Agave Loco (71 Proof)

Tequila is one of those spirits that are stereotypically associated with Mexico. Hot peppers are associated in much the same way. That, I believe, is why Agave Loco Brands commissioned Mexico tequila producer La Cofradia to go forth and craft a spirit that blended both things into a cohesive spirit. When I had the chance to actually same the spirit, the first thing that hit me was the intense pepper bouquet present. Where they say that six varieties of peppers are used in the infusion of pepper oil with the tequila, this bouquet is more toward the jalapeno side than anything. This reposado goes down in a similar sharp way. Continue reading “Agave Loco (71 Proof)”

The Bloody Beetroots Rombo EP Review

The Bloody Beetroots come forth on their “Rombo” EP with Rombo, a track that links together Gabber with The Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers. When there are vocals, they are ancillary and are used more for their instrumental quality rather than a narrative one. The act suffers slightly from a level of repetition during this track that is a little high, but looks to come back strong with I Lve The Bloody Beetroots. Love is a stronger track because it provides listeners with the variety that was lacking in the original track. The same dedication and driving beat that were the hallmarks of Rombo are elaborated upon, making for the EP’s first hit. Continue reading “The Bloody Beetroots Rombo EP Review”

Being There (Blu-Ray)

Being There is a 1979 film; it was originally interpreted and created based on a work earlier in the decade by author Jerzy Kosinski. Chance The Gardiner (SellerS) is an individual that, for the entirety of eir life, has been charged with tending the garden of a well-to-do individual. When ey is put out onto the street, ey is hit by a car. The individual that hit Chance, Ben Rand (played by Melvyn Douglas), pus Chance up; the resulting interactions and mistakes and missteps by Chance turn ey and Rand’s relationship into something considerably larger than the sum of its parts. The film itself is humerous, touching, and intricate in all its layers; it holds up well, despite it being focused around an America that is thirty years out from the current. Continue reading “Being There (Blu-Ray)”

Act of the Month: The Heartland

1. When did you start the band/act?

The Band was started by Al and Lance in 2004, went through a bunch of lineup changes etc etc and finally found its first solid lineup in 2005 when we started touring for the road to singapore (Our first EP)

2. Who are the band/act members?

Brian Yuhas
Drew Matz
Steve Zimmerman
Billy Brock
John Thompson

3. Who are your influences?

As a band we’re influenced by a wide range of genres and bands but I’d say our top influences are Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Appleseed Cast and maybe Owen?

4. What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a band/act?

At first it was finding a drummer, we went through about 8 trying to find someone that was serious about the band as well as good enough to play our songs. After finding a drummer we’ve faced all sorts of problems like van trouble, and just about anything you can imagine a touring band with no label support might run into, which may or may not be limited to our starter for the van going out while we were in utah..

5. Favorite part of being in the band/act?

Probably getting to hang out for extended periods of time together, and play music to people who may not have heard anything like us before. The band is our life. So we like just about every part of it.

6. Albums, shows, or works that are up coming.

Well, we have a new album coming out on Creep/Blackout Records in March called “Frontier”. It’s our first new record in 2 years so we’re pretty excited about that. We have a tour in march also coming up to promote the album, as well as various tours and regional shows in between now and then.

7. What are your favorite songs/skits to perform at shows?

Its always fun to play the older songs that kids know like “The Blue Period” or “Miss Elanious” Just because people sing along and it’s a good time. As far as the new material is concerned probably “Ursa Major” or “Wet Warthog” are the two most fun songs to play.

8. Funniest thing to happen to the band/act at a show.

That’s a tough one, we’ve had a lot of funny things happen. Once Nick our old drummer had a fish thrown at him at our cd release show for the last record. That was pretty funny

9. What are your goals for 2009?

We’re looking to make a move to a bigger label as well as tour more, but thats what we do every year. We’d like to get overseas by the end of the year, we’ll see if that happens.

10. What are your thoughts on the local scene?

Lancasters local scene is probably the best right now I have ever seen it. I can remember going to shows in 2001-2003 where there were maybe 15-20 kids at shows and sometimes you’d have 50-60, now a bad show will have 50-60 kids and most of the shows are 100+, so it’s definitely on the upswing thanks to all of the dedicated people in our community that have helped build it for years now.

11. Does the band have any good luck charms or traditions that you do before a show (like drinking a beer before going on stage, not wearing underwear, ETC.)

Be late, Smoke Beers, Smoke Cigs, listen to Al Green’s greatest hits.

12. What do you do to prepare for a show? (when do you rent the venue, when do ask other bands or acts to join in on the show, how do you raise the money for the venue, how do you determine the price of the show?)

At this point we usually go through promoters who handle most of the above. When we book our own shows in town, which rarely happens, We typically just get the bands that will bring in the most kids all together. Then we just promote the shit out of it with flyers, posters, myspace bulletins, texts and email our mailing list. Basically anything we can do to generate word of mouth buzz, which is what works the best really.

13. Any advice for smaller acts/bands?

Work Hard. Practice a lot. Tour.

14. How can our readers contact you or learn more about you?

They can go to our myspace page which we frequent at

15.Anything else?

Smoke weed!

Henry Poole Is Here (DVD)

Henry Poole is Here is a film that discusses the moving-in of a neighbor (Luke Wilson) after getting some morbid news from eir doctor. Instead of being seen as a charity case or someone to pity, Henry Poole looks to do nothing but spend eir remaining time trying to be left alone. Moving to the suburb seems to be the perfect way to go and do that, bringing Poole into contact with a number of interesting characters (an ensemble cast is present including George Lopez, Adriana Barraza, and Radha Mitchell). Continue reading “Henry Poole Is Here (DVD)”

Pokemon Battle Frontier Box 1 (DVD Set)

With a run time that approaches 9 hours, the Pokemon Battle Frontier collects the first half of the titular series. For those individuals that do not know where exactly Pokemon Battle Frontier fits into the whole Pokemon storyline, the events that take place during this box set are stuck right between the Advanced Battle and the Diamond and Pearl Saga. For individuals that may have not had the chance to watch Pokemon for a few years, the first thing that they will see is that the animation is much more fluid and vibrant, really matching even the newest anime shows in terms of how involved viewers can get. Continue reading “Pokemon Battle Frontier Box 1 (DVD Set)”

Commander in Chief: Geo-Political Simulator 2009 (PC)

As a political science graduate student, Commander in Chief is a game that really interests me. It is an up to date (using data for values up to January 2009). The game itself is touted as placing players in President Obama’s shoes, but don’t let that limit your imagination. No matter what state, what individual, players want to be, they take on the duties and roles associated with those heads of states. The graphics are a little dated, but the simple fact is that the game does not need that type of cutting-edge graphics. Continue reading “Commander in Chief: Geo-Political Simulator 2009 (PC)”

Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum (80 Proof)

Tommy Bahama is a hell of a brand, storied and well-known through all of the cultured cliques, worldwide. To have a rum receive the honor of being stamped with the Tommy Bahama label is a tremendous honor, and this Barbados spirit does not fail to impress. This clear rum begins with a bouquet that marries a floral scene with a delightful alcohol bite. Ultimately, the Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum will work perfectly as either a rum to be mixed or as a straight shot. My favorite use for the White Sand rum would have to be as an integral part in a rum and Coke. Continue reading “Tommy Bahama White Sand Rum (80 Proof)”

National Lampoon’s Stoned Age (Unrated) (DVD)

National Lampoon has had a few movies that they have purchased the rights to that have fallen on their faces in the last few years, but Stoned Age is a movie that seems to right that ship. The film is set in the prehistoric age, and follows director Adam Rifkin as Ishbo, a caveman that wants to take the next step forward in development. Faced with a tribe full of individuals that are perfectly happy where they are at in terms of civilization, Isbho’s troubles only increase. While the time periods covered are considerably different between the two films, I find a lot of similarities to be had between Stoned Age and Idiocracy. Both showcase an enlightened individual that is threatened with violence when all ey wants to provide some meaningful steps forward for those ey loves. Where only a few “name” actors are present in this film (David Carradine as Rifkin’s father and Ali Later as Rifkin’s love interest), the talent brought to the film by the rest of the crew should show viewers that some of this cast may be the next big thing. Continue reading “National Lampoon’s Stoned Age (Unrated) (DVD)”