Smoothie King for Summer Bodies (Shreveport, LA)

We take a number of trips here at NeuFutur, and there are times where we are on the road and are not feeling snack foods. Perhaps we’ve been on the road for an hour or two and we wouldn’t quite be ready for a full meal at that point. Typically, we make a sub-par decision and eat badly. However, with the summer rapidly coming up, getting back into some semblance of shape seems like a good goal. Continue reading “Smoothie King for Summer Bodies (Shreveport, LA)”

Little Rock’s Museum of Discovery a good way to wind down a day

When our daughter was about a year old, we were invited over to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. While there were a few attractions for her to visit, we felt as if she was not developed enough to enjoy many of the exhibits. Over our move down south and the intervening months, she has hit a number of developmental milestones. We decided to visit the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas, to see exactly what she would delve into. While it was a bit brisk that afternoon, we were able to find parking about a block away from the museum. Continue reading “Little Rock’s Museum of Discovery a good way to wind down a day”

N’Awlins Arkansas (Jonesboro, AR)

We were able to stop in Jonesboro, Arkansas for a precious few days earlier in 2018 and had the opportunity to stop at a restaurant, N’Awlins Arkansas, that is crafting some food that is simultaneously reverent of the time-tested Cajun and Creole approach while ultimately being expression of John and Glin Miller’s own unique cooking style.

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The National WWII Museum a world-class trip

We were lucky enough to make it down to the New Orleans area a few months back and were able to see the Superdome, Bourbon Streets, and the French Quarter. Something we were not tremendously familiar with before our trip was the National WWII Museum. We were lucky enough to be invited into the museum before we began our trip back to SW Arkansas.

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Tacos 4 Life – Jonesboro, AR


During a trip up to Jonesboro, Arkansas for a conference, we were lucky enough to be invited to Tacos 4 Life. We had noticed a few of their locations during our travels but had not had the opportunity to visit. What we were immediately impressed by was how rapidly visitors had their orders taken. This quick turn-around continued into the dining portion of their trip, which had workers bring out tacos a few minutes after the order was taken.

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Old Chicago (Little Rock, AR)

During each of our trips to Little Rock, it seems as if we always make it over to the same side of the city, centered around the McCain Mall. This time around, we stopped at Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom to taste a few of their numerous options. Workers opened the doors to the restaurant for us, a gracious gesture when one is trying to corral a toddler inside a building. We were sat and served immediately. Continue reading “Old Chicago (Little Rock, AR)”

Chuy’s – North Little Rock

While we had driven by the Chuy’s in Columbus, Ohio a number of times over the last few years, it was not until we moved to Arkansas to have a chance to stop in and see what the restaurant had to offer. We were immediately seated and given a run through about the menus. Our basket of tortilla chips was refreshed with fresh fare a few times through the meal.

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Jerry Lawler’s Memphis BBQ Company (Cordova, TN)

It’s pretty common knowledge that Jerry “The King” Lawler is a Memphis, Tennessee institution. As a child of the 1980s, I was familiar with Lawler’s work initially as an announcer with the WWF (WWE). Eventually, I learned a bit more through the classic 1999 film Man on the Moon, which discussed Lawler’s feud with Andy Kaufman. As I delved through the Wrestlecrap forums in the mid-2000s and Youtube came online, I started to see more of the matches that made Lawler a star.

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Mooyah Burgers and Fries (Metairie, LA)

It had been a number of years since the last time I was in the New Orleans area,,but we were on the same road (Veterans Boulevard) that the wife and I ate for our honeymoon about a decade ago. Tonight, we were visiting the Metairie location of Mooyah Burgers and Fries. We were immediately greeting in line and were helped through our order, since we were novices to the chain. We chose a number of the restaurant’s numerous entree and milkshake options. I chose the the Double Diablo burger. This two-patty effort is topped with succulent bacon, pepper jack, Cholula and a heaping helping of jalapenos. Where I am usually able to power through spicy things, I continually had to go to the milkshake or eat a few fries before I could come back. Everything worked well together, with portion sizes that could easily be halved and taken back for a second pass. Continue reading “Mooyah Burgers and Fries (Metairie, LA)”