Two Cow Garage – Speaking in Cursive (CD)

It’s refreshing to hear a band dig further back further in their closest than the last couple of Green Day CDs for musical influences. Ohio’s Two Cow Garage, like label mates Ninja Gun, pay homage to everyone from The Jayhawks to The Replacements and Speaking in Cursive, their fourth full length, is one of their best so far. Continue reading “Two Cow Garage – Speaking in Cursive (CD)”

The “Anti-Business”

We have many amazing small improvements that we will never see or be able to utilize in the current system. Every now and then there comes a great businessman, by great I do not mean one who creates a great monopoly and makes tons of money, I mean one who really stirs up the place bringing out great innovations to help out humanity. Most of the time these innovations are scientifically nothing new, they just have never been marketed due to an equal understanding between monopoles to not allow certain one time selling product to make it on the market, when they can find a way to make it faulty and sell it many times making tons of money. Continue reading “The “Anti-Business””

The Eleventh Flower of the Orange

I set the TV alarm at random intervals, this time I was awaken by a Hispanic news anchor, but she kinda sounded like she might have been from Alabama. It didn’t matter. I was awake, and I could allow the day to begin. I am a man who enjoys the purchasing of raw land, I buy it, never knowing what land is the best, by throwing a dart at a gigantic map of the US of A. The problem is that the law of averages tells me if I own specific pieces of land, my life expectancy may decline rapidly. Continue reading “The Eleventh Flower of the Orange”

Defendin’ De Penguin (Wii)

Defendin’ De Penguin has been tagged as the first RTS (real time strategy) game specifically made for children. When Crave Entertainment put out that claim, I was a little skeptical. However, after a few hours playing Defendin’ De Penguin on the Nintendo Wii, I would have to say that the claim is incredibly accurate. Players assume the role of Little Blue, who has been tapped to go forth and protect Penguin Town from the dangerous and deadly creatures that spell doom for the city (and for the civilization). Continue reading “Defendin’ De Penguin (Wii)”

Peel – Die In June (CD)

The titular track for “Die In June” is a track that immediately creates a very detailed and dense instrumental arrangement that incorporates a number of distinct styles in the time before the vocals kick in. When the vocals do start up, individuals will hear a bit of dark rock that has hints of HIM and Stabbing Westward present. The driving guitars provide the perfect backdrop for the vocals to properly shine off of; Peel has that radio friendly sound that will ensure that each of the four cuts on “Die In June” will gain rotation on rock radio stations worldwide. Continue reading “Peel – Die In June (CD)”

A Caesar Holiday – S/T EP (CD)

With so much noisy, louder than ye bands out there nowadays how can one tell the difference from shit I can make with a loud amp and some pedals? Compared to masterful and intelligently played? Well for one you could take some time out of your day and pick up A Caesar Holiday S/T EP. With six incredible songs slick with emotion and a tempo in each song that leads you far and away. Continue reading “A Caesar Holiday – S/T EP (CD)”

Leaving America Part One

Wednesday, July 27th 2007. I was sitting in the middle of the darkness on top of the hood of a Chevrolet Lumina parked in a park somewhere in Ohio. I lay my head back and put it on the back of the car and lit myself a Black-n-Mild cigar. I puffed the hard, sweet smoke deep into my lungs and puff it out slowly; the thick grey smoke carefully blends with the dark night, the white, full moon being the only source of light in that secluded spot. With every drag and puff I do, my memories travel. As slow as the smoke that streamed out of my mouth. Continue reading “Leaving America Part One”

Pop Evil Contest

Pop Evil is releasing a new single called “100 in a 55” next Tuesday, Nov. 4th on Election Day. We will have a link to a streaming version of that song on that day.

That is why NeuFutur Magazine and the Luthier Society are working together to make a kick-ass Pop Evil contest. We are sending out five sets of t-shirts, autographed posters and CD’s from the band. Enter today and you could be one of those lucky winners! One entry per person, all ages welcome. Continue reading “Pop Evil Contest”

Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (CD)

Everyone has their musical fantasies, those songs you listen to during the nastiest of sexy-times. Well I think that’s what Sergeant had in mind when they recorded their 2006 album Midnight to Midnight. I’ve heard some pretty wacky songs over my short years but this is some straight tie you up beat you and burn you shit. Total SNM debauchery, but all in all the tunes aren’t that bad. Continue reading “Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (CD)”