Brutha – S/T (CD)

Let’s face it: with the exception of a few acts and a few labels, modern R&B is in a dire state. Most artists that have been in the game for a few years find it impossible to reinvent themselves, and acts that are first coming out are not exploring much in the way of new territory. For fans of R&B, there is one singular hope: Brutha. On their self-titled introduction, the act is able to recreate the R&B genre, and in doing so, ensures that there will be more in the way of significant efforts coming from the genre in the years to come. Continue reading “Brutha – S/T (CD)”

Marianne Kesler – Pear In The Pink Thing (CD)

It’s always nice to see a musician enjoy success from Ohio, and Marianne Kesler has just done that with her “Pear In The Pink Thing”. What she has done with this album has, while touching on some common threads, really defined what it is to be a woman and a musician in the current music scene. Whether it is during the disc’s first track “Mystery”, or even the last (“The Needle and the Damage Done”), Kesler has put her heart and soul into this release. “Mystery” unites a strong instrumental presence with a set of vocals that builds off of the work of individuals like Natalie Cole and Lisa Loeb, while “Once More” ties in a little R&B influence into a Tori meets Ani type of feel. Continue reading “Marianne Kesler – Pear In The Pink Thing (CD)”

Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila (80 Proof)

At the very least, the Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila is the most experience spirit that we have ever had in the NeuFutur offices. Retailing at anywhere between 70 and 90 dollars, the Dobel Diamond is a majestic creature. A heavy stopper keeps the top orderly, while etched glass and a metal base tie everything together. Pulling out the dense and heavy metal and rubber cork gives imbibers their first impressions about the tequila itself, which comes forth with a strong but subtle bouquet. The alcoholic content is alluded to in this bouquet, but the Agave fragrance, among others is a constant force when one first ponders the Maestro Dobel Diamond. Continue reading “Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila (80 Proof)”

Boca Loca Cachaca (80 Proof)

Growing up, I was aware of a number of different “types” of alcohol. For drinkers, there were tequilas, rums, vodkas, and gins. Of course, there were liqueurs, but they really weren’t seen as something that one could get a good buzz going off of. After opening the NeuFutur alcohol section, the alcohol scene became much more nuanced, with different efforts pushing the boundaries. Boca Loca Cachaca, my first experience with the spirit, is one of these boundary-changing drinks. Continue reading “Boca Loca Cachaca (80 Proof)”

Drakensang: The Dark Eye (PC)

It seems that some of the best RPGs are those that are developed and released for foreign markets (particularly Europe) then transferred over to the United States. For example, Gothic (and in particular, Gothic III), is critically underrated. Despite the fact that a number of these titles gain a pretty hellacious layer of dust on United States store shelves, THQ has decided to bring out Drakensang: The Dark Eye for the PC. For those players that have been heavy into RPGs for the PC over the course of a decade, Drakensang is the first title released in the Northlands line of games (“Realms of Arkania”) in well over a decade. Continue reading “Drakensang: The Dark Eye (PC)”

Docomodake DS (Nintendo DS)

When I was doing research for this title, I stumbled upon the fact that Papa Docomodake is actually a Japanese cell phone mascot, making Docomodake DS into a game on the same wavelength as a Yo! Noid or McKids. However, unlike the aforementioned titles, Docomodake is a funplaying puzzle type of game that will please fans of side-scroller and puzzle titles alike. Continue reading “Docomodake DS (Nintendo DS)”

U2 – No Line on the Horizon (CD)

For awhile there it looked like U2 were finally back on track. Starting in 2000, when the band atoned for their past sins and, in Bono’s words “Reapplied for the job… of the best band in the world” with the fantastic All That You Can’t Leave Behind, followed by 2004’s almost as stellar How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, the Irish stadium rockers had nearly made up for past experimental missteps like the tacky Zooropa and the sample-heavy Pop. Continue reading “U2 – No Line on the Horizon (CD)”

The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match (Playstation 2)

For those individuals that feel that they have already bought the title over a decade ago, The King of Fighters ‘98: Ultimate Match represents a re-make of the original game, which of itself was a culmination of the yearly titles that SNK created (King of Fighters ‘94 to ‘97). However, aside from the graphical improvements, there have been a few major changes made to the game to make the title worth the price point (a smidge under $20) that Ignition has placed on it. Continue reading “The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match (Playstation 2)”

Frances – All the While (CD)

So, let’s get down to business, All the While by Frances is one of those catchy Indie-Pop discs that everyone seems to have two or three of laying around for their hipper crowd of friends to enjoy. It’s a disc you can pop in the car and drive too, have a conversation with and sometimes even get out on the dance floor and shake your ass to. With some really great lyrics and musical talent Frances doesn’t go out on too many limbs keeping it pretty grounded in that Indie-Pop sound. Continue reading “Frances – All the While (CD)”

New Found Glory – Not Without A Fight (CD)

New Found Glory has always been a band that has not gotten the respect that they deserve. When they first came out, I felt that a lot of individuals ignored them for acts like Unwritten Law and New Found Glory. When they changed up their sound slightly a few years back, individuals still tended to flock to acts like Thrice and Alkaline Trio. “Not Without A Fight” is an album that looks to finally break New Found Glory out of the shadow of other, better-known acts. Continue reading “New Found Glory – Not Without A Fight (CD)”