Dragon Ball: Evolution (Sony PSP)

There have been a number of different Dragonball Z games over the course of the last fifteen years, and Dragon Ball: Evolution is the one that really tends to break free of the molds and bring something new to the line. Despite the fact that the game is on a portable console (the Sony PSP), there is a certain vibrancy and quick pace to the action that belies the slower processor and graphical interface. The only thing that I could conceivably see that could be changed in future iterations of this part of the Dragon Ball line would be the AI’s difficulty. Continue reading “Dragon Ball: Evolution (Sony PSP)”

Smirnoff Cocktails: Tuscan Lemonade (Cocktail)

Most the time, whenever I have some sort of mixed drink, there seems to be mounds too much sugar and not enough in the way of alcohol for me. However, Smirnoff has done the impossible and has created what I consider to be the best cocktail I have ever had. Their “Tuscan Lemonade” seems to be a shade or two darker than most lemonades, but the inclusion of Limoncello (Italian Lemon Liqueur) may be the reason for this. Smirnoff’s Tuscan Lemonade has something for everyone. Continue reading “Smirnoff Cocktails: Tuscan Lemonade (Cocktail)”

Steve Kilbey – Painkiller (CD)

As bassist and front man for Australian rockers The Church, Steve Kilbey has had a hand in turning out some of the more influential psychedelic pop songs of the late 80’s/early 90’s alternative scene. On his latest solo offering, his sixth, however Kilbey is running out of steam. The Aussie rocker known for penning classics like “Under the Milky Way” and “Metropolis,” simply sounds conflicted with this uneven record. Continue reading “Steve Kilbey – Painkiller (CD)”

The Uninvited (Blu-Ray)

Where Disturbia was a solid film and The Ring really allowed horror to take that next step forward, The Uninvited is one of those films that is able to learn from the successes and failures from previous efforts by the producers, as well as from the entirety of the genre. The haunting aura of The Uninvited comes forth quite well on Blu-Ray, meaning that the atmospheric noise and sounds present during the film make it seem as if the action is actually happening in a viewer’s house. Continue reading “The Uninvited (Blu-Ray)”

Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! (CD)

A cappella is not supposed to sound this good. The vocals-only genre exists solely for our amusement and ridicule, right? Andy, the dork from The Office was in a college a cappella group, so it’s gotta be uncool, right? Ben Folds may have finally made the oft maligned musical form hip with the release of Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! Continue reading “Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! (CD)”

Combier (80 Proof)

We get a ton of vodka, tequila, rum, and the like at NeuFutur HQ, but we have not received too terribly much in the way of liqueurs through the time our alcohol review section has been active. Combier is a great addition to anyone’s liquor cabinet, but it is only just now that the spirit has hit American store shelves despite being available for 175 years. The orange bouquet that is immediately present when one opens a bottle of Combier seems to be a little on the weak side, until one realizes that other triple secs and Orange-flavored liqueurs create a distinctive orange fragrance through the use of synthetic chemicals. Continue reading “Combier (80 Proof)”

Sin City (Blu-Ray)

Sin City is a stellar film. It only makes sense that Dimension / Buena Vista would give it the treatment that it deserves, resulting in a Blu-Ray release that will have viewers in awe from start to finish. The picture itself is sharp as all get out, tying together crisp and clear audio with a video that seems to even improve on the original theatrical print. The feature presentation on the Blu-Ray also surpasses the theatrical and DVD cut due to the inclusion of additional footage, which provides further back story and context that viewers would simply not be familiar with. Continue reading “Sin City (Blu-Ray)”

Mean Girls (Blu-Ray)

The transfer over the Blu-Ray does provide purchasers with a significantly sharper picture and audio quality over the standard DVD release. What was originally just seen as a revamp of Heathers works on its own 5 years after the original version was released. The TrueHD version of the audio makes for a lush soundscape of voices, ambient noise, and music, at a level that would please even those individuals that originally watched the movie in theaters. Continue reading “Mean Girls (Blu-Ray)”

Strange Wilderness (Blu-Ray)

Strange Wilderness was released last year, and Paramount has taken the plunge and has tapped it as another title to be transferred to Blu-Ray. The film itself was reviewed here at http://neufutur.com/?p=3402 , and provides a better description of the plot than will be discussed here. Essentially, Strange Wilderness focuses around a nature show that is looking to bump their ratings after a steady decline by capturing Bigfoot. The Blu-Ray version of this release is surprising in that it has ratcheted up the quality of the video and audio in a noticeable way. Continue reading “Strange Wilderness (Blu-Ray)”