Army Wives: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set)

It has been a few months since we reviewed the last volume of Army Wives, and we were very excited to get the latest volume released on DVD a few days back. This release covers the last aired season of Army Wives (Season 4 begins in the middle of April), with 18 episodes tied together with a tremendous amount of additional features. The season itself is incredibly nuanced, as Denise attempts to learn what happened to Frank, Roxy attempts to reopen the Hump bar, and viewers will see whether Finn has a learning disability. Continue reading “Army Wives: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set)”

Pawn Stars: The Complete Season 1 (DVD)

The concept of Pawn Stars, the History Channel’s latest stab at reality TV, is admittedly yawn-inducing. Set in a family-run pawn shop off the strip in Las Vegas, the show works thanks to the personalities of the shop owners and employees and an interesting collection of items that come into shop.

The store is run by the Harrison men, three generation including the cranky, “I’ve seen it all” Navy vet grandfather Richard, his affable and extremely patient son Rick and the goofy and nearly always put-upon grandson Corey. Corey’s buddy Chumlee also works at the store, but he is so thick-headed you’d swear he was a hired actor brought in to play the idiot side kick.

History lessons are snuck into the episodes (it’s the History Channel, folks) when customers try to sell or pawn old fire arms, coins and military uniforms, but the show’s main charm is the personalities behind the country.
That being said, the highlight of the first season is when cameras catch the honest reaction of a man who came into the store to try and sell an antique hand gun he paid $800 for at some point. A weapons expert examines the gun and has to break it to the guy that he bought a fake pistol actually worth about $75. Priceless.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Pawn Stars: The Complete Season 1/DVD/2010/A&E Home Video/160 Mins.

Che: The Criterion Collection (DVD)

Che was released in 2008, giving viewers a four and a half hour view into popular revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s trials and tribulations. Specifically, it covers about a decade of Guevara’s life, from eir first meeting with Fidel Castro in 1955 until eir death in October of 1967. The Criterion Collection beautifully captures the two parts of this Soderbergh-directed and Del Toro-starred film, while adding an additional disc and booklet to further contextualize the film for all viewers. The first disc contains an illuminating audio commentary that taps Jon Lee Anderson (Guevara expert) to gain some sense of where Soderbergh deviated from reality, while the theatrical trailer is an addition that has not been seen by the majority of individuals who are picking up this title.
The third disc of this box set is where the release really begins to shine, as the sheer amount of materials that are present puts the original release of the film to shame.

Viewers will be show exactly how much work went into crafting a realistic film in :”Making ‘Che’”, while as a history buff, the inclusion of different interviews with individuals that were actually present during Guevara’s revolution. The deleted scenes are just as important as the previous two inclusions, as they do not seem of the quality that should have been left on the cutting room floor – the film would have been stronger if these scenes were just left in. Continue reading “Che: The Criterion Collection (DVD)”

Amarula Cream Liqueur (34 Proof)

Amarula has been around in some form since I was born – 1983. For those in the North American markets, this liqueur will be something that has likely escaped notice up to this point. This creme liqueur is special in the sense that it is the only spirit that I know that is created from the Marula tree. The Marula tree is an African mainstay that allows elephants (prominently featured on the bottle) to get absolutely tore up. Continue reading “Amarula Cream Liqueur (34 Proof)”

Fame (Blu-Ray)

Of course, anyone that would be picking up this movie knows that 2009’s Fame is based off of the 1980 original. For those that (for whatever reason) did not see the film, a set of performers are joined as they are admitted into the New York City High School of Performing Arts, and are seen to progress through the different years of schooling. A cast that includes real life performers like Asher Book (lead singer of VFactory) and Naturi Naughton (3LW) also includes newcomers like Walter Perez and Kherington Payne (formerly of So You Think You Can Dance) and seems as a result to be more realistic than most casts that look to approximate a high school crowd. Continue reading “Fame (Blu-Ray)”

Ty Ku Liqueur (40 Proof)

We were lucky enough to get a chance to review the Ty Ku Sake a few months back, and we were even more lucky to get a second shipment from Ty Ku offices a few days back. Enclosed was a bottle of their Sojo (which we’ll get reviewed in due time) and a 750 of this green-tinted spirit. What purchasers will first notice is the button at the bottom of the bottle, which illuminates the spirit nicely. After they get a chance to open the bottle, they will be greeted with a very sugary and fruit-filled nose that simultaneously touches upon lemon-lime, orange, and even Kool Aid notes. Continue reading “Ty Ku Liqueur (40 Proof)”

Make It Or Break It: Volume One Extended Edition (DVD)

For those that have not seen the spectacle that is Make It Or Break It, it was originally aired on ABC Family in the middle of last year and was based on the incredibly competitive world of professional gymnastics. The different tensions that exist between members of the Kmetko , Cruz, and the various coaches, trainers, and other individuals of interest is what makes this show such a must-see. Where the characters themselves are super-human in terms of their own athletic ability, Make It Or Break It is a show that thrives in focusing on mundane happenings and making their resolution such interesting TV. Continue reading “Make It Or Break It: Volume One Extended Edition (DVD)”

Joe The Barbarian #1 (Comic Book)

The price point of this issue is undoubtedly to bring individuals in to this new story. This issue is the first of eight, and starts off fairly slowly. Individuals are introduced to a disaffected child in a Donnie Darko type of vein, who seems to be ignored or abused at every corner by parents, bullies, and the entirety of the outside world. The story begins to really take a turn when Joe goes back to eir room and seems to fall asleep. Continue reading “Joe The Barbarian #1 (Comic Book)”

Bushmills: Black Bush (Irish Whiskey)

The bottle of Black Bush came in a metal tin that showcases its pedigree, which can be traced back over 400 years. There is a rich golden-amber color to Bushmill’s Black Bush that is alluring but at the same time showing the hard-hitting side of the spirit. The initial nose of Black Bush is a little less biting than a Tennessee whiskey, but is not quite as smooth as some scotches.

It is this intricacy that is the hallmark of Black Bush, ensuring that a simple sip will be unable to impart the entirety of the whiskey’s spirit. The casking process, which ties Ireland’s oldest distillery with sherry casks, is what really gives Black Bush this complexity.

Where the whiskey burn is present throughout all experiences, there are hints of grapes, apricots, and even slight bits of citrus that come and go as they please. Added to that is a little bit of a spice kick, which seems to me to be a blend of allspice and cinnamon, that ensures that the Black Bush does not seem too fruity or alcohol-based.
With a price point that is under $35, the Black Bush is something that anyone that fancies themselves a whiskey aficionado can easily pick up. Bushmills has been in operation for 400 years, and that is for a great reason – they put out one of the world’s finest whiskeys. While individuals could conceivably do a sweet tea or Whiskey Sour, I feel that the Black Bush is best in a classic format. Either done as a shot or on the rocks, Black Bush is one of the best whiskeys that we have tasted so far in 2010. Buy a bottle and see if you agree with me.

Rating: 8.5/10

Bushmills: Black Bush (Irish Whiskey) / 80 Proof /