The Features – Some Kind of Salvation (CD)

Some bands just know how to leave you wanting more. It’s been five very long years since Nashville-based psychedelic indie rockers The Features released their major label debut, the grossly underrated “Exhibit A”. The band is finally back with the second act, and it was well worth the wait. “Some Kind of Salvation” is brimming with the same combination of sunny harmonies, 60’s psychedelic organ and Motown horns that made such a strong impression the first time around. Continue reading “The Features – Some Kind of Salvation (CD)”

Fatal Attraction (Blu-Ray)

Conversion from one format to another is always an interesting time, because it is very compelling to see exactly what titles make it onto the new format first. Sometimes, there are decision that will make viewers wonder, but I have to think that Fatal Attraction is one of the films that deserved to be placed on Blu-Ray relatively early in the format’s life cycle. Continue reading “Fatal Attraction (Blu-Ray)”

Vicki Pettersson – City of Souls (Book)

City of Souls is the fourth book in the Zodiac series, and the title itself shows further evolution and explication by Pettersson of eir alternate reality. The title goes by quickly, the rich prose of Pettersson going down like the sweetest drink. The story line that is weaved through this title is fleshed out but does not feel unnecessarily dragged down or wishy-washy; events, characters, and actions taken by these characters all are understandable when put to real life.

For those readers that have not had the chance to delve into Pettersson’s realm before, City of Souls focuses around Joanna Archer. This individual struggles to defeat evil (established here as Shadow), despite having inside eir part of what makes eir home city (Las Vegas) so decrepit. Where previous works in this line really showcased the depths of Shadow in Las Vegas, a child comes upon the scene that may change the entire way Archer understands the world and looks to change it.

City of Souls is a title that does not require that readers have already familiarized themselves with the preceding titles, but gives those readers that have a tremendous amount of further insight into the storyline here. In much the same way, getting a chance to sit down with City of Souls will ensure that readers will be amped up for the next title in the Zodiac series, whenever it may be destined to be released. Where I have found myself moving away from these styles of novels in the last decade or so, I find my interested piqued dramatically by City of Souls. If you are in the same boat, plop down the $8 and see exactly what you have been missing.

Rating: 8.8/10

Vicki Pettersson – City of Souls (Book) / 2009 EOS Books / 352 Pages / /

The Von Ehrics – Loaded (CD)

Like wearing a cowboy hat with a Sex Pistols t-shirt, the Von Ehrics have no problem mixing dirty country with a little punk rock. The Dallas-based trio thankfully sounds like nothing else being played right now. On Loaded, their third effort and first for Wisconsin indie Crustacean Records, the band is at their best so far in their admittedly short career. Loud, fast guitars and drums serve as the perfect backdrop to front man Robert Jason Vandygriff’s twangy delivery. Any doubt that the band has what it takes to impress cynics melts within a minute of the band’s stellar version of Billy Joe Shaver’s “Old Chunk of Coal.” They also do a decent take of Steve Earle’s “A Week of Living Dangerously.” To tackle two of the Lone Star’s best and do them justice is a pretty remarkable feat. And lest you think The Von Ehrics are just another country punk cover band, their originals like “Buy Me a Drink” record opener “Just leave Me Out” and the destined-to-be-classic pick up song “I’ll Be Yours,” are better than whatever you happen to be listening to at the moment.

Rating: 9 out of 10

The Von Ehrics – Loaded/CD/10 tracks/Crustacean Records/

Fuel (Xbox 360)

I love racing games, and titles that look to really provide more of an experience than is typically expected from a game in that genre. The game that looks to flip the script and really lay down the blueprint for what players should expect from a good racing title would be Fuel, Codemasters’ new title. The back of the box immediately shows the sheer amount of customization that players should get used to: aside from the countless vehicles (75) and races (70), there are nearly 200 different challenges that will further spice up a player’s experience. Continue reading “Fuel (Xbox 360)”

Jose Cuervo Especial: Tequila Plata (80 Proof)

Jose Cuervo is the tequila that many of my friends prefer over all others, and while I had quite a few sessions with “Joe Crow”, I confess that it was not my first choice for tequila. This has all changed after we here at NeuFutur Headquarters had a bottle of the Jose Cuervo Especial (Tequila Plata) sent on over for review. The spirit itself has much less of a burn than other tequilas on the market, while having more of an Agave and pepper flavor present. Continue reading “Jose Cuervo Especial: Tequila Plata (80 Proof)”

Knights in the Nightmare (Nintendo DS)

Knights In The Nightmare is the third-released title in the Dept. Heaven series of games, and it was preceded by Riviera: The Promised Land (originally released in the US on the GBA) and Yggdra Union: We’ll Never Fight Alone (GBA). Knights in the Nightmare is a great title, or a number of reasons. First off, the graphics that players will confront here are sharp, clear, and really seem to push the DS to its limits. Furthermore, the music seems to capture perfectly the action, inviting in nuance rather than seeming as if the composer made the score independent of the title. The game play style of Knights in the Nightmare is unique in terms of its richness. Continue reading “Knights in the Nightmare (Nintendo DS)”

Gonzo Parenting Volume 1, Issue 1

There are a number of zines that I have kept around the house instead of donating them to a zine library or giving them to friends. Gonzo Parenting is one of those “keeper” zines, as it provides me (a potential future parent) with an interesting set of readings about parenting and tips on how to be a good modern parent. Continue reading “Gonzo Parenting Volume 1, Issue 1”

NeuFutur Magazine and Marilyn Manson Tie Up To Give Out EEE PC and MM Discography

Marilyn Manson prepares to release his upcoming album, The High End of Low, in stores Tuesday May 26th. With the single, “Arma-Goddamn-Motherfu*kin-Geddon” already hitting modern and rock radio and the upcoming Mayhem Fest tour, Manson is sure to deliver once again.

Feel free to sign up for the contest at .

To celebrate the release and the upcoming tour, Marilyn Manson and have teamed up to giveaway an ASUS Eee PC laptop and the entire Marilyn Manson catalog of CDs to one lucky winner.

Enter now for your chance to win and don’t miss Marilyn Manson on tour this summer!

7/10 Sacramento, CA – Sleep Train Amp
7/11 San Francisco, CA – Shoreline Amp
7/12 San Bernardino, CA – Glen Helen Pav
7/14 Seattle, WA – White River Amp
7/17 Phoenix, AZ – Cricket Pav
7/18 Albuquerque, NM – Journal Pav
7/19 Denver, CO – Fiddlers Green
7/21 Kansas City, KS – Sandstone Amp
7/22 St. Louis, MO – Verizon Wireless Amp
7/24 Atlanta, GA – Lakewood Amp
7/25 Indianapolis, IN – Verizon Wireless Music Cntr
7/26 Chicago, IL – First Midwest Bank Amp
7/29 Scranton, PA – Toyota Pav
7/31 Cleveland, OH – Blossom Music Cntr
8/01 Pittsburgh, PA – Post Gazette Pav
8/02 Detroit, MI – DTE Energy Music Thtr
8/04 Boston, MA – Tweeter Cntr for the Perf. Arts
8/06 Virginia Beach, VA – Virginia Beach Amp
8/07 Camden, NJ – Susquehanna Bank Cntr
8/08 Hartford, CT – New England Dodge Music Cntr
8/09 Washington, DC – Nissan Pav
8/11 Tampa, FL – Ford Amp
8/12 West Palm Beach, FL – Sound Advice Amp
8/14 San Antonio, TX – Verizon Wireless Amp

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8/15 Dallas, TX – Cntr

Penn & Teller B.S.! – The Complete Sixth Season

After six seasons, you know where you stand with the often polarizing duo of Penn & Teller and their sacred cow tipping Showtime series Bull Shit! For those easily offended and potentially horrified for the group’s crass, profanity-laced, straight-to-the-point documentaries… well change the channel. For those with an open mind however, the series is entertainingly addictive and season six, now on DVD, is no different. Continue reading “Penn & Teller B.S.! – The Complete Sixth Season”