Metamorphosis: Beyond The Screen Door (DVD)

Essentially, Pathfinder has released a 1992 retelling of Kafka’s Metamorphosis on DVD, and have bundled it together with “Telephone”, a 16-minute short exercise in Kafkaesque storytelling. This ensures that two directors have their works saved for posterity, as well as provide a snapsnot into middle-nineties interpretations of Kafka’s seminar work. While there are not bonus features per se in this release, the faithfulness that Soth brings to the project is impressive, deftly adapting to the then-current Kafka’s work. Continue reading “Metamorphosis: Beyond The Screen Door (DVD)”

Beth Orton: Trailer Park (Legacy Edition)

It makes sense that Sony would re-release what Beth Orton feels is eir “true” solo album. The disc itself includes a great deal above and beyond what has been present on previous releases of the album, with a second disc adding most of the additional material. Of course, the liner notes are an added expansion to the original, but the second CD is where the gold truly is. This means that there are a number of tracks, including “Safety”, “Pedestal”, and “Bullet” that never made it to the finished album, as well as tracks that were captured flawlessly from live performances and early recording sessions (“Galaxy of Emptiness” from a 1996 show as well as two versions of “Best Bit”). Continue reading “Beth Orton: Trailer Park (Legacy Edition)”

The Dead Don’t Scream (DVD)

This is the first time that we have had the chance to review a Celebrity Video Distribution title, and I have to say that we here at NeuFutur have missed some talent by this exclusion. The Dead Don’t Scream has an excellent print, providing sharp video married right alongside audio that is easily equivalent to that of the movie theatres. The film goes into the tired horror genre and makes a story that will titillate and interest viewers throughout its runtime: a group of students go to a camp for some rest and relaxation, only to experience some post-partum syndrome. Continue reading “The Dead Don’t Scream (DVD)”

This Ship Is Obsolete

To say I feel disappointed with the way our system perpetuates itself would be an understatement. I have come to the realization that the cancerous by products of our social and political culture will not be exhumed without complete fallout of our position in the world market and political system. Social causes that drive our nation into separate directions have blinded millions of compassionate Americans into readily accepting the chains of debt. Along with passing on our debts to a new generation we have also given free passes to those institutions that cause the most social and economic harm to our own people. The free market system can work if it is one hundred percent free, with no capital business being meddled into, saved by or promoted through government institutions. However, we no longer, and may never again, have a true free market system. This is for many reasons, one being the overwhelming trend for money to seek out more money. Other reasons include but are not limited to: traditional practices being perpetuated past their mark of obsolescence, the basic human decision to prolong correction due to fear of current comfort being temporarily reduced, and a lack of motivational factors resulting from an unjust feeling of superiority. Continue reading “This Ship Is Obsolete”

Orange V (76 Proof)

There have been very few in the way of flavored spirits that I have actually enjoyed, and Orange V is one of the few that I could honestly see myself purchasing in the next few years. As individuals may be able to understand from the title, Orange V is an orange flavored vodka. Unlike many other flavored spirits, the alcohol percentage (38%) is pretty much the same compared to a “straight” vodka. The spirit itself starts out as many would think, with a strong orange flavor balanced out by an alcoholic bite that soon follows. After individuals get the chance to imbibe the spirit is where Orange V begins to break the stereotypes that some may have: the spirit itself is perfect either as a straight short or mixed in with different juices. Hell, our testing party found that Orange V worked miracles when mixed with things as common as Lemon-Lime Gatorade and even Cherry Kool-Aid. Continue reading “Orange V (76 Proof)”

Steve Lieberman – Overthrow The Government (CD)

Maybe some year I will get caught up with the Steve Lieberman discography, but as of this review I’m still a disc behind. The best thing that is present on the CD from a cursory glance would have to be the description of Lieberman’s moods during the different part of the CDs; with this mentioned, I can start to tune in a little more specifically about what specifically I like and dislike about Lieberman. The disc itself seems to have been recorded at a slightly higher level than the rest of the discs previously reviewed by NeuFutur; it is not surprising then that the introductory track (“Stickshifts, VCR’s & Cassettes”) is a great introduction for those that may not be familiar with the Gangsta Rabbi’s work. Continue reading “Steve Lieberman – Overthrow The Government (CD)”

Foster McGinty – Peach Red (CD)

“Can’t Help But Shine” is the first single for Foster McGinty off his new album “Peach Red”, and it is a hell of a single. For those that have not had the chance to listen to McGinty in the past, the style of “Peach Red” blends together seventies rock, funk, and soul into something that draws on an earlier tradition but is decidedly rooted in the present. “Can’t Help But Shine” simultaneously takes on Audioslave and Frank Zappa, while the vocals on the track are an amalgamation of Lenny Kravitz and Jimi Hendrix. Continue reading “Foster McGinty – Peach Red (CD)”

Grand Ages: Rome (PC)

As someone that was a Latin major (and did a lot with Roman history), the first thing that really speaks to me is that the modeling of Rome is absolutely beautiful. While individuals will not completely know what Rome looked like over 1500 years after the empire declined into obsolescence, I have a feeling that Viva really did their homework when it come to Grand Ages: Rome. The game itself seems similar to Civilization, in terms of the city-creation aspect of things. The amount of information that one needs to take in is extraordinary, lest their city go the way of a Carthage. Continue reading “Grand Ages: Rome (PC)”

Monsters Vs Aliens (Wii)

Monsters Vs. Aliens is one of the biggest titles to be released this year so far, and it is not surprising that a video game would be created for the title. Activision was tapped to create the game, which gives players the opportunity to play as some of the biggest characters in the game. This means that there are different levels that players can take on the role of Ginormica, The Missing Link, and B.O.B.. The abilities of each of these characters significantly differ from the other two, and the different objectives present in each level takes full advantage of these different skills. Continue reading “Monsters Vs Aliens (Wii)”