Newport Aquarium Visit


The Newport Aquarium is an attraction that is world-class, and it is a short drive for those in the Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, or Columbus areas. The variety of creatures that are present ensures that fans of reptiles, mammals, fish, and amphibians.

A number of live shows are studded through the day (Penguin Palooza, Penguin Parade, and the Penguin Exhibit Care), while the Tide Pool Touch session provide attendees old and young the ability to experience creatures in a bold new way. The Surrounded by Sharks exhibit is perhaps the most eye-opening, as one walks through an alcove that places them within arm’s (or tooth’s) length. A close second at the Newport Aquarium is the jellyfish exhibit, which combines a variety of jellyfish with lighting to really make the Cnidarians pop. The penguins provide further personality and charm to the attraction, while countless other mollusks, frogs, toads, and freshwater / saltwater fish fill out the Aquarium’s ranks.

Rates to visit the Newport Aquarium are sufficiently low ($23 for adults, $15 for children from 2 to 12) that a family can visit and see the myriad other sites that are present in Newport on the Levee, the Cincinnati metro area, and other destinations (the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Caesar Creek Flea Market). For those planning to make regular visits to the aquarium, a yearly pass will run an adult $45 and a child $29. While one will need to confirm with the website for their hours, the Newport Aquarium typically is open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Make sure to visit the Newport Aquarium’s Twitter and Facebook (linked below) for the most up to date and accurate information about the aquarium’s attractions and specials. Other specials run regularly for admission to the Newport Aquarium through Kroger supermarkets in the area, or for those that are in the military or AARP.

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Cedar Point Amusement Park Review



We are able to have a tremendous day last week when we were invited to stop by Cedar Point. The temperature and sun was perfect, ensuring that we could stay out for a long time. We were able to get to the park around noon and found a spot without any hassle. After a few minute walk to the front gates, we got into line on Ocean Motion. When one considers the proximity of the Ocean Motion to the gates, the line went by very quickly. After this initial ride, we stopped by one of the two Coca-Cola Freestyle kiosks to test out one of the hundred flavor combination that the machine can spit out.

GateKeeper is the latest attraction and Cedar Point, and presents riders with a tremendous thrill. The record-setting rollercoaster had a surprisingly small line for all the hubbub. The entire GateKeeper experience is absolutely amazing, from the initial few seconds until the rollercoaster reaches its high of 67 miles per hour. Raptor still performs admirably in light of the GateKeeper, propelling riders to a maximum speed of around 60 mph.

After attendees want to wind down from their day of rides, Cedar Point has one of the most stunning properties in their park. Hotel Breakers is a Cedar Point institution, opening its doors in 1905. The rooms have been kept up to current standards, providing those that attend with considerable luxury and park-front lodging for a reasonable price.

Single day adult passes for Cedar Point can be purchased for $44.99, while junior/senior passes are $29.99. For those individuals that are looking to have additional fun, a Ride & Slide pass (which allows entry into Soak City) can be purchased for $82.99 for adults and $45.99 for the junior and seniors. For a full day of fun, no matter whether one is young or old, Cedar Point is one of the best amusement parks in the world.



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The Inn at St. Johns Review

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous, and is situated in a similarly beautiful golf course. After checking into the hotel, visitors will begin to see the sheer amount of care that has been placed into the St. Johns experience. Parking is expansive, allowing for little fighting over spaces – one will be able to walk right up to the front desk and get squared away. As one enters, a door on the left allows access up to the rooms without having to stumble through the opening foyer.


For those that wish to stick around the hotel, the 5ive Restaurant provides top-notch food and drinks, all captured in a stylish location. During our visit, dinner was served quickly and exceeded even our expectations. After we had finished up dinner, we stopped by our room to place our leftovers in the refrigerator and went down to the pool. The pool is more than a tepid tub – The Inn at St. Johns has included a whirlpool along with a waterfall, with ample space for numerous guests. Where there is typically a paucity of sheets on a hotel bed, we had to actually kick off some of the myriad of covers and sheets that the Inn at St. Johns had placed. The larger size of the rooms (especially the raised ceilings) makes for a more serene and restful experience.

Visit their website at for more information about the hotel, the restaurant, the golf course, and the wide array of amenities that the facilities provide. The Inn at St. Johns is simply sublime, and is the best hotel that I have stayed at. I would recommend it to anyone that has any sort of business or vacation trips that would take them to the greater Detroit metro area.

Rating: 9.7/10

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Halo V Headband Review


When we received a Halo V headband for review, we were a little skeptical about how well sweat would be shunted from our faces. The headband is incredibly fashionable and thin, consisting of a shiny fabric (Dryline) that looks too sheer to hold any moisture. After completing an exercise in the Halo V, we were absolutely astounded at how well the company’s headbands work. The SweatBlock Seal (patented by Halo) keeps all moisture away from the face and eyes, while the headband’s closure ensures that it will remain wherever one places it.

Halo V comes in black, white, red, and royal blue colors, and can be utilized equally well by males and females. Halo has provided purchasers with a full one-year warranty to protect against manufacture issues. We’re pleased to report that after a few workouts that the Halo V has not become deformed or any less efficacious in its primary duty. Making sure that the headband is clean is utterly simple; make sure one hand-washes the head band and hangs it up to dry. The silver ions that are present in the Halo V decrease anti-microbial growth, which has been determined to be a primary cause of the “workout clothes” funk.

The Halo V can be purchased online for around $15, and will work perfectly for any sort of workout, occupation, or situation in which an individual would sweat. Visit the Halo Headband website for more information about their variety of products and to receive the latest news about the brand.

Rating: 9.0/10

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Pacsafe Z-28 Anti-Theft Urban Backpack Review

This is one of the smartest investments that we have had the chance to make in regards to our safety. The various benefits that are provided by the backpack and the overall peace of mind that one will have when they have their valuables in the Z-28 is priceless. Furthermore, the amount of space that the backpack provides ensures that one can stash their laptop and other peripherals without cramming anything in (which normally causes scrapes or other damage).

Pacsafe offers a 2 year warranty for the backpack, while the sheer ruggedness of the build design ensures that purchasers will not have to send it back. The additional features that are present in the bag make carrying the Z-28 extremely easy; the padded straps and back support allow the weight to be properly distributed over the whole of the body. The eXomesh ensures that a thief cannot simply cut through a part of the bag, without adding much to the weight of the bag (when all is said and done, the bag weighs a hair over 3.5 pounds). Furthermore, the presence of a number of locks will make the Z-28 utterly impossible to break into.

The Z-28 is a massive bag but is ultimately yieldable by a wide array of users. For those that are unable to fit the bag into their plans, the Pacsafe website has a listing of their various efforts. If you own a laptop and are concerned in the slightest about the safety of your goods, make it a point to purchase a Pacsafe bag. It will be able to take whatever beating that you can throw at it while still looking fashionable and being extremely intuitive in its use.

Rating: 8.4/10

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La Quinta Harrisburg, PA Hotel Review

In the interest of full disclosure, I have had some great nights at the La Quinta hotels in Detroit, MI and Meridian, MS.

I found a great deal on the new La Quinta in Harrisburg, but had some complaints about the property.

There was a set of lights in the room that would not turn on, and the water was not hot in the slightest. I’d venture to say that the temperature of the water did not exceed about 80 degrees.

The internet service was complimentary, but the wireless signal continually disconnected. I run an internet business that requires constant online access (utilizing Paypal to transfer funds, invoicing) and was unable to finish any transactions during my stay. It is much smaller of a complaint, but the floor of the elevator was sticky from gum being rubbed into the carpet.

Finally, the back door was continually propped open, instead of letting the door lock. I was concerned about the safety of the hotel.

There were some positive things to be had about the hotel stay. The breakfast was functional, while the room itself was very large. Happy with the hot tub and pool as well.

Thanks for reading the complaint. The La Quinta in Harrisburg can’t be beat for price, but there are a number of concerns that should be fixed before it is an all-around great hotel.


La Quinta Inn & Suites

265 N. Hershey Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112
Phone: 1-717-566-7666

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True Sport Duffle


The True Sport Duffle is one of the best bags that we have received for review. The bag is surprisingly deep and contains a number of different pockets in which to place various dirty, ill-fitting, or easily misplaced objects. The build design of the True Sport Duffle is substantial, ensuring that the bag can kick around a truck or take a number of bumps and scrapes before even showing the slightest bit of wear. The zippers and tracks on the bag will keep their form and not tear even with huge loads of clothing, books, or whatever one wants in their True Sport Duffle. This is due to the bag’s Laundry Compression Technology.

The Laundry Compression Technology ensures that individuals can stash a great deal more than they would be able to otherwise fit in a traditional bag. I like the listing that is present in the True Sport Duffle that ensures that the person packing the duffle has everything before they set out on the road. The bag can be utilized for workout gear as well, ensuring that gloves, changes of clothing, chalk, fat grips, and a whole slew of supplements can all fit in with room to spare. The only drawback that the True Sport Duffle has is that the strap could bear to be a little thicker; I feel that what is provided is a little bit on the thin side.

The True Sport Duffle can be purchased from the Genius Pack website for $178. Their company website provides listings for the variety of different products that they offer.  What have your experiences been with Genius Pack or the True Sport Duffle specifically?

Rating: 9.2/10

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Brick House Tavern and Tap Review – Akron / Cuyahoga Falls


The clean interior of the Brick House Tavern feels inviting, especially when one considers the fireplace and couches that comprise a large amount of the non-bar area. The Yard Bird Sandwich was the hero of the day, containing bacon, provolone, hot (sriracha) mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. While the sandwich seems busy, I can assure you that the constituent parts unite to make something considerably greater than the sum of its parts. The Black and Blue Burger is dusted with Cajun seasoning and contains blue cheese and caramelized onions and mayo; the array of flavors make the burger pop in your mouth. The rest of the Brick House menu is stacked, with a set of brick-fired pizzas, salads, meatball meals, and some crazy sides to tide individuals over until their meal comes. Wings are here, but Brick House Tavern offers soft pretzels, calamari, and even meatloaf sliders.

For those that wish to have a drink or two, their bar is the best stocked that we have seen at a chain store. There are 40 ounce beer bottles, microbrews, foreign efforts, and even the company’s own brand of beer. Factor in a well-stocked amount of wines and spirits, and one will be at home watching the numerous televisions placed around the restaurant. The hand-pulled cask beer is fairly cheap ($6/7 for a 16 or 22 ounce bottle) and is a considerably different from macro lagers and microbrews alike.

Brick House Tavern has a number of locations in Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida, and Texas. Check out their website for their menu, locations, and get used to a man cave write large. We reviewed the Akron / Cuyahoga Falls store; check out their quick service, clean digs, and tremendous menu as soon as possible.

Rating: 8.1/10

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A Sneak Peek at NeuFutur’s Travel Section

We’ve just placed live a few reviews that we’ve done in the last year with a focus in travel. We will be hosting a grand opening of the travel section on September 15th. Keep an eye out for this grand opening, as we will be exposing some of the best attractions that the Windy City has to offer. We’ll be offering giveaways and more in the weeks to come. Continue reading “A Sneak Peek at NeuFutur’s Travel Section”