Barefoot Bubbly – Moscato Spumante Champagne (Wine)

For those that have been able to try out some of the various efforts by Barefoot Bubbly, they understand that the company is able to put together some amazing efforts at a stellar price. However, they may not know that there is a new type of Barefoot Bubbly – Moscato Spumante – that will be tickling drinker’s throats all through the end of this year and into 2010. This (very) sweet champagne does away with much of the dryness that is present in many a champagne and replaces it with a set of fruit flavors that are nothing less than brilliant. Whether it be tangerines, blood oranges, or even Clementines, one will find their favorite citrus here. Continue reading “Barefoot Bubbly – Moscato Spumante Champagne (Wine)”

Andy Barker, P.I. –The Complete Series (DVD)

If you needed any further proof that TV executives are little more than sadistic puppet masters who like little more than to tease us with what might have been, look at the career of Andy Richter. After leaving Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Richter made the bizarre, but extremely funny Andy Richter Controls the Universe. The show was smart and original, so obviously it was cancelled after one season. Continue reading “Andy Barker, P.I. –The Complete Series (DVD)”

Mathilde Liqueur – Blackcurrant (Liqueur)

We have had a few shots at the different offerings by Mathilde in the last few months, and we wanted to save one of the best for last. This is their Blackcurrant Liqueur, a spirit that may seem to be a little viscous compared to other similar liqueurs, but is in reality a dark horse, with a specific quality that individuals would not necessarily expect out of a similar colored effort. When most individuals would only be familiar with a Mad Dog or similar “ghetto” wine, what comes forth here is a complex, sweet, and special spirit that will be the talk of any dinner party or other event that it may be present at. The sharpness and sweetness present in the fruit that is grape is present from the first opening of the bottle, while the first sip ties together heavier spirits with wine and even juice tinges. Continue reading “Mathilde Liqueur – Blackcurrant (Liqueur)”

Motorstorm: Arctic Edge (Sony PSP)

Motorstorm: Arctic Edge is the third in the Motorstorm line, and it represents a transition for the title that may either save or wreck the series. The previous two Motorstorm titles were on the Playstation 3, while Motorstorm: Arctic Edge takes a step back and allows players of the PSP and the PS2 a chance at the franchise. The amount of vehicles players can use (24) and the differentiation of each class of vehicle (8 in total) gives tremendous amounts of specialization that can be had. Continue reading “Motorstorm: Arctic Edge (Sony PSP)”

Pacific Rim – 2007 Chenin Blanc Columbia Valley (Wine)

We here at the NeuFutur HQ have had some great Rieslings and similar varietals in the last few months, but I feel that the ’07 Chenin Blanc taken from the Columbia Valley vineyard may just be one of the best we’ve had. The Chenin Blanc, for casual wine drinkers, is a variety of grape that is versatile as all get out and is planted practically everywhere that is hospitable for grapes. The stainless steel that they use in the cultivation of this wine allows the resulting beverage the perfect type of development. Continue reading “Pacific Rim – 2007 Chenin Blanc Columbia Valley (Wine)”

fun – Aim And Ignite (CD)

When The Format announced they were splitting up last year after their epically brilliant, but tragically underrated concept record Dog Problems, it seemed like a horrible waste of talent. Dog Problems, produced by Red Kross’ Steven McDonald with musical arrangements by Jellyfish’s Roger Manning, Jr., was pop rock perfection from start to finish; one of the best power pop records put out in 2007. Taking inspiration from XTC and ELO, the record was an unflinching love note to every pop band that came before it disguised as a break up album. Continue reading “fun – Aim And Ignite (CD)”

Willie Nelson – Lost Highway (CD)

It’s easy to forget how relevant Willie Nelson still remains, nearly 50 years after releasing his first record. On Lost Highway, his greatest hits collection from the label of the same name, Nelson, turns in 17 already classic country songs. Tunes like “Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me),” “Back to Earth” and his cover of the reggae classic “The Harder They Come” just go to illustrate how relevant he still remains. With the label for almost 10 years, Nelson churned out 12 albums on Lost Highway Records alone. Continue reading “Willie Nelson – Lost Highway (CD)”

Cliff Eberhardt – 500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions (CD)

Cliff Eberhardt has been one of those individuals that has been in the periphery for a number of years, but has never gotten the fame or recognition that ey deserves. With “500 Miles”, I feel that there is enough present to bring in an entirely new fan base that may yet catapult Eberhardt to stardom. The album starts out with “500 Miles”, a song that tells just as much with the wide-open silent spaces as it does with the emotive vocals and the equally poignant guitar work present. “Have A Little Heart” is the next track on “500 Miles”, and it changes things up slightly to allow Eberhardt’s vocals to take a dominant position. In doing that, there is a little more pop feeling to the track that will allow a wider swath of listeners to appreciate what ey is doing here. Continue reading “Cliff Eberhardt – 500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions (CD)”

Something Is Killing Tate (DVD)

At the beginning of Something Is Killing Tate, it seems as if Tate Bradley’s life is going quite well. This is because eir birthday is coming up, while it is only a matter of time before ey gets married. However, viewers learn that Tate is suicidal, even going as far as to attempt the ultimate solution by the time the movie kicks in. Not wanting to have it happen again, Tate attempts to dig through eir life and see what exactly is wrong with eir life. To do so, ey locks eirself into eir apartment and only lets friends and family visit eir during this soul-seeking period. Continue reading “Something Is Killing Tate (DVD)”

Kris Heaton Blues Band – R-Me Strong (CD)

“Sugar” is the opening salvo on “R-Me Strong”, and it immediately comes forth with a melody that will get toes tapping and fingers snapping. This introduction to “R-Me Strong” shows a band skilled enough to come forth with a style that is classic while making it approachable to fans that may be into newer styles of music. “I’m Your Man” is a track that exists at a number of crossroads, utilizing the same sort of blues that was first present in “Sugar”, but bringing in hints of eighties hard rock and classic country to the mix. Continue reading “Kris Heaton Blues Band – R-Me Strong (CD)”