Tuaca (70 Proof)

Where a great many of the alcohols that we review are extremely new (Ty Ku, our upcoming Harlem review), Tuaca has been making waves on this side of the Atlantic for at least a decade. Any good liquor store will have Tuaca in stock, but I must admit that we (up until last night) had no experience with this “Liquore Italiano”. Continue reading “Tuaca (70 Proof)”

Arts America (Book)

Arts America is like an AAA guide for all of the finer things, in a way that a number of similarly-marketed titles are not. Whether the event occurs in one of the book’s five major cities – New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, or San Francisco – or a slightly smaller metropolis (which includes but is not limited to places like Seattle, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and the like) – Compton is writing about it and giving readers the 411. The book also looks to rectify the plebeian underpinnings of popular review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor, looking for the outright experience of the event rather than factoring in cost and other issues to the mix. Continue reading “Arts America (Book)”

Barenjager Honey Liqueur (70 Proof)

It was a few months back when we actually got our first chance to review Jagermeister. After we finished covering that spirit, we soon after got a chance to review Barenjager, the honey-based liqueur that is rapidly gaining in popularity. When one gets to see a bottle of Barenjager, they will immediately and forever remember it – it has a straw “shirt” with the bottle’s name and various bites of German language present. The color of the liqueur itself is very alluring, with a color that is somewhat lighter than a Kentucky whiskey, owing much to its constituent object. Continue reading “Barenjager Honey Liqueur (70 Proof)”

The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces (Nintendo Wii)

The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces has a hell of a history behind it. The first iteration of The Sky Crawlers comes in the Japanese-language fiction series written by Hiroshi Mori (The Perfect Insider, Doctors in Isolated Room). After that, a film adaptation was commissioned by Warner Brothers, releasing late in 2008 in the Japanese market. Xseed looks with Innocent Aces to really bring forth some of the allure of the previous iterations of The Sky Crawlers title, along with making it possible to further the line in the months and years to come. Continue reading “The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces (Nintendo Wii)”

Sigh – Scenes From Hell (CD)

There seems to be an entire side of the music that is coming out of Japan that few individuals know about. Every few years, it seems like a band like The Willows or X Japan becomes part of the American music discussion and fades out. Sigh is a band, with their “Scenes From Hell”, that will be former without having the latter happen to them. The band has been around for 20 years, having first gotten together all the way back in 1990. “Prelude to the Oracle” is the disc’s opening track, setting up quite well each effort that is to follow.

This is due to the absolutely energetic and frenetic tempo that this track takes, with links together speed and black metal into a cohesive unit that is further explored during “L’art De Mourir”. It is really during this second track of “Scenes From Hell” that there is a shift away from the earlier, more circus-like atmosphere that pervaded “Prelude to the Oracle”. “The Soul Grave” may just be one of the best tracks on the album, as there seems to be a harmony present in this track that far outstrips anything else to be found on the track. The deft marriage of metal and classical harmony is enough to draw in new fans to Sigh as well as those that have been blown away by them for the last twenty years. “Musica In Tempora Belli“ has the guitar and drum element of Sigh strive for dominance, even as the vocals angrily tear across the surface of the disc.
By the time that “Scenes From Hell” finish up, listeners will be forever changed. Where there are some comparisons that could be made to bands in the death and black metal genres both in the United States and in Europe, I feel that Sigh comes forth with their truly unique style of music that will undoubtedly be seen as a blueprint for something new in later generations of music.

Top Tracks: Prelude to the Oracle, Musica in Tempora Belli

Rating: 7.9/10

Sigh – Scenes From Hell / 2010 The End Records / 8 Tracks / http://www.sighjapan.com / http://www.myspace.com/sighjapan / http://www.theendrecords.com

Godiva Mocha Liqueur (30 Proof)

While we did not have the chance to have the Godiva liqueur before it was reformatted, we received a bottle in of the new spirit a few days ago. After having an opportunity to properly sample the liqueur, we decided that it provides an excellent addition to one’s liquor cabinet. This is due to the fact that it is versatile well beyond most coffee-flavored liqueurs, as well as being of the high quality that individuals associate with the Godiva name. Continue reading “Godiva Mocha Liqueur (30 Proof)”

Gary Unmarried: The Complete First Season (DVD Set)

Gary Unmarried is currently working on its second season, after initially premiering in late September of 2008. The show itself begins with Jay Mohr as a newly ex-married individual, trying to ensure that eir business (painting houses) stays above water. This comedy is one of tension, as Gary has to interact with the woman that broke eir heart owing to the two progeny that they spawned. Furthermore, Gary is not completely on the level, so viewers will crack up whenever ey’s schemes go awry. Tom (Gary and Allison’s son) seems to be one of those caught in the middle, as there seems to be a little bit of each of eir parents present in eir actions and behaviors. With a cast that includes both veteran and newer actors, there is a vibe here that few shows can hope to reach. Where some of the situations may seem to be standard television fare, Gary Unmarried does well in turning the situations on their respective ears. Continue reading “Gary Unmarried: The Complete First Season (DVD Set)”

The People Speak (DVD)

The political Right may have Ann Rand, but the Left has always had Howard Zinn, author of the fantastically inspirational A People’s History of the United States – a Bible of sorts to anyone who has ever questioned the way American history has always been neatly wrapped and presented to us in a red, white and blue flag.

This beautifully-crafted documentary features passages from Zinn’s best-selling history book, read by a slew of actors including Josh Brolin, Matt Damon, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman and Viggo Mortensen, along with Zinn himself. The readings are punctuated by musical performances by artists like Eddie Vedder, John Legend, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.
Incredibly moving and passionately told, it’s surprising that someone hadn’t thought about putting together this documentary earlier. While conservatives are quick to shout down and label as unpatriotic anyone who would ever think to ask if America ever did anything questionable in its short history, the recently-departed Zinn proudly expresses the true beauty of this country: the freedom to ask questions.

Rating: 9 out of 10

The People Speak/DVD/2010/A&E Home Video /113 mins.

The People Speak (DVD)

DonQ: Coco (42 Proof)

Coconut rum seems to be all the passion lately, with our bottles of the stuff flying off the shelf as fast as humanely possible. When we would go to the store, it would seem as if there were only a few selections to be had, which included Malibu and Captain Morgan’s varietals. However, we were sent another effort in the Coconut Rum lines – DonQ: Coco. This Puerto Rican rum may not have the name recognition of the larger rum producers, but I feel that what it lacks in style points it more than makes up for in terms of quality. The lower alcohol content may be a sticking point, but I feel that what DonQ’s Coconut rum does here is really shine at a level that many consider to be a diluted one. Continue reading “DonQ: Coco (42 Proof)”

The Mob: From Hollywood To Vegas (DVD Set)

There is a lot of information on this DVD set. Mill Creek has put together fully three-fourths of a day of footage about the mob. The DVD set ties together two previous releases in Hollywood Vs The Mob and Vegas: The City The Mob Made, which were each originally 2 DVD sets. The price point at which this 4-DVD set is placed ensures that a love for all things mob-related will be fostered if this is given as a birthday or holiday gift, while it will represent a great addition to the libraries of anyone that already fancies themselves a fan of the time period and of the players involved.
Continue reading “The Mob: From Hollywood To Vegas (DVD Set)”