Tanteo Chocolate Tequila (80 Proof)

This tequila blanco is one of the first tequilas that I have ever tasted that has been flavored. As can be gleaned from the bottle, the varietal of Tanteo that wee are trying is the Tanteo Chocolate. The bottle itself looks hand-blown, with the label having a very homegrown quality to it. Cap it all off with a snazzy seal and a wood-topped cork, and one will be delighted if they receive a bottle of the Tanteo for a birthday or a holiday season. The experience that I had with Tanteo, and with the spicy Agave Loco before that, should tell individuals that the fragrance emanating from a flavored tequila will not necessarily have the best of fragrances. Continue reading “Tanteo Chocolate Tequila (80 Proof)”

Frozen River (DVD)

Judging from the news coverage, you’d think Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Buttons were the only two movies nominated for Oscars this year. While those two movies have been sharing all the ink, thanks to genre hybrids and amazing special effects, the subtly stellar and so far grossly underrated Frozen River manages to get by solely on fantastic acting and a strong character driven storyline. Continue reading “Frozen River (DVD)”

The Tamboureens – Ladies and Gentlemen (CD)

Mining influences as varied as the Beatles (before they discovered LSD and meditation), Buddy Holly and power poppers like Milk N’ Cookies, Central Pennsylvania’s The Tamboureens sound like just about nothing being released today… and that’s a very good thing. Continue reading “The Tamboureens – Ladies and Gentlemen (CD)”

Jana Mashonee – New Moon Born (CD)

“Faded Love” is one of the strongest introductions to Jana Mashonee’s music that could conceivably be placed on an album like “New Moon Born”. This is largely due to the arrangements and how the instrumentation plays well with the vocals present on the track; the funky, tightly-wound set of insutrmentation here fuels the vocals into a whole other realm. Mashonee’s vocals, especially during tracks like “Faded Love”, play on classic artists such as Mariah Carey and Natalie Cole while having a more current, Leona Lewis tinge at points. “Solid Ground” immediately follows “Faded Love”, and is an important track for a number of reasons. Continue reading “Jana Mashonee – New Moon Born (CD)”

Apocalipstick – Apocalipstick Now (CD)

Coming out of San Francisco, Apocalipstick really channels the energy and brashness of the earlier era of California punk, with a comparable attitude to bands from the area like Fear, X, and even The Germs. That is to say, they play a forward style of punk rock that is loud, nasty, dirty, and overall fun. Some of the songs show a desire to experiment with the limits of the music that they are playing; the distortion on the guitars during “Apocalipstick Now” is slightly different than the masking of a lackluster talent that is usually used in punk rock. The brashness of frontwoman Jackie O Nasstie, especially annoying at times (the whoop-de-dos of “Whoop-Ti-Doo”) is a refreshing change from the days where lead singers are firmly planted in front of their microphones, their wooden bodies lying their like so much kindling. Continue reading “Apocalipstick – Apocalipstick Now (CD)”

1090 Club – Natural Selection (CD)

Every so often I’m given the opportunity to review a band that has that something special and I usually tout it about that I’ve stumbled upon the next BIG thing. Well this time I’m almost certain that I have. 1090 Club, a four piece from Billings, Montana, sophomore release on SideCho Records titled Natural Selection is as complete as it gets. Over ten tracks 1090 Club completely grabs your attention and doesn’t let go at all. Collaborating with Steve Fisk (Nirvana,Sound Garden, Minus The Bear) on production has brought Natural Selection to a new level as you can hear it stretched over these ten stunning tracks as the mix of obvious natural talent and the know how of Fisk could very well make Natural Selection one of the biggest releases of the year once the bomb drops and the world is exposed to 1090 Club. Continue reading “1090 Club – Natural Selection (CD)”

Jackdawg – S/T (CD)

It is really surprising that the Jackdawg disc remained unreleased for such a long period of time. This is due to the fact that the members of Jackdawg were some of the members of the best known rock bands of the last fifty years. The members of the act are linked to acts as diverse as CCR, Van Morrison, and even Eikichi Yazawa. With a set of recordings that get close to twenty years old at points, one would expect that the fifteen cuts on the self-titled album would sound weak or dated. Continue reading “Jackdawg – S/T (CD)”