Bobo’s Oat Bars

We have received quite a number of different protein and other health-related bars over the course of our five or six years for the health and fitness section at NeuFutur. A great many of them just thought to add chocolate or other sweet elements into the mix to go and mask some of the more natural flavors that present themselves. Bobo’s Oat Bbars looks to take a different tack, providing filling efforts that have a distinctive flavor profile. Continue reading “Bobo’s Oat Bars”

Chuck E. Cheese’s (Akron, Ohio)

We were invited to try out the Chuck E. Cheese’s location on West Market Street in Akron, Ohio. Previously I had not been in a Chuck E. Cheese’s location for the better part of 20 years so I was a little unsure of what there was to expect from the pizza-cum-arcade location. Upon arriving we put in our order and picked out a booth for our family. I had thought that Chuck E. Cheese’s was a pizza only establishment but the company has a variety of different wings, sandwiches, and other side dishes that it offers as well. Continue reading “Chuck E. Cheese’s (Akron, Ohio)”

Oglebay, a family destination

The Oglebay Resort (Wheeling, West Virginia) has a number of distinct features that will interest all members of the family. Whether there for a night or for an extended stay, visitors will be challenged to exhaust all of the attractions and experiences that the property offers. Continue reading “Oglebay, a family destination”

mOmma Spill-Proof Cup | Lansinoh

We had just gotten to the point where our child has moved away to some degree from their bottle and has the coordination that is required to begin using a sippy cup. The amount of horror stories that exist regarding the ability of sippy cups to take up gross and outright dangerous things like mold and mildew is considerable. We had been using products from the dollar store due to the simplicity of the design which did not allow juice to collect for any length of time. Continue reading “mOmma Spill-Proof Cup | Lansinoh”

Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump (Lansinoh)

Lansinoh offers their Smartpump, a double breast pump that utilizes Bluetooth to monitors exactly how much breast milk that a mother is producing, along with additional information about the mother’s vitals. The Lansinoh Baby app (available for Android and Apple phones) is easy to use and install. The connection process between the Smartpump and one’s phone is similarly easy.

There are other modes and methods that one can utilize their Smartpump with to further increase the volume of each pump. The Lansinoh twin breast pump would be a perfect sort of purchase for a baby shower or for any sort of mother or mother-to-be that wishes to have the highest amount of breast-milk possible for their child. Based on our experiences, the first few months of a child’s life are relatively easier in terms of the amount of milk that baby requires than when one’s son or daughter gets to the 6+ month stage. As one’s milk supply tends to plateau, having the average milk expressed per pump at its highest level is essential to ensure that a child gets to the one-plus year mark. Continue reading “Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump (Lansinoh)”

Recaro Roadster Convertible Car Seat

We have had experience with a number of different brands of car seats over the course of the last year or so. While it seems that everybody has a certain base level of quality that they achieve with their products,  there is considerable difference in terms of the fit and the overall comfort of the car seat to the child between brands. Continue reading “Recaro Roadster Convertible Car Seat”

KoalaSafe Internet Router a must-have

One of the key issues that happens when we are in an increasingly interconnected world is that it seems like any sort of device has the ability to jump online. It does not matter whether it is a tablet, laptop or phone, it is a hop, skip, & a jump to get connect. When a parent wants to go and ensure that a child does their chores, has to go out to the park, or any do sort of activity, the KoalaSafe Internet Router ($99.99) is a must have purchase. The configuration process of the device is incredibly simple even for those individuals that may not be to up to date on current technologies. It is versatile meaning that one will be able to key in the precise amount of time and level of access they wish their progeny or those under their care to have.KoalaSafe Internet Router

The KoalaSafe Internet Router is durable; while still made of plastic it has a small enough form that it can drop from a computer or other mounting and not be any worse for wear. When compared to monthly software costs and other devices that are available to regulate internet usage, the KoalaSafe Internet Router is a heck of a deal. Parents will be able to purchase their own router for around $100 from the company’s website and from online retailers. Specific time limits can be established, apps (YikYak, Kik) can be blocked, and the program’s software provides parents with the data that they need regarding their childrens’ internet usage.

The router makes the internet a secure and safe experience for children online while still allowing parents the ability to go and otherwise find out what is best for that in terms of the amount of time online and access.

Rating: 9.0/10

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Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

We have operated our health and fitness section at NeuFutur for a number o fyears but have not had a product that is equally able to benefit younger and older members of the family. While a great many strollers make it possible to bring young children on longer or more remote journeys, a number of them require that parents or caretakers have to take a more leisurely pace. Joovy has created a stroller – their ultralight Zoom 360 – that allows one the chance to exercise while bringing their children along. Continue reading “Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller”

Dreamliner Travel Bassinet

A major cause for concern for parents that are out on the road is that their child will be intimated by their new surroundings. We were at the Glidden House Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio a few weeks ago and got little in the way of rest because our daughter did not feel comfortable and cozy enough to fall asleep. To combat this feeling of loneliness, Diono offers their Dreamliner Travel Bassinet.  Continue reading “Dreamliner Travel Bassinet”

Annie B’s Caramels

There is a sense among firms selling chocolate caramels that a perfect sort of flavor has been found, decreasing the potential of new products to come through in a bold fashion. Annie B’s dedication to doing candy right while providing their own unique flair means that they are able to impart a considerable depth to their products. This is why we were excited when we received a few pounds of Annie B’s caramels (housed in a sturdy tin) which are very possibly the best caramels that we have ever tasted. The chocolate utilized in the base caramel is sweet with just enough in the way of savory and chewy to create something that is well-balanced.

The additional flavors that are included in the tin, chosen from the variety that the company offers, are enough to provide considerable depth to the base flavor. We were particularly a fan of the raspberry variety of these caramels which had just enough in the way of tartness to provide a chiaroscuro of lighter sour and darker, richer chocolate.

The company also offers a sea salt caramel which is similarly strong having a distinct flavor without overwhelming one’s palate with the added layer of complexity. Where the tendency of many confectionery companies are to go overboard with the salt content, Annie B’s lightly salts the caramel to provide umami.  Annie B’s has a number of different products that they offer; further details and pricing information are all readily accessible on the main website. An additional set of social media profiles are great for anyone that is looking to find out about specials or new products that the company may be offering. The caramel tin that we received from Annie B’s retails for $30 (plus applicable shipping).
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