Obsession: An Erotic Tale (Book)

Gloria Vanderbilt has had a tremendous life, moving through all of the most elite circles in New York City, birthing a tremendous popular news force (Andersen Cooper) and at 85, has not slowed in the slightest. Obsession: An Erotic Tale showcases an author that does not conform to what most individuals would associate with those in the older generation, pushing hardcore sexuality into a critically appreciable position. Continue reading “Obsession: An Erotic Tale (Book)”

Ralphie May – Austin-tatious (DVD)

Ralphie May, as viewers may recall, was associated with the first season of Last Comic Standing. I would contend that out of all the contestants from all of the years of the show (which was just cancelled), that Ralphie May has enjoyed the most success. In my opinion, I would have to say that Ralphie May comes with the freshest act and exhibits the most raw comedic potential. “Austin-tatious” showcases these strong comedic skills, while having stellar video and audio to ensure that viewers will feel as if they were part of the original performance. Continue reading “Ralphie May – Austin-tatious (DVD)”

Laura Izibor – Sampler (From Let The Truth Be Told)

Laura Izibor starts out this Sampling of tracks from “Let The Truth Be Told” with “From My Heart To Yours”. What comes forth is a bit of Lauryn Hill and Angie Stone, tying together a late nineties sound with the soul of a Pink or Christina Aguilera. The inclusion of the tempo from The Temptations’ “Lean On Me” further moors the track to a rich musical tradition, ensuring that fans of all types will be able to find something to appreciate here. Continue reading “Laura Izibor – Sampler (From Let The Truth Be Told)”

Jeff Buckley – Grace Around the World: Limited Edition (CD/DVDs)

You’d have to go back pretty far to find a story of wasted musical talent as tragic as Jeff Buckley. The son of folkie Tim Buckley, Jeff was a struggling singer/songwriter playing clubs in New York’s East Village in the 90’swho was finally discovered by Columbia Record execs, who put out his only studio album “Grace.” The record was extremely promising, but took years to find a following. As Buckley was in Memphis preparing a follow up in 1997, he drowned one night in a river. Continue reading “Jeff Buckley – Grace Around the World: Limited Edition (CD/DVDs)”

Pepperdome – Let’s Try The Otherside (CD)

“Wake Up” is a bit of thrashy rock that will immediately call forth images of acts like M.O.D., but there seems to be a harmony present to this first track on “Let’s Try The Otherside” that acts from that genre simply were unable to commit to disc. The title track continues the side thrash-heavy side, but Pepperdome has a little bit of contemporary (Static-X, Powerman 5000) influence that comes to the fore during the track. Regardless, what John Tokarczyk does here is make a groove-laden disc that stands out head and shoulders above what other contemporary bands are creating. Continue reading “Pepperdome – Let’s Try The Otherside (CD)”

Coalesce – Ox (CD)

Coalesce was one of those bands that petered out just as I first started creating NeuFutur, and as a result, I never really got into them as much as I did with acts that were creating and crafting when the magazine took off. The disc begins with “The Plot Against My Love”, a tight bit of hardcore metal that kicks ass as easily as it bounces between genres. What Coalesce does better than other current acts is really imbue the tracks on “Ox” with harmony, no matter how rough or intense the current track may be. This means that a track like “The Comedian In Question” may be downright sludgy in nature, but the composition operates on a number of distinct layers. Continue reading “Coalesce – Ox (CD)”

Designing Women: The Complete First Season (DVD)

It is pretty shocking that there had not been a cohesive collection of Designing Women up till this point, considering that Designing Women was one of the most well-known shows from its time period. The show itself enjoyed a long re-run run, so why it was not given proper shrift at the beginning of the DVD’s era. This box set, which covers the 1986-1987 season, focuses on the interactions between four women located in the American south. Suzanne Sugarbaker (played here by Delta Burke) and sister Julia (Dixie Carter) quibble and quarrel amongst themselves regarding the workings of their company, Sugarbaker Designs. Continue reading “Designing Women: The Complete First Season (DVD)”

War Tapes – The Continental Divide (CD)

No idea how you can be gloomy in LA, but something’s bumming out the kids in War Tapes. On The Continental Divide, the band’s first full-length, the group draws strongly from fellow somber rockers like Joy Division, Interpol and Echo and The Bunnymen. The result is a solid effort, if a bit repetitive. Continue reading “War Tapes – The Continental Divide (CD)”