Mooyah Burgers and Fries (Metairie, LA)

It had been a number of years since the last time I was in the New Orleans area,,but we were on the same road (Veterans Boulevard) that the wife and I ate for our honeymoon about a decade ago. Tonight, we were visiting the Metairie location of Mooyah Burgers and Fries. We were immediately greeting in line and were helped through our order, since we were novices to the chain. We chose a number of the restaurant’s numerous entree and milkshake options. I chose the the Double Diablo burger. This two-patty effort is topped with succulent bacon, pepper jack, Cholula and a heaping helping of jalapenos. Where I am usually able to power through spicy things, I continually had to go to the milkshake or eat a few fries before I could come back. Everything worked well together, with portion sizes that could easily be halved and taken back for a second pass. Continue reading “Mooyah Burgers and Fries (Metairie, LA)”

Bavarian Bierhaus (Nashville, Tennessee)

The Bavarian Bierhaus in Nashville, Tennessee is an inviting restaurant that creates some downright tasty food with traditional German beers. Creating a friendly aura in his restaurant, owner Brian Kehl brings a bit of Bavaria next to the Grand Ole Opry. Continue reading “Bavarian Bierhaus (Nashville, Tennessee)”

The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel makes a Nashville stay memorable

Throughout all of our journeys on the east of the Mississippi, we can honestly say that we were never lucky enough to visit Nashville, Tennessee. The Loews Vanderbilt invited us in for a stay before Christmas, and we were astonished at the level of service and amenities that the property and its employees provided. The hotel offers a number of distinct suites as well of rooms which all include free WiFi and flat screen TVs, coupled with modern design and one of the comfiest beds that we have experienced while out on the road. Heck, even the elevators were able to ferry us up multiple stories in an expeditious fashion well beyond what we’ve typically experienced in our travels for NeuFutur. Continue reading “The Loews Vanderbilt Hotel makes a Nashville stay memorable”

Applebee’s Grill & Bar – El Dorado, AR

A few months back, we moved from Akron, Ohio down south to a spot in southern Arkansas. To say that the food in our little city (Magnolia) is a bit lacking is somewhat of an understatement. Luckily for us, there’s a town about thirty miles up the road in El Dorado, Arkansas. We’ve been looking for a reason to go to the Applebee’s as it is the one store that our toddler continually calls out when we drive by. Continue reading “Applebee’s Grill & Bar – El Dorado, AR”

Pieology (Royal Oak, Michigan)

Pizza is our jam. Seriously, we’ve been through so many different pizza places through our travels that we could probably give you a list of 100 different pizzerias through the mid-west that you should try. We were lucky enough to be given a chance to visit the Royal Oak (Detroit suburb) location of Pieology a bit back, and wanted to report that the company is serving up some great pies without charging an arm and a leg. Continue reading “Pieology (Royal Oak, Michigan)”

Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe (North Little Rock, Arkansas)

We have been huge fans of Mediterranean food for a long time now, and we have had a whole array of experiences with restaurants offering that fare. Some have called themselves Mediterranean and have only served gyros and pizza, while we’ve had Greek and Lebanese-specific fare that differs in a number of large ways. Taziki’s is a modern take on the food of the region, providing a deep menu with everything done right. We were lucky enough to be invited in to their store in the McCain Mall in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Continue reading “Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe (North Little Rock, Arkansas)”

Kalahari Resort – Sandusky, Ohio – Resort Review

All the individuals at Kalahari resort in Sandusky, Ohio were tremendously kind to us when we went last weekend. We were able to see into the nooks and crannies of the resort and in doing so, found some of the best times that we have ever had. We spent a single night at the Kalahari resort, and we will come back in the months and years to come. Read on to see exactly why that was, and why Kalahari may just be the best attraction in Ohio to hit up. Continue reading “Kalahari Resort – Sandusky, Ohio – Resort Review”

On the Border (Texarkana, TX)

As most of our readers know, we embarked on a journey southward. We moved to the southern sector of Arkansas and are equidistant to places like Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Jackson, Mississippi. As a result, there are a number of new chains that we simply did not have (or were not close to us) when we still lived in Ohio. On the Border is one of these. About fifty miles up the road in Texarkana, TX, there is a location that we always passed as we go to our local mall. Being curious about the company as we always see their products in our local supermarkets, we decided to pick up dinner there one night. Continue reading “On the Border (Texarkana, TX)”

Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX)

Over the course of the last decade, the wife and I have made it a point to check out the natural history museums in any sort of location we are actively visiting. This means that we have been to natural history museums in places like Buffalo and Cleveland that could use a bit of updating. We had just moved down to the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and were fortunate enough to be invited to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The museum is incredibly well kept up and contains a number of attractions through its five floors that will keep individuals of all ages interested. The division of the floors into different segments of science ensures that one will keep their interest level high from beginning to end. The natural history floor which will be most attendee’s first experience with the Perot showcases the sheer amount of different animals and plants that are available. Continue reading “Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX)”