The Blackout – The Best In Town (CD)

“STFUppercut” is a fast bit of hardcore punk that never lets listeners take a break. However, unlike many of the bands that bring fury but little in the way of harmony, The Blackout is able to tie all constituent elements together to make for a sound that will appease all. “Save Our Selves” has all the trappings of a track that will be played on any rock station this summer. The band works perfectly together, with the vocals being properly bolstered by the resulting arrangement. Continue reading “The Blackout – The Best In Town (CD)”

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack (CD)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has shown that sequels can do better than originals in all formats, whether it be special effects, storyline, or sheer amounts of money taken in at the box office. The same thing can be said for the soundtrack, which links together old and new, rock and emo, and keeps the energy up high through the entirety of the disc. Continue reading “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack (CD)”

Crown Royal Cask No. 16 (80 Proof)

Crown Royal is a solid enough whisky on its own, but the Cask No. 16 may just be the smoothest, most satisfying whisk(e)y we’ve gotten our hands on for NeuFutur. The container for the whisky ensures completely safety, while the black bag (with gold accents) provides further authority for this bottle. Continue reading “Crown Royal Cask No. 16 (80 Proof)”

NCAA Football 10 (Playstation 3)

I must admit, I’ve lost a little of the time that I previously spent watching college football in the last few years. However, after playing NCAA Football 10, I may just have to start focusing back in on all of the conferences and star players that are captured here. The first thing that players will experience are the tremendous graphics that are present at all moments of the game play. Furthermore, the audio rendered for this title will have players looking over their shoulder to see if they had left ESPN Classics or something similar on. When players actually get into the nitty gritty of the title, a number of new and updated options await them. Continue reading “NCAA Football 10 (Playstation 3)”

Roman Candle – Oh Tall Tree in the Ear (CD)

It took a few albums, but Chapel Hill’s reining alt country heroes Roman Candle have just turned in their iPod killer – not a single track is worth passing over. Oh Tall Tree in the Ear is 11 tracks of beautifully-crafted, well-written country-fused, roots-based indie rock reminiscent of some everyone from classic Big Star to the first couple of Wilco records. Continue reading “Roman Candle – Oh Tall Tree in the Ear (CD)”

My Dinner With Jimi (DVD)

This DVD is insane. The story here surrounds The Turtles, whom may be best known for “Happy Together”, in a period of their life that details their claim to fame and visits to some of the best known musicians and figures of that period of time. The amount of different stars that are present in this film is considerable, whether it be through a role filled by George Wendt, John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Sex and the City), or Justin Henry (Sixteen Candles). Continue reading “My Dinner With Jimi (DVD)”

The Dear Hunter – Act III: Life and Death

I believe that The Dear Hunter may be the only band to undertake such a massive story arc; “Act III” is the third part of six that former The Receiving End of Sirens member Casey Crescenzo began with 2006’s Act I” (reviewed at ). The disc begins with “Writing on a Wall”, a track that is tremendously important for both establishing continuity with the other two releases in the line as well as establishing “Life and Death” as a significantly different creature than the other titles. This means that the music crafted by The Dear Hunter during the early reaches of “Life and Death” takes on reggae and Louisiana soul to heart, all while challenging listeners’ assumptions about proper time signatures. Continue reading “The Dear Hunter – Act III: Life and Death”

Baby On Board (DVD)

Baby on Board will be seen as a cult film ten or fifteen years down the road. Everything is there for that, whether it be the cast of underappreciated stars (Jerry O’Donnell, Lara Flynn Boyle, Heather Graham) or the seemingly random comedy that is present through the whole film. The reviews for this film have not been good, but one has to take them in stride and come into the film with an open mind. Continue reading “Baby On Board (DVD)”

The Betrayed (DVD)

The Betrayed is an interesting movie that breaks free of a number of assumptions made about its genre; it seamlessly blends together action, suspense, and even a little bit of horror in its hour and a half runtime. Director Amanda Gusack is relatively new to the chair (2000’s The Anniversary and 2005’s In Memoriam are eir other two credits), but the overall film showcases a maturity to Gusack that will do eir well in any other future films that ey may direct.
The film itself starts with Jamie Taylor (played here by Melissa George, whom viewers will likely remember from Alias) getting into a car crash and waking up in a sparsely-adorned warehouse.

The story unfolds with surprise after surprise, whether it be Jamie learning that eir husband is a major player in organized crime, or that ey was kidnapped simply to find out where $40 million of extorted money was stashed. After realizing that Jamie is completely useless in eir current state (injured and drugged up), those that imprisoned eir look to turn eir into a wired snitch, all while holding hostage eir five-year old son. Continue reading “The Betrayed (DVD)”

Reba: The Complete Sixth Season (DVD)

Few shows make it to their sixth season, but Reba did. Few shows showcase an evolutionary story arc, but Reba did. I would say that Reba was a damn good show for a cast that was headed up by someone who was primarily known for eir sappy country songs. The season starts out with “Let’s Get Physical”, which showcases the amount of different sub-plots and interactions that can successfully be resolved in the space of 30 minutes in Reba’s desire to not become the “fat friend” and Brock’s worry about Barbara Jean’s fidelity. The fact that there can be such an array of minor and major stories meshing with each other without audience confusion speaks volumes to the talent of writers and production present on the show by this point. Continue reading “Reba: The Complete Sixth Season (DVD)”