlining major festivals, churning our records for a major label and pretty much adding a touch of indie cred and respectability to mainstream radio stations. It’s not that the songs are not good, in fact for the most part they are just as beautiful as the latter work Death Cab is more known for; it’s just surprising that the band was able to get so much mainstream attention with little to no compromise of their original sound. Continue reading “Death Cab for Cutie – Something About Airplanes; Limited Edition Re-Release (CD)”

Noilly Prat (36 Proof)

Individuals that have not had a chance to take on the Noilly Prat on their own should look into it; it is an interesting type of spirit that really has nothing in the way of comparison. This is likely due to the different blend of herbs and spices that are entered into the unique process that Noilly Prat has guarded, and is the main reason why it is seen as a stand-alone drink in many of the European countries. If you are a fan of Noilly Prat and want to see what variations on a theme are present, I would have to say that you first make it out to the official Noilly Prat shop, located in France for the Amber iteration of the spirit. Continue reading “Noilly Prat (36 Proof)”