Bacardi Classic Cocktails: Raspberry Mojito

While I always talked down ready-made cocktails, my experience with a number of them in the last year has opened my eyes, showing me that there can be a few cocktails that make for a solid night o drinking. They ensure that individuals are brought in slowly to inebriations, rather than filling a glass of vodka with a splash of Sprite and calling it a drink. The ready made cocktails are a step up over the carbonated / alcoholic types of soft drinks, because they provide a little more in the way of alcohol and do not bust imbiber’s stomachs over the course of two or three drinks. Continue reading “Bacardi Classic Cocktails: Raspberry Mojito”

New Orleans Animal Rescue (DVD)

Take out Kevin Bacon, the narrator, from the mix. Does New Orleans Animal Rescue still touch whomever watches it? The answer is yes; what Luke Heppener (director) does here is nothing short of ordinary. While it would be a slam dunk for any hack producer to show pictures of animals to tug on viewer’s heartstrings, Heppner is able to tell a story that goes beyond the animals that are saved and expands the focus into something larger. Continue reading “New Orleans Animal Rescue (DVD)”

Candella – EP (CD)

“Fragile” is the first Candella track that I was turned on to, and what is immediately noticeable about the track is the energy that each member of the band brings to the track. While the instrumental intensity of Candella can never be questioned, the emotive vocals bridge the gap between emo and metal, making for a track that goes in countless directions, whether it be resembling Three Days Grace, Trapt, 30 Seconds to Mars , and Breaking Benjamin. “Numb” is a track that showcases the band’s ability, coming forth from much different influences than “Fragile”. Continue reading “Candella – EP (CD)”

The Boxer (DVD)

It has been a while since I had heard anything from Stacy Keach. In fact, the last time that I heard eir name mentioned, it was as the father in Titus. This role is very different in regards to that, and it showcases much more of Keach’s tremendous acting ability than the aforementioned show. The story revolves around Keach’s character, Joe Miller, and eir young charge, Ben Wilson (played by Joshua Dallas from The Descent: Part 2”). Continue reading “The Boxer (DVD)”

Hatching Pete / Dadnapped (DVD)

Where it seemed almost as if there was a period where some made ofr Disney Channel movies feel off the face of the earth for an extended period of time, Disney has really gotten back on their game and ensured that there will not be a similar collective loss of memory. While the quality of some of the Disney releases does vary, having ease of access to these films years after the fact ensures that individuals that grew up with the film will be able to show their children and grandchildren, whenever they may age into the shows.
Continue reading “Hatching Pete / Dadnapped (DVD)”

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (Xbox 360)

I must say, I missed out on the original release in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series, but this title is as good as any to showcase the incredibly game play options and abilities that Koei has thrown in to this series. For players that have played the Dynasty Warriors series, there will be a number of elements that are similar. That is, there are tons of hack and slash elements tied to a wealth of more RPG-like bits and pieces. Throw on another layer –that of a sci-fi bit of back story – and what results is a delightful mélange of different approaches and styles. Continue reading “Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (Xbox 360)”

Taken (DVD)

Taken is one of those films that will have viewers on the edges of their seats throughout the entirety of the film. For those of NeuFutur’s readers that did not see Taken when it was first in theaters, Liam Neeson turns in a great role as Bryan Mills, whose daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) has been abducted halfway across the world while attempting to follow U2 through the entirety of a worldwide tour. Bryan, a former operative of the CIA, has to get eir back. Bryan ultimately learns that Kim is in the hands of the Albanian mafia, and that ey only has about 4 days before the daughter goes the way of the dodo. Continue reading “Taken (DVD)”

Eddie Cochran / Gene Vincent – Rock N Roll Rebels Live (CD)

These recordings all came from a time nearly fifty years ago, on a medium (radio) that has been shown to be crackly and hard to hear. However, Yellow / SPV have done a heck of a job remastering these recordings to properly showcase the energy and power that these early rock and rollers brought to the table. This set of recordings is impressive considering the fact that there are introductions to certain tracks, interviews from the time period, and even tracks that feel different from the recorded versions that individuals are familiar with. “Be Bop A Lula”, “Milk Cow Blues”, and even “Somethin’ Else” all make the cute, while the final two tracks go back even further in the way back machine to further show the evolution of Cochran. Continue reading “Eddie Cochran / Gene Vincent – Rock N Roll Rebels Live (CD)”

L’Elisir D’Amore (DVD)

The picture may be black and white, the setting may be extremely foreign, the performers trained in a different way, but the emotion and spirit of L’Elisir D’Amore is shown brilliantly by this Video Artists International release. Fully fifty years have passed since this performance and over one hundred seventy since Donizetti wrote L’Elisir D’Amore, and nothing has been shown to be dated or otherwise weak. While there may be minor issues with the video quality on this release (9 minutes of the film have been lost during the entrance of Dulcamara, while the original Japanese subtitles are still present), they do not decrease the enjoyment that individuals will have with this performance. Continue reading “L’Elisir D’Amore (DVD)”

Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea (Vodka)

Firefly was a solid enough alcoholic tea-based spirit, but we received an email touting the quality of a new product, the Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea. While the alcohol content between the two is considerably different, thee taste of each is similar. Where there is a distinct alcoholic note in the Jeremiah Weed, one could conceivably sip this spirit as if it was straight tea. Continue reading “Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea (Vodka)”