Detroit Princess Riverboat

The Detroit Princess has been an institution on the Detroit river for a decade and it has consistently been discussed as one of those must do sort of attractions whatever one makes it into the Detroit area. On the weekends the Detroit princess has a Motown Dinner cruise meeting that individuals can purchase a ticket, receive dinner and dessert, and be serenaded by a band that covers the memorable Motown soul hits. The Detroit Princess is a ship that traveled around the United States. Originally stationed down in Louisiana the ship was brought up to the area in the early 2000s and given its new name and destination. Over the course of the last decade the ship has been able to go circle around the lake, providing visitors an experience is absolutely memorable. Continue reading “Detroit Princess Riverboat”

Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock

A hammock is one of those things that, while not absolutely essential for a camping or hiking trip, makes the trip that much more comfortable. There are a wide array of fabrics and enclosures that are utilized in hammocks, but Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) creates hammocks that utilize space-age and other leading edge fabrics for their hammocks. The mounting system that one can purchase for the SingleNest hammock insures rapid placement on the hammock on the tree without the hammock slipping or falling. I am pleased to report that the weight limits that are listed on the hammock our just recommendations – we were able to place about 500 pounds of weight in a SingleNest without any tearing. Continue reading “Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock”

The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts is gargantuan; a labyrinthine building that houses some of the world’s greatest treasures. This does not only mean that works from the old masters nor those modern American and European artists, are the balance of what is present here – this means that there are considerable ancient and more recent artifacts that one can spend the better part of a day visiting. Continue reading “The Detroit Institute of Arts”

Logan’s Roadhouse – Canton, MI

The overall decor of the Logan’s Roadhouse was one that was brightly lit, while the decor really matched the overall cowboy / western theme. Once we were seated the waitress provided our drinks immediately. The service was incredibly fast with a number of stops by the table to ensure that everything was to our liking. We placed our order and within a few short minutes our appetizer came out. The Nashville Trio took up a plate and provided more than enough appetizers for two to four customers; it was amazing and possessed a number of their appetizers. We decided to have the cheese sticks, loaded potato skins and the fried pickle chips (which utilized corn starch). The side salad was immense, with more tomatoes, cheese, and croutons than lettuce. Continue reading “Logan’s Roadhouse – Canton, MI”

Hotel St. Regis Review

The Hotel St. Regis is a storied hotel in downtown Detroit. The hotel has hosted a number of storied musicians, politicians, and other important persons, and it still cuts a mean figure on West Grand Boulevard. The rooms have a classic dignity to them while providing blazing-fast internet and a solid swath of cable channels. The hotel contains La Musique, a restaurant that provides their own unique take on classic American and continental cuisine. Chef Mike ensures that the widest amount of visitors will be able to find something amazing on his menu without compromising his vision for the restaurant. Continue reading “Hotel St. Regis Review”

Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center Review

The Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center is a lush area, seeming more like an early twentieth-century university than a hotel. This quaint and timeless touch is paralleled by tremendous customer service. I recently visited Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center for leisure and was very impressed.  Perfect for those that are looking to rest and relax at the NHCC, the rooms have the feel of an apartment.
Continue reading “Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center Review”

Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza – Columbus, Ohio Review


The restaurant’s house salad is a great value with its price, serviced very quickly with the correct dressing. Their Ultimate Pepperoni pizza had two types of pepperoni; Boston’s sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The pizza was simply one of the finest we have had in the Columbus area. For those wanting a different take on Italian cuisine, the spicy chicken and alfredo contains a great portion of chicken while having a creamy, somewhat spicy cause enveloping the protein and the pasta. Boston’s cream pie contains a great amount of brandy butter, ensuring that the dessert melts in one’s mouth. For those that want to have a more substantive Boston’s cream pie experience, the dessert also comes in an original style chilled with chocolate icing.


For those individuals that wish to experience a variety of beers, Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza has 15+ beer taps, with a number of independent breweries providing their efforts (Bell’s and Lagunitas were two when we were there). There is a considerably wide Happy hour, offered from Monday to Friday from 3 to 7 PM. There are a variety of different offers which take place here – examples included $1 off 32 ounce beers, $1 off glasses of wine, and a further discount off of their starters (appetizers). The ready-made drink menu is spectacular, with the Ultimate 1800 Margarita existing at the perfect price and taste point.


The restaurant has situated itself as a sports-friendly atmosphere, with a large amount of large flat screen that had a variety of channels to watch. The restaurant has cigarettes and lighters available for purchase for those that will be going to any of the numerous venues and events that take place through the week and weekend in Columbus’ Arena District.


The restaurant is replete with Columbus sporting memorabilia, which will undoubtedly inspire fans of the Crew, Clippers, or the Blue Jackets. Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza is the perfect all-ages restaurant that has more than enough twists and turns for the adult set. Pick up a parking space (there is on-road and garage parking available throughout the whole of the Arena District) and pick up a meal from Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza, located on West Nationwide Boulevard.

Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza / Arena District, Columbus Ohio- 191 W. Nationwide Blvd. / 614-229-4275 /

P.F. Chang’s Review / Summit Mall, Akron, Ohio


P.F. Chang’s Review / Summit Mall, Akron, Ohio /

The ambiance of the restaurant is very inviting, with a set of distinct colors allowing for a look that will immediately draw individuals in. We were immediately brought to our table and had our drink orders taken. The soups and salad were ferried out in short order. The salad goes beyond typical restaurant fare, uniting typical lettuces with more esoteric greens. What results is something wholly unique, with a salad dressing that provides further oomph. The hot & sour soup is much more comprehensive of an effort than what one will typically find at an Asian restaurant; there is a considerable amount of chicken, tofu, and egg that will keep diners going as their entrees are prepared.


The Singapore Street noodles have delectable rice noodles and a panoply of additional inclusions (chicken, shrimp, and vegetables), while the Shrimp with Lobster Sauce has an ample amount of meat with a more muted set of flavors (black beans, scallions, mushrooms, eggs, and peas). If your party can soldier along, P.F. Chang’s has one of the most massive desserts that we have ever consumed – The Great Wall of Chocolate. The cake has to weigh in at over a pound, and contains a luxurious amount of icing and fresh fruits. All together, we were able to have a feast for two at around $50.


P.F. Chang’s is a great restaurant in terms of low price points, rapid-fire service, and a variety of items that will appease young and old. The spectrum of dishes that the restaurant offers makes it easy for veteran fans of Asian foods to find something fulfilling just as easily as those that may not be too familiar with this sort of fare. Visit for more information regarding their menu, local locations, and to sign up for the restaurant’s email list.

Rating: 8.5/10

Newport Aquarium Visit


The Newport Aquarium is an attraction that is world-class, and it is a short drive for those in the Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, or Columbus areas. The variety of creatures that are present ensures that fans of reptiles, mammals, fish, and amphibians.

A number of live shows are studded through the day (Penguin Palooza, Penguin Parade, and the Penguin Exhibit Care), while the Tide Pool Touch session provide attendees old and young the ability to experience creatures in a bold new way. The Surrounded by Sharks exhibit is perhaps the most eye-opening, as one walks through an alcove that places them within arm’s (or tooth’s) length. A close second at the Newport Aquarium is the jellyfish exhibit, which combines a variety of jellyfish with lighting to really make the Cnidarians pop. The penguins provide further personality and charm to the attraction, while countless other mollusks, frogs, toads, and freshwater / saltwater fish fill out the Aquarium’s ranks.

Rates to visit the Newport Aquarium are sufficiently low ($23 for adults, $15 for children from 2 to 12) that a family can visit and see the myriad other sites that are present in Newport on the Levee, the Cincinnati metro area, and other destinations (the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Caesar Creek Flea Market). For those planning to make regular visits to the aquarium, a yearly pass will run an adult $45 and a child $29. While one will need to confirm with the website for their hours, the Newport Aquarium typically is open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Make sure to visit the Newport Aquarium’s Twitter and Facebook (linked below) for the most up to date and accurate information about the aquarium’s attractions and specials. Other specials run regularly for admission to the Newport Aquarium through Kroger supermarkets in the area, or for those that are in the military or AARP.

Newport Aquarium / Newport, KY / / /

Cedar Point Amusement Park Review



We are able to have a tremendous day last week when we were invited to stop by Cedar Point. The temperature and sun was perfect, ensuring that we could stay out for a long time. We were able to get to the park around noon and found a spot without any hassle. After a few minute walk to the front gates, we got into line on Ocean Motion. When one considers the proximity of the Ocean Motion to the gates, the line went by very quickly. After this initial ride, we stopped by one of the two Coca-Cola Freestyle kiosks to test out one of the hundred flavor combination that the machine can spit out.

GateKeeper is the latest attraction and Cedar Point, and presents riders with a tremendous thrill. The record-setting rollercoaster had a surprisingly small line for all the hubbub. The entire GateKeeper experience is absolutely amazing, from the initial few seconds until the rollercoaster reaches its high of 67 miles per hour. Raptor still performs admirably in light of the GateKeeper, propelling riders to a maximum speed of around 60 mph.

After attendees want to wind down from their day of rides, Cedar Point has one of the most stunning properties in their park. Hotel Breakers is a Cedar Point institution, opening its doors in 1905. The rooms have been kept up to current standards, providing those that attend with considerable luxury and park-front lodging for a reasonable price.

Single day adult passes for Cedar Point can be purchased for $44.99, while junior/senior passes are $29.99. For those individuals that are looking to have additional fun, a Ride & Slide pass (which allows entry into Soak City) can be purchased for $82.99 for adults and $45.99 for the junior and seniors. For a full day of fun, no matter whether one is young or old, Cedar Point is one of the best amusement parks in the world.



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