Eco Vessel – The Insulated Sippy

The size of The Insulated Sippy would be perfect for daytrips or other short-term activities, while the stainless steel that Eco Vessel has used here ensures that liquids maintain their temperature for quite a few hours. This cup weighs a hair over 5 ounces when empty and will be around a pound when filled, making the handles a good inclusion. The spout utilized by Eco Vessel has been sourced from NUK, meaning that it can go through a good amount of teething and outright biting. As the process to drink has been moderated through the inclusion of this spout, the amount of spills that will occur from the Insulated Sippy are considerably lower than other cups readily available from department stores. Continue reading “Eco Vessel – The Insulated Sippy”

Peppa Pig School Bus Trip DVD Review

The new Peppa Pig compilation “School Bus Trip” contains 10 episodes of the popular children’s show, captured in one easy to hold collection. The different messages presented in each of these episodes will influence a child during their formative years, ensuring that one is confident with themselves, has a voracious desire to read, and can deal with issues in a fruitful and calm fashion. Of the included episodes, we were most impressed with “Madame Gazelle’s Leaving Party”. A major development milestone for young boys and girls comes in their acceptance of a changing environment, something that is captured well during the aforementioned celebration. Along the way, there is humor and good writing that can be appreciated by those in older age brackets. Continue reading “Peppa Pig School Bus Trip DVD Review”

Juice in the Box

There is a large amount of extra trash that is created every time one purchases a box of juice cartons. One pays for the convenience, as the cost of the juice per ounce is much greater in single-serve packages than it is in a half-gallon or larger size. For those that are concerned with their environmental footprint or just want to save cash through the year, Precidio Design has created the Juice in the Box product. The product is a re-usable juice box that is made from a durable BPA-free material, with over 80% of the material utilized being recycled. While the Juice in the Box is market for the younger set, the durable build quality and resealable aspect of the product would be a perfect addition for those that pack their lunch for work. We liked the product as it was easy to blend one’s one juices or continue to vary the liquid that is placed into the product. We would recommend giving the Juice in the Box to children of all ages. Continue reading “Juice in the Box”

Diono Olympia Convertible Plus Booster Car Seat

Diono’s Olympia Convertible Plus Booster Car Seat is a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and stylish design. The Safestop harness distributes the force of braking equally across the body rather than concentrating it upon a single point, while the lower height of the Olympia has been shown to provide greater security and safety to children in the event of a crash. Continue reading “Diono Olympia Convertible Plus Booster Car Seat”