Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one of the most visible and well known attractions on Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. The Hall of Fame is jam-packed with ephemera from the last century of popular music. While rock musicians are given the lion’s share of attention at the museum, there are antiques, costumes, instruments and a bevy of other items from gospel, rap, and EDM artists. What results with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an attraction that will take a number of hours to complete. Continue reading “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”

Outback Steakhouse – Akron, Ohio

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Outback Steakhouse in Akron Ohio. We are pleased to say that the experience that we had at the restaurant was amazing. When we entered it was only a few minute wait before we received our table – the person at the front was extremely hospitable. After we sat down it was only another few brief moments before our waiter for the night took our drink orders and put in our request for a bloomin’ onion. We were surprised at how rapidly we first received our drinks and then received the aforementioned onion. We were able to have a few brief minutes of discussion before our entrees were delivered to our table. Continue reading “Outback Steakhouse – Akron, Ohio”

Cyclops Rechargeable Revo 900 LED Hand Held Spotlight

We were able to go camping for the first time in my life a few months ago and everything seemed to be great. The one thing that we did not anticipate was to have a flashlight or other light emitting source. This meant that whenever we went to the bathroom or had to conduct any business between different tents we were quite literally in the dark. Sure, most current generation smartphones have a flashlight application but the lights that they provide is very weak, the app may contain spyware, and is not able to illuminate pitch black conditions. We received a Revo 900 lantern from Cyclops yesterday and are pleased to announce that it is able to charge up in the space of a few hours. The lantern created 935 lumens for up to 68 minutes of burn time, due to the two Luxeon LED’s in the front of the spotlight. Continue reading “Cyclops Rechargeable Revo 900 LED Hand Held Spotlight”

Grand Trunk Uinta 4-Person Tent

Throughout all my youth, I never went on any camping excursions. I was always more of a fan of staying inside and playing on the computer – something that I still enjoy. We went to the Midwest reggae fest a few months ago and required a tent for the extended festival duration. The actual day that we went the weather was incredibly bad – the ground was squishy, the rain would not stop, and there was a little bit of a chill in the air. When we first got to the festival we had the tent in the bag in which it came. We were able to remove the tent in the car but still needed to go and unfurl it to set it up before we can use it for shelter; we had expected to take 30 to 40 minutes to set up the came and to get slightly soaked in the process. Continue reading “Grand Trunk Uinta 4-Person Tent”

Detroit Princess Riverboat

The Detroit Princess has been an institution on the Detroit river for a decade and it has consistently been discussed as one of those must do sort of attractions whatever one makes it into the Detroit area. On the weekends the Detroit princess has a Motown Dinner cruise meeting that individuals can purchase a ticket, receive dinner and dessert, and be serenaded by a band that covers the memorable Motown soul hits. The Detroit Princess is a ship that traveled around the United States. Originally stationed down in Louisiana the ship was brought up to the area in the early 2000s and given its new name and destination. Over the course of the last decade the ship has been able to go circle around the lake, providing visitors an experience is absolutely memorable. Continue reading “Detroit Princess Riverboat”

Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock

A hammock is one of those things that, while not absolutely essential for a camping or hiking trip, makes the trip that much more comfortable. There are a wide array of fabrics and enclosures that are utilized in hammocks, but Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) creates hammocks that utilize space-age and other leading edge fabrics for their hammocks. The mounting system that one can purchase for the SingleNest hammock insures rapid placement on the hammock on the tree without the hammock slipping or falling. I am pleased to report that the weight limits that are listed on the hammock our just recommendations – we were able to place about 500 pounds of weight in a SingleNest without any tearing. Continue reading “Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock”

The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts is gargantuan; a labyrinthine building that houses some of the world’s greatest treasures. This does not only mean that works from the old masters nor those modern American and European artists, are the balance of what is present here – this means that there are considerable ancient and more recent artifacts that one can spend the better part of a day visiting. Continue reading “The Detroit Institute of Arts”

Logan’s Roadhouse – Canton, MI

The overall decor of the Logan’s Roadhouse was one that was brightly lit, while the decor really matched the overall cowboy / western theme. Once we were seated the waitress provided our drinks immediately. The service was incredibly fast with a number of stops by the table to ensure that everything was to our liking. We placed our order and within a few short minutes our appetizer came out. The Nashville Trio took up a plate and provided more than enough appetizers for two to four customers; it was amazing and possessed a number of their appetizers. We decided to have the cheese sticks, loaded potato skins and the fried pickle chips (which utilized corn starch). The side salad was immense, with more tomatoes, cheese, and croutons than lettuce. Continue reading “Logan’s Roadhouse – Canton, MI”

Hotel St. Regis Review

The Hotel St. Regis is a storied hotel in downtown Detroit. The hotel has hosted a number of storied musicians, politicians, and other important persons, and it still cuts a mean figure on West Grand Boulevard. The rooms have a classic dignity to them while providing blazing-fast internet and a solid swath of cable channels. The hotel contains La Musique, a restaurant that provides their own unique take on classic American and continental cuisine. Chef Mike ensures that the widest amount of visitors will be able to find something amazing on his menu without compromising his vision for the restaurant. Continue reading “Hotel St. Regis Review”

Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center Review

The Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center is a lush area, seeming more like an early twentieth-century university than a hotel. This quaint and timeless touch is paralleled by tremendous customer service. I recently visited Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center for leisure and was very impressed.  Perfect for those that are looking to rest and relax at the NHCC, the rooms have the feel of an apartment.
Continue reading “Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center Review”