An American Affair (DVD)

An American Affair is set in 1963, where JFK’s affair with a CIA member’s wife is seen as nothing too far outside of the norm. A stacked cast, including Gretchen Mol (Rounders), Mark Pellegrino (National Treasure), and James Rebhorn (Cold Mountain) take up this historical piece and make each of the players living and breathing. Where there has been a number of films made in the last twenty years about JFK and those individuals close to eir, I feel that this film takes a fresh perspective and is thus able to shine. Continue reading “An American Affair (DVD)”

John Adams (Blu-Ray)

I feel that a number of individuals that were important to the foundation of these United States get shorted on coverage in American history textbooks if their names are not George Washington or Benjamin Franklin. HBO’s John Adams miniseries looks to rectify this issue, and the Blu-Ray version of the release ensures that this series will not be forgotten anytime soon. For those that missed out on the miniseries, Paul Giamatti drops the Sideways exterior and slides in to the titular role, while Laura Linney (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) is eir wife, Abigail. Continue reading “John Adams (Blu-Ray)”

The Doomsday Key (Novel)

The Doomsday Key is one of many (actually, six) in the Sigma Force series, but author James Rollins takes more than enough care to ensure that readers are caught up before the crux of the action begins. A crew is placed together to figure out what exactly happened in Africa, where a highly cutting-edge type of agricultural development has been completely torn to the ground, all the individuals there killed. Crowe gets together the team – Pierce, Kowalski, and Kokkalis – to try to piece together the chain of events that lead to this atrocity. The amount of twists and turns that The Doomsday Key takes would easily put a Bond movie to the line, whether it be the slightly mythic qualities approached during the book, the colorful characters, or how the plot gradually meanders until the absolutely delightful conclusion. Continue reading “The Doomsday Key (Novel)”

British Sea Power – Man of Aran (CD)

British Sea Power is one of the acts that, despite all the fame that they have received in the 6 years since their first album, The Decline of British Sea Power, we have not had the chance to cover here for NeuFutur. Luckily enough, Rough Trade US sent us on over a copy, and we were quickly floored by the band. “Man of Aran” starts off with a titular track that really creates an atmosphere that will stick with the band throughout the album. Continue reading “British Sea Power – Man of Aran (CD)”

Blackest Night #1 (Comic)

Along with Batman: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader?, the first issue of the eight-part Blackest Night storyline is the first comic that we have reviewed from a major company. Geoff Johns begins this arc with positive imagery, showcasing exactly how many in the DC Universe were able to move on from major events. Those that were in Coast City were able to firmly mend themselves in the years since the city was destroyed, while superheroes were able to continue on, despite many associates and lovers of them falling in various storylines. Continue reading “Blackest Night #1 (Comic)”

Bonetown (PC)

The minute I heard about Bonetown I knew wanted to try it, this game allows you to use drugs and alcohol. It also lets you have sex with the girl of your dreams… when your balls get big enough. The game is fun and very addictive. At first I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the game, the interface is sort of confusing at first. After reading the directions a second time I got the hang of it. You start out as a crack head, which I thought was funny, because the game glorifies drug use but makes a crack head the lowest character rank. Continue reading “Bonetown (PC)”

A Skylit Drive – Adelphia (CD)

A Skylit Drive has just released their second full length (their third release) in “Adelphia”. This June release has expanded considerably the band’s sound from 2008’s “Wires…and the Concept of Breathing” and 2007’s “She Watched The Sky”. The disc itself begins with “Prelude To A Dream”, a track that sets the tempo of the disk with clear guitars, rocking drums, and a set of vocals that both attack and smooth over listeners. The band is able to convince listeners that they are heavyweights not only due to their lyrical content with their “Worlds End In Whispers, Not Bangs”, as they are able to keep listeners focused in for the course of ninety seconds using nothing but their instruments. Continue reading “A Skylit Drive – Adelphia (CD)”

Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance (Xbox 360)

Players may remember that Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance was originally a PC title, and has just been made into a Xbox 360 game. Where there were some issues with the PC version of the game, the time spent bringing the game to the Xbox 360 has ensured that those over at Playlogic could iron them out. For those that missed out on the story behind Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance. This shooter allows players to take on the role of Ryan Lennox, a hell-employed individual who has been tapped by Lucius Black to take down those that previously scorned eir. Continue reading “Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance (Xbox 360)”

The Castaways (Novel)

Many intrepid readers are already familiar with Hilderbrand’s work, as eir 2007 novel Barefoot was a mainstay on the New York Times bestseller list for a solid half-year. The Castaways surrounds the interactions between four families: Kapenashes, Wheelers, Drakes and MacAvoys – that end up vacationing together practically every year. Where the groups have a very clean air around them, certain issues present ensure that no family is truly innocent. For example, Greg and Tess (MacAvoy) are attempting to keep their marriage together after it comes out that Greg was cheating on Tess with a high school student. Continue reading “The Castaways (Novel)”

Trevor Horn and Friends: Slaves to Rhythm (DVD)

I have to admit, I had not heard of Trevor Horn before popping this DVD into my player. Turns out, ey was the co-writer for “Kiss From A Rose”, Seal’s hit, along with being associated with acts like The Buggles, Art of Noise, and Yes. This DVD links together Horn’s tremendous skill with a number of eir friends, in a list that includes the Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones, Seal, Yes, and even Belle & Sebastian. The show was captured by LiveNation, ensuring that the quality of audio and video here is nothing less than stunning. Continue reading “Trevor Horn and Friends: Slaves to Rhythm (DVD)”