Claire Lynch – Whatcha Gonna Do (CD)

Each of the twelve cuts on “Whatcha Gonna Do” is an additional piece of the beautiful puzzle that represents Lynch’s own unique skill set. Those that are in the know would be familiar with Lynch’s prior work, beginning with eir work in the underrated Front Porch String Band. Listeners are given a microcosm of what is to follow with the disc’s first track, “Great Day in the Mornin’”. “Great Day” is memorable due both to the alluring vocals put forth by Lynch, but also because of the Bluegrass-influenced instrumentation that is present. Continue reading “Claire Lynch – Whatcha Gonna Do (CD)”

Black Mold – Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz (CD)

Black Mold is the electronic side of Chad VanGaalen, a Canadian artist that has rapidly becoming a force up north. This 19-track album may seem to some to be similar to what Conor Oberst attempted to do with “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn”, but I feel that there has been much more work done in crafting this effort by VanGaalen. The disc itself starts out with “Metal Spider Webs”, a bass and string-lead track that moves into an Amelie-like composition. The twinkling sound of the instrumentation here is fun and hide an arrangement that is pretty damn special. Continue reading “Black Mold – Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz (CD)”

Breaking The Bank (DVD)

This DVD may just be one of the most important that PBS has put out, as it looks to delve into the causes and explanations for why the banks rapidly spun out of control in the last few years of the oughts. Specifically, this documentary centers around the acquisition of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America. Where a set of facts about the banking crisis would have been essentially all that is needed to provide a compelling documentary about what happened, a number of interviews and descriptions of players both in and around the crisis provide a little more of the metric used to make the decisions that seem so wrong a year out.
Continue reading “Breaking The Bank (DVD)”

Wedlock – Continuity (CD)

After “Blameless?” is able to kick things in gear, the first track that really commanded my attention would have to be “World Machine”. In this track, a wide swath of the electronic genre is covered, whether it be “Pretty Hate Machine”-era Nine Inch Nails, Phil Collins, and New Order. While there is a decidedly eighties flair to the track, Wedlock is able to flex their muscles and make this into a track that speaks to current listening audiences. Continue reading “Wedlock – Continuity (CD)”

Imagine: Soccer Captain (Nintendo DS)

In the last ten or fifteen years, it seems as if soccer has become a much larger phenomenon than it ever has in the United States. It stands to reason that there would have to be games released that showcase the United States’ new-found love for the sport, and while there are a number of different soccer sims on the market, Imagine: Soccer Captain is one of the few that showcases a different side to the game. Continue reading “Imagine: Soccer Captain (Nintendo DS)”

Samuel Adams Summer Ale (Beer)

Hey! It’s the first time here at NeuFutur that we have had the honor of reviewing a beer, so what better than giving some time to one of the most well-known independent brewers in the United States – Samuel Adams. This time around, we are giving their Summer Ale a spin. There is a complexity present to the Summer Ale that is simply not present with many beers that can typically be found in a local beer store or supermarket. Continue reading “Samuel Adams Summer Ale (Beer)”

Safehouse (DVD)

Despite having a budget that would be dwarfed by any major Hollywood project, Safehouse is able to showcase every strength that is present, be it the cast, production, or scenery present. The film starts out focusing in on an island paradise that houses a fishing/tourist business headed up by Emily (Carolina Hoyos; Lethal Force, Golden Empire). To ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, Cooper (played here by Johnny Alonso (Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill), has provided eir assistance. Everything is set topsy-turvy soon after, as a dead body washes up in a boat. Continue reading “Safehouse (DVD)”

Flight of the Conchords – The Complete Second Season (DVD)

You’d think the joke would be wearing a little thin after two seasons, but Flight of the Conchords – HBO’s take on New Zealand folksters/comics Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement – still comes off surprisingly fresh. Continue reading “Flight of the Conchords – The Complete Second Season (DVD)”

Mason Daring – S/T (CD)

“Travelin’ Man” may be a cover of the Ricky Nelson classic, but I feel that the richness of Daring’s vocal and the gusto that he has in placing the cover at the beginning of the album turns it into his own song. The vocal quality of Daring here is great, in that he both keeps the sanctity of the original track, he adds his own flair, and is still able to provide a great performance while highlighting his own humanity. “Too Much” continues a strong start, meaning that continuity itself is kept while Daring sets out on different paths. Continue reading “Mason Daring – S/T (CD)”