Cowboy Mouth – Fearless (CD)

Eighteen years and still going… for some unexplainable reason. New Orleans party band Cowboy Mouth have managed to take a handful of trite party songs, a strong word-of-mouth live show and shape a pretty decent career as second rate Jimmy Buffetts. On Fearless, their ninth full length, the band continues to confound. Filled with 12 mostly novelty songs about everything from big girls (“Belly”) to Kelly Ripa (um… “Kelly Ripa”), the record is notable only for its cynical appeal to the lowest common denominator. Continue reading “Cowboy Mouth – Fearless (CD)”

NeuFutur Print / Present: The All-American Rejects Contest

The All-American Rejects and are celebrating the release of their new album “When The World Comes Down” by hooking up one lucky grand prize winner with a Nintendo Wii prize pack that includes the game system and Mario Kart Wii. Five runners-up will receive a signed copy of the new album. Continue reading “NeuFutur Print / Present: The All-American Rejects Contest”

The Killers – Day & Age (CD)

Based on interviews alone, it’d be easy to dismiss The Killers as little more than naive keyboard rockers with laughably bombastic quotes about world domination or simply millennials who just discovered Depeche Mode and David Bowie and have a few more minutes left on their fame stop watch. Continue reading “The Killers – Day & Age (CD)”

Rivers Cuomo – Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo (CD)

I’m certainly not the first to compare Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo to Brian Wilson, but the comparison is particularly apt with Cuomo’s second collection of home recordings released in just 12 months. The harmony-loving Wilson created some of the best pop records of the 60’s and Weezer took the stigma out of pop rock in the 90’s; the frighteningly talented Wilson has been rather prolific following a very long dry spell; Cuomo, both as a solo artists and a member of Weezer has been churning out records non-stop after a three year hiatus in the late 90’s; both Wilson and Cuomo can kindly be described as eccentric; and as if those comparisons aren’t strong enough, Cuomo covers the Wilson-penned Beach Boys songs “Don’t Worry Baby” on Alone II. Continue reading “Rivers Cuomo – Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo (CD)”

Daniel Park – These Illusions (CD)

“Anthropology” is the first hit to be had on Daniel Park’s “These Illusions”. Hints of David Archuleta present themselves immediately, along with individuals like Shawn Mullins, and Jack Johnston. The slightly gritty vocals of Park work perfect with the smooth arrangements that operate as a backdrop for the track. There is no reason that “Anthropology” should not be the next big track in the vein of Jars of Clay’s “Art in Me”, and this feeling is only furthered with the disc’s next hit, “DTR”. “DTR” has a lively beginning that touches on “Classical Gas” before Park’s distinctive vocals take the stage.
Continue reading “Daniel Park – These Illusions (CD)”

Seven Mile Ride – S/T

The first track on this EP is “Face in the Crowd”, and the song itself is a perfect introduction to the music tour de force that is Seven Mile Ride. This is due to the fact that the band is hitting on all cylinders, creating a brand of rock that is unique will still playing on some of the genre’s best known acts. The strong vocals present during this introductory track will ensure that the compositions on this EP will stick with listeners well after the final track, “Chase the Past Away” finishes up. The disc’s second track, “At Home”, blends together equal parts Moody Blues and Goo Goo Dolls into a driven bit of rock that will keep toes tapping throughout.

Continue reading “Seven Mile Ride – S/T”

Sobieski Vodka (80 Proof)

Danica: I’m a huge fan of vodka, I love all types and flavors. So, when I had the chance to review this vodka, I made sure that I was having a craving for a good mixed drink. Before consumption I chilled the bottle in the freezer to make sure it was at a perfectly cold temperature. After the vodka was chilled I opened the bottle and poured out my first shot and took a drink, it was very smooth and had a great taste. Continue reading “Sobieski Vodka (80 Proof)”


I believe all people are generally good, and almost all the people in my small village have the best of intentions, and would love to live in a world of perfect peace and harmony. These people work hard every day and many have a lot more experience in the real world than I do. The people of Brewster, Ohio, for the most part do a great job of raising their families and taking care of their friends. Regardless of the way the average citizen votes, I know that they generally want what they believe is good for them and their families. It is extremely difficult to sort through political garbage, channel after channel of corporate advertisements and political suggestions when parents have so many other things to worry about these days. Also mass media has changed things dramatically over a period of time. Where it might have once been completely safe to trust the main news outlets to show you the best consumer products, the most unbiased news and the fairest stories, the decreased number of competitors (from over fifty in the 1950s to six now), and the increased profit revenue margins of media in America have slowly turned it into a dangerous and complacent source. This is not easily recognizable. It is something that has happened gradually and to say it is dangerous could easily be taken as an attack at the belief in our great country. To mistrust that, which is a staple in American culture, can be extremely disturbing and unbelievable. It is no wonder that so many Americans are happy with what they have and feel no need for any change any time soon. Continue reading “Pre-Delegitimization”

None But Ourselves

Has a song ever made you cry? I feel this is a question of utmost importance in determining whether or not one experiences empathy. The overwhelming rush of adrenaline up your spine and wave of electricity flying up your arm to your fingertips with the only source being such a powerful song that embodies commanding soul forcing you to feel the artist’s genuine attempt to connect with another soul. Continue reading “None But Ourselves”