Steve Lieberman – Diaspora (CD)

This album is based around a theme, being “A Folk-Punk History of the Hebrew Nation”. The tracks on this CD go throughout the entirety of Jewish history, bouncing through the distinct segment of the group’s history. The disc starts out with “Exiled To The Diaspora”, a driven type of track that will have the drums firmly implanted in listeners’ ears by the end of the track. “Diaspora” moves on to “Ab’ram” for the second track, making for a more deliberate approach. Continue reading “Steve Lieberman – Diaspora (CD)”

Great White – Rising (CD)

It would be easy to write off Great White as just another way past its prime hair metal band trying desperately to relive the 80’s. But Great White, like Tesla and a handful of others who got caught up in the atrocious metal scene 20 years ago, had actual talent and some great songs to back up their bluster. Continue reading “Great White – Rising (CD)”

Wedlock – Black Sundress (Single)

“Black Sundress” is the latest single by Wedlock, and long-time readers of NeuFutur will remember our review of Wedlock’s last single “Reverend Charisma” – . This track showcases significant evolution by Wedlock, giving listeners a different facet of the band. Continue reading “Wedlock – Black Sundress (Single)”

Buckfast Superbee – Turn of the Radio Age (CD)

“Turn Of The Radio Age” is a somber, slow song that gives listeners a small sample of the allure of Buckfast Superbee. Individuals feel as if they are at the edge of a mountain; they make a plunge that sets them up perfectly for the tempest that is “The Heavy Persuader”. “The Heavy Persuader” is an stellar track that operates that the intersection of punk, melodic rock, and emo music; the sharp edges of the instrumentation here leave clean cuts, ensuring that anyone lucky enough to listen in will be forever changed by Buckfast Superbee. “Denigration As An Art” puts the vocals forth, allowing the instrumentation to fill in any gaps left by them: what comes forth here is something snappy, putting each of the distinct elements of Buckfast Superbee at an equal footage. Continue reading “Buckfast Superbee – Turn of the Radio Age (CD)”

Z Rock – Season One (DVD)

The premise is funny enough that it’s amazing someone hasn’t thought about committing it to film before. A struggling metal band at night plays kid’s parties during the day to pay the bills. The best part about it is that it’s based on a real band. IFC picked up this original and surprisingly addictive half-hour TV series. Continue reading “Z Rock – Season One (DVD)”

Dipsomaniacs – Social Crutch (CD)

Likely the bastard child of The Replacements and Cheap Trick, New Jersey’s Dipsomaniacs play boozy bar rock and power pop stripped of any pretention. On Social Crutch, their sixth full length, there are few surprises, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Sure the sound is a little closer to power pop than the garage rock most associate with the band, but the group’s central themes of booze, partying and regret are still front and center – like Jimmy Buffett, but with better musicianship and lot better lyrics. Continue reading “Dipsomaniacs – Social Crutch (CD)”

Galaxy Quest: Deluxe (DVD)

Did you know that Galaxy Quest was the first movie in which Justin Long played a major role? This means, as is the case with the movie itself, Long’s career has reached out over the space of a decade. The movie itself provides ample comparison to Star Trek; the path that each of the actors took after Galaxy Quest ended in the film is eerily similar to that experienced by those involved with Star Trek. The deluxe edition ensures that viewers will have a number of different features to spend time on. Continue reading “Galaxy Quest: Deluxe (DVD)”

A Plumm Summer (DVD)

A Plumm Summer has been out in some form since 2007, but it is only just now that it is seeing its DVD release. The film itself surrounds the theft of a frog puppet, and showcases the acumen of a set of children, at some points exceeding that of the FBI in regards to solving the case. The film itself is based off a real-life event that hit the town of Billings (Montana) all the way back in 1968; what results in A Plumm Summer is something that extends well beyond any time constraints, and is in all reality a really solid film that will speak to individuals of all ages. Continue reading “A Plumm Summer (DVD)”

The Munchables (Nintendo Wii)

The Munchables blend equal parts Pac-Man and Katamari Damacy. The graphics fit extremely well for the title, despite not being of the hyper realism school that is all the rage in current games. All players have to do here is to om nom nom nom on their enemies – by eating baddies, the characters will grow larger and be able to take on more in the way of obstacles. The game play itself is intuitive, ensuring that the title is worthy of the “Everyone” tag that is present on the box. Continue reading “The Munchables (Nintendo Wii)”

Aqua Vit (70 Proof)

Aqua Vit is one of the first spirits that we here at NeuFutur have had that are full-powered (or are relatively full powered) that do not easily fall into a whiskey, gin, vodka, rum type of connotation. The spirit itself is created by the owners of the titular restaurant, which has locations in the United States, Sweden, and Japan. The “type” of Aqua Vit varies dependent on where exactly one would grow up in Norway, Sweden, or Denmark. In much the same way as moonshine varies dependent on whom one is related and where one is at, the Aqua Vit one may be used to varies considerably. Continue reading “Aqua Vit (70 Proof)”