Billy Joel – The Stranger Legacy Edition (CD)

Billy Joel’s 1977 album, “The Stranger”, has a number of hits that fans of Joel’s would declare as some of Joel’s defining tracks. This means that “Just The Way You Are”, “She’s Always A Woman”, and “Movin’ Out” all reached the top 20, while “Only The Good Die Young” hit #24. A slight bit over thirty years have passed, and Sony Legacy have recreated some of the original magic that made “The Stranger” into the seminal Billy Joel album. Continue reading “Billy Joel – The Stranger Legacy Edition (CD)”

Imagine: Teacher (DS)

A few months ago, we had the chance to go forth and review Imagine: Rock Star for the Nintendo DS. The series continues with Imagine: Teacher, a game that allows individuals to have their first attempt at seeing what a teaching career may be like. Ubisoft has created this game in order to give the female 6-14 subset something substantive to do on their DSes, ensuring that there is a similar amount of customization that will confront them if they do ultimately take up teaching as a career path. That means that individuals can choose to pick what topic they teach (writing, history, music, art math), how they choose to interact with different students, and making school the most fun activity that their virtual classroom can conceivably have (through planning out events like kids’ birthday parties). Continue reading “Imagine: Teacher (DS)”

Strange Day – Face The Change (CD)

“A Beaten Man” is a track that introduces fans to Strange Day well; the band’s eclectic nature is shown perfectly here. Whether it is the vocals calling forth equal amounts Chris Cornell and Axl Rose or the epic instrumental arrangements that operate in the background, listeners that have a chance to give “A Beaten Man” a few spins will understand the band’s allure. Strange Day does not pigeonhole themselves into a small subset of genres or styles; tracks like “A Beaten Man” or “Coming Of The Sun” will have something present for everyone. “Coming Of The Sun” differs from “A Beaten Man” as it takes a more thoughtful, Audioslave meets “Californication”-era Red Hot Chili Peppers. Continue reading “Strange Day – Face The Change (CD)”

G. Love and Special Sauce Custom Guitar Giveaway

Enter at for a chance to win the G. Love custom model guitar from Gretsch, along with a SIGNED harmonica and Shure 520DX “Green Bullet” Harmonica Microphone. You’ll see G. Love playing these instruments all summer long on his headline tour with John Butler Trio and Tristan Prettyman. Make sure you pick up a copy of his new album Superhero Brother before you head out to the show! Continue reading “G. Love and Special Sauce Custom Guitar Giveaway”

NeuFutur Print Magazine Reviewed

NeuFutur #6 – At one point in this zine the editor mentions that in the past, his writing has been criticized for being too impersonal. And I would agree with him. Even after he throws in some “personal narrative” it just seems very rigid and reserved. The writing covers – a look at the ENDA, vague insturctions for an electric bicycle, zine and music reviews, a warning about crazed Christian Jack Chick, recommendation to watch the movie “Torch Song Trilogy”, info about VOX, a quick recollection of the UPC in Bowling Green and more. (Slug and Lettuce #73) Continue reading “NeuFutur Print Magazine Reviewed”

The Madison Project Interview

Can you first give us an introduction to the members of the band, and then describe for us the genesis of the Madison Project?

Madison Project is a rock trio that formed Burlington, VT. Forrest Thomas on drums Ben Kogan on bass and me on vocals and guitar. The genesis of Madison Project came from an idea; a vision that i saw. The previous band that i was in was going in a different direction and I found myself not being able to write what i was really trying to put down; it was not comming naturally and i was forcing something that wasnt true. i began writing different guitar parts, melodys and focusing on the hook of the song. when writing “I Am The Target” i wrote what came naturally, of course i have influences but i wasnt trying to sound like other bands, just Madison Project; and i think that it shows on the record. Continue reading “The Madison Project Interview”

Scary Kids Scaring Kids / Finch Contest

Finch and Scary Kids Scaring Kids are embarking on a U.S. co-headlining tour.

Along for the ride on various dates are Foxy Shazam, From First To Last, Tickle Me Pink and Our Last Night.
For our local (Cleveland-area) readers, check them out on 8/30 at the House of Blues. Continue reading “Scary Kids Scaring Kids / Finch Contest”

My First Warped Tour

I have never really been to a music festival, personally I thought I was probably making a huge mistake going to Warped tour, I had the stereotypical view on music festivals. At first I thought it was going to be a dirty, hot, drunken, drug fest. Well this proved me wrong. The whole area was great, kept up and clean, flyers all over the place but no true garbage on the ground, no over flowing trash cans full of beer cans and rotten foodstuffs. It was really hot there, but that’s not really the festivals fault, but they had shade and water available in each section. As for the drug and alcohol issues, a lot of people were drinking, but security insured everyone was kept in line, and I didn’t really see any drug use at the festival. Personally I would have to say if your child is 15 or older that this is a safe environment for them to enjoy their favorite bands and have a good time. But, if you really don’t like the idea of you child going unaccompanied, they actually have “reverse day care” area where adults can chill out while their child enjoys the concert. Continue reading “My First Warped Tour”

The Madison Project (Burlington, Vermont)

The Madison Project has been around since 2006, after Forrest (drummer) and Ryan (vocalist/guitars) ended their tenure with a previous band and wanted to create something new, something that would change the face of music as they knew it. The two spun their feels until the later months of 2006 when Ben (bass) joined up, forming the Madison Project. Each member of the Madison Project provides a diverse set of influences, skills, and experience to the band: it is this diversity that makes the band’s compositions so vibrant, so eclectic, and so unique.<!–more–>

The Madison Project were finally able to release their debut album, “I Am The Target”, on November 6th, 2007. “I Am The Target” blends a number of styles, adding in rock and metal to a punk base that reveres the biggest bands from the late eighties and early nineties (Descendents, Bad Religion, early Pennywise). In an era where producers like to bury their finished products in the red, the production on “I Am The Target” caresses the arrangements of the Madison Project without oppressing the spirit or energy exerted by the band. Despite the fact that the band had only been around for a few months before committing themselves to working on “I Am The Target”, the resulting tracks are mature, exhibiting thought-out arrangements that will stick with listeners well after the disc completes.

After the release of this album, The Madison Project immediately went on a tour that reached out from their native Vermont all the way down to Nashville, Tennessee. As a result of this dedication and an unwavering intensity, The Madison Project were able to see their album chart on radio stations in Pennsylvania (WVYC), Massachusetts (WKKL), New York (WUSB), California (KULV), Oregon (KPUR), and Wisconsin (WSRI and WCCX)  Furthermore, the act was able to accomplish playing at Austin, Texas’s South by Southwest (SXSW).

However, it is the band’s current pursuits that may be the most interesting. Beginning in early June, The Madison Project is setting off on an acoustic tour that will take them across the United States, running from Vermont all the way to California, only missing out on playing a show in Pennsylvania and Indiana. This acoustic tour reflects the evolution of the band, allowing the dynamic between Ryan and Ben to shine in ways that were not seen on “I Am The Target”. This acoustic tour will provide fans of the Madison Project insight into the future trajectory in the band; individuals that see the act in Hillside, Illinois, Lawrence, Kansas, or Salt Lake City, Utah will undoubtedly hear new and reworked tracks from the act.

Check The Madison Project out at . Individuals can purchase “I Am The Target” from independent music stores and the iTunes Media Store (ITMS), and can see dates for their current tour on their Myspace, which can be accessed at . Individuals that wish to discuss media opportunities for the band can contact Rick Eberle at Popcore Entertainment, at .

-by James McQuiston (JMcQ)

SCALE THE SUMMIT plans month-long tour through southern and eastern US

Houston’s SCALE THE SUMMIT have confirmed plans to tour from late this month into late March across the southern and eastern United States, playing with a handful of different bands along the way, including several shows with God Is An Astronaut and an appearance by the instrumental quartet at Austin, Texas’ South By Southwest music festival on March 14. Continue reading “SCALE THE SUMMIT plans month-long tour through southern and eastern US”