Pearl Plum Vodka (70 Proof)

We received a few bottles from Pearl a few months back, and we were just able to unbury ourselves enough to review one of the bottles. This time around, we are covering Pearl Plum Vodka. Where the Pearl Pomegranate vodka was sampled extensively during our session, individuals (for whatever reason) seemed to be a little wary of sampling the vodka. There is really no need to, as the Plum flavoring makes for a spirit that is simply fantastic. Continue reading “Pearl Plum Vodka (70 Proof)”

Spyro Gyra – Down The Wire (CD)

Spyro Gyra has really gotten a fire under their collective butts the last few years, releasing a string of memorable albums in as short of a time frame as is humanly possible. Their latest, 2009’s “Down The Wire”, is more of the same. The disc starts off with the titular track, which immediately blasts listeners with a tightly-knit bass line that is pushed to higher and higher levels with absolutely sizzling horn work. This intensity is mirrored well in the opening to “Unspoken”, which has Spyro Gyra telling in the space of ten seconds what other bands attempt to tell in the space of a song. Continue reading “Spyro Gyra – Down The Wire (CD)”

Hallelujah! The Complete Collection (DVD)

When one thinks about exactly how many shows still have not had the chance to be transferred to the DVD medium, the number is simply astounding. There are even web sites active right now that are all for the preservation of these older shows, and I would have to think that people on those web sites would be ecstatic because Hallelujah! has made the leap over to the DVD format. Many individuals that are reading this may not be too familiar with the show, but that’s understandable: the show had its heyday from 1981 to 1984, and when one considers the advent of VHS tapes coming a little after that, its not surprising that Hallelujah! really is a hidden gem of British comedy. Continue reading “Hallelujah! The Complete Collection (DVD)”

Mike Jones – The Voice (CD)

Before “The Voice” came out, I could have sworn that Mike Jones was destined to be a one-hit wonder. However, the work that ey has put forth on “The Voice” is enough to cement eir in the annals of rap music. On this release, Jones is all business – there is only one skit (the introduction to “Scandalous Hoes”) – and nary a weak track to be heard here. The aforementioned “Scandalous Hoes” may not be the next single (“Swagg Thru The Roof” looks to be the most viable contender here), but this Jones and T-Pain track just begs to be a crossover hit. Continue reading “Mike Jones – The Voice (CD)”

We Shall Remain: America Through Native Eyes (DVD)

We Shall Remain ties together the past, present, and future of the United States in a titular fashion. By providing a Native American view to things, there are countless individuals, movements, and other issues that never received the coverage that they should have. The different episodes of this series are given more than enough time to showcase the different trends and threads that were running through the period, instead of attempting to cram everything in the space of an hour or two. While the We Shall Remain series does cover the present and future side of things slightly, I would like to see a second series showcase the issues that modern Native Americans face. Whether it be the actions of the AIM or the racism encountered still to this very day, I cannot help but feel that there are still a lot of issues affecting the Native American side of society that are not covered in this series. Continue reading “We Shall Remain: America Through Native Eyes (DVD)”

Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your favorite Music Scenes – From Punk to Indie and Everything In Between by Leslie Simon (Book)

Ever wondered exactly which Haagan Dazs Henry Rollins used to work at in D.C.? Or, how about what San Francisco collective local punk rockers can visit to take classes on underwear making? Neither have I, but thank God Leslie Simon has. In what has got to be the best guide book on punk rock… well ever, rock journalist Simon answers a slew of questions never asked about punk rock and indie scenes across the U.S. in her latest book Wish You Were Here. Simon, who coauthored Everybody Hurts: An Essential Guide to Emo Culture, brings back the same snarky tone that made her last guide such a fun read. Continue reading “Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your favorite Music Scenes – From Punk to Indie and Everything In Between by Leslie Simon (Book)”

A Little Princess (DVD)

This 1986 movie, based off of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s (The Secret Garden) work, shows that made for television productions can have the same endearing property as modern, high-budget masterpieces. While the cast of actors may not be well known to the current film-watching public, the quality of Maureen Lipman or Miriam Margolyes is head and shoulders above the average performance rendered by a good half of Hollywood at this present day. In A Little Princess, the action surrounds Sara Crewe, a young woman that has always had the best of everything, due to the machinations of eir father, a high-up in the British Indian army. Continue reading “A Little Princess (DVD)”

Kaleo Futuristo – The Future Is Now! (CD)

“I Thought” is a tasty bit of R&B that draws equal inspiration from all different facets of the genre, tying together Aaliyah, Bow Wow, and even Justin Timberlake. The track itself benefits from a solid backing beat, creating for Kaleo a song that should be played on rotation on R&B radio through the country. “Love Slave” further builds off of “I Thought”, creating for listeners a track that is truly timeless, touching heavily upon the eclectic and spontaneous sound of early Nelly more than anything. “The Future Is Now!” is an album that defies genre boundaries, and through its 14 tracks, establishes to listeners exactly whom Kaleo is. Continue reading “Kaleo Futuristo – The Future Is Now! (CD)”

Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe (CD)

Depeche Mode, one of Britain’s best known synth bands, has been slammed by fans and critics for abandoning the sound that made them one of the few late 80’s/early 90’s bands that managed to be both cool enough for the hipsters and accepted by the broader public. Continue reading “Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe (CD)”