Only The Brave (DVD)

Indican has gotten the rights to distribute Only The Brave, a simply fantastic low-budget war flick that is simply surprising in terms of quality. Only The Brave goes into illuminating detail about the Japanese-American 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, a volunteer organization that laid their lives on the line for a government that would much rather keep them behind bars. 1400 individuals suited up to combat a group of forces that would contain some of their countrymen. Continue reading “Only The Brave (DVD)”

Lake Tahoe (DVD)

While Lake Tahoe is a film that seems to exist at the very edge of believability, director Fernando Eimbcke does a hell of a job putting just enough realism into the film to convince viewers that the events of Lake Tahoe could happen to them. The film surrounds Juan attempting to find a way to fix eir family’s car after crashing it into a telephone pole. Along the way, Juan meets up with a colorful cast of characters that include Don Heber – an older individual with a dog that bridges the line between animal and human and “The One Who Knows”, a mechanic that may just have the fix to Juan’s problems. All of the events occur over the space of a single day, and while Juan has to beat both mental and physical feet, eir is made all the more wise through these interactions. Continue reading “Lake Tahoe (DVD)”

Daniel X: The Ultimate Power (Nintendo DS)

There have been a number of titles that have been based off of novels, and while a great many of these titles have coasted on the name value alone, I feel that Daniel X: The Ultimate Power is not one. This means that there is a desire to keep the game accurate to the source material (from James Patterson) while still creating an immersive experience that will stick with players long after they put down their DS. The title itself is able to use the unique abilities of the DS while still keeping the control scheme intuitive, along with adding a feature that uses the camera on the DSi to see whom one knows that may be an alien. Continue reading “Daniel X: The Ultimate Power (Nintendo DS)”

Divinity II: Ego Draconis (Xbox 360)

The sheer amount of things individuals can do whenever they pop in their copy of Divinity II is astonishing. Of course, fans of the 2002 original will understand this, but for those that did not pick up the original, it provides a number of unique twists and turns that will impress anyone that is even tangentially familiar with the RPG (role playing game) genre. First off, the two facets of Divinity II that will be most noticeable – the visuals and the voice work – are surprisingly strong for a genre that does not necessarily need cutting-edge levels of either. Continue reading “Divinity II: Ego Draconis (Xbox 360)”

My Brain Hurts: Volume 2 (Zine)

My Brain Hurts is a tremendously interesting comic that largely does not require one having the first volume to enjoy. Liz Baillie, the creator, has created an overwhelming interesting set of individuals that are linked together in a timeless story (despite some hints – such as Midnight Dragon –being placed in the narrative). The artistic style is somewhat similar to Carrie McN’s Assassin and the Whiner and Zero Content (by Fly), while the different segments of this volume break the action quite well. Aside from the narrative itself, there are a few bonus features that further flesh out the story. This means that there is a “where are they now” type of closing, where grown-up drawings of each featured member are accompanied by a paragraph on what they are doing, while other pieces (such as the script, draft drawings, and the like) really create a fullness to this volume that will bring readers back for more. While the first volume of My Brain Hurts is not essential to properly understand the narrative at the beginning of this volume, purchasing the former will increase enjoyment of the latter. While some fans of books and zine narratives may shy away from anything in a comic format, I feel that Baillie’s work here is a great bridge between the styles. Pick it up today from Microcosm’s site or at your (well) stocked zine shop.

Rating: 8.5/10

My Brain Hurts: Volume 2 / 2009 Microcosm Publishing /

Skyy Infusions Pineapple (Vodka)

Quite possibly the best tasting fruit-approached (whether flavored or infused), the Skyy Infusions Pineapple is a spirit that will have everyone go gaga over it, no matter what type of spirit they traditionally like. For those that are fans of vodka, the Pineapple taste is mild enough to moderate but not cover up the vodka essence, while for those that want something completely out of the ordinary, the Pineapple will provide an entire night of new experiences. When individuals open the bottle, they are immediately greeted with a nose that is very sugary and fruity (almost like a Gummy Savers), moving more towards pineapple juice and finally giving individuals a hint of the alcoholic side of the spirit at the end. Continue reading “Skyy Infusions Pineapple (Vodka)”

The Unknown Civil War Series: Gettysburg / Greatest Battles of the Civil War (3 DVD / 2 DVD)

It seems honestly as if there is disproportionate coverage of World War II at the detriment of all of the other conflicts that the United States has gotten itself into. This includes the Civil War, which caused a rift that for some has yet to be fixed. These two documentaries – covering Gettysburg and a panoply of major battles (including Antietam, Chickamauga, and Shiloh among others) – do much to rectify this lack of coverage. Each of these documentaries go into incredible levels of detail, which will sate even the most rapid of Civil War historians. Continue reading “The Unknown Civil War Series: Gettysburg / Greatest Battles of the Civil War (3 DVD / 2 DVD)”

Snake Pit 2008

We here at NeuFutur have never had the chance to go and familiarize ourselves with Ben Snakepit’s work, but those at Microcosm were nice enough to provide us with a copy of eir 2008 annual. What comes forth immediately is how well Snakepit is able to go forth and capture all the events that happen in one day in the space of three panels. Continue reading “Snake Pit 2008”

Tule Duck Red Ale (6.2 ABV)

This Red Ale has a very light taste to it, with hints of a more fruit/lemon taste present from the onset. Of course, there is a malty flavor present, but this lightness is an interesting addition to the red ale style. The ease in drinking this beer should not be understated – sips draw to pulls and soon after, the can (or cans) are done. The aftertaste is incredibly mild, and represents good memories of what individuals have just tasted. Continue reading “Tule Duck Red Ale (6.2 ABV)”

Pray The Devil Back To Hell (DVD)

Pray The Devil Back To Hell is a film that showcases a group of individuals that are definitely ignored by the mainstream press. This is because the subject matter centers around the Liberia plight, in which a group of wives come together in the hope that the different struggles could be resolved. Set during the Charles Taylor regime in the country, it really is amazing that this group of individuals was able to put pressure on a leader that would just as well kill them all. Continue reading “Pray The Devil Back To Hell (DVD)”