Things You Should Not Forget When You are Going on a Beach Trip

As the long holiday season has made it is marked and the mercury has dropped below freezing points, many people are planning to fly out to tropical destinations. It is one of the best decisions that you can make at this time of the year when there is nothing much to do around other than enjoying a pizza and probably a steaming bug of coffee by the fireplace. There can be nothing more perfect than heading off to a tropical beach and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. However, before you embark on your tropical retreat, make sure you have packed the right way to ensure you have the time of your life on your vacation.

Do Not Over-Pack

This cannot be stressed enough. Watch what you are packing and ditch the urge of taking your entire wardrobe along with you. The good news is that tropical destinations are not as chilly at this time of the year so you do not need layers of clothing. A pair of jeans, shorts, a cocktail dress or any formal wear and a few resort wear and beach suits are more than enough. Wear a good pair of joggers or sneakers and keep a pair of Flip Flops or Hawaiians for the beach. Packing light will not only make your life easier during your excursions, but you can also save up on travel costs.

Go Easy on Makeup

We live in the age of Social Media and cannot resist the temptation of clicking a hundred selfies and uploading dozens of snap stories. It is great to look your best on the trip for those perfect photos but that does not mean you carry around your entire vanity. Moreover, you will waste unnecessary time in using all those products and then removing them. Get travel-sized versions of basic makeup supplies such as concealer, foundation, moisturizer, lipstick, blush, highlighter and bronzer, mascara and beauty blender. Ideally, go for palettes that have multiple products combined in a single pallet to save space. Tints are the hottest trend so try to grab on those for the perfect look.

Take Your Toiletries

You are traveling from a different region and the supplies provided by your hotel or resort might not suit your skin and hair. There is no point in those makeup looks if you end up with a bad hair day because the shampoo did not suit you or you get a breakout due to the wrong moisturizer. Get your toiletries to avoid such mishaps. Also, do not leave behind your sunscreen and mosquito repellants.


Check and double-check all the electronic devices that you wish to take along before you embark on your journey. Make sure you have the chargers, earphones and any other necessary peripherals. It would be a good idea to keep a spare battery for unforeseen circumstances.

Diving/ Swimming Gear

All beach destinations usually sell diving and snorkeling equipment on site. That being said, being a tourist destination, expect a price hike and your resort will most likely overcharge you for the gear. You can buy the same gear for a fraction of a price from your home town.

Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse

We were fortunate enough to take a trip down to Austin a few months back, and finally had a moment to provide NeuFutur with our impressions about this ATX institution. Uncle Billy’s has something for everyone, whether it be live music, a comfortable place to hang out, tremendous variation in their menu, or a collection of alcoholic beverages that mix up standard beer styles and do the classics well.

The Beer

During our visit to Uncle Billy’s, we had a few minute to talk to Stephen, the restaurant’s head brewer. Bringing us a pair of fully-stocked tasting paddles, Stephen broke down their main-line and seasonal offerings.

Uncle Billy’s also offers a pair of spirits – a Bourbon and a Vodka – that are utilized in the restaurant’s craft cocktails.

The Berdoll Brown (7.3%) is a wonderful take on the traditional brown ale, amping up the alcohol content to stave off some of the weakly sweet elements that often present themselves in the style. In a similar vein, Uncle Billy’s KCCO is an easy-drinking lager that is bursting with hints of malt and grain. Pegged at about 4.0%, the ABV of this brew ensures that one can have a fantastic session over the course of the night.

Crazy Day Lager (8%) is a maibock, a bold lager-type of brew that has a crispness and strength to its body that is able to match pound for pound the intense flavors present in the brewery’s cuisine. We’re moving a bit away from the winter seasonals at this point, but UB’s Shokolad was one of the best brews we’ve experienced so far in 2019. Bold and with assertive notes of chocolate and coffee, this Russian Imperial Stout went down as easily as the KCCo.

The Food

The side plates at Uncle Billy’s were a high-water mark for our experience. The macaroni and cheese married the succulent and rich cheese flavors with a bit of crunch and toasted element added considerably to the plate. The potato salad was another hit, with additional care taken to keep the potatoes from breaking down. The presence of a bit of green onion on the top of things make the dish pop. For our money, we were most impressed by the smokehouse’s cole slaw. Snap and a refreshing bite to the dish acted as a palette cleanser during both our beer and barbecue experiences.

The Smoked Brisket Hash ensured that one never had the same bite twice. Expertly-cooked potatoes are blended together with fried eggs and green onions, along with a goodly amount of cheddar and green chile-heavy salsa. Another strong selection would have to be their Redneck Road Kill, which layers the restaurant’s homemade kettle potato chips along with ample amounts of beef, avocado, sour cream. Pico de gallo and jalapenos ramp up the heat a bit.

Uncle Billy’s is top tier when it comes to their smoked meats. Brisket has supreme juiciness, while there is an intense flavor profile to the turkey breast and smoked chicken that many BBQs struggle with creating.


Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse has a friendly staff, ample food offerings, and enough in the way of libations to ensure that one can keep having something new each time they make the trek out to Austin.

Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse / 1530 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704 / / Domain / Facebook

Corrientes 348 (Dallas, Texas)

We were fortunate enough to watch Umphrey’s McGee a few months back at the House of Blues in Dallas, but part of the reason that the trip was so memorable was the dinner we picked up immediately before that. We stopped by Corrientes 348 (1807 Ross Ave, Dallas Texas 75201) to set the night off right.

This Argentinian steakhouse has a deep menu that has authentic Argentinian cuisine as its backbone. The Morcilla (blood sausage; $22) has a depth of flavor that marries together distinct porcine elements with a bit of spice and minerals. When served alongside the restaurant’s crunchy (and rich) crusty bread, the appetizer shines even more brightly.

The Empanadas 348 ($6.50/each) were light and airy. With just enough pastry to cover the filling (beef with eggs, olives, and raisins for meatlovers; zucchini or leeks with cheeses for vegetarians), the flavor profile of the appetizer was out of this world. Rich, moist, flaky, and with just enough crispness to buttress the creamier insides, we’d have to place Corrientes 348’s Empanadas at the top of the plates we experienced during the meal.

The Papatasso ($12) are another specialty of the restaurant; delicately smashed potatoes are given a bit of pizzazz with the inclusion of oregano. Rustic in its simplicity, the Pina ($18; grilled pineapple with razor-thin prosciutto) was a fun take on the traditional ham with pineapple plate that was iconic throughout the mid-20th century.

The depth of wines, caipirinhas, and craft beers at Corrientes 348 provides further allure to the restaurant. With a deep wine cellar pulling out rarities not only from South America but the United States, continental Europe, and Australia alike, the restaurant will please even the most finnicky vine-head. Additional icewines and dessert wines are available as well.

With taps covering the wide array of Dallas-area breweries (Dallas Blonde, Blood & Honey, and Sidewinder are placed alongside Boulevard’s Tank 7), those that are looking for a top-notch beer to marry to their luxurious steaks will be similarly pleased.

We were treated to the Bife de Costilla ($112; Tomahawk ribs with the bone left-in) as the cornerstone of our meal. The variety of doneness (medium to rare) ensured that both of us were able to find the perfectly-prepared piece of meat. While we had already been stuffed by the first half of the meal, there was more than enough in the way of steak that we were able to bring another serving home.

To conclude our night at Corrientes 348, we picked out their Tres Leches Cake ($11). An ample portion made it a struggle for both of us to complete; the composition of the cake and the rich milks in which it was draped put a stellar cap on our dining experience.

We cannot recommend Corrientes 348 more strongly. The ambiance of the restaurant coupled with the world-class food ensured that we would be coming back in short order. For more information about the full menu that is offered at the Dallas location or specials offered throughout the week, make it a point to visit their Facebook profile.

Corrientes 348 (Dallas, Texas) / Facebook / Domain

Stopping by the Kemah Boardwalk

About a year ago, we received the CityPASS ($62) for Houston, Texas. We were able to hit up a number of different attractions, including the Houston Space Center and the Aquarium. Our most favorite part of the trip had to be our visit to the Kemah Boardwalk. While it was still a bit on the chilly and windy side of things (our visit was in February), there were still enough in the way of attractions to keep things interesting. So, let us escort you through some of the things you can do in the Boardwalk.

The first thing that separated the Kemah Boardwalk from other boardwalks (such as the ones in NYC, London and the Jersey Shore) was how approachable and cheap the parking was. We were able to pull in to a spot about 25 feet away from the main gates of the Boardwalk and park there all day for $5. There were a number of rides for all ages. Where many amusement parks have limited amounts of attractions for the toddler / pre-school set, there were no less than five attractions that our daughter could ride. The lines were fairly short as well; rarely (except for the Ferris Wheel) did we have to wait more than one cycle to get onto the attraction.

Prices for food and snacks were fairly cheap as well; we were able to grab drinks for under $5 and various fair foods (e.g. cotton candy) for a price fairly close to what you would be able to get from local supermarkets. For those parents bringing their children to the Kemah Boardwalk, we whole-heartedly recommend jumping on the miniature train that snakes its way through the entirety of the park. There are a number of Easter eggs that are secreted away on the trail (such as the evidence of a miner shootout) that are only able to be seen by those taking the trip.

We can’t vouch for how empty that the Kemah Boardwalk will be by the time summer starts, but it really is a good way to spend a day. Ample amounts of stores will further increase the amount of time that one spends down there, while the beautiful sites of the Gulf of Mexico are truly a world-class vista for those that stop on by.

Kemah Boardwalk / Domain / Facebook /

Fogo De Chao (Denver, CO)

Our first night in Denver, we were lucky enough to be invited downtown to Fogo De Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse buffet. The restaurant is in a fairly non-descript building downtown, but opens up into something ornately appointed as soon as one enters. We were greeted and sat in short order, and our drink order was taken. I decided on their Brazilian Gentleman, a cocktail that utilized Knob Creek as its base. From there, port and Bitters are included. Passion fruit and honey tie together the drink as a marriage of opposites. Sweet, sour, strong, and assertive, it played the perfect counterpoint for the masses of food that I encountered.

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Rebecca Creek Saloon (Arlington, Texas)

The Rebecca Creek Saloon is the newest addition to the Globe Life Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  We were lucky enough too be invited in for dinner and a game. This night, the Rangers faced the Oakland Athletics. The stadium was massive and airy, ensuring that the 15,000+  in attendance did not feel crowded. A similar sort of ambiance was present in the saloon. Tall ceilings and tasteful design will immediately strike listeners. Continue reading “Rebecca Creek Saloon (Arlington, Texas)”

Stopping by Strange Craft Beer Company (Denver, CO)

While we have had beers sent our way for NeuFutur nearly a decade now, actually visiting breweries is a fairly new frontier for us. Luckily, we were able to join up with Emily from RadCraft to see what was going on at Strange Craft Brewery. Head brewer Tyler Bies has crafted a considerably wide collection of efforts available both year-round and seasonally in the Denver area. Continue reading “Stopping by Strange Craft Beer Company (Denver, CO)”

Ocean Prime Denver, new American done right

While we were in the Denver area, we had a moment during the afternoon to visit the city’s Ocean Prime location (a second location will be opening later this fall). We were able to drop off our car at the valet without much in the way of hassle – Larimer, the street that the restaurant was on, was busy but the restaurant had placed the valet corral front and center to ensure one could easily get into Ocean Prime without having to hunt for a spot on the street parking.

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Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant (Cincinnati, Ohio)


While the lot for the Cincinnati location of Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant was full to capacity, we were astonished at how spacious the location was. After confirming our reservation, we were brought back to the main dining room. Lower lights made for a cozy experience. Continue reading “Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant (Cincinnati, Ohio)”

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew – Denver

Oskar Blues has constantly helped our beer review section grow over the years, allowing us to enjoy a variety of their brews, including their IPA, Chubna, Death By Coconut, Hotbox Coffee Porter and Pinner.

We were able to stop in to their new location during our trip to the Denver area. As soon as we walked in the door, we marveled at the decorations and polish of the bar, tables, and overall ambiance of the location. Despite being downtown during the early evening, there was cheap parking literally next door to the restaurant. The Oskar Blues Grill & Brew remained busy throughout our visit, but there were ample enough staff and space to keep a light and air feeling throughout. Continue reading “Oskar Blues Grill & Brew – Denver”